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Trishelle was welcomed aboard the program, and “The Red Hot Redneck” wished to thank The Mayhem Crew for their paying such close attention to detail, as they played some Cajun music for her MNM show intro. Despite not being able to go home for Thanksgiving this year, she felt close to home, thanks to “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

The Big Mosh and Blade asked Trishelle about her recent elimination from CCW, after the “hardcore” element was introduced into the show. Trishelle wanted to defend herself, saying that she is “a hardcore chick,” and that she normally has no problems dishing or taking out any punishment. However, after taking a steel chair for the first time (by “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs), she felt intimidated by that. This indeed “got to her,” as the wind was knocked of her, and unfortunately, that one incident got into her head. Trishelle went on record with The Mayhem saying that she was disappointed of being eliminated, and that without a doubt, she “is tougher than Dustin Diamond.” She felt pretty embarrassed that she did not do as well as she could have with her hardcore match.

After the elimination of Tiffany, Erin Murphy, and Nikki Ziering, Trishelle has the honor of being the “last woman standing.” Mosh asked if there was any intimidation on her end being the only girl left in the competition and if that contributed to any downfall of her state of mind. Trishelle said that she prided herself in learning all of the moves and keeping up with the rest of the cast as much as she could. But she feels that might have not necessarily been the case with a few of her fellow castmates, including Dennis Rodman (who she described as just “hitting people”). Based on this, she does not feel that her being eliminated from the show was fair.

One of her goals to prove to the CCW fans was that she was not in this for the wrong reasons, as she classifies herself as a fan of wrestling for many years. She credits this being one of the many reasons that she was introduced to the initial concept/idea of “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.” “Most girls play with Barbies…I loved wrestling. I’m from the South. I played with a lot of boys growing up…We watched wrestling.” Two of her idols and heroes growing up were Hulk Hogan and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. She looked up to Miss Elizabeth growing up (during her teaming w/”The Macho Man” Randy Savage). Trishelle was glad the opportunity was presented to her to be a part of CCW, simply because of following the business as long as she has since she was a girl.

As fans of CCW know, Trishelle was transformed into her character and persona of “The Red Hot Redneck.” Going into the show, she knew that she wanted to be an extension of herself: a hardcore, Southern girl. She also wished to give credit where credit was due to the co-executive producer of CCW, Jason Hervey (who she called “brilliant”), who took her ideas and molded them into “The Red Hot Redneck.”

During “The Mistress Of Mayhem” Erin Murphy’s appearance on The Mayhem, she told both Mosh and Blade that she began watching tapes and DVD’s of both Trish Stratus and Lita while preparing for CCW. The question was posed to Trishelle who she tried to emulate her style after. She said that she loved Chyna and what she did during her career. She also did have the pleasure of meeting Stacy Keibler during one of her Maxim Magazine autograph signings, and loved the fact that someone with a similar build to her was able to have a successful run with in the business.

The “armchair quarterbacks” and critics of CCW have been out there over the past few months, calling the celebrities involved “washed-up” and “C-list.” Mosh asked Trishelle for her takes on the “haters” of the show and to those who feel that way. Trishelle said that, living in Los Angeles, she knows a lot about reality television and television in general. She continued on by asking those critics if they would say the same thing to P. Diddy or 50 Cent, both of whom have new reality shows. “If you call Hulk Hogan washed-up, then you have something wrong with yourself.” She laid out a challenge to anyone who thinks they can do what she or any of the CCW contestant did to step inside the squared circle themselves. “It’s not easy at all.”

The hottest news of the past week has been the WWE’s reported “heat” with the CCW brass, the reported cease and desist letter sent by the WWE to Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment for the use of the name, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, in the show, as well as “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobbs reportedly receiving a phone call from WWE management instructing them not go near any WWE talent. The Mayhem’s Mosh and Blade asked for her thoughts, as she voiced her frustration on this “hot” subject matter: “Personally, I think Eric Bischoff is the biggest @sshole I have ever met in my life. Eric is a huge d*ck. But, I think he is a brilliant d*ck. And I think that McMahon is just jealous about the fact that he did not think of the show before…He should not cry that Eric had a good idea for a show, and that he got Hulk and everyone involved. He needs to just shut his mouth. It’s not a big deal.” She does love the drama of the wrestling business. “Drama sells and keeps people watching…We welcome it.”

Switching gears and coming off the heels of the recent success that Trishelle’s former “Real World” colleague, The Miz, had achieved, Mosh asked Trishelle if she would describe The Miz or her former colleague on VH-1’s “Surreal Life,” Vanilla Ice. Her reply was quick, going “absolutely” in favor of The Miz. “You never know what you will get.” She is not surprised on the worldwide success that he has received in his WWE career. “The Miz was a wrestler who just so happened to be on The Real World. He was never a Real World person who became a wrestler. He was always that persona. He was always himself. He just evolved as The Miz.”

In closing, Trishelle said that the possibilities of a CCW tour “would not be out of the question for her, as she has some unresolved issues with the cast. “It would better to resolve those in the ring.” This, in addition to continued discussions with MTV for some new reality programming and working with for some online poker projects, has kept her schedule very busy to this point, with more of “The Red Hot Redneck” to come in 2009.

More is contained in this 30+ “Sweeps Month” interview w/Trishelle, including her uncensored comments on if she would have taken a WWE Diva contract offer, if she would be against a reunion of her and The Miz in World Wrestling Entertainment, which of the CCW cast members she became the closest with, her love of wrestling magazines, why she feels MTV is “played out now,” memories of working with William Hung, how she will be spending her Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and if she was pleased with the release of Guns ‘N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy.” The release of the much-anticipated album is now over, and are Trishelle’s thoughts on it the same as Blade’s? The only way to find out is by feeling The Mayhem!

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