November 8th Northern Lights Wrestling results

John Black

Razzlinâ<80><99> Rickâ<80><99>s Rapid Review â<80>” Northern Lights Wrestling â<80>” St. Paul, MN Eagles Club â<80>” 11/08/2008

Iâ<80><99>ll have to say that this was a great show and they filled the room to capacity. The show started promptly at 7:30PM. Nick Mason was the announcer.

1. â<80>~All Americanâ<80><99> Nathan Sensation VS â<80>~The Mainstayâ<80><99> Mikey Stanley. This was a good high energy match to start the evening. Stanley is solid in the ring and Sensation is fairly new but someone to watch in the future. The wrestlers locked up and did some switches and then Stanley hit an early devasting dropkick. Really well executed. Sensation eastablished himself as the â<80>~heelâ<80><99> by choking out Stanley on the ropes. Sensation applied a sleeper to Stanley, but we all know that seldom works. After lots of finishing move attempts and near falls, Stanley hit his Tiger Bomb and finished off Sensation.

2. Corporal Julio Gonzales VS â<80>~Hollywoodâ<80><99> Brian Sager. Sager, being the larger man here, overpowered the Corporal early in the match. Sager lifted Gonzales onto his shoulders for a slam but Gonzales kicked off and turned it into a neckbreaker on Brian. Gonzales applied a camel clutch submission move which slowed down the bigger man. After some more back and forth action Gonzales tried a high-risk move off the top rope but his foot slipped and he fell, but still managed to get a piece of Sager on the way down. The finish came when Gonzales put himself into a boston crab position while pulling back on Sagerâ<80><99>s head, eventually ending up with Sager tapping out. Good match, even though Gonzales missed that high-risk move.

3. Aaron Corbin & Corey Oâ<80><99>Neill VS Daryl Hall & Shimdog. Here we have Adam Drakeâ<80><99>s Agency people, Corbin & Oâ<80><99>Neill in a hot feud against Hall & Shimdog. Oâ<80><99>Neill VS Shimdog started the match. Shimdog applied an armbar and swung Oâ<80><99>Neill around the ring eventually pulling Oâ<80><99>Neill off his feet. Then Shimdog floored Oâ<80><99>Neill again with a hard armdrag. I tell you, Shimdog is an experienced veteran in these parts. The wrestlers tagged off and we had Corbin VS Hall and they treated us to some good, basic mat wrestling. Corbin was wearing his kilt and he got into an argument with the fans who kept yelling at him, â<80><9c>Skirt, skirt, skirt!â<80> The action continued fast and furious with many tags because we had four excellent workers in the ring. At one point Corey and Shimdog traded chops. Later Aaron hung Shimdog upside down in the corner and stomped on him â<80>~you know whereâ<80><99>. Hall charged into the ring and landed dropkicks on both opponents. In the end Corey Oâ<80><99>Neill surprised Shimdog with a kick to the back of his head, pinning Shimdog and getting that important victory for The Agency.

4. Derrick Devlin VS â<80>~Mr. Capableâ<80><99> Zero Kincaid. Zero dominated in the early minutes of this contest. It wasnâ<80><99>t long before Derrick Devlin resorted to dirty tactics and he used the ropes to choke out Kincaid. Devlin executed an â<80>~old schoolâ<80><99> standing back suplex which I donâ<80><99>t see used very often in the indies. Devlin picked up the pace and dropped Kincaid on his head. He also floored Zero with a hard side slam. Zero came back and executed the â<80>~Three Amigosâ<80><99> like Eddie Guerrero and then finished off Devlin with an RKO for a Zero Kincaid victory.


5. NLW Tag Team Title Match. â<80>~Lethal Xâ<80><99> Logan Lasher & Red Lightning VS Champions Glamslam, â<80>~Spiderbabyâ<80><99> Tommy Saturday & Ian Xavier. This match was rough and very exciting to watch. Spider faced off with Red to start this contest. After a few exchanges, Ian tagged in and headbutted Redâ<80><99>s left arm. Retreating, Red made a tag to Lasher and then Xavier used the same tactics working on Loganâ<80><99>s left arm. Spiderbaby tagged in and was doubleteamed by Lasher and Lightning. Red choked out Spiderbaby. The team made fast tags isolating Saturday. Xavier charged the ring but the ref kept pushing him back. Finally a very groggy Spiderbaby made the legal tag to Ian Xavier, and he immediately clothlined both opponents. When that big bulk of a man hits you with a clothesline, you are definitely floored. Ian slammed Lasher and Red charged into the ring, only to have Xavier ram their heads together. In a surprising move, the BIG man, Ian Xavier climbed to the top rope and dived onto Red Lightning to get the victory and retain Glamslamâ<80><99>s Tag Team Titles. Corey Oâ<80><99>Neill and Aaron Corbin attacked Glamslam after the match. Glamslam cleared the heels from the ring. Commisioner Jonny Goldengate came out and set up a 6-man tag match for a special NLW show at the Northside Armory on January 10th. The match would be Agency members The Black Stallion, Aaron Corbin & Corey Oâ<80><99>Neill VS Spiderbaby, Ian Xavier and special guest TITO SANTANA. Adam Drake was livid, as you would expect.

6. NLW Heavyweight Title Match. Dog Collar Match with NO DQ. JB Trask VS Champion The Black Stallion with Adam Drake, representing The Agency. Mike Diamond was the special referee for this big match. Trask came out first with the chain and dog collar already around his neck. Drake and The Black Stallion entered last, reluctantly. Drake was still reeling from the announcement that his Agency would have to face the legend Tito Santana. Stallion looked scared having the collar attached to his neck so he pushed Mike Diamond away and retreated to the outside where he talked strategy with Adam Drake. FINALLY, they got the collar on Stallion and Trask had a huge smile on his face. Stallion immediately begged for a time out but Trask was brutal, choking out Stallion with the chain. Stallion mounted some offense after pulling the chain up between Traskâ<80><99>s legs. Stallion wrapped the chains around Traskâ<80><99>s legs and rammed them into the mat. Then Stallion hung Trask over the top rope with that dog collar choking out the ring veteran. Now Adam Drake executed his secret plan by dragging out Traskâ<80><99>s missing girlfriend, Kymberlie, and holding her hostage. Adam Drake forced Kymberlie to remove the collar from Stallionâ<80><99>s neck. Stallion got a chair and slammed it into Traskâ<80><99>s head. Drake grabbed Kymberlie by the hair and asked, â<80><9c>What do you think of your man now?â<80> Stallion choked out Trask with the chain. PennCentralFan was loving the hardcore. Stallion kept punishing Trask in front of Kymberlie. I really thought Trask was in a â<80>~no winâ<80><99> situation. While being dragged around the outside of the ring, JB Trask grabbed somebodyâ<80><99>s can of Mountain Dew and smashed it against Stallionâ<80><99>s head. Trask, the legend, the ring veteran, still had some life in that body. The combatants finally re-entered the ring. JB wrapped the chain around Stallionâ<80><99>s neck and hung him over the ropes. JB used the chain to keep punishing The Black Stallion. Stallion climbed to the top rope for a high risk dive but Trask followed and suplexed Stallion from his high position. On the outside of the ring Adam Drake was still holding Kymberlie hostage. Kymberlie got even with Drake by kicking him in the family jewels. She climbed up onto the ring apron and handed Trask something. Trask turned around and threw powder into Stallionâ<80><99>s eyes. Remember, this is a NO DQ match. The wily veteran, JB Trask pinned The Black Stallion to become the new Northern Light Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Everyone celebrated and wrestlers came out of the back to join in the jubilation. Buddah came into the ring and congratulated JB Trask. Trask grabbed the microphone and thanked everyone for a wonderful career. He explained that this is his 30th championship belt, and he richly deserves this honor in my opinion.

I think this was the best NLW show I have seen so far. Congratulations to Buddah, Commission Jonny Goldengate, Ian Xavier and everyone on the roster.

Razzlinâ<80><99> Rick reporting. Visit me at

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