Reader Reviews of Raw: One Person Points Out Possible Title Spoiler!

Nick Paglino

I am very glad that neither Cena nor Batista won superstar of the year and Chris Jericho definitely deserves the win as he had the biggest impact on WWE in 2008 with his amazing feud with HBK then his heavyweight title win, and he evolved himself from a babyface to a tweener then to Raw’s greatest heel. I also enjoyed Dolph Ziggler winning and the highlight of the night from my perspective was the birth of “The Legacy”.


Vickie and Edge are Couple of the Year over Glamarella??

Kahli beat out Santino’s split??

Who did Marella piss off to get robbed on those awards?

At least Evan Bourne won his much deserved award (shame he wasn’t there) and Chris Jericho is the rightful WRESTLER of the year (not “superstar”). Jericho is one of the best things going in WWE today and it was great to see him get his credit. Now he needs his title back from Cena.

Also, the OH MY GOD! moment made me really miss Joey Styles. I weep for the days past when ECW was almost the old school ECW and Joey Styles gave that show it’s real voice. I miss him so much and it was great to hear him once again.

On the wrestling…errr… ENTERTAINING side of things, I was really hoping that Edge would’ve gotten the spear and the pin. I’m getting tired of Cena again already and I’m not a Cena hater, but no way in hell should he be champ right now. Maybe he wouldn’t be booed as much if he was chasing the champ instead of being the superhero of RAW.

And seriously, if they don’t give Jeff his payoff and the title soon, the fans are gonna give up on him. Stop teasing us and make Jeff Hardy the champion!


pretty good show from start to finish. i kinda liked how the slammys werent voted on by fans or we would have gotten John Cena as a winner in all the categories he was in, instead we got the ones who deserved it. the rey vs kofi match was good i just wish it didn’t end with a roll up, too good of competitors for a finish like that. what was up with that r-truth and ziggler match? did he botch that drop by the ropes and truth got him back with that whip into the turnbuckle? I dont know if anyone noticed but they gave away the Armageddon match finish by having Cena holding up the title in the commercial for the Tribute to the Troops. all in all i would give tonight an 8 out of 10.


3 hour special, or 3 hours of bullsh**. Man I am so tired of this comedy routine they have going with all the wrestlers. I wish a lot of the fans would step up, and stop buying the merchandise and the tickets so that these ” WRESTLERS” would step up their game. I do not even no where to start with this.

Best Wrestler should have been Randy Orton. The guy has the skills to fight, you love to hate him but you no he is going to put a good show on. I am also upset with the fact that John Morrison is not getting the push he deserves.

I will give the show 2 out of 5. For a few good moments.

TOP 5 Problems.

1. Matches where not good.

2. Cena and his jokes, they are not funny. He needs acting lessons and needs to stop acting like whatever he does is funny its dumb. The only fans Cena has are 12 yrs old and younger.

3. Slammy awards where a waste of time.

4. HHH and Batista man at first i was glad batista was back on Raw, but the guy is boring in the ring. Im glad HHH was only back for one night, im tired of looking at him as well.

5. The Whole show was boring.

WWE is turning into a comedy show, but its like being slapped in the face at the same time by yourself for watching it. Sooner or later im going to end up not watching it at all. At least Monday Night Football is on for 3 more weeks.


Overall, I feel that the show was a let down. There was some cool matches like the HHH and Batista match. I was surprised. I thought that HHH and Batista would win. I feel that the biggest let down of the night was Chris Jericho winning the Superstar of the year award! Really?! A lot of the awards were kind of surprising. I feel the matches were great, but as far as the slammy awards went…it really sucked! Stephanie was looking pretty as usual, wished she was on there a little more though then just one segment. Overall, great matches, the slammy awards sucked!


The show was pretty good compared to ones in october…

Morrison vs Punk was a pretty good opener, We saw Punk injure his knee, dont know if its legit or not… Punk won via the GTS…. ***

MVP vs MVC, Wow MVP jobbing to charlie haas… Umm i think this is like the 2nd time Charlie haas has won a match using impersonations….. **

Jeff hardy vs Chris jericho… this match was pretty good we saw Jeff going for the twist of fate when Jericho reversed it into a codebreaker… ***

Glammarella vs Finlay swoggle

Well the match was basically a squash and for storyline purposes, Atleast make Santino look good, He lost to HORNSWOGGLE.

Kofi vs Rey.. Now this was a good athletic match, Both guys were just flying around, i saw Kofi using Rob van dam’s old roll up pin which was pretty nice, Rey won the match via i think a Roll up or something… ***

Batista and HHH vs Rhodes, Manu and Orton.. The match wasnt that bad, the finish saved it from being a shit match but anyways **

R-truth vs Dolph ziggler, Wow i mean R-truth LOSING to DOLPH ZIGGLER? Both men are on different brands and they wont start a feud or something… I mean a COUNTOUT loss. WTF wwe? *

Edge vs John cena… The match was kinda quick for a main event and you had those nice reversals by cena as he tried to go for the FU, then Edge counters and Cena goes for it again and counters and again and again. Match saw end when Jericho came in… WOW i mean does cena has an eye on his back? How the hell did he see Jericho? jesus christ he was locking on the STFU then just let go and hits jericho. WOW…. ***



Raw was ok. Chris Jericho as superstar of the year was the best part about it. I like what is going on with Orton and Priceless. Hopefully they figure in Dibiase when he comes back whenever that will be. They really need to focus on stars like Punk, Kingston, Ziggler, R-Truth, Chavo, Haas and Morrison (dump the Miz). They are all very hardworking great to watch stars. Of course Jericho is Raw at the moment. Cena is good but should not be champion right after injury. He needs to go heel very soon.

What bothered me about Raw was the fact that Smackdown stars got to end the show. HHH, Hardy, and Edge have this Friday to build up their match. Why leave Cena and Jericho to do nothing. That was poor writing. The end of Raw should have really focused on the build up to Cena vs. Jericho. There has been a very weak build up thus far with Cena dominating Jericho on every exchange. This feud has been no where near the caliber of HBK Y2J. Hopefully this Sunday is not the end of this feud. It has really been lacking on Cena’s end. Jericho is carrying the feud as well as the rest of Raw right now.

And what the heck are they doing with Kennedy? He was fast on his way to the top until WWE put the breaks on him (back when Edge screwed him out of his money in the bank). Kennedy is great and needs to go heel again and get back on top.

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