First Batch of Reader Feedback To Monday Night Raw

Nick Paglino

HORRIBLE. Thats my review of Raw.

Cena/Jericho: Did we really need to see Cena come out and Kiss the fans behinds for 10 or 15 minutes, only to have him sucker-punch Jericho and then proceed to destroy Jericho. Did we really need that? God I am so sick of Vince trying to shove Cena down our throats. I liked the old Cena, who rapped and didn’t kiss the fans behinds, and whom I didn’t feel was being forced upon me and the millions watching WWE.

The Divas: Wow. Another match under 3 Minutes. What a display of Talent (I’m being Sarcastic if you can tell). Now, I will say there are some Very Talented Divas. But we would never know, b/c they only get 2 or 3 minute matches. And I still cant believe we are being forced to listen to Jillian Hall sing. WTF?

Mike Knoz: Is he the New Kane or the New Snitksy? Guys who destroy undercard wrestlers for a few months, only to make them look all big and bad, when they face an Main-Event Wrestler.

SORRY. I forgot I cant say Wrestler. I meant Entertainer. Lets not even talk about how stupid that is.

DX: Still trying to get some milk out of this old cow. Let it go Vince. Move on. Create a new group. but let DX go.

Jericho/Batista/Orton: the only shining light on Raw. Decent match and Jericho won. I know he wont win at Armageddon, but at least he is in the Main Event once again. Where he should be.

Stephanie/Shane: That came out of NOWHERE. Way to shove a storyline down our throats. It was totally out of left field. Makes no sense.

SORRY. I cant go on anymore. If I am going to devote this much time to crap, it might as well be my own.


I’M sick of seeing cena’s smiling face, it’s getting repetitive, like when i was a kid and hulk hogan ran himself in the ground and people went to the arena and bought the ppv’s just to see him lose to yokozuna or whoever would beat him, but this Cena thing is getting out of hand, the guy might have charisma, but this is wrestling, no matter how much they want to call it entertainment. Kofi Kingston is in the same boat with me, they shove this guy down our throat, but at least he has some wrestling ability, but no matter what, when kofi,cena,batista, and most diva’s perform i dvr right through it, and we don’t get mytv where i live so Raw is it, and i used to love to watch Raw and completely dvr through smackdown just to see what happened on the show, but it looks like smackdown is the place to be if your a WWE “ENTERTAINER”, WWE MAKES ME SICK, GOD HELP US AND PRAY THAT THE MOST UNDERRATED PERFORMER “SAVES US” JERICHO!!


First off I would like to say I actually really liked Raw tonight. And I actually really got into it. Sometimes when I watch Raw I sit there bored and it feels like a long 2 hour show and I flip back and forth, but not tonight. Now im going to rate each match or segment on a scale of 1to 5. 5 being best and 1 being worst.

Segment 1 Opening

This was interesting first seeing Shane rushing in to the building not sure what that was suppose to accomplish but it was different. Then the promo he and Stephanie did was good. Im glad the McMahons are back in the picture, but at the same time not being shoved down our throats. I’m interested to see where this is going between those two. Anyhing involving the McMahons is great and this should be no difference. I give this segment a 4 out of 5 stars.

Match 1 John Morrison & Miz v.s. Rey Mysterio & Shawn Michaels

Solid match as you would expect out of these 4 nothing really special as far as in ring stuff goes. Afterwards when John Morrison attacks Shawn makes me wonder are they hinting at a Shawn vs Morrsion feud down the road somewhere? I was very shocked when JBL kicked Morrison b/c I thought it was just going to be like any other doubleteam beatdown that we’ve seen time and time again, but they threw a swerve at us. Then when Grisham interviewed JBL and he said he made some sort of deal with Shawn made me wonder what that could be. I give this match and everything else a 4.5 stars.

Segment 2 Kennedy returns

Great to see Kennedy back (like the new goatee). I still say if he can stay injury free long enough he could become World or WWE Champ easy. He has so much charisma and reminds me of The Rock so much. And is also a great worker. As far as this segment goes pointless. They could have waited and made Mr. Kennedy’s return really special and make it impactful. This was just so pointless and would have been even more pointless had anyone else done it, but Kennedy had the charisma to make it a non channel flipping segment. I give the segmen 1.5 stars just for Mr Kennedy

We are then told that 2 weeks from now there will be another 3 hour special. Wow there having alot of those these days I like it I just hope they dont start doing it to often because then it wont be special.

Match 2 Quarterfinal in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament Kofi Kingson v.s. Kane

Honestly I cant really analyze the in ring work b/c I was doing something else and could only hear commentary and I did see the ending. Nice to see Pat Patterson out at ringside looks like they are back to making the IC Championship legit again. Thank God it’s about time I just hope they don’t go back the other way in a month or two when the hype for the IC DVD wears down.

As far as the finish nothing special Kofi gets the win by DQ. Why is Kane put in a match against Cena for no reason? I’m a fan of Kane and wish they would keep him in the title picture more than they do. I give this match a 2 stars

Match 3 Triple Threat match for the #1 contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton v.s. Batista v.s. Chris Jericho.

Was shocked at first when I seen this was the first hour main event, but see why now. This was one of those matches where you werent sure who would win which always makes for a great match. In ring action was pretty good. Finish was ok with Jericho taking advantage of a spear on Orton by Batista. Jericho wins and goes to Armageddon to face Cena. Im glad they had a great match at Survivor Series. They had me on my seat. I give this match a 4

Match 4 Santino Marella v.s. Goldust

Ok usually I think Santino is funny, but tonight maybe it was me but he was annoying. Im surprised this guy has stayes midcard this long I thought he would be a jobber like Hacksaw or Snitsky by now but he’s a jobber in the since of he loses and gets beat up every week but he still gets over. I dont get it. Anyway Goldust makes his in ring return for his 4,000,000 run in a major company. Dustin Rhodes has jumped companies so much its crazy. Im waiting to get all the Rhodes family in the WWE at one time so we can have an 8 man tag with the Rhodes’s (Dusty, Dustin, Cody, & Trevor). Anyway quick squash match with no meaning except to make Santino look like a bigger joke than he already is. I give this match 1 star.

Match 5 Quarterfinal in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament CM Punk v.s. Snitsky

First off glad to see they are using Regal better and having him as IC Champ is a great way to make the IC title legit again. I like when he was doing commentary where he said something about he told Stephanie to make the tournament b/c he wants someone who is good competition by going throught a tournament to earn their shot. I hope he dont lose the championship this soon. As far as the match goes I dont see why they put Snitksy in this match at least give Punk someone who is worthy of being IC Champ. He had hardly no trouble beating Snitsky whom at one time was suppose to be a monster. I also didnt like how Punk picked Snitsky over his head for the GTS. Snitsky is a big guy Punk should have gave out a scream when liftting him or waited a few seconds before pinning him. Didnt like the match at all. I give this match a 1.5 stars

Next we see Grisham interviewing Rey about his match next week w/ Miz in the IC title tournament. When Mike Knox walks up and stares down Rey. I dont get where theyre going with this whole Mike Knox bully storyline but they better hurry up and get there b/c its getting boring fast. He couldnt get over on ECW he sure aint going to get over on Raw.

Next we see DX promoting WWEShop for the Holidays. This was hilarious loved this little skit I guess you would call it. Nice to see Kelly Kelly too best smile in the business.

Match 6 Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea, and Jillian v.s. Mickie James, Candice Michelle, & the returning Melina

Would have been a great surprise seeing Melina back if they monkees in the back hadn’t messed up and showed her entrance vid during the beginning of Candice’s entrance. As far as the match goes typical women’s match. Sorry but I think the women’s division has seen its better years in WWE. They just dont have enough girls who can work a good match. They really only have 4 that can wrestle (Mickie, Melina, Beth, & whenever she debuts Gail Kim) the rest are eye candy. Melina picks up the win for her team. I give this match 3 stars.

Segment 2 Cena/Jericho confrontation

Ok I have been like most hardcore wrestling fans and hated Cena through and throught, but since Sunday he has started to grow on me. One reason is because I watched a preview of the Ric Flair shoot and the respect he has for him means alot to me b/c if you can get Flair’s respect you can get mine b/c I respect Flair so much for what’s he’s done in this business. Great promo from both Jericho and Cena. Jericho is the first heel in a while that I really want to see get the crap beat out of him and thats what a good heal should be able to do. Great heat between these two should lead to a great match at Armageddon. I give this match a 5 star.

FYI They made a big deal about how this was the first Survior Series where two major titles changed hands. Wrong get your info straight WWE its your product you should know what happens. The first time this happend was 2002 when Big Show def Brock Lesnar to become WWE Champion and Shawn Michaels won the Elimination Chamber to become World Heavyweight Champ which had been held by HHH prior.


okay okay first i gotta say goldust, melina,pat peterson, who else am i forgetting yeah cena, it was the night of returns this raw got 10 stars very good and stephanie slapping shane goes down as a classic raw moment, didnt u know regal giving props to cm punk, i smell a fued their, what is mike knox problem? anyways i loved santino muscle saying funny stuff, gold dust looking better than black reign and seeing chris jericho get beat up priceless all i gotta say is john cena now Heel? plus dont u think kelly kelly should join DX?!?!


I thought Raw was one of the best in awhile. Even though we’ve seen the struggle for power angle before, I do believe that Stephanie and Shane can make it worth our while. The Triple Threat match was great as well. Orton is doing so many things right, that I do believe that it will be only a short time before he gets the gold back. And yes, I do realize that Super Cena has the belt right now. The IC title tournament and the Women’s match was great as well. That Cena/Jericho promo to end the show was GOLD. Most people will sit here and criticize the WWE for putting the title back on Cena. I will tell them great job. Even though he is shoved down our throats, Cena sells. And in an age where the economy isn’t well, you must use your chips and play them right. Cena is the right move right now. The promo that these two was interesting, the beat down was really interesting, and in all honesty, with the hatred that Cena showed this week, and the hatred that we will get from Jericho next week, I would not be surprised if they throw these two in the Hell in a Cell. I think you do need a gimmick match for Armageddon though.


Hey Nick I don’t know if you know me or not or have heard of me and believe me I don’t wanna be “That guy” lol but my name is Joey Kovar and I was on the latest season of MTV’s Real World Season 20 Hollywood. Anyways I am a HUGE Pro Wrestling fan, I have been watching it since I was 5 years old and also have pretty much seen every NWA, WCCW,AWA,ECW,USWA,WCW and WWF/E Big event and Television event that I could. Anyways I just caught that you wanted people to VOICE there opinion on Monday Night Raw and I will admit after watching it since the get go in Jan of 1993 and being through the Monday Night Wars…n.W.o./Attitude Era there merge of WCW/ECW and WWF/E…..I have really thought the product stale as of late, but tonights Monday Night RAW was off the chain my friend! Great solid matches a lot of COMEDY that was actually funny lol. The best part of it all to me was GOLDUST return he made an awesome return and between him,Santino and King and Micheal Cole it was a very good comedy relief for once I was laughing my ass off!!!

And also the Tournment for the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship…..It’s about damn time that they brought back the integrity and the importance of the I.C. BELT!!! From the way William Regal came down all bad ass with the Championship belt looking better than ever and the Tournment that featured great former Intercontinental Champions it really made me see that there hosting the importance of the I.C. belt once again!!! Even though we all know it’s fixed in the end, It always meant a lot to me when ALL the Titles meant something!

Also Jerico and Cena feud was solid and I love John Morrison he shouldn’t be wasted in a tag team with my Real World brethren THE MIZ!!! Morrison has the look,body,charisma and the wrestling ability to make it to the top I.M.O.!!

Well those are my thoughts bud, thanks for letting us write I’m a long time reader and fan!


I find it funny that so many people write and blog about Cena and his same old eight moves. Sure it is great to come up with some new gimmicks every now and then. But why do it if you dont have to. I mean many of the “Big name” wrestlers of all time have made a living off of same old moves. The biggest one of all Hulk Hogan, his moves are so well known that whenever he reappears, fans already know the sequence of moves he will do and shout them out before he does them. So please all you Cena haters, keep hating but dont knock “The Champ” for doing what so many other greats have done in the past. Get a gimmick and moves that work and ride them all the way to bank, championships and decades of entertainment.


My thoughts on todays edition of Monday Night RAW brought back memories of Stephanie McMahon’s massive ego like his father and i enjoyed everything. The beginning was like Monday Night Wars with Shane and Stephanie arguing and i love how Stephanie is a evil driven boss it just brings entertainment and an Attitude Era into the taste. A new Champ which is John Cena is a whole new era with Batista, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton involved is incredibly new storylines and entertaining but Cena doesn’t care about Era’s just the WWE fans which is alright to say and also it’s good to do good o’ Goldust back on RAW scaring the scrap out of peeps and also Meline came back she looks prettier then before and i’ll tell you about it but i have no time so anyways the overall of RAW tonight to me would be a 9 out of 10 ( just because Orton lost just like that Jericho’s movements has been lame these days )

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