NWA Anarchy TV Taping Report for 11-15-08

Bill Behrens


A crowd that numbered right at 200 professional wrestling fans gathered at the Church of Southern Wrestling for the Fright Night 2008 follow up card, which also happened to be an international television taping for NWA Anarchy Wrestling. The event kicked off with NWA

Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer addressing the arena faithful regarding a variety of topics including a special Anarchy show on Novemver 29. He discussed upcoming events, highlighted by

Season’s Beatings 2008 which will take place on December 20th. This was all capped off by the promised “reintroduction” of Melissa Coates. As Jerry had promised, the next time she showed up in the arena we’d hardly recognize her. Melissa dressed in a classy and sophisticated outfit

and for the first time in a long time carried her head with dignity and pride. Jerry Palmer promised Coates the opportunity to show her

wrestling skills 1 on 1 against a female opponent at Season’s Beatings, with no shenanigans. Overall, the fanbase was very responsive to this presumed new direction for Coates.

NWA Anarchy host Greg Hunter opened the card by announcing 7 of the 8 participants named for the Young Lions Contender Tournament. We

were informed that we’d be seeing Adrian Hawkins, Bo Newsome, “Do or Die” Chip Day, “The Obsession” Caleb Conley, “2 Hot for TV” Kyle Matthews, “The Wizard of Ahhhhs” Andrew Alexander & the returning

“Attraction” Hayden Young all locking horns in a single elimination 8 man tournament to determine who will face Slim J for the Young Lions

Championship at Season’s Beatings 08, and that the tournament began tonight with our opening bout:

1) Adrian Hawkins defeated “The Obsession” Caleb Konley via pinfall in around 6 minutes to advance to round 2. Both men came into this bout with much to prove. Adrian Hawkins was still stinging from coming up short against Slim J for the title at Fright Night. Hawkins gave it his all in what ended up being quite a memorable bout, but he just couldn’t put away the only grand slam

winner in NWA Arena history. Now, he’s got to start from scratch and work his way past 7 other competitors who want the same thing he does.

Caleb Konley being one of those men. Konley is a young man who’s quite a skilled grappler, he’s just had a string of unfortunate luck. He’s

been pegged as a potential break out star from his earliest days of being scouted by NWA officials but timing has just not been his ally,

therefore he’s yet to really clinch that key victory that could propel him to the next level and unfortunately this night was no exception.

Hawkins shows more moxy, and with his willingness to cut corners, he’s able to find a way around Konley and advance to round 2.

On the NWA Wrestlevision, we see some exclusive locker-room footage of Kyle Matthews & Bo Newsome discussing their potential match-ups in

the Young Lions tournament when Andrew Alexander steps in to give his two cents on who they’ll all be facing in their round 1 matches. When the topic turns to pondering whom the 8th entry will be, the answer is quickly given as “The Son Of Satan” Azrael and The Rev popped in to

let them know that Azrael had accepted the final spot and that they’d all be led to the slaughter. After screaming in each of the young lions face, The Rev led Azrael away to the darkness. At this time Alan Funk stepped in and started to give some veteran advice to Matthews,

Newsome & Alexander about dealing with the likes of The Rejects when he apparantly short circuited as we saw shades of the “Kwee Wee” and “Funkster” sides of Funks persona. As Funk left, Alexander commented “I hear he has six plates in his head”. The camera pans to the adjacent room where it’s obvious a commotion is occuring between

Jeremy Vain and Rob Adonis. Both men are placing the blame on the other for not obtaining the Anarchy tag team championship from the New

Wave at Fright Night. Vain was in “brown noser” mode, complete with “Property Of Rob Adonis XXL” T Shirt, and accordingly he assures Adoins that everything will be okay and that they’ll take matters into their own hands tonight.

2) “The Seven Figure Deal” Ace Rockwell defeated Mike Mosely via pinfall after the Aces High in around 7:30. Rockwell was riding high coming into this bout after becoming the first man to survive a full 5 minutes against “The Butcher Of

Pyongyang” Kimo at Fright Night. Mike Mosely certainly proved himself to be no slouch as this 6’6 newcomer showed great potential. He has

some devestating power moves and an agility that is quite uncommon of guys with his build. But even with those physical tools, on this eve,

they did not match up to the experience, combined with the heart of Ace Rockwell and one mistake later, Mosely found himself knocked loopy

by the Aces High while Rockwell got the win. No sooner than Rockwell could raise his arm in victory, Jeff G. Bailey was leading the “Korean

Assassin” Kimo down the aisle to attack. After a quick pressure point attack, Rockwell was down in the corner. NWA Anarchy official Wes Grissom warned Bailey to get Kimo under control and attempted to eject both men from ringside and was destroyed for his efforts. Kimo hit the 6 finger punch of death on Grissom and as he was going for the 7th and potentially fatal strike, Rockwell clotheslined Kimo over the top rope and Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer made his entrance to put a stop to this madness as Grissom lay on the mat apparantly vomiting blood. He reminded Bailey that he’d warned him once about putting his hands on officials and that will no longer be tolerated in NWA Anarchy. He stated and I quote “in whatever language it is you communicate in, you

tell him he’s suspended for 30 days”. This of course did not sit well with the attorney and he had some words for Palmer and our censors will be happy to know that the microphone didn’t pick those words up. This prompted Palmer to immediately eject both Kimo & Bailey from

ringside under the warning that Kimo would be fired if Bailey uttered another word. The Anarchy medical staff helped Grissom to the locker-room where he was examined and later taken to Habersham Medical Center for further evaluation.

3) NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship Bout:

Champions: The New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) defeated The Dynamic Duo (“Technical Perfection” Chad Parham & “Kool” Seth Delay)

via DQ when Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis interfered. The Dynamic Duo’s Tag Team Turmoil victory at Fright Night earned them this shot against the reigning champions, who were also victorious over Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis at Fright Night as we’d mentioned earlier. This was a fairly even match up, with the experience

advantage going to the Duo, and of course the champions advantage in the favor of New Wave. The Champions dominated early, but some cheap

shots allowed the Duo to take over on Steven Walters for an extended period and control the majority of the match, but Walters finally

managed to find his corner and fresh partner and Driver cleaned house. Just as The New Wave were about to finish off Chad Parham with a devestating combo move, Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis hit the ring for the DQ and a 4 on 2 beatdown commenced. The New Wave showed in this very

moment just how tough and resourceful they are. Despite the odds they managed to fight back and clear the ring of all 4 of their aggressors.

Somewhere during all this, Steven Walters injured his ribs pretty severely but that didn’t stop him from fighting until the ring was clear.

4) The returning “Attraction” Hayden Young defeated “Do or Die” Chip Day with the Flying Squirell in round 1 of the Young Lions Contender

Tournament in around 8 minutes, advancing to round two. This match featured the unique fast paced action that the we’ve come to expect in the Young Lion’s division. It looked for a moment that

Chip Day had Young’s number in the bout as Day has been active regularly and Young has been out of the ring for several months. Young’s big match experience factor did eventually kick in though, and as the ring rust faded Young proved himself at this particular moment to be the superior athlete and he picked up the win with his signature move, The Flying Squirell.

5) The Technicians (Tyler Smith & Bobby Moore) vs. The Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) never even began as they brawled to a no contest immediately. The Wild Bunch showed on this night that they were fed up with the abuse and bullying of The Technicians. Over the past few months, King

& Buck have been on the shelf nursing injuries they received at the hands of the Technicians as Smith & Moore began their 2008 arm breaking crusade. Saturday night, they hit the ring like a herd of wild broncos and with no mind for the bell or the referees warnings, simply put, kicked The Technicians asses up one side and down the

other all over the NWA Arena. Security and officials finally intervened to pull these two teams off each other and this fans, is

why we love professional wrestling in its most simple form. Two teams who hate each other, settling it in the ring with fisticuffs. May the

best team win, as I have a feeling we’re going to see a whole lot more of this rivalry.

6) NWA Anarchy Young Lions Championship Bout:

Champion “The Real” Slim J successfully retained by defeating JT Talent (with Drew Pendleton III) via pinfall after hitting the Detox Driver in around 11 minutes. We are well aware by now that anytime The Young Lions Champion Slim J is in action we are in for an exciting bout. What we didn’t expect was just how exciting this match up ended up being. JT Talent, for all his

personality flaws and trouble making, really showed what he’s made of against a proven veteran in this contest, and while he didn’t take home the win, the knot on his head that he took instead will serve to him as a reminder in the future just what he may be capable of accomplishing. Pendleton of course liberally interfered but his specialty is fighting in the ring as the regular tag partner of Talent

and not as a manager, and considering Slim J has battled tactical masters on the outside like Bailey & The Rev for years, he was ready

for the tricks Pendleton had up his sleeve. One mistake too many by Talent allowed Slim J to hit the Detox Driver, and successfully retain

his gold.

– NWA Anarchy host Greg Hunter invited “The People’s Champ” Shadow Jackson into the ring for an exclusive interview and announcement. Jackson received the ear splitting ovation that we’ve grown accustomed to. Greg had the pleasure of letting Shadow and the rest of the world know that due to gaining the pinfall over NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg in the Trick or Treat tag team match at Fright Night 2008, Shadow Jackson has been named the #1 contender to the NWA

Anarchy Heavyweight Championship and will face the champion Iceberg at Season’s Beatings 2008 on December 20th, for the title. Greg also informed us, however, that the NWA Championship Committee has made this match a 3 way dance, and before he could get any further, Jeff G. Bailey returned to ringside, this time with the “Universal Soldier”

Phil Shatter, with the claim that Shatter deserves the final spot in the 3 way dance. Mikal Judas then entered interupting Bailey and a

fight broke out between Judas and Shatter. After the situation was brought under control, Hunter then made the announcement that on November 29th in one of our featured main events, two of the biggest and baddest men in the NWA will face off for the final spot in the championship bout at Season’s Beatings as “The Universal Soldier” Phil

Shatter with Jeff G. Bailey takes on “The Priest Of Punishment” Mikal Judas.

7) The Devil’s Rejects (NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion: Iceberg, “The Son Of Satan” Azrael & “The Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers) with The

Reverend defeated “Merciless” Don Matthews & Culture Shock (Lane Norris & “Outlaw” Ben Woods) via pinfall in around 10 minutes when

Iceberg pinned Matthews with a belly to belly suplex. This was certainly the biggest in ring test to date for the team of Culture Shock as they locked horns with the self proclaimed “Lords Of Chaos”, one of the most dominating factions in Anarchy history. All things considered, they didn’t do half bad. Both men went toe to toe

with various Rejects members during the bout and they put up quite a fight. Don Matthews knows what its like to face the The Rejects as he’s gone toe to toe with Iceberg once in the past. The Rejects zeroed in on the smallest man in the match, but by no means a small man in Lane Norris and isolated him. The Rejects had set up an illegal assault with the Staff Of Righteousness as The Rev got referee Ken Wallace’s attention and Iceberg tossed Tempers the staff. Again, Shaun

Tempers refused to break the rules, thinking about it for a moment, but ultimately dropping the staff and going to a clean attack, much to

the rest of the Rejects dismay. This hesitation, while perhaps courageous, cost Tempers dearly as Norris had time to recover and make the tag and Don Matthews came in guns blazing, hitting the lariat on anything in sight. When the ring cleared it came down to Matthews & Iceberg. Matthews hit the BFK on the champion and was winding up for the lariat when “The Allstar” Jay Clinton came to ringside. He only got Don’s attention for a few split seconds, but that was enough for the Anarchy Heavyweight Champion to pounce, as Iceberg hit the belly to belly for the 1, 2, 3.

– We thought the event had come to a close when The Reverend grabbed the mic and called Shaun Tempers back into the ring, and stated that

he needed a word with him. The Rev proceeded to verbally abuse Tempers over what happened at Fright Night, stating that they had a plan and

it was very simple and somewhere along the way, Tempers stopped following the plan and it cost him. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, he refused to follow the plan tonight and had it not been for Iceberg, they’d have been defeated by a team that had no business defeating them. He accused Tempers of believing his own hype, stating that he

plucked him from tag team obscurity and made him a superstar, and that’s how he repays him? The Rev then slapped the taste out of Tempers mouth, and told him to get in line and they could forget all about this embarassment. Tempers thought about it for a moment, and KNOCKED THE REVEREND OUT COLD! This of course meant an immediate

attack by his now former associates Iceberg and Azrael on Tempers and The Rejects beat their former “brother” to a pulp. After hitting two

ground zero splashes and signalling for a potentially career threatening 3rd, the most unlikely of saviors hit the ring in the form

of the Television Champion, and Tempers arch rival Truitt Fields.Fields tossed Azrael, hit the Killing Fields on Iceberg and immediately tended to Shaun Tempers well being as the Anarchy medical

staff came to his attention. In a shocking moment, the event came to a close with Fields helping a beaten and both mentally and physically

broken Shaun Tempers to his feet.

Notes: NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on November 29th with a special holiday charity event. That event will be headlined by the

colossal encounter between “The Priest Of Punishment” Mikal Judas and “The Universal Solider” Phil Shatter with Jeff G. Bailey with the

winner joining Shadow Jackson and NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg in a 3 way dance for the Anarchy title at Season’s Beatings 08

on December 20th. That event will also feature a special Mega Rumble in which the fans in attendance will draw the order of the entrys, and

I’m told there may even be a few special suprise guests in said Mega Rumble. One would half to also think that we’ll be seeing the remainder of Round 1 in the Young Lions Contender tournament as well.

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