First Batch of Monday Night Raw Reader Reviews

Nick Paglino

This RAW, to me, was decent. Over the past couple of weeks I honestly have been falling asleep during RAW, but I seem to be enjoying it a little more now. This show was perfect, as it will go a long way to setting up Armageddon. Right now, this card looks VERY solid and appears as one of the best booked cards in a while. Next week’s RAW is even shaping up to look good after tonight. I was happy to see Punk/Kingston win in a great match, but I was most happy to see Melina again. That segment with Santino was Priceless. Speaking of Priceless, I didn’t care to much for Jericho, Orton, and them to all gang up on Cena at the end. Cena’s match also showed how rusty he still is. The whole situation with JBL is confusing and why they want to make Shawn look like a wimp now, I have no idea. Rey Mysterio’s match was very predictable and very stupid in my opinion.

Overall a 3/5


I thought RAW was okay this week. Their seemed to be some technical errors though. For example, during the Rey Mysterio entrance, there appeared to be a glitch where his tron was overlapping him walking down the ramp. Then, when Steph was announcing the Superstar of the Year nominees, either the people in the production screwed up or she did, but she proceeded to say Triple H vs….when it was Hardy vs Jericho up on the screen. Anyways, as for the rest of the show, it was decent. Felt just like a typical show, with nothing special. Melina seems to be on par since her return, with no signs of ring rust ,which is great. I love the Last Call move she does. Looks awesome. I hope Melina gets a title shot at Armageddon. Also, how HILARIOUS is Santino. When he tried to do Melina’s Split Entrance, I laughed so hard , I cried. Genius. That guy is comedy gold. Even Beth’s reaction made me laugh. Ah, if they don’t get couple of the year, I say we boycott .[= Also, there seemed to be a lot

of little promos. Maybe it was just me. The JBL/ HBK storyline is intriguing me. I look forward to seeing how they go about it. Jericho really impresses me more and more every week. When he was talking about how his son would tell him that “you can’t see me”, I died laughing..and Jericho kept a straight face. Here’s to hoping that next week’s show is 10 times better .


Overall i thought Raw was a good show last night it had its highs and lows. i think its about time creative pull the trigger on the Orton and priceless stable. I liked jerichos involvement throughout out the show which jus made him seem like more of a slime ball and the best heel in the biz. But is Kane face again what happened to preying on the weak??? Also i know there tryin to establish Mike Knox as a bully but was it necessary last night considering Rey won his match anyway. Dolph Ziggler looked impressive against Batista. But creative should just can the JBL and HBK feud but it was interesting to see how the crowd boo’d HBK right out of the ring but the story seems like it could be a bit complex. Overall it was a good show.

P.S. Cm Punk is the former WHC why would he be in the i.c. tournament???


I first want to thank you for putting my opinion on jeff hardy winning the title or not, I was surprised to see my name on the site.

I’ll apologize now, this is going to be lengthy. Raw was simply ok last night, I think what raw needs to do is focus more on the interview and backstage segments, that’s what really drew fans in during the attitude era. Best and funniest moment of the show was santino marella trying to do the splits, I couldn’t stop laughing and then the backstage segment with goldust made it even better.

I thought the opening tag match was a good opening match, manu should get a bigger push then his current one because he definitely has talent. Melina has come back and immediately rose back to the top of the diva division.

I like the idea of having a tournament to determine a number one contender but the way the second round is set up now makes it seem like rey mysterio is going to win it all or the slight chance of a partner vs partner final (highly doubtful in my opinion because I doubt creative would let rey lose to anyone other then top title contenders as evidence by this “arm injury”)

I thought it was funny when stephanie mcmahon “pulled an adamle” when she realized she made a mistake while announcing the matches for next week between the superstar of the year candidates; GO JEFF HARDY! Granted he was suspended earlier this year but if they’re not going to give him the title belt at least give him that title.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the john cena vs kane match, its been done so many times already, they really need to stop calling him the big red machine since he can’t even beat someone half his size, when is the last time kane beat anyone on his own and it actually meant something? The last segment with the beatdown was iffy, you would think randy orton wouldn’t want to hear anything from chris jericho seeing as how he was pinned by the man last week, to come out and help jericho/jump cena was iffy.

You really can see the fatigue in shawn micheals eyes when he comes out to the ring nowadays, this could be his year to ride off into the sunset. I’m curious to see if there is a shawn micheals heel turn in the works it would be something refreshing for him and may be something that requires less wrestling and more talking, fans will be paying attention this in the future.


This edition of RAW was significantly better than last week’s and not just because Cena got the hell beat out of them to end the show…although that helps a lot. The show had a lot of interesting stories developing. The one that captivates my interest is the JBL/HBK story. Honestly, I have no idea where this is going or how interested people are in this story, but I wonder where it’s going? Maybe and HBK/JBL Armageddon match? I hope that’s not all their building to.

Of course, I enjoy the comedy of Santino Marella. His attempt at Melina’s split entrance into the ring was hilarious, and it’s nice to see Melina get into the title fold with Beth Phoenix. I’m tired of seeing Mickie James fight her all the time. And is anyone getting tired of Jillian’s act yet? I am and I know I’m not alone.

The first segment with Chris Jericho was great in itself. He’s one of the best talkers in the business. His voice never gets above a yell and he’s a great story teller. The part where he talks about his kid being a Cena fan and not letting his kid watch the WWE drew TONS of heat. I know Jericho won’t win at Armageddon, but it’d be cool to watch Cena CHASE a belt as opposed to getting the belt and keeping it for a year…which looks like the route they’re heading with it. Speaking of Cena, his push looks eerily similar to a certain Red and Yellow clad wrestler from the ’80s…hmm. From beating the crap out of Jericho, to beating Kane pretty easily, Cena’s being pushed down our throats. I have a sneaking feeling this isn’t going to work for long.

The IC title tournament was semi-interesting. Good seeing Morrison moving on and how many big men can they pit against Rey Mysterio? Mike Knox is getting a decent rub from this and should hopefully get something out of this…if not, them maybe him and Snitsky can form a tag team called “The MOUNTAIN MEN”. LOL. I don’t have a clue as to who could go on to face Regal. All signs point to either CM Punk or Kofi…but I’d really like to see Mysterio win the belt. If he does, then his rivalry with Knox takes new meaning.

Also Dolph Ziggler being fed to Batista in DC? Nice way to debut a young talent. Feed them to Batista. Anyway, seeing Orton and Batista at Armageddon is nice. Hope Orton goes over.

And the nominees for the Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year aren’t bad. Stephanie is a good heel GM/Executive VP. And her little quip about ‘pulling an Adamle’ was low brow. Oh well.

And of course, I can’t forget about the final segment where Orton, Manu, Rhodes, and Jericho all punk out Cena. This was a good touch because instead of making Jericho look like a completely defenseless hack, he’s a man*pulator who uses the number game to get to Cena. And it was great seeing Orton and Priceless working together…and kudos for Jericho using the old school ‘Liontamer’ on Cena to end RAW. His “Walls of Jericho” is less effective looking than the Liontamer. Good job.

Overall, the Raw had some interesting segments and was better than last weeks RAW. Here’s to Cena’s revenge. Who will be his allies against Jericho, Orton, and Priceless?

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