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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 140

October 20, 2008

Taking a teacher’s certification class and girl’s middle school basketball coaching duties have prevented me from doing anything the last three weeks. We have games on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday which will prevent me from catching up. Plus, heading to the Pro Bowlers Association tour stop last weekend in Elkhorn, Nebraska (just outside of Omaha) was plenty of reason to escape the insanity. Don’t fret, NWA Anarchy TV Reports should be back to normal by Thanksgiving weekend.

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, the New Wave pulled off the ultimate upset by unseating the NWA Elite to capture the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles. John Johnson is incensed that the luckiest team in NWA Anarchy “luckily” captured the tag titles and is prepared to prove his case by airing the very matches that helped propel the New Wave to the top slot in NWA Anarchy. Today, the scheduled six man tag match from last week will air: the Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects vs. Ace Rockwell & Sal Rinauro & Shadow Jackson.

– The opening third of the show focuses on the New Waveâ<80><99>s ascension to capturing the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles. In case you missed any previous television reports, television tapings, need reviewing or just plumb wish to relive the magic, then read on.

1a. The New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) vs. The Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (“Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers & “the Son of Satan” Azreal) w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness to become the #1 contenders to the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions.

This match aired on a previous edition of NWA Anarchy Wrestling. The Rejects immediately extract revenge by pummeling, pulverizing and preventing the tag. After commercial, they further destroy Walters and prevents a hot tag by distracting the referee. Walters finally buys himself time with a dropkick to make the hot tag to Driver. The match quickly devolves with the Reverend hopping on the apron to distract the referee. Walters places Tempers in an inverted crab while Driver mounts the top turnbuckle. Lo and behold, Azreal blasts Driver with the Staff of Righteousness. Azreal sends Walters flying over the top rope to the arena floor below. Tempers makes a cover on the legal man Driver, who kicks out at two. The Rejects set up for the Hellhammer, but Walters makes the save with a Buff Blockbuster on Azreal. Tempers sets up for the Beazzle Bomb, but Walters breaks it up with a springboard Sunset flip. The New Wave ends the Reject’s torture with the Unskinny Bop.

1b. The New Wave defeated Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III).

– Well, well, well, what have we here, the New Wave receiving an in ring interview from the beloved the lead announcer “Master of Ceremonial Disaster” Greg Hunter. Whatâ<80><99>s waiting for the New Wave? Tons of laughter from John Johnson and Jeff G Bailey accompanied by â<80><9c>the Butcher of Pyongyangâ<80> and â<80><9c>Universal Slaughtering Machineâ<80> Phil Shatter. Bailey congratulates the New Wave for having homosexual fans cheering for them. The Nice Little Pretty Boys have a great future unless they decide to commit suicide by facing the NWA Elite. The Nice Little Pretty Boys answer Baileyâ<80><99>s miscreant taunts by shoving him on his pathetic carcass. Awesome.

1c. The New Wave defeated the NWA Elite (â<80><9c>the Butcher of Pyongyangâ<80> Kimo & â<80><9c>the Universal Soldierâ<80> Phil Shatter) w/â<80>Agent/Attorneyâ<80> Jeff G. Bailey to capture the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles.

The reminiscing commences after a commercial break with Kimo in complete control. Johnson notes he gets choked up about the Eliteâ<80><99>s lack of competition. Shatter continues the meticulously brutality by applying an abdominal stretch while smashing elbows to Walter’s exposed ribs and then spearing him. Walters avoids further destruction by escaping PTSD powerbomb and making the hot tag to Driver. The New Wave deliver a double knee smasher to Kimoâ<80><99>s chin and momentarily stagger him with dropkicks. Kimo rolls through on a top rope cross bodyblock, but Driver dropkicks Kimo to allow Walters a quick roll-up for a mere one count. Driver scores a two count with an Asai moonsault. Shatter desperately makes the blind tag and delivers a spinebuster to Driver. Meanwhile, Kimo keeps Walters at bay with palm thrusts. Walters eludes Kimo and chop blocks Shatter on a second PTSD attempt. Driver falls on top of Shatter to score the pinfall. To make matters even more embarrassing for Shatter, Driver didnâ<80><99>t even have to pull the trunks. Johnson loudly protests and cries like a spoiled two year old.

2. â<80><9c>The No Pain Mass Murder Trainâ<80> Iceberg pinned â<80><9c>the Seven Figured Dealâ<80> Ace Rockwell to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title.

We relive more moments of Iceberg demonstrating his domination. When Rockwell can’t execute a super rana he counters into an Ace’s High. Rockwell slowly makes the cover, but the cantankerous Reverend places Icebergâ<80><99>s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Rockwell knocks out Wilson with one swift punch. Back in the ring, Iceberg tosses Rockwell aside on an Aceâ<80><99>s High attempt and finishes him off with the Ground Xero splash. Afterwards, Wilson orders the troops to perform plastic surgery upon Rockwell. Sal Rinauro heads in the for save and Iceberg slugs him to the mat for the knockout. Tempers and Azreal continue to annihilate Rockwell until Shadow Jackson makes the save. Iceberg shrugs in fear when Shadow easily defends a Pearl Harbor job.

3. The Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (Shaun Tempers & Azreal & â<80><9c>the Altar of Human Mutilationâ<80> Iceberg) w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness vs. Ace Rockwell & Sal Rinauro & Shadow Jackson.

You know something dastardly is going to happen when someone receives an extended intro. What happens next? The Dynamic Duo of Chad Parham & Seth Delay attack Rockwell from behind. I don’t think Batman & Robin would appreciate such tactics. Rinauro & Shadow quickly make the save and send the Joker & Riddler scattering to the locker room. So now itâ<80><99>s 3 on 2 to Johnsonâ<80><99>s delight. The only thing more despicable than being a Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects is helping the Rejects. I just love it how Parham helps Delay sinks to new lows every week. Shadow manhandles Tempers in the early going. After a Tempersâ<80><99> double throat thrust, Rinauro slides to the floor on an attempted corner whip. Rinauro trips up Azreal, elbows Iceberg and deflects Azreal. For some strange reason, Rinauro believes he can fly despite having Iceberg next to him and Azreal right beneath his feet. After all these years of tag wrestling youâ<80><99>d think Rinauro would know better than to do something not so smart. Well, Azreal easily counters Rinauroâ<80><99>s springboard. Azreal pummels Rinauro with a running knee. Ouch, that was painful. After commercial, the Rejects provide a lesson in basic mathematics that Iceberg outweighs Rinauro by an entire human being. Shadow calls for Iceberg, but he pays no attention and further works over Rinauroâ<80><99>s arm. Shadow receives the tag, but it was behind the refereeâ<80><99>s back. An illegal switch occurs by the Rejects and Tempers repeatedly kicks Rinauroâ<80><99>s head. After commercial, Rinauro counters Tempers with an Ace Crusher. With the Reverend literally lurking in the shadow of Shadow, he distracts Shadow with the Staff of Righteousness just long enough to prevent a hot tag and allow Iceberg to clobber him. Back in the ring, Rinauro lands a somersault kick on Tempers. Holding his head, Rockwell heads back out to receive the hot tag and clean house. He lands a Stinger splash on the former tag champs and scores a near fall on Tempers with a bulldog. Tempers quickly disposes of Rockwell and Wilson climbs the ring apron. After rolling in the ring, Rockwell kicks out a thingyy cover at one. Shadow recovers and stands back on the apron while Azreal works over Rockwell. Azreal momentarily humbles Rockwell. Tempers counters a rally with a gutbuster. The Rejects focus their attack on Rockwellâ<80><99>s back. Rockwell fights out the Rejectâ<80><99>s corner and Shadow receives the tag. Rinauro sends Tempers to the floor and wipes him out with a slingshot plancha. Back in the ring, Shadow wins with the 10-31 after whipping Azreal into Iceberg. Afterwards, Shadow stares down Iceberg. With multiple refereeâ<80><99>s separating the two, Iceberg taunts Shadow by holding up the heavyweight title.

OVERALL: It looks like the inevitable Shadow vs. Iceberg for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title will happen at Season’s Beatings.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html

The making of a contender: Norwalk man teams up with wrestling association

By Harold Davis

Special Correspondent Stamford, CT Advocate

Article Launched: 11/05/2008 02:57:02 AM EST


Rich Baker likes associating with folks who make their living throwing punches and slamming ferocious opponents in the wrestling ring.

It’s the Norwalk man’s business. Baker is a booking agent for wrestlers and mixed-match martial artists who ply their trade in events around the globe.

Baker, who most recently spent five months as director of touring with Tennessee-based Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, decided that moving to Nashville wasn’t right for him and his family, so he decided to break off on his own and start Rich Baker Booking LLC.

“It’s been the best thing I’ve done. The transition has been smooth, and I’m confident about the future,” said Baker, a 15-year veteran of the booking business.

His services include contract and deal negotiation, event scheduling and event organization.

“I’ve booked over 1,600 events since ’92, so I had the experience, knowledge and passion. I’m not under a corporate umbrella. You’re only dealing with me, and I give personalized attention to each client’s event.”

Baker’s experience in booking events runs deep. He spent seven years working for Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment. He also worked with Feld Entertainment Inc., which operates Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus and Disney on Ice shows.

“My first experience was with WWE. It was a lifelong dream to work for them as a young boy, and I was lucky to get an opportunity. I learned from the best promoter ever: Vince McMahon. That’s how I got my foot in the door. I think that Kenneth Feld is the second-greatest promoter,” Baker said.

Baker’s timing to go into business on his own couldn’t have been better. He recently became the exclusive booking agent for the National Wrestling Alliance and for MKM Knockout Promotions’ Shin Do Kumate Muay Thai Boxing.

“NWA is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and we’re looking to re-establish its live event touring, and I hope to set up approximately 50 to 100 events,” he said.

Bob Trobich, executive director of the Charlotte, N.C.-based NWA, said he was familiar with Baker’s work with TNA and WWE. He was seeking a way to boost the company’s performance schedule.

“When I learned that he was no longer with TNA, it was a happy coincidence. Rich was exactly who we needed,” Trobich said. “That was my intention: We needed to get out and to do some bigger shows. He was perfect, and we’re off to a great start.”

The relationship between Baker and NWA has already generated results. An event booked last Saturday in Penticton, B.C., Canada, attracted 1,800 fans. It was the second event that Baker booked for Trobich, and there are two more scheduled for this month.

David Meltzer, editor of Wrestling Observer in Campbell, Calif., said that Baker has a great reputation and is well-regarded in the industry.

Commenting that it is hard to compete with the WWE, Meltzer said that Baker is already proving that he is a great asset for the NWA.

“In today’s market, for an independent wrestling company to do that, that’s fantastic,” Meltzer said of the turnout in British Columbia.

Baker also will book events for Shin Do KumatŽ nationally and internationally. He said that he is pursuing shows for the company in New Zealand, Dubai and China. He also aspires to do a Shin Do Kumate show in the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City for 2009 and produce NWA events in the Norwalk/Stamford area.

Ed Musante, president of the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, said he likes the idea of bringing wrestling events to the area.

“The area certainly supports good entertainment. If they’re well-run and well-produced, it should be successful. Wrestling has continued to be a hot commodity,” Musante said.

Baker said he hopes to expand his palette of booking engagements by adding speakers, book signings and music acts.

“My long-term goal is to be one of the next major players as an event booking agent,” Baker said.

– Special Correspondent Harold Davis can be reached at harold.davis@scni.com or 964-2277.

NWA Wrestling Showcase

November 1, 2008

South Okanagan Event Centre

Penticton, BC, Canada

MANTHER pinned Tony Baroni after his new finisher, the F-9.

Trevor Murdock defeated Gurv Sihra after a bulldog off the top rope.

Scotty Mac defeated Harv Sihra to retain the NWA Canadian heavyweight title after a superkick.

In a number one contenders match for the NWA World heavyweight championship, Brent Albright defeated Adam Pearce by disqualification after Murdock ran in and attacked Albright; in a surprising move, Scotty Mac made the save for Albright, and the two challenged Pearce and Murdock to a tag team match later in the night.

Nicole Matthews defeated Veronika Vice to retain the SuperGirls championship after countering a scoop powerslam into Roll the Dice

“Brilliant” Billy Suede retained the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight title over Kyle O’Reilly with Sliced Bread #2

Brent Albright and Scotty Mac defeated Adam Pearce and Trevor Murdock, when Albright pinned Pearce after a Scotty superkick

In the main event, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash pinned Lance Cade after the jackknife powerbomb.

Thanks to everybody involved for an AMAZING night of wrestling action!

Credit the ECCW Forums and NWA Rep Mike Sweetser

NWA Mexico

November 1, 2008

Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera

Mexico City , Mexico

1. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Fantastico beat Eragon

2. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Zenky defeated Angus

3. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Black Thunder beat Skayde Jr.

4. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Trauma II defeated Arkanos

5. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Turbo beat Alma Infernal

6. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Quarterfinals: Skayde defeated Hermano Muerte II

7. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Semifinals: Trauma II beat Fantastico

8. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Semifinals: Turbo defeated Zenky

9. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Semifinals: Skayde beat Black Thunder

10. NWA Lightweight Title Tournament â<80>” Finals: Skayde defeated Trauma II & Turbo

11. Incognito & Siniestro beat Cien Caras Jr. & Super Parka

12. Americas Title: Negro Navarro defeated Black Terry to retain his title.

Courtesy of www.pwbts.com

NWA HAWAII Honolulu, Hawaii

Tiki- Def- El Guapo via pinfall

Don Juan Lee def. Tasi Lei Alofa in an Arm Wrestling challenge

Tasi Lei Alofa Def. The Custodian after an impromtu match took place because the custodian distracted TLA during his Arm Wrestling Challenge.

The Aztec Dragon Def Ricky Thunder via countout when outside interference by a hooded assailant prevented Thunder from returning to the ring.

Don Juan Lee def. Poison via Pinfall After a KO Punch.

The Hawaiian Power Co Def The East Coast Connection via Pinfall.


News :

Richard Miyamoto Nwa Hawaii Admin.

Says he will Investigate further into the actions of the Masked Assailant ,and will reveal his identity although sources close to this reporter say the smart money is on Bushido X. Who has been absent since his loss of the Jr. Heavyweight belt back in july.

Heavyweight Champion Sickdog was on Holiday in vegas and was not on this weeks show.

NWA Hawaii Tag Champs Kruise Kontrol recently returned from a fan meet and greet in the Philipines and had a terrific tour of manila .

Rockstar Ricky Thunder has a reveiw of Zac and Miri ” Zac and Miri make a porno although from some of the stuff shown on trailers seem kinda stupid,when I went to see this film i was pleasantly surprised at how smart of a comedy this was, although not for kids its definetly a must see i give it 4 rockstars.


November 1, 2008

Dead Calm 2

Jacob Woll Pavilion

McKeesport, PA

Blue Dragon def. Dash Bennett

With his indentured servant Stacy Hunter continually being insubordinate, Dragon made her change from her Dash Bennett t-shirt to a shirt matching Dragon’s wrestling gear. After Hunter’s attempted interference backfired on her and she tripped up Dash, Dragon caught Dash with the Belly-To-Blue Suplex for the win. After the match, Dragon informed ring announcer Tony Summers that he no longer wanted Hunter as his indentured servant anymore.

Scottie Gash, Shirley Doe, and James Ross came to the ring to reveal Gash’s opponent for the evening. He called out his opponent, Mantis. Gash was quick to point out somebody was missing from his motley group of rogues, and Mantis unmasked to reveal he has been Bobby Williams all along! Williams got the mic and ran down previous NWA East management regimes, claiming he felt he was held down and was forced to wear the mask to get ahead in NWA East. He even took credit for helping Gash & Ross get their foot in the door “10 minutes up the road”, where Williams is currently employed! Shirley Doe took the mic and told the crowd Chris Taylor was not in the building, so he has no opponent. But just as he spoke, Chris LeRusso snuck out from the back and gave Doe a missile dropkick for his troubles! The match was set for later in the night.

Gregory Iron & the Straight Jacket Mafia def. Patrick Hayes, Ashton Amhurst, & The Franchise Players

The NWA East Tag Team Champs Hayes & Amhurst were obviously not on the same page with their partners Kronica & Beverly from the get-go. With Matthew Justice missing in action, the team of Iron & SJM had to go into the match handicapped (no pun intended). But with constant arguing and even breaking up each others’ pins, Hayes & Amhurst walked out and Iron was able to capitalize and get a flash roll-up on Kronica for the win.

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen def. Bobby Shields

Before the match, the NWA National Champ Hansen revealed his new group of security guards hand-picked by his manager Benjamin C. Steele. Call them Camp Crusher, call them Team Crusher, call them Hansen Security, call them whatever you want… but they had a hand in helping Hansen pick up the win. As Shields attempted to dive onto Crusher from the top, the three security guards caught Shields, ramming him into the ringpost. Then, as Shields was distracted by two members of the security team, the third slipped Crusher a foreign object he slipped into his newly-acquired black glove, which he then punched Shields with. As Hansen locked in the Iron Claw with the glove, the ref counted the pin and that was all for Shields. After the match, Hansen snapped and attacked a fan at ringside who got in his face, locking him in the Iron Claw until Brandon K hit the ring with a chair, chasing him out.

“Division 1” James Ross def. “First Klass” Brandon K via DQ in Match 1 of the Best of 3 Series

With the crowd solidly behind Brandon K, he came within inches of taking the first fall in this best of 3 series between Team NWA East and Gash’s group of rogues who want to go “10 minutes up the road”. Shirley Doe slid a stop sign into the ring, only for K to take out Ross and pick up the sign. As referee Tom Dunn turned around, he saw Ross down and K with the sign, and Doe screamed K hit Ross. Dunn called for the bell, giving Ross the first win. If Team Gash wins their next match, Shirley Doe vs. Chris Taylor on 11/15, then Jim Miller must retire from wrestling, and Gash & Ross get to take the NWA East Heavyweight and Three Rivers Titles “10 minutes up the road” to sign their contracts on them. But if Team NWA East wins the next two falls, Gash, Ross, Doe, and Williams must sign new contracts with non-compete clauses, forcing them to stay in NWA East.

NWA East Heavyweight Champion “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash def. Mantis

After intermission, Gash and Mantis “competed” in a joke of a match where Mantis laid down for Gash. It’s interesting to note that while he came out with the Mantis gear and mask off his face, he wrestled with the mask on.

Krystal Frost made her way to the ring alone, a rare sight in NWA East. She called out a recent thorn in her charge, Ashton Amhurst’s side, Channel 4 sports anchor Jon Burton. She asked Burton to just back off with Ashton before he got hurt. But as he refused, Amhurst popped out from nowhere and attacked Burton with his baseball bat. Hayes & bodyguard Big Dom joined in as they laid out Burton with a completely unprovoked attack.

Chris LeRusso def. Shirley Doe via DQ

Doe brought the fight to LeRusso on the floor with a vicious attack before the bell even rang. But back in the ring, LeRusso fought back, giving Doe everything he had. Just as he was going to pick up the win with Total Absolution, Gash, Ross, and Mantis hit the ring and attacked LeRusso. Blue Dragon and Bobby Shields hit the ring to make the save as Buff Wilhelm made his way to ringside. Wilhelm informed Gash that NWA East officials ordered that he would defend his title in a REAL match that night, against the three men in the ring, as well as James Ross! Crusher Hansen came to ringside and insisted that since he defeated Shields, he should be allowed a shot at the belt also. He was included, and the match was on!

NWA East Heavyweight Champion “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash def. Bobby Shields, Chris LeRusso, Blue Dragon, Crusher Hansen, and James Ross

Almost as a throwback to NWA East main events past, all six men involved tore each other apart, scrambling for that one pinfall that would lead them to the title. Ross even attempted to get a pin, leaving Gash to break it up, questioning Ross’ intentions. With all six men brawling all over the Jacob Woll Pavilion, eyes were everywhere. In the confusion of it all, Gash was able to hit LeRusso with the Spotlight Drop, ensuring himself the victory.

After the match, Gash and company celebrated their victory, and Gash claimed at Do Or Die 2 on November 15th, he would once again defend the belt against Mantis. But with Gash, Ross, and Doe facing the hard-cam side of the ring, a second Mantis, in green singlet and Mantis mask, hit the ring and took out Bobby Williams! As the other three turned and realized what was going on, the second Mantis unmasked and it was Brandon K! He insisted that Gash vs. Mantis on 11/15 would be on the up-and-up, and if not, he would find a way to interject himself!

For more information on NWA East, go to:



November 1, 2008

VFW Post 47

Uniontown, PA

Undisputed Championship Wrestling, had the VFW rockin and rollin last night! The show began with UCW Commissioner Kent Flamingo stripping Jimmy Starz for failure to show up and defend his title. This lead into our opening contest with Bulldozer defeating the returning Buddy Carr.

After the match Dozer talked about how they fired ICE and that he signed a new contract with Flamingo Inc. Guranting him a future UCW Heavyweight Title match. Flamingo then announced that he had also signed GRIFFEN to Flamingo Inc.

This lead to the Griffen/Bud Cassidy contest… Griffen destroyed Cassidy in just minutes. Then after the match out he came with his new persona STEVEAMANIA!!!! Who was destroyed by Griffen in 30 Seconds.

Up next was Pretty Ugly against Rebecca Payne, Nikki Nickols & Jazmine. Pretty Ugly had the match won when Jaz tapped out….But Dream refused to let the manouver go and the ref reversed his decision. Thus Pretty Ugly was forced to wear dresses. Kid Cupid made a few cracks and Pretty Ugly began to beat him up. Out came Draven and Rebecca with weapons to run them off.

Up next is was there final encounter as rookies. Scott Sarin and Ray Smooth tore the house down and was was 1 of the best matches of the entire night. In the end it was a quick roll up pin that caught Smooth off guard for Sarin to win the match and capture the vacant UCW No Limits Championship!

After Intermission we saw a battle of 2 of the best in UCW as UCW American Champ Justin Bender went toe to toe with Draven Oriley. The 2 men tore the house down in a great fast pased contest. In the end Bender got the victory to retain the title.

Then we had UCW Tag Team Champions Bad Company defend there titles in a triple threat match. Against the Highway men and the Players Club…. This was a great tag team contest as all 3 teams really held there own. At the end of the contest as Payne battled off Doyle and Leathermen, Davis hit a big spine buster on Killa which lead to Playboy pushing Davis out of the ring and pinning Killa for the Players Club to become the NEW UCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!

Stonewall retained his UCW Heavyweight title against Massive Mike and what was probablly the best technical wrestling match of the night. However his victory was tainted when Pretty Ugly came out and helped him win. Bender came out to confront Stonewall to ask what was going on, Stonewall said he didnt know. Bender then asked Pretty Ugly, but when he turned around Stonewall cracked him with the UCW title.

The Main Event was a blood shedding brawl. Jacobs and Skelton fought they didnt wrestle. They fought all over the VFW. As they did everything they could to each other, Jacobs really tried to take advantage of the hurt right calf mucsle of the Xtremist. But in the end it was innovative sunset flip that helped Skelton win!

After the match chaos insued as Bender and Stonewall came out and the brawl insued. It was announced that on January 31st Stonewall would defend the UCW Heavyweight Title against Jesse Skelton and that Justin Bender would defend the UCW American Title against Bill Jacobs.

For more information on UCW, go to:


For more information on NWA East, go to:



November 2, 2008

AWS Shop

Rowland Heights, CA

CK Jackson defeated Biggie Biggz & Chase Patrick in a 3 way match

Aiden Riley & Marissa defeated Candice LeRae & Lucky O’Shea

Charles Mercury defeated Liger Rivera

Principe Unlimited & Bionico defeated Los Chivos by DQ

Johnny Paradise defeated Ryan Taylor

The Plague defeated Johnny Goodtime

The Chinos defeated The Cutler Brothers

The Ballard Brothers defeated Piloto Suicida & Shamu Jr. to retain the AWS tag team titles.

For more information on AWS, go to:


For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation


November 7, 2008

Knights of Columbus

Covina, CA

NWA Heritage Champion TJ Perkins pinned Joey Ryan to retain his title

Lucky O’Shea pinned Yyan Nakano

Johnny Paradise pinned “Slick” Nick Jackson in Round 1 of the Inland Title Series

Jason Watts defeated Vizzion

Shane Haste & Chris Kadillak defeated Roger Ruiz & Chase Patrick

EWF American Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Liger Rivera to retain his title

EWF Heavyweight Champion Black Metal pinned Terex to retain his title

For more information on EWF, go to:


For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Liberty States Wrestling

November 7, 2008

Rockland Community Center

Rockland, ME results

The NWA On Fire TV show rolled into Rockland and man was it some night of action. The well over 300 fans that packed the Recreation center were as loud and vocal as any fans at any wrestling show in the world.

Kactus destroyed Robbie Ellis

Playas Club member Danny Demanto over El Diablo

Playas Club member Justin Corino defeated Hillbilly Sonny after Hillbilly Larry came out and tried to interfere and it backfired.

Mr X defeated Iceman

Judas Young defeated Baby Huey

Makua defeated JT HoodLum

Tommy’s corner with the The Giant Pharaoh

Pharaoh stated he would defeat his opponent in under one minute with brought out Fala and the brawl was on. Fala lasted the minute and was declared the winner.


Danny Inferno outclassed Too Tasty Jeff Hasty

The Logan Brothers defeated Jason Rumble /JT Hoodlum in a match where the Logans showed just how amazing of a team they are..

In the Main event KOKO B WARE defeated Davey Boy Bling, with the entire crowd, Policemen, EMT’s and the Savoldis doing the Bird post-match.

For more information on NWA Liberty States, go to:


NWA Liberty States Wrestling

November 8, 2008

Mexico Recreation Center

Mexico, ME

250 fans packed the Mexico recreation center for NWA ON FIRE TV

KOKO B WARE defeated Baby “hoss” Huey

After the match was over Danny “funk” Inferno hit the ring along with Kactus and put the boots to KOKO until both locker rooms emptied and tried to pull them apart. They two men tore into each other until KOKO chased off the Funks with a chair. Great brawl

The Samoan warriors defeated The Playas club team of The Enforcer Danny Demanto and Davey Boy Bling .

Juicey Justin defeated Jason Rumble

The giant Pharaoh distroyed JT Hoodlum

NWA TV Title match

Danny Inferno submitted Big John to retain the Title. (step over Toe hold )

Mr X vs Hillbilly Sonny ended in a no contest when Mr X was unmasked and revealed Cousin Larry Sonny’s partner and the 2 brawled to the locker room.

Judas Young defeated Too Tasty

Robbie Ellis noly got by the Blue Knight.

NWA on Fire returns to Mexico Maine 12/27/08

For more information on NWA Liberty States, go to:









And the match announcements just keep on coming for NWA Upstate’s Pilgrims & Piledrivers. The show, which is being held next Saturday November 15 at Minett Hall (2695 E. Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY), now features eight announced matches, as two more matches were announced yesterday, one of them being yet another saga in the NWA Upstate/2CW war!

The war between Upstate and Syracuse’s 2CW will continue at Pilgrims and Piledrivers as former NWA Upstate owner Hellcat, who turned on Upstate in June and joined the enemy, has issued a challenge to NWA Upstate’s Dave “Mean” Marcos. Marcos has accepted the challenge and the pair will square off at Pilgrims & Piledrivers. Hellcat pinned and eliminated Marcos during an elimination tag match at a 2CW show in Syracuse just last month. Unfortunately for Hellcat and 2CW, Upstate eventually won that match, which carried a stipulation that prevents the losing team from running any shows for the first 90 days of 2009. Hellcat has promised to pin Marcos yet again, and avenge 2CW’s forced 90-day vacation.


I had the pleasure, if it can called that, of speaking with Star Rider last evening, and he told me that he is absolutely sick and tired of the Star Foundation getting no respect in NWA Upstate, form neither NWA management or the fans. He is confident that this will all change at Pilgrims & Piledrivers. Firstly, he claims that his star pupil “Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes will once and for all put and end to the aura of “Fabulous” John McChesney in NWA Upstate.

“McChesney had it made,” Star Rider told me. “He was the big man in the Foundation. But he had to get cocky and started putting himself above The Foundation, and baby, you just don’t do that. Ricky put him out once already, and had him spitting up blood in the processes! John got lucky in their second match, then that idiot of a referee Ron Falco disqualified both of them at the Indy-Tational Tournament, costing Ricky the tournament. Well I promise you that this time around Ricky will not only have his hand raised in victory, but will destroy the legacy of John McChesney once and for all!”

During our conversation Star Rider also told me that he has taken a measure to shore up the Star Foundation and command respect from NWA Upstate management and fans by signing one of the biggest stars of the Ontario wrestling scene. He has given me permission to announce, via the newsletter, the newest addition to the Star Foundation, the one and only “Textbook” Tyson Dux!!! Dux is an in-demand performer, who has wrestled all over Ontario, holding titles in just about every fed he has wrestled for including New Vision Pro Wrestling, Border City Wrestling, Motor City Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Extreme. Tyson will be making his Star Foundation debut at Pilgrims and Piledrivers in a six-man tag match, teaming up with Star Foundation member “Omega” Aaron Draven and the head of the Foundation, Star Rider himself. Their opponents will be the very capable team of NWA Empire standout “Mastiff” Will Christianson, and Ontario wrestling standouts Primo

Scardino and “Wonderboy” Zakk Atticus. Neither Scardino or Atticus are strangers to Tyson Dux, each having had encounters with the man in the past. This match should prove to be very interesting.


Remember NWA Empire fans that you can get free admission to NWA Upstate’s Pilgrims & Piledrivers on November 15th by simply showing your ticket stub from NWA Empire’s last show Juiced II at the door. I urge all NWA Empire fans to take advantage of this most generous offer.


Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling, Inc., in sanction with the National Wrestling Alliance, presents:


Saturday November 15, 2008

Minett Hall

2695 E. Henrietta Road

Henrietta, NY

Belltime 6:30 PM


“Dastardly” Danny Doring (C) vs Former ECW/WCW/WWE star Stevie Richards


“Fabulous” John McChesney vs “Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes (w/Star Rider)


“The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint (C) vs

“The Montgomery Madman” Mo Mantha


Evan & Kyle McCloud (C) vs Super Assassin & Triple X


2CW’s Hellcat vs Upstate’s Dave “Mean” Marcos


The Star Foundation (Star Rider, “Omega” Aaron Draven, & the debuting “Textbook” Tyson Dux vs “Mastiff” Will Christianson, Primo Scardino & “Wonderboy” Zakk Atticus

Former NWA National/NWA Empire Champion Pepper Parks vs Cheech

Former WWE superstar Colin Delaney vs Cloudy

Also scheduled to appear are Dewey, Dicky Sanchez, the Dustytaker, and more


Date: Saturday November 15, 2008

Venue: Minett Hall – 2695 E. Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY

Time: Doors open at 5:30 PM with Belltime at 6:30 PM

Admission: $12 Presale $15 at the door $7 kids 9 and under

Presale Tickets can be purchased at:

– Millennium Games â<80>” 3047 West Henrietta Road, Rochester New York

– Via PayPal by going to the NWA Upstate website at http://nwaupstate.net/ and clicking on the PayPal link

For more information on NWA Upstate’s Pilgrims & Piledrivers call 585-621-4293

New Japan ran its second â<80><9c>CAMP ZAMA CAMPFESTâ<80> today at the American military base of Camp Zama. Like last time, there was a big turnout and lots of interest in the matches, one of which saw the first appearance in New Japan of the mysterious Black Tiger for several years!

NJPW â<80><9c>CAMP ZAMA SLAMFEST IIâ<80>, 11/1/08

Kanagawa Camp Zama

2,000 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Prince Devitt beat Tetsuya Naito (13:11) with an avalanche-style brainbuster.

2. Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto beat Ryusuke Taguchi & Nobuo Yoshihashi (10:14) when Kanemoto used a Falcon Arrow on Yoshihashi.

3. Tomohiro Ishii, Jado & Gedo beat Hirooki Goto, Yujiro & Kazuchika Okada (11:43) when Gedo used a horizontal cradle on Okada.

4. Jushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask beat Black Tiger & Negro Casas (8:50) when Tiger used a high-angle front cradle on Casas.

5. Masahiro Chono, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi beat Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & Tomoaki Honma (13:45) when Chono used a Shining Yakuza kick on Honma.

6. Giant Bernard, Rick Fuller & Karl Anderson beat Shinsuke Nakamura, Milano Collection AT & Taichi Ishikari (15:50) when Bernard used the Bernard bomb on Ishikari.

Courtesy of www.puroresufan.com

NJPW, 11/4/08 (SXW)

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,400 Fans

An old school heroic TenKoji comeback has led to the stumbling giants snatching Block A on the last day of G1 Tag League group stages. Part one of the Korakuen Hall double header saw TenKoji down RISE’s top two, Nakamura & Goto, to both win the group and doom the latter team to a playoff tomorrow. That is because Bernard & Fuller defeated Kanemoto & Wataru to move level on points with Nakamura & Goto, and because those teams fought to a double countout in their previous match, they have to fight a playoff tomorrow, meaning if either is to win the tournament they need to win *three* matches in one night. The mountainous team of Nakanishi & Yoshie also crept into the final stages following a huge win over Block B winners and IWGP Tag Team Champions, Makabe & Yano, today. The big men left it late, but Yoshie’s diving body press on former opening match rival Makabe meant they go through in second place to meet TenKoji! Jado & Gedo, who did so well in the

tournament, were deprived of their semi final spot by late bloomers Negro Casas & Rocky Romero, Romero cradling Jado to earn them a hard fought big win.

0. Tomoaki Honma & Karl Anderson beat Kazuchika Okada & Nobuo Yoshihashi (6:42) when Anderson used a spinebuster on Yoshihashi.

1. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Milano Collection AT & Taichi Ishikari went to a draw (15:00) when the time limit expired.

2. Tiger Mask & Ryusuke Taguchi beat Jushin Thunder Liger & Minoru (12:35)when Taguchi used the Dodon on Minoru.

3. Takashi Iizuka & Tomohiro Ishii beat Yuji Nagata & Mitsuhide Hirasawa (11:58) when Iizuka used a Jigoku Tsuki on Hirasawa.

4. G1 Tag League – Block B: Negro Casas & Rocky Romero [4] beat Jado & Gedo [6] (11:53) when Romero used a Crossface of JADO cutback cradle on Jado.

5. G1 Tag League – Block A: Giant Bernard & Rick Fuller [7] beat Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto [4] (14:15) when Bernard used the Bernard bomb on Kanemoto.

6. G1 Tag League – Block B: Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie [7] beat Togi Makabe & Toru Yano [8] (18:30) when Yoshie used a diving body press on Makabe.

7. G1 Tag League – Block A: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima [8] beat Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto [7] (23:47) when Tenzan used the Anaconda Vice on Goto.

Block A:

1. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima [8]

2. Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto [7]

– Giant Bernard & Rick Fuller [7]

4. Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto [4]

5. Milano Collection AT & Taichi Ishikari [2]

6. Takashi Iizuka & Tomohiro Ishii [2]

Block B:

1. Togi Makabe & Toru Yano [8]

2. Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie [7]

3. Jado & Gedo [6]

4. Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito [4]

5. Negro Casas & Rocky Romero [4]

6. Yuji Nagata & Mitsuhide Hirasawa [1]

NJPW, 11/22/08 (SXW)

Chichibu Miya Memorial Gymnasium

1. Ryusuke Taguchi & Mitsuhide Hirasawa vs. Takashi Iizuka & Low Ki

2. Riki Choshu & Masahiro Chono vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma

3. Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

4. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, Jado & Gedo

NJPW, 11/23/08

Mie Prefectural Sun Arena Sub Arena

1. Mitsuhide Hirasawa vs. Takashi Iizuka

2. Wataru Inoue, Ryusuke Taguchi, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Low Ki, Jado, Gedo & Tomoaki Honma

3. Riki Choshu, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Togi Makabe, Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

4. Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii

NJPW, 11/24/08

Hyogo Prefectural Budokan

1. Kazuchika Okada vs. Takashi Iizuka

2. Wataru Inoue, Ryusuke Taguchi, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Low Ki, Jado, Gedo & Tomohiro Ishii

3. Riki Choshu, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Toru Yano, Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

4. Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto vs. Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma

NJPW, 11/25/08

Kyoto KBS Hall

1. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono & AKIRA vs. Takashi Iizuka, Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma

2. Yuji Nagata, Manabu Nakanishi, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, Jado & Gedo

3. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Giant Bernard, Karl Anderson & Low Ki

NJPW, 11/27/08 (SXW)

Hiroshima Trade Center

1. AKIRA vs. Takashi Iizuka

2. Ryusuke Taguchi, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Low Ki, Jado & Gedo

3. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Togi Makabe, Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma

4. Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto vs. Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

NJPW, 11/28/08

Matsuyama City Community Center

1. Manabu Nakanishi & Mitsuhide Hirasawa vs. Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma

2. Yuji Nagata, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Takashi Iizuka, Jado & Gedo

3. Riki Choshu & Masahiro Chono vs. Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

4. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii & Low Ki

NJPW, 11/29/08

Tex Port Imabari

1. Wataru Inoue, Yujiro, Tetsuya Naito & Mitsuhide Hirasawa vs. Toru Yano, Jado, Gedo & Tomohiro Ishii

2. Riki Choshu, Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi vs. Takashi Iizuka, Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson

3. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma & Low Ki

NJPW, 12/1/08

Tokushima Municipal Gymnasium

1. Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Takashi Iizuka, Tomoaki Honma & Low Ki

2. Yuji Nagata, Manabu Nakanishi & Wataru Inoue vs. Togi Makabe, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii

3. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Giant Bernard, Karl Anderson, Jado & Gedo

NJPW, 12/6/08 (WPW)

Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium

1. Ryusuke Taguchi, Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito vs. Low Ki, Jado & Gedo

2. New Japan vs. ZERO1-MAX: Yuji Nagata & Koji Kanemoto vs. Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka

3. IWGP Tag Team Title: Togi Makabe & Toru Yano (c) vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie

NJPW, 12/7/08 (Samurai! TV)

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

1. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Jado & Gedo

2. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Low Ki (c) vs. Ryusuke Taguchi


OCTOBER 11, 2008



The evening opened with a “On The Bench” segment with Charles Shipwright.

NWA UCW manager Stevie Slick with wrestlers Tristan Gallo and Derek Jannetty came to ringside saying Fusion wrestlers Kanto and Jason Noel had stolen the NWA Western States trophy in Salt Lake City in a match.

They wanted the trophy returned.

Noel’s partner was out with a back injury.

Fusion CEO’s Victoria Starr said if Noel couldn’t find a partner that he would be pitted in a handicap match against Gallo and Janetty.

Opening match saw Michael Voorhees, wearing a goalie mask, get the best of the talented Jack Mecidol via a power bomb – 4:03.

Gregory Quest beat Jeff Orcut with a version of “Roll the Dice” – 8:13.

Raheem Rashaad, with Zena, used the Arabian Face Buster to pin the masked Paco – 7:14.

NWA Western States Trophy match – Gallo and Jannetty vs Noel. Jason’s former partner Gregory Quest who layed down

to allow Gallo to pin him losing the Trophy – 10:16.

Quest then put on a Utah UCW t-shirt joining Gallo and Janetty in victory. Utah takes the trophy home!

One Contender Match to meet Fusion champion Dustin Uhrich. Duff Doyle was disq. for using a chair – 11:24.

Paul Diamond and Dustin Uhrich vs Jeff McAllister and Billy V in an tag team event. Dustin pinned Billy after using his patented DUD – 16:16.

For more information on FPW, go to:


NWA Pro/ EPW Perth

November 8, 2008

Re-Awakening VII

Venville Centre

Maylands, Australia

Marcus Pitsonopoulos v Robby Heart

Winner: Robby Heart

6 man Tag match

European Union & AZ Vegara v Blitz Team & Del Santo

Winners: European Union & AZ Vegara

Drake Wallace v Ferguson Block

Winner: Ferguson Block

Barry Schmidt v Open Challenge (taken up by Mikey Nicholls)

Winner: Mikey Nicholls

Stipulation match

Delvin Reeves v Tyler Jacobs. Since Reeves won, he faced Corvus straight away.

Winner: Delvin Reeves

Invitational Tournament Final

Jay Taylor v Damian Slater

Winner: Jay Taylor

EPW Tag Team Championship

Dan Moore & Chase Griffin [c] v

Brad West & Sebastian Sander.

Winners: Dan Moore & Chase Griffin

EPW Championship match inside cage

TJ Richter v Bobby Marshall v Davis Storm [c].

Winner: Davis Storm

For more information on EPW Perth, go to:


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