Jersey All Pro Tonight 12-13 In Rahway, 11th Anniversary

Bill Behrens


The Jersey All Pro Wrestling 11th Year Anniversary Show

The Rec Center 275 East Milton Ave Rahway, NJ

Doors Open 6:30pm

Hall of Fame 7:00pm

Matches 8:00pm

Tickets: Ringside 1st Row $30, 2nd Row $25, 3rd Row $30 (Ringside Sold Out)

Bleacher Seats $20 and will be sold at the door!

Best of the Light Heavyweights 11 – Elimination Rules

This years Best of the Light Heavyweights, features the return of Amazing Red, as well as the returning Archadia, the former JAPW NJ State Champion Grim Reefer, plus new stars Shiima Xion, Flip Kendrick, Prince Mustafa Ali, and Louis Lyndon, to show the fans in attendance what high-flying and fast paced action they all will bring inside the ring and out!

The previous winners of the Best of the Light Heavyweight matches include B-Boy, El Generico, SuperNova, Low Ki, Jack Evans, Azrieal and others. The question remains, just who will be this years winner?

In no order, the show will then continue on with the following matches:

Kenny Omega (Champion) vs. Low Ki (Challenger)

for the JAPW Heavyweight Championship

After loosing the championship back in March, Low Ki returns to claim what’s his the JAPW Heavyweight title. In early 2008, Low Ki substained an injury while touring over in Japan. Shortly after, Low Ki would return to JAPW to explain his injury, only to be attacked by Kenny Omega, and lost the Heavyweight Championship.

Since winning the championship, Omega has defended his championship against Frankie Kazarian, Danny Demanto, Grim Reefer, Jay Lethal and Rhino.

The former JAPW Heavyweight Champion, Low Ki, has made it known that he believes Kenny Omega is the reason behind JAPW’s slump and vows do to everything possible to win back what’s rightfully his and bring back the power of the gold Omega wears around his waist.

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Tag Team War

The former JAPW Tag Team Champions, LAX, are livid and out for blood against the Briscoe Brothers as they cost them their titles against the F.B.I.. Homicide has vowed that the Briscoe’s are in for a WAR and LAX is bringing the street to the ring, with the only way the Briscoe’s are leaving are inside body bags.

Mark Briscoe was quoted saying “It’s not about the titles, we just want LAX’s blood and heads on a platter, and revenge for costing us the match against DNA”

As both teams are out for revenge and ready for a fight, beware as the JAPW ring is about to become a war zone.

Dan Maff vs. “War Machine” Rhino

Dan Maff is looking for revenge on Rhino, for leaving during their tag match in October against Danny Demanto & Grim Reefer making him finish the match alone, only to be gored through a table in the end. As the days get closer to his return to Rahway, NJ, Maff is looking show Rhino who’s boss, and that a Burning Hammer, might just be the end for the war machine.

Rhino wants to keep his spot as the top star in JAPW, and since the return of Dan Maff, everyone’s been thinking about Maff this, and Maff that, while Rhino, a former JAPW Heavyweight Champion, has been forgotton. Rhino wants to end Maff’s career, and is ready to, GORE! GORE! GORE!, Maff by any means necessary.

Who will gore or burning hammer first?

Bandido Jr. (Champion) vs. Danny Demanto

NJ State Championship

Bandido Jr.’s hard work and perseverance finally paid off when he won the NJ State Championship in November at Reboot from the Grim Reefer. Bandido spent most of 2008 fueding with Devon Storm, and Chris Dickinson, which resulted Bandido needing staples in his head, and distracted outside the title scene. In the end Bandido Jr. made the most of his opportunity and succeed to win the NJ State Championship, his first title in JAPW.

Danny Demanto, a true underdog like a Rocky Balboa, worked his way up from the bottom getting destroyed by legends such as New Jack, Monty Brown, Axl Rotten, and whatever wrestler passed through JAPW. This past month, Danny Demanto shocked everyone, as he became the last man standing against Dan Maff, in a brutal fight. Demanto’s highlights are coming out on top against Devon Storm, and almost winning the JAPW Heavyweight Championship in May against Kenny Omega.

As both wrestlers, are hungry for more, both have achieved their own success in JAPW, but who will be the NJ State Champion at the match end?

F.B.I (Little Guido & Tracy Smothers) vs. DNA (Dixie & Azrieal)

JAPW Tag Team Championship

During a distraction from the Briscoe Brothers, the F.B.I. defeated LAX to win the JAPW Tag Team Championships. The F.B.I., former WWE & ECW superstars, are looking to continue their comeback, and wants to take on all contender’s for the titles they hold around their waists.

Ever since DNA formed earlier this year, they have done nothing but to impress the fans, and pick up wins against their opponents to become undefeated. DNA consists of former JAPW champions from Dixie being the Triple Crown Champion (held all titles, Heavyweight, Tag Team, Light Heavyweight at same time), and Azrieal who is a former JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion.

Does DNA have the experience needed to win the tag titles from F.B.I.? Or does the F.B.I. have a few tricks to prevent the rising DNA team from taking their gold?

Annie Social vs. Taylor Wilde

Women’s Match

Annie Social is no stranger to JAPW as she first appeared with Shane Hardcore, as Hell’s Bells back in 2005 for a brief time. Since then Social returned JAPW in recent months more focused then ever, and aligned herself with Jonny D in the D-Factor. Social has been increasingly becoming a necessity here among the fans, and want to see her take the next step forward.

The former TNA Women’s Champion, Taylor Wilde is set to debut, and put her challenger to the test.

Does Annie Social have a chance against Taylor Wilde?

Heavy Hitters (Monsta Mac & Havok) vs. The S.A.T. (Jose & Joel Maximo)

The Heavy Hitters and SAT have been a thorn in each others sides, ever since Heavy Hitters attacked the S.A.T. in the locker room, following the loss to the then JAPW Tag Champs, LAX in Jersey City. The fued escalated when the S.A.T. judged a Halloween Hell costume contest, and were then attacked again by the Heavy Hitters, dressed up in their customes.

The match in Jersey City of SAT vs. Heavy Hitters became a wild brawl which saw Monsta Mac take the Spanish Fly off the top rope by the S.A.T., and were on the verge of winning until Annie Social cost them the match. After the match ended, the S.A.T.’s gave the Hitters a taste of their own medicine, by attacking them in the locker room.

Both teams are out for blood, one team will be victorious, and the other will be left in a beaten and bloody mess, but which side will win?

Jay Lethal vs. Kevin Steen

Jay Lethal returns to take on one of Canada’s finest, Kevin Steen. Lethal, who started his wrestling career by winning a contest, is looking forward to a good fight, and doesn’t want his spot to be taken by anyone else.

Kevin Steen, is also returning to JAPW, and ready for a good fight. Steen doesn’t care if Lethal comes out as the Black Machismo or not, as he is there to fight and only fight. In the end, Steen says that if Lethal’s smart, he will leave Black Machismo behind, as it will be an easy victory in his eyes.

El Generico vs. Don Juan

New JAPW superstar, Don Juan, wants to make his impact in JAPW, and show the fans what he can deliver. Juan has said he doesn’t care who he takes on or when, as he just wants to prove himself. At Reboot in November, after the match with Chris Dickinson, Juan went all over the crowd, shaking it for those in attendance.

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