First Batch of Reader Feedback To Raw’s 3 Hour Special

Nick Paglino

I thought Raw was good for the most part, except for the ending. Why give Batista the title only to take it away from him and give it right back to Jericho. When it was announced that Cena would be in the Survivor Series main event for the title (which even though I like him I’m getting sick of) I thought we would get to see Batista/Cena round 2 with more of a push this time around. I’m not all that interested in this route.


Detroit, MI


What do I think of Monday Night Raw well just like other show that make it to 100 or 800 episode they basic did a clipshow the matches were Ok really didn’t see the point of it being 3 hours. I think its time for ECW to just merge with Raw and smackdown

I mean it was not as bad as smackdown as been but it felt like I was wacthing TNA not WWE.


The 2 hr raw was great. Nice to see a lot of superstars and mike Adamle get fired!


Just some thoughts 🙂

I thought it was going to be a huge disappointment, but to my surprise is

wasn’t all that bad. Dx was good, Shawn Michaels wasn’t boring as usual, which made me very happy. There will be a new GM which is great! Also there was something that happened with Steph, which also makes me happy, I wish she was on TV more, I wish any Mcmahon was on TV more, they do make the shows better, no one can deny that. Khali’s turn has been happening for weeks, I am not a huge fan of ‘monster’ type wrestlers, but if done correctly, I quite enjoy it, maybe a tag team is going to form here, resembling the Kane/X-pac tag team, which was one of my favourite partnerships. I really like the fact Regal has a title match next week in my home city of Manchester, Regal is a huge favourite with English wrestling fans, or those ones not tainted by American thinking. Santino is one of my favourites too, so that should be really interesting, I don’t know if a title change will happen, but it would be a perfect time for it to do so. Regal needs more TV spots, he is one of the best wrestlers they have. Jericho winning the title back was a huge shock, I thought for sure it wasn’t going to change hands, but I am very glad it did, Jericho is far better with the belt in my opinion, the belt always works best on a heel. Orton was back in the ring which was a good surprise, Orton can sometimes get on my nerves simply because before the injury he got very dull and slow, but he seemed to come back on top form, and the whole ‘priceless’/orton angle could turn out really good, WWE is missing a powerful stable, I think it could work. There are just a few things that I would have liked to see; Am I the only one who really misses Edge? I think he is by far the best heel there is today, with Jericho a close second, I really want him back on Smackdown or any show as soon as possible, I do think it has gone down hill since he ‘left’. I also think WWE needs Vince Mcmahon back, this would have been a great chance to for Vince to show up, even if it was for one night only, like him or not he makes a storyline a great storyline, viewing figures seem to increase when he is around or involved. Anyway I enjoyed it. They could have just pushed it a little more.



we raw got off to a bad start not so much the programming, more on the side of The Score channel which Raw is shown here in Canada.

The show itself, was a bloody good one.

only 2 problems i really had with the show..being a long time viewer..well since it started, the divas match was crap…made other pro wrestlers look silly and unbelievable and the Jericho and Batista match….hummm well i stand by my guns which is what i wish Vince would have at the beginning. Batista is NOT a main event performer.

Body yes, looks yes, wrestling ability NO!!! stiff and not good at running the ropes.

Have him as a high end jobber..anything but when he makes a performer like Jericho look bad..theres issues.


And keep rolling!!


firstly it felt much longer than 3 hours which is a good thing, filled with high profiled matches still keeping their storylines in tact. The DX skit was classic and lived up to my expectations because i did expect a boring segment of the show but i was gladly wrong. Oh and over here in the uk they dubbed ‘suck it’ i couldn’t believe it, and they dubbed dx clip of a fan saying wcw sucked ass. The cage match was short but still a good result, the title change was unexpected, i thought Batista would defend against heel cena at survivor series.

4 star old school raw which was good, but will the follow up raw’s be as good?


Its about time Jericho had Batista’s number at least for one night. Batista is booked too much like Goldberg in how he is an “unstoppable animal”. He has NO character, he cannot cut promos or entertain the fans. Jericho is right where he belongs as the World champion. He is the most entertaining heel ever. Him against Orton or Cena would be classic.


Hello, I tried to stay awake thru Raw, because it was that boring. I thought there would have been more of the old superstars vivsiting on such a great accomplishment. 800 shows and I know I’ve seen them all!!

The Hardys should go back to tag team partners, no other team works as well together as they do.Their match was good but way too short.Kendrick acts like a cross of Koco Beware and Adrian Adonis, in his gay years. MVP needs to be a single challenger because he just can’t find a good partner.

The 8 man tag match was way too fast, and as soon as Regel went under the bottom rope, I knew what he was going to do. How many times has this happened? Too predictable.

Adamle retiring probably got the biggest pop of the night, he sounded like he was nervous as hell.

Charlie Haas and Kozlov was fast, poor Charlie, remember when he first came too the WWE? He was part of one the greatest tag teams ? Charlie and Shelton Benjamin , they were good. Kozlov, is that Russian for Goldberg?

Triple H and HBK were funny, and they kicked butt too. Morrison and the Miz with them gave one of the greatest matches of the night.


Just wanted to say out of a possible 10 I would give a 6.5. I thought that we might see Mr Mcmahon and also the story line with Shane and Steph didnt make alot of sense. The DX Segmant wasnt a ear catcher like it normally is and the Undertaker match was good as always. For being a milestone in cable industry I thonk they could have done a better job for there loyal fans.


Brandon “Cincinnati, Ohio”


Hi, I thought RAW was good for a 3 hour edition but I think RAW was messed up with Rey/ Kofi vs. Henry/Kane match. I also hatted how Batista was screwed out of the title. John Cena vs Batista at Summerslam was a very good match and now we most likely will never see it again because We have to deal with Y2Cheater as champion. That win over Batista ruined of my week.


I hate michale cole ……… nuff said

–jose g


First off, i could not be any happier with Mike Adamle leaving, that man has no personality on the mic. Second off, whats with that biggest diva match in history plug? Is the wwe trying to compete with TNA and there gimmick matches? I dont like TNA, but i find there diva matches WORTH something. Not just a few blond bimbos trying to wrestle. I love the way Orton is going with team priceless. i smell another evolution brewing with Orton catapulting those young stars from mid carders to main eventers. The DX segment was amazing, i even rewound it and watched it about 2 more times after the show ended. Overall the show was decent, with the Diva match, and the IC battle royal dragging it down. God bless creative with the idea of giving Jericho the title back, even tho John “overhyped” Cena will more than likly take it at survivor series.


All-in-all, Raw was mediocre at best. Jericho winning the World title on Raw might’ve meant something once since we don’t see the tops titles change hands on TV very often, but seeing as how CM Punk did this not too long ago made it lose some of the impact it might’ve had otherwise . Plus, it weakens both Batista’s “title reign” and the title match at Survivor Series. It doesn’t make much sense that John Cena automatically gets a title shot after returning from his injury, but it would’ve had SOME credibility if it had been against Batista for the title seeing as how Batista was responsible for sidelining Cena.

The DX bit was more entertaining than some of the other stuff they’ve done since their reformation, but using them as cheap ratings boosters is getting old. DX WAS a great stable, but it just doesn’t have the same resonance as before. Don’t get me wrong, I get a little tingly hearing the music and seeing them come out with the green X pyro and the catch phrases, but no matter how hard they try, it’s just not going to be the same. DX would be better used giving the rub to some of the younger guys in hopes of resuscitating the tag-team division rather than squashing Miz & Morrison who mock DX just to get some cheap heat from the WWE Universe.

Adamle quitting was just odd all around. I thought it would lead to a new GM being announced later in the show, but instead, it just lead to an awkward meeting with Stephanie which seemed to imply she’s wanting to take over again. Raw should be left without any sort of GM for a while (all McMahon’s included) and just let the inmates run the asylum. Take a group like Orton, DiBiase, Rhodes, Jericho & JBL who try to assume control of Raw and then match them against guys like Batista, Cena, Punk, Mysterio & Michaels who rally the boys in the locker-room to bring them down (hmmmm….almost sounds like a Survivor Series match). Stretch this out for a long period and you could have a solid few months of storylines and some great matchups as well as the possibility of giving some exposure to newer, younger talent which Raw also desperately needs.

William Regal winning the battle royal for the IC title match next week was great because he had shown some real fire & energy after his return resulting in some great matches, but it probably won’t result in anything since Santino’s “Honk-a-meter” goal of longest IC title reign is still in its infancy.

And finally, prancing out Mae Young can ONLY be funny to Vince at this point. I’m sure she’s fine with whatever role WWE asks of her, but at some point, this has gotta be considered abuse of the elderly!


I thought the raw was a great show tonight everything I thought that was gunna happen happened although the Y2j winning was outta no where with batista winning the belt like a week ago or something. losing it already was my dream! I had a feeling that they were gunna bring Orton back tonight due to his doctor having him cleared for weeks now I thought they do it just like the way they did considering he said he walks or mike is fired which we all new was gunna happen only him resigning was outta left field. A new Shane YOUR FIRED woulda been great. My only real problem is with reading the stuff on here and knowing John Cena was coming back at SS Because I was outside with my buddy smoking a Cig and I said: “The only thing I really hate about Cena (Besides the 5 moves of death) is that everytime he gets hurt with in a couple of months he’s got the title or is getting title shot after title shot untill he does win. So I say to my friend I bet within 2 month Cena will have a shot at the belt and then win it.” Then as we sit back down to watch I hear Shane say the winner of tonights match will face John Cena. WHAT? I gave it 2 months and all it took was 5 minutes. He hasn’t even came back yet and he gets a shot? WTF? WWE is so set on the little kids and selling shirts it makes me sick. I’m glad when I was at WM 23 I said to that 7 year old kid decked out in Cena gear “It’s because of you Cena is still champ” So I can rant and rave about Cena and his silver platter all night but all in all Raws rating tonight the first hour or so I give a 8 outta 10, when they said Cena would face the champ at SS it went down to about 2 outta 10 then after Y2J won the belt went back up to 10 outta 10 so all in all my feelings for the night are about 6.66 outta 10 TY for reading and have a nice day!


I personally think it was a good thing. I am of course no longer a jericho fan, but then again haven’t really been one since he was in WCW. But nonetheless it was a good thing he won the title tonight because it shakes things up..not to mention they didn’t want cena beating batista because it would make batista look bad so they need someone to be bait for cena returning..THE RETURNING PERSON ALWAYS WINS!


Chris Jericho winning the World Heavyweight Title from Batista, was the Best and Only good thing about last nights show.

How do you open the 800TH show with the Hardys vs. MVP & Brian Kendrick?

The Hardys vs. DX would have been a WAY Better match, considering their History with RAW.

So let me get this straight. 3 Hours, and 10 Minutes. And you can only spare 3 Minutes to squeeze the WWE Women from all 3 brands into a 1&1/2 Minute match?

My God!! Victoria needs to go to TNA.

The rest of the Show sucked. No further Comment.


It was the Montreal screw job all over again. Dave has worked so hard all these years. Chris is a sell out. He turned on his fans to be a no hit wonder. Dave works through unbelievable pain and through his asthma. Whats wrong with Chris? Oh yeah, thats right… he got a tooth chipped. I know that it isn’t all on Chris but he could at least be a man and say the truth… that Dave deserves the belt more then him. Sod the bloody system that makes it where someone that deserves something doesn’t get it.


The three hour raw to me had its ups and downs. my remote fast forwarded through half of the show. The Dx Reunion was an easy call I knew they would win and well with Adamle retiring looks like Stephanie may be up for a GM position which would pretty much rock considering she is pretty much a hotter image of Vince McMahon. The part I hate is Batista losing the Title. He just got it and they already gave it back to Jericho… SOMEONE TELL ME THE POINT IN THAT. I mean dont get me Wrong I like Jericho and all and a steel cage is usually a heel’s playground but seriously. Batista has been screwed the last year and it blows. He deserves a decent title run. Personally unless WWE does something soon I may just turn straight TNA because they got some creative crap going on over there. Its simply priceless.


I was not overly impressed with this episode or Raw, especially with it being the heavily advertised “milestone” episode. It seemd the ‘shock’ aspect of the creative team has taken a hiatus as of late, and the timing couldnt be worse. One thing the powers behind the scenes seem to enjoy doing is announcing returns of their big stars, and i feel that is an area that could help improve ratings greatly. No one likes a bigger suprise than seeing their favorite wrestler make a suprise return. Even tonight with Shane McMahon ANNOUNCING Randy Orton’s return to the ring. There was one good segment that was a litrtle unexpected, with Orton attacking DiBiase in the head. However, the segment seemed to be left incomplete. Personally I would have preferred to see the segment culminate to a bigger story, instead of leaving it almost predictable for the next few weeks. If you want to turn a heel into a face, do it all at once, not over a long period, making it predictable. Much like what was done with the Great Khali. All in all, I DID enjoy the 800th episode, however the segments could use a little more creativity, and please….Bring back the good ol’ fashioned ‘shock’ aspect. It almost insults the viewers intelligence with the predictability level WWE has grown as of late.


Kelowna BC, Canada

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