Second Batch of Feedback To Monday Night Raw

Nick Paglino

Wow, what can I say? Another laborious, uneventful snorefest. The ending segment between Cena and Jericho was one of the worst I have ever seen in my 17 plus years as a wrestling fan. The fact that they continue to put Cena over, dominantly over, athletes who are a million times more talented than he is is pretty sad to watch. I understand he’s over with kids…but who else cares? Also…is it just me or was Michael Cole a WAY better announcer when he was on SmackDown? He doesn’t even sound like he’s watching the show..

And ohhh boy. Next week…Cena vs. Kane! I wonder what’s going to happen there. Is cena going to beat Kane senseless and into submission? Or is there going to be a Jericho run in? Or maybe they can close the show with a Goldust promo. At this point I’d probably rather watch that.


Ok i can live with a Cena/Jericho feud it was well done and has promise i know have some hope for Cena being champion again.

Can we stop teasing the Orton/Cody Rhodes/Manu/Dibiase angle already ? I feel like this angle has gone on for 3 years already , feud them , align them, whatever just do something already please…

Man how pissed Vince must have been over that Melina screw up, Lawler may not have his ear drums left !!!!!!!

Nice to see we care about the WWE intercontinetnal tittle again, seems like a decent little tourney (who the hell let Miz in though?) Although it seems like they already gave away the potential winner in Regal’s man crush for CM Punk (way to take the suspense out of that one!!!!!) Maybe next we can actually have the tag tittles defended more than once a month, If youre not going to let Punk and Kingston defend them how about giving the rub to Miz and Morrison or Cryme Time ? You know like a tag team that always wrestles as a tag team….

If Kane keeps losing like this he will have the same credibility as Snitsky does. Boy we sure needed Steph to come out and say that he has a match with Cena next week, (i guess the guidelines to face the champ is to lose every week)

Trips was sure in good spirits after losing the belt, I wonder if he was in the same mood backstage ???????

And finally as we draw out another future 2 month angle , what the hell was JBL talking about with Shawn Micheals what deal ? JBL cant possibly be a face can he ? Nah i predict he is offering Shawn money to retire and then of course shawn will say no and be sucked into a 2 month feud with this bum. Shawn needs to go smackdown and be DX with trips already, this type of war is beneath him.

Its the same predictable Raw week in, week out, Vince cant possibly be watching these shows going WOW THIS IS GREAT, THANK GOD I HIRED FREDDY PRINZE JR, can he ? I mean is there not one new original idea or concept out there he can shake up the business ? Oh well i go watch pg13W tomorrow with a bunch of 6 year olds and pray Tommy Dreamer can somehow makes us remember what this sad promotion used to be . one word to sum up raw . BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought it was okay. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it an.. 8.

The beginning definitely shocked me with Stephanie slapping Shane but it was expected that their ego’s would collide at some point or another. This opens up dozens of possibilities including a RAW civil war which, would bring a fresh feel to the brand.

The matches there after were okay, nothing great but they were okay. The return of Melina was definitely a sight for sore eyes, she didn’t even show any real rung rust! So, good on her for that.

But without a doubt, the two highlights of the night were the funny DX Christmas sale and the Cena / Chris Jericho confrontation. I see a feud for the ages building here as these two charismatic athletes are doing a great job to build a storyline that yours truly would like see go all the way to Wrestlemania if possible.

All in all, RAW was a very good follow up considering it was coming off one of the top PPV’s of the year– Survivor Series.


Always glad to see Shane O’Mac(‘s dance). Stephanie still

looks like she’s carrying some weight from baby number two.

What’s going on with this segment? Stephanie and Shane

battling it out for Raw? Kind of confusing. Shane’s line

about Steph sleeping with another wrestler was was just

awesome. I hope Orton wins the triple threat tonight, but I

know Jericho will.

Pretty good match between Rey/HBK and Miz/Morrison. I like

how all of these guys work together. Good to see Rey/HBK win

after losing last week. Maybe they’ll keep these 4 working

together, they put on a good show. Why are we wasting time

on JBL still? I was annoyed that he was a distraction in the

match. Nice to see Morrison act like a real heel after the

match. I changed my mind. This “offer” by JBL to HBK

piques my interest.

20 minutes in: a segment, and one match with two commercial

breaks cutting into the action.

The segment with Kennedy was pointless. He’s still not

coming back in a while, no one cares about the movie he’s

going to be in, and the novelty of the historic election has

quieted a bit.

Boring promo by Batista.

Kane verses Kofi Kingston was a decent match, a little

sloppy at times. Kane looks a little out of shape. I didn’t

really mind the DQ finish. It will be interesting to see

what kind of match Kane and Cena put on next week.

The triple threat match was pretty good. Jericho and Orton

cant help but outshine Batista. The outcome was predictable.

You can’t really argue with the push Jericho is getting as a

heel. He’s at the top of his game in the ring and on the

stick. I’ll be at Armageddon next month when Jericho wins

the title back from Cena.

It was funny to see Santino work with someone that is a

bigger cartoon than he is.

Next match was all right, nothing special. Are we really

supposed to believe that Snitsky has a legitimate shot to

win this? It was funny to see him do everything he could to

block the GTS after Punk broke his nose with the move the

last time they faced off. Funny commentary during this one

with Regal, Lawler, and Cole. Good to see Punk hasn’t lost

any steam. He still gets a big pop and he’s a good wrestler.

I hope they give him another push soon.

The past two weeks Mike Knox has beat up Kofi, injured Evan

Bourne, and now he’s trying to intimidate Rey? We know he’s

a bully.

The DX segment was pretty fun, even though they were just

hocking crap from Kelly Kelly was also really

funny, but let’s be honest, she could just stand there and

look amazing if she had to. She is a beautiful woman.

6 woman divas match. Wow is Jillian’s voice annoying. That

girl with the Beth Phoenix sign has gotta be a developmental

diva or something, they made it a point to show her pretty

close up for a couple seconds and she didnt jump around like

a normal fan would. Lawler botches Melina’s return. She

comes out looking good, man I missed that split into the

ring. Actually a decent divas match. Milena’s sunset flip

variation was pretty cool. About as good as a divas match is

going to get.

Jericho’s material is starting to get a bit repetitive, but

he does a great job coming off and 100% heel. Cena’s

entrance was cool, and his promo was really good too. Great

back and forth between the two, Jericho digging away at

Cena, begging him to react, and Cena stepping outside of

himself and brutalizing Jericho. They should turn him heel

after he loses the title.

Overall, this was a pretty solid Raw. It moved along well,

there was a pretty good balance of wrestling and promos, and

most of the matches came off well. I’d give this Raw a

solid 7 1/2 out of 10

Some stray thoughts:

-The tag titles are pointless. Have Punk and Kofi even

defended them since their win?

-How many speech classes do you think Manu will have to take

before they let him talk again?

-Did Pat Patterson even know what was going on out there?

-We need more Kelly Kelly on Raw.

-Morrison needs a serious push.

-Thank God Orton and Cena are back.


Tonight’s RAW was an okay show, and I will comment on some of the fine and not so fine points of tonight’s show.

-First off, I am so sick of John Cena. He is currently being shoved down the throat’s of fans to a greater extent than Michelle McCool was, and I’m fed up with it, to be honest. To win the title on his return match is really a slap in the face to the remaining RAW talent.

-Melina’s return was spoiled by her titantron video, which played accidentally while Candice was entering the ring, which amused me. Also, what is Katie Lea’s purpose on RAW? They really need to do something more focused on the Women’s division. The title hasn’t been decently defended in two months and something needs to be done. Also, why don’t they get more time on TV? Seriously, Snitsky vs. CM Punk got more time.

-The title tournament for the Intercontinental Championship is absolutely ridiculous. Who cares, honestly? The match outcomes are totally predictable. Tonight, I knew we’d be seeing Kofi vs. Punk in the future and what a shocker â<80>” the two tag champions. C’mon WWE, get real.

-I don’t like the idea of Shawn Michaels and JBL doing anything together. In my opinion, they both need to retire.

-I do like what’s going on with Stephanie McMahon and her return to the show. I think she may be the positive change that RAW may need. Also, the slap delivered to Shane was classic McMahon stuff.

-The Slammy awardsâ<80>¦? Enough said.

-Why can’t each show have they’re own rosters and not be on other shows? ECW stars should stay on ECW, RAW stars on RAW, and SmackDown stars on SmackDown. This causes the less used talent to be even more undermined and it’s uncalled for.

-Goldust is back again. And now, I don’t care.

-Perhaps it’s only me, but what exactly is Kane’s role on RAW coming to? They really need to re-work his character and do something with him.

Overall, tonight’s show was okay. Predictable matches and outcomes cause me to like it less. I would rate it 6/10.


Well, I went into tonight expecting that Raw would be an incredible show coming off of a great Survivor Series. I figured we would open with another familiar Cena promo. That was not to be. Instead we got a McMahon in a Ferrari, and a storyline that is being done again for the 126,000th time. Gee, do we know where this Shane and Stephanie thing is going. Of course we do. This is just another incarnation of the same old storyline.

Tonight also seemed to be the night of returns of “superstars” that the crowd seemed to really not care about. It was great to see Melina back because she is one of a handful of Diva’s who can actually wrestle. Seeing Goldust these days is pathetic. He is fat and out of shape, and his Black Reign character in TNA made the Goldust character seem like a joke. We all know he will end up being a jobber and then be released again, so why should we care about his return. Lastly, in the return department was Kennedy. How, can a guy who seemed to be a main-eventer fall so far down. Kennedy has lost a lot of his game, and at this point seems to be a filler for time on a show that really seems to have no direction.

Tonight’s good points: First off, I am excited to see where they are going with JBL kicking Morrison. Is it possible to turn JBL face or HBK heel. I don’t know for sure, but as long as they don’t screw it up, I am willing to give either option a chance to be good. The triple threat between Orton, Batista, and Y2J was good, but I think we can all predict that come Armageddon, it will no longer be Cena vs. Y2J in a singles match.

How in the hell does Kane fit into the picture all of a sudden to face Cena next week. At this point I am convinced that Raw was written at about 8:30 tonight. It had no real direction and really lacked anything in the way of excitement that made me want to continue to tune in. Honestly, I stayed with it because I am a Cena fan. I have been a fan of the WWF/WWE since WMIV. As a long time fan I can appreciate Cena’s dedication to his craft. Love the guy or hate him, you can’t deny his intensity.

That leads me to my last point about tonight. We all knew the Jericho beatdown was bound to happen, but seemingly Cena is now going to become the voice of the people. Can you say ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY!!! If anyone can genuinely pull this off, Cena is probably the one guy in the company who can.

Lastly, Jericho is not my favorite wrestler by any stretch of the imagination. However, I met Chris in a mall in Tampa a few years back while I was shopping, and he was a genuinely nice guy. It makes me appreciate how well he pulls off this a**hole heel he portrays.

Raw as a whole was not a very good show at all in my opinion. Tonights show lacked a lot, and left a lot to be desired. I really hope that soon they will start to listen to what the fans want and start giving us something new and different. I am tired of the predictable Raw shows. I truly believe I could have written a better show tonight. It was simply unorganized and boring.

All I ask is that we get back some of the unpredictability we saw a few months ago when Raw had no GM and they were going with the “inmates running the asylum” route. Unpredictability breeds excitement.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, WWE, I beg you to bring back the fun.


Jericho just made that segment amazing. The “look at me when I am talking to you boy” line was perfect and drew a lot of heat. Cena’s come back promos are always good. I’m just sick of him.

I guess we can already declare the winner of the IC tourni to be CM Punk the way Regal was talking. Expect him and Kofi to drop the tag titles, maybe to Miz and Morrison as a reward for all the jobbing they’ve done lately.

I was happy to see Melina but mad that they ruined her return. No complaints though as she went over. I personally can’t wait for the day Jillian surprises everyone by revealing she can sing well(hopefully sooner).

Golddust lost relevance a while ago. I expect another 3-6month stint and then a release.

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