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–Press Release for 11/28/08

Tommy Fierro opens Who’s Slamming Who this week talking about the upcoming Who’s Slamming Who LIVE show taking place on Saturday, December 6th in Freehold, NJ at the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility, located at 323 A Fairfield Road. Tommy then talks about the upcoming Season’s Beatings broadcast scheduled for December 22nd and how it’s going to be the biggest and most entertaining wrestling radio broadcast of all times. He also talks about a bunch of wrestling websites that helps promote Who’s Slamming Who on a weekly basis.

Tommy takes a look at Survivor Series and everything that took place on the PPV. He talks about John Cena and Edge winning the titles. He also takes a look at the Jeff Hardy situation and what WWE needs to do to make right by it. Tommy talks about Jeff Hardy winning the Royal Rumble and going on to finally capturing the title at WrestleMania 25. He also talks about how John Cena is Vince McMahon’s new Hulk Hogan. Tommy talks about the Diva’s match and questions why Mayrse was booked so strong in that match. He also talks about Triple H vs. Vladmir Kozlov and how it was the worst Triple H match on PPV in years. Tommy says the fans don’t buy Kozlov as a top guy and WWE found out the hard way on PPV. He also talks about all the other matches as well.

TNA Knockout Roxxi joins Who’s Slamming Who this week to promote her upcoming Diva vs. Knockout match against former WWE Diva Cherry on December 6th at 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility in Freehold, NJ. She talks about how she broke into the wrestling business and being trained at Killer Kowalski’s school. She talks about working in Mexico early in her career for CMLL. Roxxi talks about how she got into TNA and her thoughts of her first gimmick, The Voo Doo Queen. Tommy asks her if she could take three divas from WWE and add them to the Knockout division, who would they be. Tommy also asks Roxxi her thoughts about Gail Kim leaving the company. She also discusses getting her head shaved bald on PPV. All of this and much more.

Highlander Rory joins Who’s Slamming Who this week to talk all about his career in the wrestling business. He starts off talking about how he first broke into the wrestling business. He talks about all the different independent groups he was working for at the time. He talks about how they would do dark matches for WWE for a few years and how Johnny Ace told them they would never get hired. Rory talks about how he and Robbie recreated themselves to get noticed by the company. Rory talks about his time in OVW and whether or not that helped mold him into a better performer. Tommy asks Rory his thoughts on the WWE creative team. Rory is very open during this interview. Tommy asks Rory what were the boy’s thoughts on the Million Dollar Give Away and Vince blowing himself up in a limo. Tommy also asks Rory his thoughts on Robbie sitting in the audience at TNA and whether or not he knew about it before it took place. Excellent interview.

Kenny Bolin joins the main show once again this week. Tommy Fierro informs Kenny that Jim Cornette has agreed to a debate against Kenny at Season’s Beatings on December 22nd. On last week’s show, Kenny actually suggested himself against Cornette in a debate at Season’s Beatings. When Tommy informed him that Cornette has agreed to the debate, Kenny says he already has plans for that day now. Tommy informs Kenny that the show is pretaped so they can do it anytime the week prior to the 22nd. Kenny tells Tommy that it’s Christmas time and he’s very busy donating him time to charity. Kenny is clearly trying to get out of the debate now that Cornette has actually accepted the challenge. Tommy becomes very angry. Bolin and Tommy get into it and Bolin hangs up and says he will not do the debate. Tommy then says if Bolin doesn’t do the debate on December 22nd at Season’s Beatings against Cornette, his segment will be removed from Who’s Slamming Who.

Tommy runs down all the news going on in and around the world of professional wrestling over the last seven days, including: Abdullah The Butcher retirement show on 12/13, Dustin Runnels resigns with WWE, TNA stars booked for Tokyo Dome show on 1/4/09, ROH/DirecTV news, Trish Stratus hints WWE return, Hell in the Cell DVD success, History of WWE Intercontinental Championship DVD error, booking info for Lance Cade, Kenny Dykstra, and Armando Estrada, Randy Savage on TMZ, Reid Flair news, WWE draws highest grossing overseas tour in history, TNA interested in former WWE talent, Lex Luger update, ECW TV taping news, ratings news, WWE 2009 PPV schedule, WWE holds another Wellness test, former WWE creative member working on new wrestling project, new referee policy for WWE, Vince McMahon and John Cena at AC/DC concert, Ted DiBiase Jr. to star in WWE sequal movie, Linda Hogan news, TNA signs UK star, Tiger Ali Singh update, TNA releases possible, WWE one ups MySpace and Facebook, Steve Austin news, Randy Orton interview, former WWE Diva wins Ms. Bikini America, and more.

Jerry Jarrett is back with another weekly edition of the very popular All Things Are Possible. This week, Jerry gives advice to people that are already in the business. He talks about how a major problem is how wrestlers simply don’t listen to their boss. He says that the boss isn’t the person that signs their checks, it’s the fans. Jerry talks about when he was in TNA that too many of the wrestlers worked like it was a circus instead of a wrestling match. He said one time he tried to give advice to one of the wrestlers and they said in return that they have been getting 4 star match reviews in the newsletters as of late. He says a match can’t be planned from the opening match to the final bell. Jerry says if an angle doesn’t click the first night, it’s never going to get any better. He’s amazed that promoters don’t sit in the crowd and watch their matches. He says both Jim Crockett and Vince McMahon would always watch every one of the matches they were promoting. This is yet another excellent segment from the legendary Jerry Jarrett.

Iron Sheik is back with another weekly adventure of Make You Humble. This week, Sheik talks about what he has planned for Thanksgiving. He talks about being a part of the Killers of Comedy Tour this past weekend. He also talks about a bad experience he had working for an independent wrestling promotion in Boston a few weeks back. Sheik also talks about a few upcoming events he is going to be a part of.

The Doc is back in this week on Who’s Slamming Who. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams returns with an all new edition of Shoot Talk From Doc. This week, Doc talks about how he first broke into the business. He talks about how he got the name Dr. Death. Doc talks about how Bill Watts asked him when he was a senior in high school if he wanted to become a professional wrestler. He talks about how Watts gave him his boots. He also talks about how Baby Doll made him his robe. Doc puts over Jim Duggan for still going strong in the WWE. He also talks about having some of the greatest partners in the world. Doc ends his segment this week wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jody Hamilton looks at a wrestling TV show today compared to a wrestling TV show from back in his day this week on Wrestle This. He talks about how from a technical stand point, today’s TV is much better due to the fact of the better equipment that they have. He talks about how back then there wasn’t no backstage writers like there is today that probably don’t know the history of the wrestling business. He says back then there was a booker and that was it. Jody says although the talent of today are great athletes, many times they do things in the ring for no reason what so ever. He also talks about how a trainer can’t teach you something they don’t know. He says the wrestling business refuses to look at itself as the problem. Excellent as always!

The Champ’s Dad is here! John Cena Sr. returns with an all new edition of You Can’t Hear Me. This week, John talks about his son winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series this past Sunday. John also looks at Edge making his return and winning the WWE Championship. He also takes a look at the Kenny Bolin/Jim Cornette situation right here on Who’s Slamming Who.

“The Genius” Lanny Poffo once again looks at Jake “The Snake” Roberts this week on Poetry in Motion. If you didn’t get the chance to listen to Lanny’s segment last week, he pretty much burried Jake for how his life has turned out. This week, he continues on the subject. He also brings up Brutus Beefcake’s name. What does he have to say about The Barber? Tune in and find out!

Bill Behrens talks about going to the Raw taping last week in Atlanta this week on Inside The Behrens Bubble. He talks about meeting with Johnny Ace and talking with him backstage and also getting the chance to say hello to Vince McMahon. He also says he might have the chance to go to FCW in the near future for a visit. Bill talks about how Mike Knox is going to be a star. He tells a story about how one time Paul Heyman told him that if he was still running ECW how Knox would be his champion. Bill also runs down last week’s edition of TNA Impact and gives you his thoughts/opinions of the show.

The modern day Piper’s Pit, Modest’s Joint, is back with another weekly edition. Your host, Michael Modest, this week talks about: Top 10 reasons why NWA will not hire Michael Modest, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Tender Moments, ECW vs. XPW with himself as special guest referee, pro wrestling training video he will be working on, Brent Albright, Divorce advertisement, having heat with Gabe Sapolsky, and more! Always an entertaining ride on Modest’s Joint.

The L-O-D-I is back with another edition of Lodi’s Licks. This week, Lodi talks about being disappointed with the Jeff Hardy angle WWE did this past Sunday at Survivor Series. He talks about how it was a lame wrestling weekend for him and how he will be off until December 12th. He talks about WWE making financial cuts. Lodi also talks about beating Spider Monkey in scrabble. He also talks about a book he wrote back in 2005 and announces that he will have a special guest on Lodi’s Licks next week.

Hot off of having The Boston Red Sox’s Sean Casey on his segment last week, Allan Funk returns this week with a new episode of Angry Allan Speaks Out. Funk does his best to provide you with the best Survivor Series recap you can hear anywhere on the Internet. Funk put tons of hard work and research into providing you with this in-depth review of one of the WWE’s biggest shows of the year.

Straight from the streets of New York City is one of the most beloved hosts of all of Who’s Slamming Who segments, “The Unpredictable” Judas Young. This week, Judas talks about taking advantage of things in life. He talks about how sitting around doing nothing every day isn’t going to get you any where. Judas talks about a story involving the original Who’s Slamming Who radio show here in New Jersey 15 years ago as an example. Judas also discusses: Mike Modest, Highlander Rory, Shockwave The Robot, December 6th Freehold, NJ show at 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility, Interview with The Wrestling Clothesline, and how you should never take advantage of Judas Young. Entertaining as always. We here at Who’s Slamming Who would like to wish Judas Young a very Happy Birthday.

Life is but a dream this week on Breaking Gimondo. Danny Inferno is back with another weekly segment and this week Danny goes off on wrestling promoters in a very big way. Danny is fired up this week. Danny talks about how he hates the term ticket sellers used on independent shows. He talks about how guys like Stone Cold and Rock are the true ticket sellers. He says a wrestler’s job is to put asses in the seats. He also talks about how promoters try and cut wrestler’s pays. Danny also talks about how marks are now promoters and how that’s one of the biggest problems. Very good segment this week from Danny via his bed. Life is but a dream.

Mike Quackenbush is back with another edition of From Bell To Bell. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this week Mike talks about being thankful to his CHIKARA fans for supporting his promotion, to Smart Mark Video for providing CHIKARA with excellent DVDs, to the Internet for free promotion, and to the listeners of Who’s Slamming Who for tuning into his segment every week. He also throws a shout out to Africa. Mike ends the segment sneaking some pumpkin pie before his wife gets home.

Ace Darling is back with another edition of No More Bumps. This week, Ace starts off by putting over Victoria as being a really good worker. Ace then turns his attention to Mike Knox and predicts how he will be the next big breakout star in WWE. Ace also talks about why he thinks Knox will be a breakout star. Good segment, as always, by Mr. Main Event.


THIS MONDAY NIGHT ON WHO’S SLAMMING WHO: Will Kenny Bolin accept the challenge of Jim Cornette to face him in a debate at Season’s Beatings on December 22nd? We will find out this Monday night on Who’s Slamming Who. Judas Young and Danny Inferno will have a face off on this Monday’s show to build to their Texas Death match on December 6th in Freehold, NJ at 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility. Other performers from the December 6th show will also be on the main show this week to promote the event.

WHO’S SLAMMING WHO LIVE EVENT NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT: December 6th, 2008 at 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility located at 323A Fairfield Road in Freehold, NJ with former WWE Diva Cherry vs. TNA Knockout Roxxi, Former WWE Superstar Nunzio vs. Josh Daniels, Danny Inferno vs. Judas Young in a Texas Death Match, Crowbar vs. Danny Doring, “Mr. Main Event” Ace Darling makes his managing debut, HC Loc vs. Mr. Personality, Jeff Starr vs. Bonecrusher Sampson, Flash, and more. There will also be a special appearance by Santa Claus. For more information, E-Mail:


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