Jake Roberts Gets Into It With Another Promotion, All Sides Talk

Bill Behrens

It appears that Jake Roberts and MWF/Boston Wrestling’s Dan Mirade & John Cena, Sr. are having a disagreement of sorts about a recent “booking”. Below are recent bogs or posts by both Roberts & Mirade. You decide.

Jake Roberts posted the following on his myspace site on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 :


Is there any honor left or have we all just become whores? I once met a man who I mistakenly assumed was a man. Having watched on the all powerful and truth delivering internet I see no gun stuck to his head. Which leads me to believe once again I made a bad decision. Is there proof that you are John Cena’s Father? Or is that just another lie too? I would have thought by now your acclaimed son would have told you how tough it was , the BS we have to put up with, the lies, the cons, the rip-offs, false bookings, false un-bookings, and crap that spews from assholes. Must not have given you that information or he would loan you a buck, because obviously for some reason, unbeknownst to any real MAN, then Mr. Cena, you wouldn’t do this horse shit. Now here is where I stand. MWF, whatever that stands for, and I have several suggestions, are liars, and fraudulent bastards. Now what can I do, I told you the snake was going to bite back. So the night of your show, here’s some suggestions you should look for. Am I going to walk in your door? OR, will I simply pick up the phone, call the local prosecuting attorney, and have you shut down due to your fraudulent act. What do I mean by that? FU, assholes, I’m tired of it. If you were real wrestling people you wouldn’t want to screw your fans just to make a buck. Shame on you all. Hope to see you soon, but if you don’t mind, I’ll just get a visitors pass. Its against the law to sell tickets and un-book those who have never been booked. So, regardless of what I am, and its well documented, and I have no problem telling the truth, which makes us completely different. You lying bastards.

Now fans, would you like to see the email we received once we inquired about this fraudulent act? Now lets remember this, this is the press!! OR, pull, or jerk-off. For all of those that have ever enjoyed a moment of my career and would like to pay homage lets bombard these crooks and press puller jerk with a lovely note. That would truly make my day. And be damned if I’m going to let this slide. Its one thing to change your mind. But obviously the above never had one. All they wanted to do was rape someone else and point a finger because they don’t have enough wood to do it themselves.

p.s. Hey! Make me a liar. Show me any type of agreement or contract ..the only thing we can agree on, is you are all lying, thieving and sad excuses for whoring out a profession I devoted a life to, and all you’ve given is the will to steal money from fans.

Here’s Dan Mirade’s side of this story from his website:


MWF: Dan Mirade’s comments To Jake Roberts Snake Pit Of Lies

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Was his drinked drugged again??

Professional wrestling’s most innocent victim, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is crying “poor me” all over again. Jake’s mark Myspace “staff” put out a report today that the Millennium Wrestling Federation was false advertising Jake. The following was forwarded to me by a friend, written by one of the clueless falling for Jake’s drug induced con game:

“Interesting, as Jake was not contracted or even contacted by anybody from this organization. Jake Roberts is sorry for the misleading statements that obviously were put out by MWF, but takes no responsibility for the problems they have created. He thinks MWF should be responsible for TRULY apologizing to its fan base. They are the ones that lose, truly.”

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. With SOUL SURVIVOR V just days away, it brings back memories of SOUL SURVIVOR III. This event was a fundraiser for the families of local troops in Iraq at the Lynn Armory. They had an interest in having Jake appear, and despite our concerns, we booked Jake in good faith. It turned into a complete and utter disaster.

Christian man Jake did a promotional interview for the event where he talked about torturing a local ring rat (wrestling groupie) named Prissa. In the days leading up to the event, Jake called sounding like a young child hiding under his bed saying “Richard Rios needs to be with me at the event, Judy’s looking for me.” Those two names meant as much to me as they did to you. Judy was another of Jake’s rats that was supposedly on a nation wide manhunt to get Jake high. This big, bad professional wrestler needed Rios to fly up to Boston with him to make sure she wouldn’t succeed. This call came five days before the event and we explained to Jake that we couldn’t afford it. He said to take it out of his pay. A Delta airlines ticket was purchased for Rios. I was expecting to talk to a dangerous Cuban, Razor Ramon sounding guy when I went to set up the trans, but he sounded like he belonged on the Beverly Hillbillies. Nice enough guy, though. I checked in with Richard and Jake the night before the event and all was well in the world of the MWF. . .

The morning of the event, we made our way to Logan Airport to pick the dynamic duo up, and low and behold, no Jake (or Rios). We checked with Delta, and they weren’t checked in on the Atlanta-Boston flight that was already in the air. Richard wouldn’t answer his phone and Jake was long gone by that point. We had to go to the Lynn Armory with no answers or explanation for the fans, other than Jake chose not to get on the plane. As an act of good will, we offered every fan that pre-purchased a ticket a free ticket to the event we had the following weekend in Braintree, MA as an act of good will. Fans that showed up that night had the option of buying a ticket or not.

Rios finally got in touch with us a few weeks later. He said in the wee hours of the morning after we spoke the night before the event, Jake ran off with some whore and never returned. He was disgusted with Jake and washing his hands of him. Even friends in WWE reached out to me, as he no-showed media appearances set up they set up for his new DVD release (a chronicle of his personal “demons”). This zero was nowhere to be found. This “professional” stiffed us on $800 worth of plane tickets, a couple hundred 8X10 photos to be used during the fanfest, a hotel room never used and a lot of disappointment from both the fans and the military group we worked with. Fast forward to 2008. . .

I was extremely happy to learn that WWE reached out to every talent they’ve ever had under contract and offer them an all expenses paid trip to rehab. Jake was one of the first to take WWE up on their offer and by all reports was doing extremely well when he finished the program. A straight and sober Jake Roberts has a lot to offer the wrestling business and especially the younger talents we have on our roster. After some of the guys in TNA said Jake was well behaved when he appeared for them, we decided to bring Jake in. . .

I reached out to his “representation” on his site, explaining the issues stated above. She vaguely said Jake apologized and would appear if we sent along a 50% deposit. That certainly wasn’t going to happen, at least until we were refunded for the money he stiffed us on the first time we brought him in. I got a hold of Jake’s cell phone number and we went back and forth without a middle man. He was going to fly into Boston on his own (I assume using frequent flyer miles) out of Gainesville, FL and we agreed on a financial deal for his appearance where he would wrestle, take part in the Q&A session along with the autograph/photo fanfest. We announced both Jake and Road Dogg appearing on November 15th at our Somerville event on June 21st. It was then blasted on-line the following day. Fast forward to September. . .

Jake’s infamous Cleveland, OH issue took place, where he called black fans in attendance n*****s and disrespected the business he proclaims to love so much by taking out his penis in the middle of the ring. He then went on to try to have a “match” so high and drunk that he again disrespected every fan that paid their hard earned money to see him (not including the scene he made outside the venue). He later claimed his drink was drugged. I guess Jake has been drugged regularly, as he’s been wasted and looked like the trash he is at just about every appearance he’s made since. TMZ.com and the wrestling media had a field day with it. After the videos surfaced, we had a staff meeting and everyone involved decided that we needed to remove Jake from the event. The week of September 28th, I left a voicemail with Jake telling him we were canceling and his “representation” was emailed as well to make sure he got the message. We then were in touch with TNA, where we explained the situation and they were nice enough to us to offer Chris Sabin, and we also added “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Jake’s Myspace mark makes it seem like we just pulled Jake from the event this week. . .we took him off the card and announced his replacements a FULL MONTH before tickets even went on-sale. Keep drinking the kool-aid, pal. . .

The one thing Jake’s internet mark is right about is that we do owe the fans an apology. . .we sincerely apologize for thinking we could trust this junky con-man to be a professional and a human being with any integrity or self respect for himself. I am forwarding this message to Jake’s Myspace page with an open invitation for Jake to appear on any upcoming MWF television program via telephone (or in person) to discuss the situation. President Cena had mentioned he’d like to interview Jake on his program, but I feel having myself chat with “The Snake” would make for a far more interesting show. I would very much like to have a public conversation with this worthless piece of shit. . .

He was drugged. . .OK pal. . .WWE should take whatever royalties Jake has coming to him and pay themselves or the stockholders back for wasting their money sending him to rehab for the upteenth time when there are old timers that could really use a helping hand. Jake has pissed on and robbed dozens of promoters and thousands of fans across the country. How many promoters has Jake tried to hold up for money?? He’s a disgrace to himself and his family. If he wants someone to blame, all he has to do is take a look in the mirror. No one pours the booze down his throat. . .no one forces him to get high. . .he personally chooses to do it, feeding his demon. Again, Jake, you poor, innocent victim you, please let us know when a good time to talk is. . .you have the phone number. We will give you unedited, uninterupted time to tell your “version of the truth” and go from there. . .

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssss. . .

So what do YOU think??

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