First Batch of Reader Feedback To TNA’s Final Resolution

Nick Paglino

Good PPV 8 out of 10 … Excellent openining and main event matches


Pure crap! Another 3 hour Impact, WWE doesn’t have that much competition from what I seen tonight! Recycled WCW storyline with MEM/Frontline


I thought that TNA Final Resolution was a pretty good pay per view. I think its good to see Al Snow start a feud with Mick Foley since its long overdue, and Al Snow never really got any respect in the business in my opinion, plus I think Foley told one too many Al Snow jokes. Also, I expected the Main Event Mafia to win this time around, because in the end, I believe the Frontline will have the last laugh. My biggest complaint is that “The Fallen Angel”Christopher Daniels did not make his return, that was what I wanted to see more than anything, but I expect him to return soon one can only hope. Curry Man now has either a title shot(hope its the world!!!!) and can either unmask as Daniels or be fired as Curry Man and return as the Fallen Angel, either way, I think something good will happen with Daniels, hes too talented for it not to happen. Good ppv though, TNA is getting better lately than it has been, this storyline is interesting and the matches are getting more like they used to be.


I thought that tonight’s Final Resolution PPV was ehh. Nothing really stood out to me. The Feast or Fired Match was pretty good. Had some pretty good spots. I called that Homicide, Hernandez, and Lethal would get a case. CurryMan getting a case kinda surprised me, because everyone kept implying that it was going to be BG James. After seeing all of those Rough Cuts, It almost makes me think that Homicide will get the Pink Slip, because he is Suicide. [kind of ironic that Homicide would be Suicide] I loved how they had Jay Lethal take the case from MCMG. MCMG are very good heels. They actually make me hate them because of how cocky and arrogant they are, but I suppose that means that they’re doing there job, right?

The Knockout Matches were okay. Nothing special. ODB, Taylor, & Roxxi vs The Beautiful Peopl & Sharmell was ehh. Nothing spectacular. Had some okay spots here and there, but nothing memorable. They did do a good job of showing how TBP defending Sharmell like they were told to by Booker T. Man, how badass is Roxxi in the ring though, huh? The Christy vs Kong match was okay. I was pretty impressed by Christy’s improvement in the ring. Kong definitely got some offense in it, but i was impressed that they let Christy get some offense in. That way it wasn’t a complete squash, but it held some purpose.

Eric Young vs Shiek Abdul Bashir was okay as well. I wasn’t surprised at the outcome at all. When I found out that Sewell was going to referee the match, I knew that he was going to play some part in the outcome. I hope they give Eric the title this time. Putting the strap on him, then taking it off is just pointless. I feel like he’s earned the right to be X Division Champion.

I must say, seeing Cornette twice tonight was certainly different, as we haven’t really been seeing him on TV too much as of late. His segment with the MCMG was very nice. I was so happy that Suicide finally debuted. He kicked ass, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with him. His entrance was also very nice. Kind of emulated The Heartbreak Kid’s 1995 Wrestlemania Entrance.

I’ll be quite honest, when it finally got to the two main events, I stopped watching the PPV. I couldn’t be bothered. I did check out bits and pieces of it, but I can’t really give a full review on what I thought of it .

So, considering I stopped watching partway through, and the matches I did watch weren’t impressive, I say this PPV was utterly disappointing all in all.


in a word, predictable.

in a few more….really really stale.


I thought tonights TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view was pretty good. I would say the Feast or Fired match was the best match of the night. (Hopefully Curryman gets fired and The Fallen Angel comes back to whoop all of the MEM’s asses!) Every match was solid but I thought something seemed off in the Angle/Rhino match. And Al Snow…….. no comment. I just hope Foley doesn’t fight him at the next pay-per-view. I thought the women on the show were really good. When the crowd started yelling “let them fight” in the Women’s title match, my buddy looked at me and said, “Did you ever think a crowd would be cheering this much in a women’s match?”….You know, cause WWE Divas can’t even put on their clothes, let alone a wrestling match. Ohhh…. i mean an “entertainment match.” Right Vince? The main event was pretty solid even though my Team 3D didn’t turn on the Frontline and the MEM keeps kicking the Frontline’s ass every pay-per-view. Hopefully Daniels comes back soon so the Frontline can get some really warriors! I give this pay-per-view a B-.


THE GOOD: The debates my table had at a sports bar here in St. Louis had over numerous topics…wait there was a TNA PPV?…Oh yeah I remember, the Feast or Fired Match had great spots. I miss the all out fast paced TNA matches of old compared to…

THE BAD: TNA Title matchup with Frontline vs Mafia was sad to end the way it did. How many times do we have to see opponents getting low blowed to lose in matches? Over used “heel” maneuver, but not as bad as…

THE UGLY: Gosh, is Kevin Nash going to need a walker to come down the ramp? I feel bad he’s had injuries to set him back, but wow, when he’s in the ring, it’s hard to tell if he’s on stilts the way he stumbles which leads me to…

THE GRADE: TNA Final Resolution had some promise, but hey they promised with the way they booked for a snoozer (FIRE RUSSO!)…6 out of 10 or a C-


The Feast or Fired Match was my favorite match of the night. Curry Man should be the one to get fired to set up Fallen Angel to come back. Angle vs Rhino was a big let down. I cant remember any good moves from that match, best part was Al Snow coming out. The Tag title match was pretty good. Beer Money needs to split up tho. James Storm was one of the top 5 heels before they teamed up. Suicide coming out was shocking and awesome, I cant wait to see him in the upcoming weeks. Main Event Mafia verses the Frontline was a solid match. Im not sure it was ppv main event quality but it was definitely good. I enjoyed the ppv but if you missed out you didnt miss anything special. Id give the ppv a 7 out of 10. Suicide coming out was the most exciting part of the whole night for me.

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