CCW’s Erin Murphy Discusses the Show & Getting Back into the Ring

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Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of

Guest : Erin Murphy of Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling

Date: 12/ 07/08

Your Hosts : Patrick Kelley, Nick Noel, & James Walsh

Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

If you had told us that we’d be interviewing Tabitha from Bewitched on a pro wrestling show, we’d probably have called you a liar. But, ever since her performance on CCW, we welcomed her to the show proudly as she showed pro wrestling the courtesy and respect it deserved.

Now, for the first time ever, hear Erin Murphy respond to our controversial Frank Stallone interview as she tuned in and heard it for herself and also hear her rebuttal towards his moderately negative remarks towards him. There’s some stiff shots thrown outside of the CCW ring and on the Epicenter newsmaker line this week, folks!

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– Erin Murphy is welcomed to the show and she says she never dreamed she’d ever do a wrestling related interview, but is glad to be on the show.

– She got on Hulk Hogan’s CCW show when she got a call from Jason Harvey (from The Wonder Years) and was asked to join. She was told “It’s like dancing with the stars, only its wrestling” But she says that wrestling is much different from dancing.

– Going into the show, she knew nothing about wrestling, snd she tried her best and gave it her all to try and win the competition.

– When asked about why she was eliminated early, she says that she got along very well with her team members. She says that people were proud of her when she asked to do more, and she says the reason she tried to do more is that when Nikki Ziering debuted her costume (which was her underwear)

– When she got taken off the show, her teammates were upset and they desperately tried to get her back on the show.

– She knows that wrestling women are billed to be attractive, and she knows that she was going to have a tough time competing with girls that posed for Playboy (although Erin admits that she turned down Playboy once), and she also felt that she didn’t need to be in a G-String or anything like that. She just wanted to prove that she could be the best wrestler.

– In response to Frank’s comments towards on our show, she says that “our teammates were ready for him to go home” and she says that he was dangerous because he wouldn’t pay attention.

– Erin feels that the guys who ran the show (Hogan, Bischoff, & Harvey) have a great love for wrestling and wanted to put on a good show. She also says that for the most part the celebrities took it seriously and were determined to do the best they can.

– After leaving CCW, she actually did sign up with UPW to get some more training. She says that she had a lot of fun doing this, and she wanted to keep it up. Her kids really had a blast with her doing this as well.

– She says that if Hulk Hogan ever started up his own wrestling promotion, and she says that if they ever tried to do anything again whether it be more of CCW or a full time wrestling promotion, she’d definately like to.

– Erin was asked to do Celebrity Boxing, but turned it down because the point of Boxing is to hurt people, but wrestling (if done right) the purpose is to not hurt the people you’re working with.

– She is big into charities, most notably the Autism research. She says that one of her children has autism, so its an important issue for her, and she likes to get involved in it.

– Frank Stallone comes up again, and Erin says that “I’ve never seen a boxer thats a bigger wimp than Frank Stallone” saying that he didn’t really want to do much. In response to Stallone calling her clumsy. she says that she was really bad the first day because, as she said before, she had never watched wrestling before, and had no clue what it was all about.

– In order to get better, she went to her kids for advice on who to watch, and she ended up getting the best knowledge from watching Trish Stratus and Lita.

– When asked about the live crowd, she says that she loved the crowd. She says they had alot of enthusiasm, and were really into it. When asked if the CCW chants were put in, she says that it isn’t true and the chants were legit. When asked about Stallone’s comments towards the crowd, she was surprised that he said the negative things about them that he did.

– She liked having Rob Van Dam there to help bring in regular wrestling fans and says he looked great.

– Erin then teases that she will definately be stepping into a ring again someday.

– Once again going back to Stallone, she says that if you ask most of her teammates, they would have said that Frank should have been the first one gone. She also says that it had nothing to do with him not taking the big jump and she sympathized with him saying that if he’s afraid of heights, then he shouldn’t have to do it.

– When asked about other celebrities on the show, she says that Dustin Diamond was great to work with because he always helped out the other teammates. She also says that he was a great heel, and that the crowd booed him the second he stepped into the arena. She says he’s probably the best at doing things like playing with the crowd.

– When asked about the Bonnaduce/Diamond fight, she says what happened was that when they were cutting promos, Danny was ripping on Dustin’s personal life rather than Dustin’s wrestling character, and that was where the friction came in. When talking about her own character, she says that she was originally asked to play “The MILF” but didn’t feel comfortable having to explain that to her kids, so she settled on The Mistress of Mayhem or “MOM”

– Even after she was eliminated from the show, she says that she kept at the same pace as the others that are still on the show because in case she was ever brought back, she wanted to make sure she was on the same level as everyone else.

– Erin Murphy then thanks James for his comment saying that she was hotter thank Nikki Ziering. Patrick then admits that he hasn’t watched the show, and she puts it over as an entertaining show and would love to do a season 2 if asked.

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