First Batch of Reader Feedback to Survivor Series

Nick Paglino

Yet again, John Cena returns and the world is gift wrapped and on a silver platter for him. Chris Jericho as world champion is the best thing going in WWE right now, and weaseling out of SS as champion would have built some sympathy for Cena, heat for Jericho and hopefully buys for the next PPV. Instead, we all get another heaping spoonfull of John Cena as champion aggressively shoved down our throats and we’re told it should taste good. Too bad crap will always taste like crap.


My name is Brandon Chrisman and I was surprised by Survivor Series last night, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was.

1. First off, Team Michaels vs. Team JBL was an excellent way to start the show. I was a bit disappointed Cryme Tyme and MVP didn’t get to show much, but overall the match flowed well and was booked to near perfection. 4 out of 5 stars.

2. Team Smackdown vs. Team Raw. Boy, this one definately pointed out the weak links. Again, then seem to eliminate the better competitors first! Once it got down to the last couple of divas it was pretty good. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

3. Big Show vs. Undertaker Casket Match. To me, this was a bit of a let down. I expected this high intensity brawl. It was a brawl, it just seemed to drag a bit in places and was slow for the most part. Brilliant last 5 minutes though. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

4. Team Batista vs. Team Orton. WOW! They let the young guys dominate this match and show their stuff and damnit they did it well. Rhodes and Shelton impressed me so much with their performances and the people backstage better take note. I mean hell, the people went nuts for Orton’s win, and I know I’m with them! This is my match of the night! 5 out of 5 stars.

5. WWE Championship Match. I liked this match. People may say it was a bore, but I think it was a hell of a mat match and its good to switch things up a bit. The ending was absolutely phenomenal and it made this match amazing(er). 4.5 out of 5 stars.

6. World Heavyweight Championship Match. We all knew what would happen. As soon as Chris won it back I knew he would lose it to Cena. Surprisingly good match in my opinion. I think Y2J is, if not the best thing in WWE, an extremely close #2. He is a legend who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I have the utmost respect for that man. 4 out of 5 stars.

Overall, I think this lived up to the moniker of the #2 PPV of the year. I think WWE PPVs have been excellent this year and it’ll be hard to beat this one. Total of 4 out of 5 stars!


i’ll be honest, the two traditional Survivor Series matches were pretty good. nothing special, but not bad at all. the second one, with Batista dominating only to be pinned by Orton was the better of the two in my opinion. I hardly watched the Divas match, because I had absolutely no interest in it, though I like them giving the win to Beth Phoenix. The casket match could have been a LOT better, and as soon as they brought out the second casket, I think everyone knew how that one was going to end. I am seriously tired of the Show/Taker feud, and hopefully this ends it. HHH/Kozlov had its dull moments, but all in all not a bad match. I heard a few “boring” chants in the audience, but I think it was a pretty decent match. Bringing back Edge at the end to win the title was the highlight of this show, especially seeing Jeff come out to erase the rumors of a drug overdose/firing was nice. And, I LOVE the fact that HHH is no longer the champ. I, as well as most of the audience, were tired of seeing him with the strap. I would really like to see him turn heel again. Then, we had the crapburger of the night. Now, I am NOT a John Cena hater. Sure, he’s a “crowd splitter” but I give respect where respect is due. However, after being gone for four months, AND LOSING his last big match (against Batista at Summerslam) he did not, in any way, deserve a title shot. He should have had to face someone else (like JBL or HBK) to GET the title shot, and then maybe win. The match was sloppy, and I was nearly falling asleep the entire time. When Cena won, I immediately turned the channel and watched “The Colbert Christmas Special” I had taped on DVR. Overall, not a HORRIBLE ppv, but not a really good one, either. Edge coming back and getting the title, in my opinion, further solidifies him as the top heel in the company, and I am excited to watch Smackdown this week. I’ll only be watching Raw because there is nothing else on.


Whats up long time wrestlezone reader.. my thoughts on survivor series.

I thought it was ok.. the triple h match, i felt the crowd was wrong,, in chanting the way they did. i didnt find it boring, i guess since none of the 2 (koslov and h) dont do flashy moves it was boring to them. Edge making his return last night and winning was a shock but a very welcome come back,, i love edge probably my fav. performer of this era. The diva match was point less, lol and the commentators did the ecw commentators dirty, they didnt let them get shit in, thats why it was only fitting to have show and taker destroy their table. They shoulda kept the belt around jericho,, i guess this sets up orton and cena.. Overall i give survivor series a 3.5 outta 5


Woah… the only good thing I liked about this ppv was Edge becoming the new champion. And thank god there’ll be some new kind of freshness on otherwise boring Smackdown.Yeah making Cena win the title in his first match after a injury layoff. And they want to make Cena a top babyface.Wowww this is the most idiotic peice of booking I’v ever seen.Shawn’s team vs. JBL’s team was an average match at most. I really expected a lot out of that. And Team Batista vs.Team Orton was below average.And don’t even get me started on divas match.Come on, where are those kind of matches we had during Austin-Bischoff era.All in all, I’m feeling pretty sad for Chris Jericho. Because he was really doing great with that title.Anyways, Monday nights can go to hell.Edge, please save Smackdown.


My Survivor Series review.

First, we get our announcement of Hardy’s ‘injury’. this is just stupid, and made the whole WWE title match later completely predictable. I knew what was gonna happen as soon as I heard that.

Elimination match 1: Team HBK vs. Team JBL: OK, they need to work on Khali being put over as a face. He got maybe 1/4 of the building to cheer him during his entrance. A couple of things about this match. One, I think Rey has gotten more exciting seince coming to RAW. He comes up with moves and reversals that Ive never seen in my 16+ years of watching wrestling. Which is a good thing, because I can litrally sit on my couch and call a match exactly what is going to happen about 3 seconds before they do it. Second, Morrison looks like a young HBK. There were points during the match when I could barley tell them apart if you just look at ability. If Vince is smart, he’d have hbk and Morrison tie up one on one soon. Also, it was good to hear an ECW inspired ‘You can’t wrestle’ chant at JBL. I complety agree.

This match was good, but a little random with who eliminated who. I dont think a single person eliminated someone they are fuedng with. I’d give this match 7.1/10

On to the Diva match. First off, where the hell did Maryse learn how to entertain without using her body? It was only 3 weeks ago she couldn’t even pull off a DDT, but she did pretty good tonight. Bravo. Also, McCool and James had the best tie up in the whole match. Those two really know how to wrestle. And, candice needs to pick a damn finishing move. She eliminated two people with a Northrn Lights Suplex and a spear. Now, I generally dont like finishing moves, cuz it makes the match more predictable, but at least use the one you have. Finally, I understand the attempt to make Beth look unstoppable by being the only one left, but she only eliminated one person.

OK match, but a little slow, especially when Matia got in the ring. God, she sucks. 5.8/10

Casket Match time. First off, let me just say it is becoming unfortunaly obvious that Taker’s body has taken it’s toll. No out of ring dives, no high risk, just a lot of strikes. Chokeslam off the top rope was cool, but didnt get anywhere near the crowd reaction they wanted.

Ending was cool, but whole match was kinda slow. Nothing else to say about this one. 6.5/10

Last Elimination match was good. Regal should NOT have been taken out in 8 seconds. Made him look like crap. Good to see Orton using the DDT off the ropes. Its been awhile seince that move was used. It was very obvious that when Batista was in he was gonna clear out the other team. RKO’s new arm tattoos look awesome.

Great match. I wish Kofi and Shelton could have gone at it a little more. And R-Truth and RKO would have been good. 8.4/10

WWE title match: Could wwe managment dissapoint anymore? It was good to see mat wrestling again, but the ‘boring’ chants covered the whole match. And that wasn’t because of Hunter of Kozlov. IT WAS BECAUSE WE WANT JEFF TO WIN!!! The build up for Jeff started at LAST years Survivor Series when HHH and Jeff were the only survivors. IT’S BEEN A DAMN YEAR! building up Jeff and having him lose EVERY TIME isn’t getting him anymore fans. It’s losing WWE fans. It’s just stupid. If Jeff dosen’t have the title in 2 months, then Vince is a dumbass. Now the Edge thing was cool, even though I knew it was gonna happen. Good to see him back, cus hes probably my favoriot current wrestler. Edge is champ now. Now im gonna put this in caps so maybe Vince will understand. JEFF VS. EDGE WOULD BE AMAZING. DO IT!!!!

Boring match. we wanted Jeff, and WWE screwed us again. 3.7/10

Last match, and the one Ive been looking forward to the least. Cena and Jericho. Y2J is a great heel, and can get litrally everyone to hate him. Problem is, as good of a heel as jericho is, It cant overcome Cena’s horrible wrestling. I guess he hasnt learned any new moves in the 6 months hes been gone. Now it looks like we’re gonna have to edure another year of Cena overcoming the odds with the same 8 moves.


Overall a boring PPV, with some good matches in between.

Rating for the PPV: 7.1/10


– I was really happy with Cena’s return & victory and hopefully we will get to see a Cena/Orton/Batista triple threat title match in the near future!

– I was really pushing for a Hardy title run so I thought it SUCKED when Vicky came out screaming “hes here, hes here” and it turned out to be Edge. Hopefully the reason they gave Edge the belt again is to have Hardy eventually beat him and set up a Hardy/HHH title match for Wrestlemania.

– I thought all of the tradional Survivor Series matches were exciting and agreed with Taz when he said he wished these types of matches took place more then once a year. I thought having Orton & Rhodes being the only survivors from their match was brilliant and it should be interesting to see what happens next with these 2.

– The divas match was given more time then I would have ever guessed, which to me is a good thing as I love the divas and usually they are given minimum ring time. I liked how Maria was accidently the cause of Michelle’s elimination and I hope they turn McCool heel soon. The one thing I didn’t like was Victoria’s quick elimination as it is just another example of how bad WWE is mis-using her. Plus it would’ve been a great match up to see her lock up against the Glamazon.


My name is santo from ny I was at survivor series last night and it was fairly a young crowd, the dark match was Kung fu naki vs the brian kendrik kind of a good match. Everyone was really into the team jbl and team hbk match, crowd was hysterical laughing when hbk was mocking the dance

Moves of cryme time. Jbl had alot of heat the whole night with hearing you can’t wrestle by the fairly young crowd. With diva match very suprisingly no one really left arena, in being a new yorker and going to MSG about 30% of crowd would have left but I guess in Boston they like there divas. Before setting up casket match they closed lights as dark as possible and 2 caskets were takin backstage you obviously knew when big show broke casket another one was coming out. Orton got a huge pop when he rko’d Batista. Chants of boring were echoing actually threw Fenway park It was so bad. But the crowd went nuts or the last 5 minutes. Last match it was so obvious that cena was going to win so there were hardly any Jericho fans. There were so many cena sucks chants before event I thought it would have been a mixed crowd but then again there were a ton of young kids there to root for cena. All and all it was a pretty good event I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. Good crowd at times. Nothing like a

Ny crowd though. Top 5 biggest pop 1. Jeff hardy 2 john cena 3. Batista 4. Taker 5. Edge top 5 heat 1. Jbl 2. Kozlov 3. The miz 4. Jericho 5. Mark henry. Move of the night bret harts niece putting on a sharp shooter!!!


I drove 4 hours from New York to Boston to attend Survivor Series because i knew it had the potential to be a top ppv of 2008 and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

We will start off with the first match Team JBL vs. Team HBK. This match was a great way to kick off the ppv. HBK’s ability to be comical yet deliver cut of the throat wrestling is phenomenal. The match had a lot of action and the Great Khali somehow has fit into his new role as a face. Out of 5 stars I would give this match 3.5 stars.

The next match was the divas elimination match. This match was slow however there was some good technical wrestling at times. Santino Marella is great and should have got on the mic. They all look great but its good to know that some of them can actually wrestle. Out of 5 stars i give this match 3 stars.

The third match of the evening was Undertaker vs Big Show in a casket match. This match had it all. In ring action as well as outside battle really kept the fans on their feet. Undertaker got a huge pop as expected. Big show knocking down the casket and the druids bringing out a new one was classic. Unusual ending for a casket match saw Taker irish whip Big Show into a standing casket for the win however it was a great finish. This match gets 4 stars.

The fourth match saw Orton team get the victory over Batistas team in an elimination style match. This was a good match overall with Orton getting the RKO on Batista for the win however I do have one problem. Matt Hardy had just been interviewed saying he hardly got any sleep last night because he was in the hospital with Jeff however he comes to the ring full of energy. Whats up with that? Out of 5 stars I give this match 3.5 stars.

The fifth match was HHH vs. Vladamir Koslov for the WWE Title. The fans throughout the arena chanted boring throughout the match until of course Vickie Guerrero made her way to the entrance ramp. Edge came out and the fans exploded. Hardy came out after and a brawl ensued. Edge got the win with a pin on HHH after Hardy gave Hunter a chair shot. I give this match 2 stars however the ending gets 5 stars. Edge deserves the title and he deservedly won it last night.

The last match saw the return of John Cena. There were a lot of cheers when he entered however there were some boos. Jericho is a great heel however his wrestling ability was no match for cena’s return. The match was solid however I feel it could have been better. The ending saw Cena hug his father who was in attendance and celebrate with the fans. I give this match 4 stars.

Survivor series in my opinion was the best ppv other than Wrestlemania. Even better than Royal Rumble which I attended as well. Overall I give Survivor Series 2008 4 out of 5 stars.


hey yo wrestlezone. my name is eric and i went to survivor series last night. assuming every1 watched the ppv, here is my “report”.

the hbk jbl match was good, khali got a surprisingly good pop, not great, but good. hbk and rey biggest pops of the match, with jbl getting some “you cant wrestle” and “you have man boobs” chants, he got biggest heat.

divas match was alright, kelly kelly pointed to my sign i made for her, yes to me. i think maryse was confused a little bit in there? she kept runnin in runnin out..whatever..beth and santino got a good pop at the end of the match. people love santino, i think he got biggest pop for this match.

casket match..ehh, i went to the bathroom to sneak a cig. by the time i came back undertaker was still comin down to the ring. ok match i guess, the legdrop on the table was probably the high point. the casket on the ramp was cool because we’ve never seen an ending like that. so yea good stuff.

ok last 5 on 5 elimination match. match was alright, i was into it i guess. my friend predicted cody and orton would be the last 2. the crowd loved when orton was stalking batista for the RKO. his sleeves are sick by the way.

now the wwe championship. wow oh wow..the nicest way to say it…bad. vladimir got NO reaction. lots of boring chants. i dont know what is goin on with HHH, hes my favorite wrestler and the match was just brutal. vickie came out, and when she said he was here..i knew it was edge. huuge pop. i dont know who got a bigger pop, because when hardy came out the crowd went nuts! edge got a big pop when he won, best part of the match was the last 2 minutes.

world championship. who thought john cena wasnt gonna win? any1? thought so. im glad he got a good pop in his hometown. i personally was goin nuts, he deserved to win the title in boston with the crowd behind him. good match, kept me entertained unlike another championship match did. cena celebrated post and i was off to stalk some wrestlers.

they all go to kowloon, which is a bomb chinese resturaunt and there were people everywhere. i guess the secret is out about that place. talent who were there include: jeff hardy, mickie james, candice michelle, tommy dreamer, randy orton, brian kendrick, chavo, bam neely, mike knox, jesse, festus, maria, mark henry, eve, victoria, r-truth, rey mysterio, mike chioda, umaga, charlie haas, carlito, & matt stiker. john cena sr. was also there. ALSOOOOO, gail kim was there. so thats a sign right? shes realllly hot in person, really nice 2. all of them were pretty cool actually, r-truth came out and said he was gonna drop some1 off and come back and sign every1s autograph. no1 believed him so i yelled “yo hes R-truth, and R-truth dont lie”. point is he came back and it was cool of him.

all around great show, its always better live. i had a great time and i cant wait til they come back. and thats alll man. thanks wrestlezone!!


What’s the use? I got suckered in and now…I give up. I’ve been a wrestler now for eight years. Sadly enough I was conned into believing that I could’ve been remotely excited about a WWE PPV. And I was let down yet again. Last night was a night that REALLY made me miss the 80’s to mid-90s.

I’m not even going to post a thought about the women’s Survivor Series match because…honestly? What was the point? I’m all for equality and if women can get in there and take the same bumps and bruises the guys do, more power to them for it. The majority of the match involved true talent, like Natalya, Victoria, Mickie James….I was just disappointed that Beth Phoenix didn’t clear the ring like Hurricane Ike did down here in South Texas over the summer.

Team HBK vs Team JBL. This is the reason I love the traditional Survivor Series matches. It wasn’t exactly The Bad Guys vs. The Teamsters from 1994, but it still had its quality. Plus to see John Morrisson finally get his Chin Music payback from Monday night was great.

Team Orton vs. Team Batista…It’s Evolution coming full circle. Good match throughout, but the SportsCenter highlight came on Randy Orton’s hot tag on Cody Rhodes during the Batista Bomb that eliminated The Animal and got the win. Orton may hear voices in his head but they’re doing him a lot of good right now…It’s only a matter of time before The Age of Orton goes gold again.

The Casket Match between The Undertaker and Big Show. What’s comical about this was the fact that The Undertaker went through these matches with the likes of Kamala, Big Daddy V (or Mabel, or Viscera, depending on what week it is) and of course the late Yokozuna. Those wooden caskets held up fine…but you put Big Show in there with a metal one…and it almost splintered…how does that happen? Not too shocked to see The Undertaker come away with the win.

OH yea….the title matches…CONFUSION ALERT…..CONFUSION ALERT….

Okay so John Cena winning the World Heavyweight Title…in Boston…at home…in his return match…what a shock…I’ll get to that in a moment. But for a split second, I’ve got a comparison for Jeff Hardy. Chasing after the gold has been comparable to Charlie Brown trying to kick the football with Lucy holding it. Everytime he gets close and everybody thinks he has an honest shot at finally getting the WWE title, the company yanks the ball away from him just like Lucy would do, and he winds up flat on his ass. Somebody tell me I’m wrong. When I heard that Edge was at the airport on Saturday, I started to see the football get yanked away yet again. I’m a huge fan of Edge, and it’s good to see some gold around his waist again, but at what expense? The embarassment of Jeff Hardy? How much longer before he finally has enough, says, “screw the ball”…and just kicks Lucy?! Good Grief….

Oh John Cena…oh boy, here we go. Has anybody else noticed that John Cena has turned into the modern day Hulk Hogan? Think about it…In the 80’s Hulk appealed to little kids, he was a virtual merchandise goldmine, and when it came to ticket sales…as Jim Ross once put it, you knew the only empy part of the arena was going to be the 18 inches between the seats. Yet he hardly wrestled. He didn’t have to. He went to the ring with about three or four moves, got beat down, hulked up, and five minutes later was back in the showers. Fast forward about 20 years later…we have John Cena. He appeals to little kids…..he is a virtual merchandise goldmine…and when it came to ticket sales…there was an ass every 18 inches. Yet he doesn’t have to wrestle. He can, it’s a proven fact from his OVW days, but he doesn’t have to, based on name value alone. But it wasn’t so much the predictable finish with the big championship win in his backyard on his first match back since back before WrestleMania….it was the disgrace of seeing his new shirt where he reformed the AWA logo and shield into his own shirt. I’ve wrestled for AWA promotions…I wasn’t really thrilled to see that. The WWE has shoved Cena down our throats to the point that I’m sick of seeing him already, and he’s only been back one night! Things have gotten so predictable lately that it’s almost sad…where’s the old days at? Damn I miss them!

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