Second Batch of Reader Feedback to Survivor Series

Nick Paglino

My Name is Shanti and here is My Review for Survivor Series:

World Heavyweight Championship:

Chris Jericho(c) Vs. “The Returning” John Cena

This match was very solid. I felt it could of been better but it wasn’t bad. I expected Cena to win and he did.


WWE Championship:

Triple H(c) Vs. Vladamir Kozlow Vs. Jeff Hardy

Okay when the match first started off between Triple H and Vladimir. I didn’t think it was that bad at all. I think the only reason why it seemed bad was because Jeff wasn’t in the match and the crowd really didn’t seem to care about Kozlov so I’m willing to give these two the benefit of the doubt. Now when Vickie came out and brung out Edge followed by Jeff Hardy running in all hell broke loose and the crowd was interested. And because of that I’m going to give this match the highest rating of the night. Edge coming back and winning was big (and pretty unexpected). I’m REALLY looking forward to this fued he is going to be having with Jeff Hardy.


Casket Match:

Undertaker vs. Big Show

This was the worst match of the night IMO. I just couldn’t get into it. everything seemed rush and the ending was kind of rubbish. Their LMS match at C.S. was so much better


Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Batista vs. Team Orton – I liked this better than the other match. Very well pace and a nice ending also. Looks like Cody can hang with the Big boys


Traditional Survivor Series Match:

Team HBK Vs. Team JBL

HBK, Shad, JTG, The Great Khali, Rey Myterio Vs. JBL, Morrison, Miz, Kane, MVP

– Nice little opener here. Glad to see that MVP finally beat someone after seeing his horrendous losing streat recently.


Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Raw Divas vs. Smackdown Divas

Beth,Mickie,Kelly,Jillian,Candice Vs. Michelle,Maria,Natalya,Victoria,Maryese. –

Alot more time given and better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was pretty interesting to see Maryse doing as much as she did here. Maybe she could be the next Diva’s Champ?


Overall 6.5/10


I thought the show was pretty good. Edge winning wasn’t a suprise…that’s how he wins titles. My problem with that is are we supposed to forget his feud with the undertaker? are we supposed to forget he was “sent to hell:? I hate when WWE does stuff like that. I don’t mind him as champion…but they always seem to insult the fans’ intelligence.

I miss the days when the classic 5 on 5 matches meant something. I miss the days of the build up etc.. I may be the only one, but i am starting to like john morrison. i don’t like the gimmick…but i think he’ll be around for a long, long time and will only get better.

i’m interested to see where the orton/rhodes thing goes…

john cena. was anyone surprised? i think too many people think he can’t wrestle. i remember when he first started and he was more of a wrestler rather than a “fighter”. i think he’s fine and i really wish he would turn heel. cena-batista 2 at wrestlemania. i hope they do it right this time!

the diva match. I actually don’t mind watching the divas wrestle. Sometimes it’s sloppy…but they’re all getting better and their matches, imo, are starting to mean more than when the men wrestle. HBK-JBL for instance…we all love HBK..but no one could give a damn about a HBK-JBL feud. there is really no history, or any type of story there at all. the divas, between santino getting involved, the whole jealousy thing that goes on between the women, the titles…they seem to care about the titles. but that’s just my opinion.


1st the Raw side…Once again we have Cena as champ. Awesome! I was really hoping tonight I would get to hear him say ‘The Champ is Here’. There’s no way having a champ like Orton, Jericho or Punk is better. By the way, sarcasm rocks!! At least all the teenage girls and 10 year old boys are happy.

2nd the Smackdown side…Why not make have the Moscow Mauler win the title, dominate until Wrestlemania (kind of like an anti-Goldberg) n have Hardy FINALLY grab the brass ring knocking him off and pleasing what WRESTLING fans they have left? Im cool with Edge, but its been done a thousand times.

WWE, there’s the ball over there…thanks for dropping once again


Before watching Survivor Series I was considering watching Smackdown more regularly…after Survivor Series my mind is made up – I PROBABLY WILL NEVER WATCH THAT LAME SHOW. Man, I pay my $40.00 for the PPV to see Jeff Hardy. Because he would make the HHH & Russian guy match interesting. Not only do they ruin that match, they bring back to single dumbest jackasses in WWE history, making a PPV main event a complete joke. What a f*cking rip-off!

Another thing!! the Survivor Series needs to stick to its original concept! The 5 man tag-team elimination matches! There was only 3!?! That sucks!!!


Although the biggest surprise of the night was Edge’s return and theft of the WWE Championship…prior to his and Jeff Hardy’s arrival to the match it was, as the crowd chanted, boring. Vladamir Kozlov should not be in the main event or title hunt anytime soon after that…and is one of the main reasons I haven’t watched SmackDown! in a long time…

John Cena V. Chris Jericho was another stellar performance by both…Cena sure played the ring rust and recovering injury card well, and Jericho let it be known he was intent on exploiting that injury, if not trying to reinjure Cena (although I’m surprised part of the buildup for this match didn’t include Jericho wanting to take Cena out because it was Cena who caused Y2J to be fired by Bischoff back in 2005 after SummerSlam (which I was there live to see Jericho get canned))

Big Show V. Undertaker…kinda dragged on like a typical big man vs. big man match…but was ok at the end…but what was with that wall of fire that stopped Big Show’s escape…seems like more of a Kane trick than Undertaker…won’t be one of the memorable casket matches and surely won’t be on any Best of Undertaker or Best of Big Show DVDs

Team Orton V. Team Batista – best of the 3 elimination matches…but like the other survivor style matches, it seemed to be put together too quickly by the booking staff to really get a story behind it (since the match was announced that week on…why couldn’t Orton & Batista have storyline time on RAW, SmackDown!, and ECW to choose who would be on their teams?) I really hope they keep Orton V. Batista going strong…seems like this could be a great feud for WrestleMania 25

RAW V. SmackDown Divas match – boring…why is WWE so intent on making a solid women’s wrestler like Victoria look like a joke every time she’s in the ring?! Why was Maryse the final competitor for Team SmackDown? They seem to like showing Michelle McCool’s Diva’s Championship as a joke compared to the Women’s Championship on RAW…

Team HBK V. Team JBL – ok, nothing to keep in the record books as a stellar elimination match…HBK V. JBL is a feud that needs to disappear or pick up fast…but seems like a mismatch in my opinion…but could work if it is picked up…

Ultimately, Survivor Series 08 seems like it will disappear in the history books among the other great events this PPV has had in the past…unless this is a sign of things to come…WWE better get it’s act together if it wants to have more buys in this time of economic woe…


Personally, I feel that Survivor Series was a standard PPV that was saved by two big moments. The big moments of Edge and Cena winning their respective world championships were great, but looking at the rest of the card, it wasn’t all that good. A lousy WWE Title match, a pointless Diva’s match and some weird eliminations made for an average show. Had Edge not made his shocking return or Cena win the title, the PPV would’ve been classed as below average.


I personally think that last night’s ppv was a solid show, there was some good moments, like the return of Edge. I personally don’t like Cena, but I have to say that he looked in really good shape yesterday. What I don’t like about WWE’s thinking is that John Cena hurts his neck and is out for some weeks and then returns and directly gets the title, while people like JBL, Batista, HBK, Orton, etc. work their butt of every night with out getting the title. I really hope that they turn Cena heel, or im quiting RAW, I really can’t take one more year of babyface John ”Superman” Cena winning every match he is in. On the smackdown side I feel bad for Jeff Hardy not getting the title, that man really worked hard to deserve it. But I’m happy Edge did another controversial return on Survivor Series. And I feel that this will build up to a Hardy/Edge storyline. I give this PPV 7/9


Now on the the show…..this has been the first pay per view in a while that i actually really enjoyed. The only two downfalls to this show was the divas match wasnt really that exciting to me and i thought the casket match was the worse. Other than that it was any awesome show to me. I enjoyed the survivor series tag matches because every single wrestler in both of the matches (team hbk vs team jbl & team orton vs team batista) were all wrestlers that i enjoy watchin….except jbl! Haha sooo i was able to see more people involved in matches which was on on good thing…especially seein orton. I fell asleep last weekend during raw and missed the rko so this was the first one i seen since he was back and it was electrifying haha. Then the triple threat match was interestin…i read about the “beatdown” of jeff hardy but i had a hunch that it was jus a work for something later on. But the fact that edge was thrown into the match was jus as good

to me as hardy winnin the belt. It was a good suprise for me and i hope that the hardy edge fued can be something good….possibly have the same excitment as the hardys vs edge and christian fued….it be nice if they had a TLC match.

Finally the return of cena. I dont care if people that like him as a wrestler, cuz even though i do , you gotta respect the guy. A return for any sports figure is something special and you could tell whenever you realized cena was cryin one the ramp. And on top of that y2j and cena put on a good match. One thing i hate people down cena about is his “bullsh*t strength” but the thing is you can fake that. The guy is a monster hands down and thats why i do actually like the guy. I was happy he won the belt and cuz i hate jericho haha.

Overall this pay per view was legit and i enjoyed watchin it. Im hopin that they can have more like these because the past couple to me have been let downs but now that orton and cena are back im sure they will be better hahaha.


I am a long time WWE/F fan i think. That survivor series had a few ups and downs. I love edge coming back and winning Edge has become one of my favorites i think he’s the only heel in the wwe with credibility right now and i like the direction he is taking the company. Triple h is getting older he needs to stop trying to be funny and kickass i miss the mcmahon/ hemsley hunter. As for john cena winning. That makes the wwe what is is for the last few years trash. John cena as much as a hard worker he is doesn’t deserve the title . What made the wwe fun was our good guys(the rock/austin) always chased the title and got screwed over when they won or something. We got behind them. Cena is being forced down our throats. If they want a winning machine turn heel. Big show and undertaker is getting stale i hope the feud ends. Taker needs to get back in the title picture. Not just winning titles at every wrestlmania.

Honestly WWE is getting lame there really are no on going storylines except the jericho micheals and jeff’s current. WWE needs a few more stables and needs to step it up im starting to not watch . I don’t want to but there forcing me with the crap they put on. It’s a shame that even there steel cage main events suck on raw because there is no story behind it. they have the talent the writing is just terrible. Maybe with edge back this will change things and maybe christian. Not to sound like im running off but i am but wrestling as corny as it sounds is a male soap opera . I love the action the amazing and innovating moves which is as important but with no story it doesnt cut it. I tought survivor series was a 5.0.

talent that needs push = MVP,SHELTON BENJAMIN, DEBIASE JR, CM PUNK.


Last nights Survivors Series was big but not Big Show big. Being my first ppv event in person was awesome and the pyro was intense, The matches were non stop action even though you could guess some of the out comes especially when Edge came out, it was no surprise that he was gonna take the title. Watching Candice hurt herself getting in the ring was sad maybe she should stick to porn. The most biggest pops of the night were HBK, Batista, Rey, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Jon Cena. The Heat went to Vicky, Edge, Koslov and Jericho. All in all it was a good night, and hopefully Triple H or someone else has the title by the Dec 9th when I head to Smackdown/Ecw in Bridge Port Conn.


i believe survivor series to be a disappointment this year. the traditional elimination matches were good but both championship matches were horrible, boring, and seem to miss that magic the triple h match was extremely boring and jeff hardy keeps getting the shaft in title matches and for them to take him out of a triple threat match is very stupid. the cena/jerhico match was very easy to tell who was going to win cause cena is wwe’s pretty boy and wwe needs to get there creative team checked out cause there making to predictable tv/ppv and not good tv


WHAT A LET DOWN. Im just writing to give feedback on what has to be the worst ppv in wwe history. a lot of people on the live stream chat room say they are done with wwe. you can guarantee a ratings jump in tna. and a lot of empty seats at raw.


Through a strong year of WWE PPV shows… this one left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Rather than go through the matches one by one, I’d rather point out some of my main gripes with it. And of course, I’ll start with Jeff Hardy. Why would WWE give Jeff this 3rd mega push, just to pull him from the match? Im a fan of Hardy, but if WWE did not want him in the match, then in my opinion, he should not have made an appearance at all. I was happy to see Edge, and the set match of Kozlov vs The Game really needed something to save it because it was a bore fest, but ending it this way? In my opinion, creative should have had the sense to name Edge as the replacement as the match started, and not this usual ‘ultimate opportunist’ crap which is starting to make Edge look like he couldn’t possibly win a one on one (or triple threat) title match.

John Cena vs Chris Jericho was predictable and average. I can’t stand when people get title shots after being out with injuries, and then win the damn thing. Jericho had an amazing run against the likes of Michaels and Punk… and he is damn entertaining on the mic. Obviously the Cena debate still goes on to this day, and WWE wants to keep it that way. I didn’t enjoy the match.

Undertaker vs Big Show, like the above, was average. There’s only so many times we can see that boring ‘Taker entrance. I can’t see why people still cheer for him. He is growing stale.

The best match, in my opinion, was Team Orton vs Team Batista in the Traditional Survivor Series match. Orton, Ron Killings, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk were especially entertaining. The build up to the RKO was superbly timed, and it was good to see the crowd pop after it. Randy Orton really is a great superstar and, if done correctly, could have a great feud once again with Batista. Although…. its Batista.

HBK should not open PPVS!! And Khali… I don’t know how he has a job. The match of Team HBK vs Team JBL was also average. There’s not alot I can say about it…

All in all… a disappointment. Lets hope Armageddon is an improvement.


Hey guys……My fiance and I ordered Survivor Series last night and I’m sorry I wasted the $40. Not that I should have been surprised. Basically all I watch it for is Jeff Hardy, and as soon as I read the “reports” yesterday about the alleged incident I knew he wasn’t going to be in the title match. My fiance was kinda interested in the casket match and such so we ordered it anyway. I honestly don’t think I saw a decent match last night, we actually got bored and started flipping the stations. The Casket Match looked like a poor attempted fist fight between two old men fighting over the newspaper, limply throwing punches that didn’t connect and walking around dazed…on the part of both participants. The divas matches are always pointless and I was even bored at the Survivor Series matches. I knew Hardy would probably show up at some point but yet again no title shot. I am hoping that it plays out like this…Edge was the one who “took out” Hardy so he could get in the match, Edge says no title shot, Jeff gets into the Rumble and wins to go on to Wrestlemania to defeat Edge for the title..I’m sure that’s a pipe dream on my part but I guess we are all allowed to dream right? The way WWE has been lately I wouldn’t be surprised if Kung Fu Naki gets the belt before Jeff does…Thanks guys…


Personally, I gave the event a four out of five star rating. I deducted half a star for blatant racism, and a half a star for Cena getting the world title.

As far as action, I feel the show was a success. But it’s not hard to miss all the black superstars being eliminated first in every traditional Survivor Series match-up. I enjoyed seeing Orton’s team get the win in their match after HBK’s team got the win earlier as to even the face/heel win ratio. I was pleasantly surprised to see not only Edge, but Jeff Hardy appear in the WWE title match. And for Edge to win it, well that was the icing on the cake. But then again, I’m an Edge-head. At least the appearance by Edge and Jeff took away from the monotony of Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov, or am I the only one who heard the “Boring!” chants in the crowd? But alas, all good things have to come to an end, and that end came the second Cena won the World Heavyweight Title. It just goes to show you that WWE promotes ticket sellers and not actual talent. Nevermind the fact the Cena has been out with injury and has done nothing to gain a title shot to begin with, but to rob a man of limitless talent potential like Jericho in favor or a six-move talentless hack like John Cena, is disappointing in my opinion. But all in all, I feel Survivor Series was a success and a step up from previous months pay per views.


Team HBK Vs Team JBL

This match was way better then everyone though it would be it show that you do not have to be a stuntman in order to put on a good match TNA could learn a lot from wacthing these match about slowing things down.

Team Raw vs Team smackdown

You know their a reason why WWE has some of the best WOMAN wrestler in the world and this is why these was way better then any diva match TNA has ever given us way to go Beth Phoenix, Mickie James you two are true woman wrestlers.

The Undertaker vs Big show

WOW Undertaker becoming a lot like bret hart refusing to put the better wrestler over what a shame Big show should win the Rumble and face Cena at WM25

Team RKO Vs Team Batista

It was Ok it Other then CM Punk Shelton Benjamin, William Regal, R-truth where the only reason I watch these match here for R-truth for US champ at WM25 and his music and rapping is WAY better then Cena


My boy Edge won the WWE title way to go Edge

What other choice did WWE have beside keeping the title on HHH the fans were going to piss and cry like little girls if Vladimir Kozlov won and Jeff hardy is going to screw up in may like he did last year watch my word and the fans HATE long title reigns that why the 2nd world title is a Joke because of the fans so the brought in Edge who had one of his most Horrible years since matt hardy brought their personal life on TV he been basically Jobbing to the Undertaker for the last two years Here to edge taken the Title back Home to Raw

John cena vs Y2J

I sure Hope Cena change that title it does not look like a world title ( Considering it never was) I mean why is everyone so piss he won the title it has no Value no presides Its not like it mean anything if you win it like winning the WWE title does So Cena Good Job on winning a pointless Title now please Change it its looks worse then the TNA world title

I give this PPV an A because it did everything right It shocked us and it made History by having both Edge and Cena win the titles in their returns and their nothing wrong with that


I thought Survivor Series was a great show with solid wrestling. Team HBK vs Team JBL was as expected. Nothing spectacular came out of this but it was a good contest. The Raw Women vs The Smackdown Divas was actually a very good bout. I enjoyed it because it got to showcase a little of everyone with some interesting matchups. Team Orton vs Team Batista was very good. Orton is looking great in the ring and I anticipate his rise back to the main event. Again they foreshadow possible teaming up with Cody Rhodes in the future. It was a great finish with Orton blind tagging Cody to catch Batista off gaurd with an RKO. Undertaker vs Big Show in the casket match was south of par IMO. They brawled for most of the match and had a good spot on the announcer table. Big Show destroying the first casket was very interesting. The Druids brought out the second casket and Big Show and Taker fought on the stage. I thought the ending was very poor. Undertaker wins by irish whipping Show into the casket. Also, Taker promised to bring Show down to Hell and instead he did nothing. Triple H vs Kozlof was a decent showdown but the crowd was beyond dead. It is obvious they wanted to see Jeff Hardy. The finish to this contest was brilliant with the return of Edge. John Cena vs Jericho was a great contest. The crowd was hot. Expected ending with Cena winning clean with the FU. Overall I’d say the ppv was above mediocre. I think this ppv did wonders with Storylines but on the wrestling side it was rather poor.

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