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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 144

November 17, 2008

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, John Johnson single-handedly handled the greatest locker room interview in recent memory when Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis destroyed everyone backstage and the current NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions the New Wave. Johnson soiled himself in bewilderment as he bore witness to such brutality. Adrian Hawkins blasted Slim J after they were the final participants in the Young Lionâ<80><99>s Mega Rumble and will face off at Fright Night to determine an inaugural champion. Tonight, Shaun Tempers challenges Sal Rinauro on his quest to prove his legitimacy and the Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects wrestle Mikael Judas & Shadow Jackson in a battle of the super behemoths.

– We begin this week with â<80><9c>the Dragonâ<80> Dan Wilson and the Staff of Righteousness not wanting to disrespect Sal Rinauro. In the name of sportsmanship and higher education (¿Que?) Wilson asks for Truitt Fields to pay a special visit to the announcerâ<80><99>s table.

1. â<80><9c>Sleeper Cellâ<80> Shaun Tempers w/â<80>the Dragonâ<80> Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness pinned â<80><9c>Sort of a Big Dealâ<80> Sal Rinauro.

Fields happily obliges Wilsonâ<80><99>s commands by joining Georgiaâ<80><99>s Best d**n Announcing Team on commentary. Tempers quest for legitimacy includes removing the face paint. Johnson immediately congratulates Fields on retaining the NWA Anarchy TV Title for an entire year by successfully defending against tomato cans. Wait a minute; I thought Jeremy Vain was a chicken not a tomato can. Fields is left as befuddled as I am. Tempers gladly repays Rinauroâ<80><99>s springboard dropkick by clipping him up and landing with a resounding thump on the arena floor. Tempers focuses his attack on Rinauroâ<80><99>s back. Tempers humbles Rinauro. Fields complements both wrestlersâ<80><99> technical skills and explains that you deal with every member of the Rejects when facing Tempers. Tempers remains focused and counters every comeback by Rinauro. Rinauro finally buys himself time with a Shining Wizard and mounts a comeback. After trading near falls, Tempers prepares for a superplex, but Rinauro counters with a huge spinning neckbreaker. Rinauro makes the cover and hooks the leg, but Tempers kicks out. Tempers outwrestles Rinauro and stuns the NWA Arena faithful by cleanly pinning him with an uranage slam. Afterwards, the Rejects stalk Rinauro and offer a handshake. Rinauro shakes Tempersâ<80><99> hand. ¿Que?

– We go backstage to the Dynamic Duo, â<80><9c>the Dark Knightâ<80> Chad Parham & â<80><9c>Boy Wonderâ<80> Seth Delay, for a comedy vignette. Yep, Chad Parham believes what happened to Luke Hawk & Ace Rockwell was simply magical, but there is something missing between the Dynamic Duo. Delay says they are missing theme music. The only problem is Chad Parhamâ<80><99>s theme music is too awesome and offers to loan it to Delay. Then, Delay says they need matching gear. Parham paid a hefty price for his gear and it matches Delayâ<80><99>s. The light bulb finally illuminates in Delayâ<80><99>s head, they need a double team maneuver. Parham counters he has the piledriver and Delay has the Brass Knux of Doom. Parham says they need a tag team nameâ<80>¦ PG Rated? BOO! R-Rated? No. X-Rated? Thatâ<80><99>s too far. How about the Dynamic Duo like Batman & Robin? Touché. Problem solved.

2. The Dynamic Duo (â<80><9c>Dynamicâ<80> Chad Parham & â<80><9c>Duoâ<80> Seth Delay) defeated Outlaw & Chuckâ<80> Norris.

The Outlaw & Norris hail from the Badlands of South Dakota. Johnson proclaims he didnâ<80><99>t know that South Dakota had any bad lands. In fact, John Johnson travels to the Bad Lands every first and third Wednesday night of the month! Outlaw unceremoniously dumps Delay. Parham tags in, lands several chops, and finds himself on the wrong end of a series stinging chops by the Outlaw. After commercial, Johnson is impressed that Whoopi Goldberg could wrestle. Whoopi canâ<80><99>t wrestle, but she is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. Imagine having the stupidity of John McCain trying to reinstitute slavery. Stick to be an awesome actor not a jibber jabbering fool. Double D works over Norris until the Outlaw receives the hot tag. The Outlaw delivers a bulldog and clothesline to the rudo contingent. Norris tries to stop Delay, but distracts the referee. Delay brandishes his brass knux, nails the Outlaw and Parham sews the bag shut with the piledriver. This was much better than any match Outlaw & Norris wrestled as the Indian Nation in SAW. Good match with a fun finishing sequence.

– â<80><9c>Mercilessâ<80> Don Matthews has a problem: he wants to fight â<80><9c>Straight to VCRâ<80> Jeff Lewis. Matthews hopes Lewis is sipping a martini and sitting on a leather sofa soiling himself. To be truthful, Jeff is everything that Don hates in a human being. He mercilessly scorns Lewis for saying it is privilege the fans of the NWA Arena to watch him wrestle. Lewis prefers to take his friends to a French restaurant to eat calamari at $150 a plate. Meanwhile, Matthews would rather tailgate at a Georgia Bulldogs college football game. Lewis would rather watch some stupid foreign film sipping on a martini while the Merciless one will grab himself a Zebco 33 and a six pack to go fishing. Me? Give me a bottle of Hpnotiq or Alizé and Iâ<80><99>m set for the night. Fishing, my house has a boat landing on Lake Pocasse bordering my property, on the same site Lewis & Clark spent several nights. With the lake frozen, its time to bust out what little redneck I have in me and go ice fishing. At Hostile Environment, Lewis chickened out. Matthews calls it a privilege to wrestle in front of the NWA Arena faithful and cried when he used to sit in the crowd. Matthews concludes with a prophetic math lesson: â<80><9c>You are looking at the future presentationâ<80>¦ Iâ<80><99>ve got a math problem. My right arm and your neck equals 1-2-3. Jeff Lewis, expect no mercy!â<80> This was nice passionate promo by Matthews.

3. â<80><9c>The Seven Figured Dealâ<80> Ace Rockwell pinned â<80><9c>Backwoods Toothless Hickâ<80> Jessco Blue.

Jessco Blue must have spent the summer months living in Necrobutcherâ<80><99>s outhouse. Rockwell welcomes Blue to NWA Anarchy by providing a lesson in professional wrestling. When Blue goes evil intentions go awry, Blue pulls the old loaded boot trick. Rockwell mounts a comeback and provides Blue a lesson in finishing opponentâ<80><99>s off. Afterwards, Rockwell was found at the local Poison Control center decontaminating himself. Rumor has it that Blue has 69 different forms of venereal diseases.

– â<80><9c>Attorney/Agentâ<80> Jeff G Bailey makes his entrance and unleashes Kimo after pulling off his mask. Kimo no sells Rockwellâ<80><99>s haymakers and catches him with a Samoan Drop. The Butcher of Pyongyang mercilessly assaults Rockwell. The crowd rallies behind Rockwell, but to no avail. Bailey enters the ring, pulls off his tie and pulls off his jacket. Bailey chokes Rockwell with his tie and Kimo leaves blood foaming from Rockwellâ<80><99>s mouth after delivering a throat chop. Slim J heads out to save Rockwell after the fans chant for Jerry. Bailey predicts a similar fate for Slim J. This was fun old school booking greatness.

4. The Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (â<80><9c>the Son of Satanâ<80> Azreal & â<80><9c>the Altar of Human Mutilationâ<80> Iceberg) w/â<80>the Dragonâ<80> Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness defeated â<80><9c>Priest of Punishmentâ<80> Mikael Judas & â<80><9c>Leader of the Shadow Mania Movementâ<80> Shadow Jackson.

The Rejects immediately work over Shadow using dastardly heel and double team tactics, and preventing the hot tag. Shadow finally launches an offensive assault with a double bionic elbow. Shadow sets up for a German suplex in his own corner, but Judas accidentally blows his mysterious green concoction in Shadowâ<80><99>s eyes. Iceberg takes advantage with a quick cover for the victory. Afterwards, Azreal reintroduces the Staff of Righteousness. Judas prepares for the chokeslam, but Iceberg breaks the Staff in half. The Rejects continue their domination by brutalizing Judas while tied to the top rope. Wilson lambastes â<80><9c>the freakâ<80> and tonightâ<80><99>s sacrificial lamb Judas. Shadow makes the save with a chair after the almighty Reverend lets out his trademark blood curdling scream.


NWA Anarchy/ Alternative Pro Wrestling

December 5

Cherry Street Gym

Royston, Ga

Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsome beat Brandon Parker & Anthony Henry – Post match saw Newsom whipped with a belt

Don Matthews beat Aaron Lee

John Carnage beat Brad Logan – Carnage added insult to injury prompting Don Matthews to hit the ring with a 2×4

The Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn and The Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) battled to a double DQ – Commissioner Jacob Ashworth then ordered a Texas Tornado match for next week

Chris King capped off his 7 month chase by pinning Seth Delay to become the new APW North Georgia Champion.

For more information on APW, go to:


NWA Prime Time Pro Wrestling

December 12, 2008

PTPW Arena

Columbus, GA

Chip Day was the winner over Josh Stone. After the match Colt Derringer came to the ring and offered to take Josh Stone under his wing and make him a winner – Stone accepted the offer.

Jimmy Rave was the winner over Bulldog Raines, thanks to some outside interference from Colt Derringer.

Iceberg was the winner over Micah Taylor after a low blow from Ginny Wright disabled Taylor.

The Samoan Soldiers made their debut at NWA Prime Time and was a very impressive tag team (3rd generation wrestlers). They were victorious in the debut over Killer Instinct and the fans loved them.

Deathrow retained the NWA PTPW Heavyweight Title with a win over former champion Colt Derringer.

Frankie Valentine & Ace Rockwell retained the NWA PTPW Tag Team Titles with a win over Sal Rinauro & Shaun Tempers. Coach Chic Donovan & Ginny Wright were at ringside to support Rinauro & Tempers and at times it was 4 against 2, but the champions came out with a clean pinfall for the win. Before Valentine & Rockwell could leave the ring they were attacked by Siaki, Swinger & Zero Tolerance. Bad Company made a quick entry to the ring and the main event started immediately.

In the main event everything was out of control from the start. Chris Stevens, David Young, and Bull Buchanan were the winners of the match, but Sonny Siaki, Johnny Swinger, and Zero Tolerance continued the mayhem after the match until The Samoan Soldiers came to the ring with chairs to run the bad guys out. However, to the shock of everyone, The Soldiers turned the chairs on David Young and Bull Buchanan while Chris Stevens was handcuffed to the ring. Young and Buchanan took a terrible beating from the Soldiers and were helped from the ring.

FOOOTNOTES: (1) David Young & Bull Buchanan are not on the card for the 19th due to injuries received in the match on the 12th. They may or may not be there. (2) Promoter Billy Roper is seeking a restraining order against Sonny Siaki for hitting him in the face with a 2 x 4. Roper was bleeding from the cheek and chin after the blow to the face prior to the main event starting. (3) The Brits did not show up Friday night for the last match of their contract with PTPW. They will not be returning to PTPW and we wish them luck in their new promotion. (4) Marty Jannetty will be in action on the 19th of December, and The Exotic Ones make their debut at PTPW on the 19th. (5) Christmas Chaos is scheduled for December 26th and the one thing we know for sure at this point is that a steel cage has been ordered for the ring. (6 my addition) The Samoan Soldiers are the twin sons of Rikishi.

For more information on NWA Prime Time, go to:



Executive Director Bob Trobich has been asked to reveal 2009 New Year’s Resolutions for the National Wrestling Alliance during the NWA SOUTHWEST RADIO Show this Tuesday night, December 16, on Shooting Star Radio Network.

He will appear on the Show starting at 5:30 p.m. PST, 7:30 p.m. CST, 8:30 p.m. EST, and will take some calls from listeners. To hear the show live and to call-in go to: http://www.shootingstarradio.com for information. It will also be re-aired over NWA-SW’s MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest from December 18-23

NWA NEWS, House Shows and more!!!!!!

News From Mexico & NWA Champion, Blue Demon, Jr

On 12-10-08 NWA World Champion, Blue Demon, Jr announced that EMLL/CMLL wrestler, La Sombra is not an official NWA Champion even though he is being billed as the NWA Welterweight Champion, calling the title â<80><9c>meaninglessâ<80>. Demon said that he met with EMLL officials wanting to use the wrestlers holding the older and no longer recognized NWA titles in NWA Mexico These titles had remained in use in Mexico after a spilt with the NWA in the early 1990s. He said the offer was refused

NWA in Niles, OH on 12/20 at the Eastwood Expo Center with AL SNOW

Eastwood Expo Center, Niles Ohio.


Star Tickets www.starticketsplus.com

Al Snow VS Pepper Parks

The Sheik VS Preston Steele

Marvelous Mitch Ryder & Sexy Shawn Cook VS Flyinââ,¬â”¢ Ryan Burke and World


Kevin Bradway

NWA National Title Championship

Crusher Hansen (c)VS. “The Universal Soldier” Shatter

Bull Pain v. Chance Prophet

“Celtic Fury” The McCoy Brothers VS Jason Dukes & Dysfunction

plus other great matches

Bell time 7 pm

Tickets $15

NWA in Novi, MI 1/3/08 at the Birch Run Expo with SHANNON MOORE

http://www.birchrunexpos.com/ for more info & to buy tickets

Main Event

For the NWA World Tag Titles

The Skull Krushers (c) vs The Phoenix Twins

Shannon Moore vs Bull Pain

NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Match

Silas Young (c) vs Josh Raymond w/Joey Eastman

Shimmer Tag Title Match

Ashley Lane & Nevaeh (c) vs Cat Power & “Sassy” Stephie Sinclair

Mitch Rider vs “Sexy” Slim Goody

Tyson Dux vs Akira Raijin

“Sexy” Shawn Cook vs Christian Able

NWA Main Event â<80>” Episode 35 by Larry Goodman

Airing November 29, 2008 in Nashville on ION affiliate

Taped November 23, 2008 in LaVergne, Tn at the HWA Arena

Opening with a rundown of the card for December 2 at the Nick Gulas Arena: The new Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Scott Hayes makes his first title defense against former champion Jeff Daniels and the new NWA Mid-American TV Champion Shane Smalls vs. Aiden Scott.

Jason James was joined on color commentary by NWA Top Rope promoter Mike Sircy.

1 â<80>” BRYAN CASEY vs. â<80><9c>The Internetâ<80><99>s Favorite Wrestlerâ<80> WHITE TIGER

Tigerâ<80><99>s monkey flip and the arm drags that followed looked amazingly fine. Sircy made a dated reference to the â<80><9c>put a tiger in your tankâ<80> slogan from the 60s Esso commercials. Casey put Tiger in a Canadian backbreaker. Sircy called it a â<80><9c>perdiculousâ<80> situation. From there, Casey slammed Tiger on his belly ala Ron Simmonsâ<80><99> Dominator. Casey also hit a nice gutwrench suplex. James talked about the fans getting behind Tiger â<80>” in their prayers I guess, because they sure werenâ<80><99>t making any noise. Casey did the swivel hips. James said Casey was a descendant of a famous wrestler, but Charminâ<80><99> Charles was keeping it a secret. Casey took a flying bump onto the ropes. A fan yelled something about Caseyâ<80><99>s â<80><9c>dingleberries,â<80> which was the only time the fans were heard from during the match. Casey hooked the ropes to thwart Tigerâ<80><99>s comeback and hit the Rude Awakening.

Winner: Casey in 6:50 with the Rude Awakening. Better than expected. Caseyâ<80><99>s a good athlete with some decent offense, although heâ<80><99>s devoid of the facial expressions that were a big part of Rudeâ<80><99>s gimmick. Tiger wasnâ<80><99>t his usual atrocious self. In fact, it was probably the best performance Iâ<80><99>ve seen from Tiger.


Seven attacked Bullyâ<80><99>s injured knee before the bell and continued to beat on it. James said the injury occurred at Tennessee Homecoming and maybe it was too soon for Bully to be back in the ring. They brought up the broken leg Douglas suffered on Main Event TV some month ago. In the midst of the brawling, Jamie Ferrari got tossed and called for the bell. The dressing room, meager though it may be, emptied out to separate the combatants. Was that Steve-O wearing face paint?

Winner: Nobody. A double DQ in 3:23. At least it had a story. Seven was exposed here. Douglas was selling for everything he was worth while this big, muscled up dude landing blows that my grandmother could take.


Typical opening with O outwrestling Cooter. James acknowledged that O loss of the TV title on Thanksgiving. At point, James was crying out for help in the booth from Tyler Clemmons or Scott Barry. Cooter gave O a hotshot and went to work on his neck making insulting covers after his big moves. The dreaded hopping enzuigiri by O and it was both men down. Cooter kicked out of Oâ<80><99>s neckbreaker combo. O did an atrocious cartwheel back elbow, then went for a monkey flip on the opposite corner. Cooter blocked it and got the pin with his feet on the ropes.

Winner: Cooter in 7:40. NWA ME appears to be doing the unthinkable â<80>” giving Cooter a major push. Heâ<80><99>s now on a three match winning streak. And just what did Steve-O do to deserve this? He loses the TV title and instead of rehab win his next time out, he loses to this guy.

Promo by Cooter screaming about how he was tired of being overlooked in the NWA and was going back to the top (heâ<80><99>s been there before?) and would break necks if necessary. I just canâ<80><99>t take Cooter seriously as a heel.

4 â<80>” NWA Mid-America Television Title Match: Champion SHANE SMALLS vs. NWA Mid-America X Division Champion AIDEN SCOTT

James said Scott had failed to win the X Division Title at Tennessee Homecoming. Oops. Scott took exception to Smalls shenanigans and unleashed a barrage of offense. Smalls hit a backbreaker/gutbuster combo to turn the match completely around. Smalls worked the back with a cavalcade of suplexes. Smalls nailed Scott with a pair of double ax blows off the ropes. He went for three, and Scott socked him in the gut for the flip bump spot. Scottâ<80><99>s house-of-fire comeback was short-circuited by a botched spot. Smalls landed right on Scottâ<80><99>s head when Scott was late ducking under an up and over. Scott got right up and they went to the finish. Scott missed a springboard crossbody, and Smalls pinned him with an Oklahoma Roll and a handful of tights.

Winner: Smalls in 6:32. Good except for the goof right before the finish. Scott should have sold it instead of getting right up. Heâ<80><99>s going to be good once he gets more seasoning. Smallsâ<80><99> manic workrate is fun to watch. Yeah, he gets sloppy at times, but heâ<80><99>s got such a varied moveset that he doesnâ<80><99>t fall into doing the same stuff in every match, and it makes his matches stand out from the rest of the show.

Scott promo. Scott thanked the fans for their support and said he was going to be a fighting X Division Champion.

Smalls promo.

Nashville, Iâ<80><99>m still here. Whereâ<80><99>s Steve-O? Doesnâ<80><99>t matter. He doesnâ<80><99>t have this any more. I do.

Smalls said he proved his point about being the greatest NWA Mid-America Television Champion in history and anybody that crossed his path was fair game.

Cain claimed Scott got away with his title because he had a messed up ankle. Ankle or not, he was leaving with the title Tuesday night at the Fairgrounds (a monumental task since Cain was scheduled to face Steve-O.)

5 â<80>” NWA Mid-America â<80><9c>Playboyâ<80> SCOTT HAYES vs. JEFF â<80><9c>The Cripplerâ<80> DANIELS (with Dominique)

Daniels blindsided Hayes before the bell and gave him a relentless beating. Dominique interfered liberally throughout the body of the match. James talked about reviving the tag titles and giving them to Daniels and Dominique. Daniels snuffed out the rallies before Hayes could gain any momentum. Hayes got a visual fall with a sunset flip while Dominique was distracting the ref. That spot has been in every Daniels match for the last month. Hayes made his full-fledged comeback and tried for the tornado DDT. Daniels managed to block it, so Hayes shot him chest first into the turnbuckles and rolled him for the three count.

Post-match, Daniels attacked Hayes and locked in the Dominator. The other wrestlers ran out from the dressing room to pry them apart.

Winner: Hayes in 8:48. As a logical way to continue their feud as the top program, this match worked fine. Learn to love it, because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it.

Hayes promo sporting his newly won title belt. Hayes said what Daniels did today was uncalled for because he was trying to take away his livelihood. Hayes said he wouldnâ<80><99>t be hard to find, and Daniels could have a shot any time, any place.

Daniels promo. This was Daniels at his sinister best. He said Hayes stole the title from him on Thanksgiving. â<80><9c>They should get a warrant and arrest you, Scott Hayes.â<80>

Today on this TV, you got a taste of whatâ<80><99>s coming in your futureâ<80>¦Iâ<80><99>m the hunter, Scott Hayes, and what Iâ<80><99>m hunting is my Mid-America Championship thatâ<80><99>s around your waist. So what you better remember, my friend, is that now youâ<80><99>ve got the Crippler breathing down your neck. Iâ<80><99>m cominâ<80><99> Scott. Iâ<80><99>m coming with everything I got. I wonâ<80><99>t hold back, Iâ<80><99>m gonna hurt you, Scott.

Random Thoughts: This was the fourth and final Sunday taping in LaVergne, a venture that was an abject failure any way you look at it. It was bad TV and I canâ<80><99>t see why anybody watching would want to attend the house shows. Presumably, turning viewers into ticket buyers is the main objective, but a new viewer would likely ask why, if Main Event wrestling is such an entertaining live event, are there only 20 people in the crowd? And why do those 20 people look bored out of their minds? I canâ<80><99>t recall even one really good match from LaVergne, but in fairness to the talent, the atmosphere there was death for having good matches…Main Event might be able to get away with such a small roster if they had more guys involved in interesting programs. The rosters were small in the days of the territories, but there was an abundance of experienced talent with the know how to build programs that sold tickets, and they had the ability to rotate talent in and out of the territoryâ<80>¦Daniels cut another great promo, and itâ<80><99>s a good thing. Realistically, unless they turn Woods, there isnâ<80><99>t another main event caliber heel to go to as title contender on topâ<80>¦This was tricky episode to do, because it was portrayed as if Tennessee Homecoming had already taken place. The only obvious glitch was James saying Scott didnâ<80><99>t win the title, and then five minutes later, Scott cuts a promo announcing that heâ<80><99>s the champion. Airing Cainâ<80><99>s promo for a match that wasnâ<80><99>t happening this week made no senseâ<80>¦Sircy was a major improvement over the rotating color commentators on last weekâ<80><99>s show, but where’s Clemmons?. The combination of James and Clemmons can make a bad show listenableâ<80>¦Theyâ<80><99>ve spent a good bit of time and energy on Steve-0â<80><99>s push, so I have wonder where the booking is headed with him losing to Cooterâ<80>¦Daniels and Smalls stood out on what was otherwise another extremely mediocre episode.

NWA Main Event is pleased to announce that Power Slam Pro Wrestling is once again an affiliate of the NWA.

NWA Main Event and PSPW will be co-promoting Friday night cards at a boxing venue located adjacent to San Jose Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, located at 99 Wallace Rd, just off Harding Place

(exit 56 off I-24). Shows will be held the first, third and fifth Friday nights beginning January 2nd. The venue has great lights and sound and we are looking forward to bringing quality wrestling to Nashville on Friday nights.

Wrestlers wanting to be a part of the first show can contact me by email…


I am looking forward to a serious run for success, and want to thank Mike Porter (a friend of nearly 40 years, starting when we both worked for the Dean, Nick Gulas) for the opportunity.

Terry Rice

Mike Porter

National Wrestling Alliance

Member Board of Directors

NWA Empire

December 6, 2008

St. Johnsburg Fire Hall

North Tonawanda, NY


NWA Empire fans were treated to a VERY hot show last Saturday, NWA

Empire presented it’s December show inf front of a very loud and

enthusiastic crowd of approx 375 at St. Johnsburg Firehall in North

Tonawanda, New York. Fans saw two feuds come to an end, two titles

change hands, and the return of a popular superstar who made a very

controversial decision, which the fans did not appreciate or support.

Here are the full results from Corporate Holiday:

Brandon Thurston defeated Coconut Jones in a very good and

competitive opening match

“Superbad” Richard Venice & Nick Ando defeated Col. Jonny Kayfabe &

Frank “The Tank” Zimmerman

In s six-man match, the team of Mean Marcos (who is one-half of the

NWA Empire Tag team Champs with Colin Delaney), Cheech & Golden

defeated Stargazer, Cloudy & “Fat Ass” Dewey Gunn

Violence and Volume (Chris Cooper & Ice) defeated Kyle & Evan McCloud

“Inferno” Johnny Adams pinned Tommy Mandrake in a match that also

included Kevin Grace, to win Grace’s NWA Empire Lord of the Dance (3-

Way) Championship. This is the popular Adams first title in NWA


“Mastiff” Will Christianson defeated Jimmy Olson in a emotionally

draining Loser Leaves NWA Empire Match. This match has to be

considered not only the match of the night, but possibly the best

match ever in NWA Empire history bar none. And that includes the 2nd

Round NWA World Heavyweight title match between “American Dragon”

Brian Danielson and Ireland’s Fergal Devitt at NWA Empire’s Red,

White and Bruised in 2007. After a very competitive match that saw a

number of close calls and near falls from both men, Mastiff was able

to hit his signature jitterbug, followed by a fisherman buster suplex

to take the match. By the pre-match stipulations, as the loser of

the match, Jimmy Olsen is not allowed to wrestle in NWA Empire any

longer. Afterwards, the hated Mastiff got on the mic and said that

he had finally rid NWA Empire of his enemy Olsen, and that he

intended to go through the Empire roster one-by-one until he is

finally the NWA Empire champion.

Ron Falco finally gained a measure of revenge against this bitter

enemy Brodie Lee, beating The Big Rig in a brutal Nebraska Cornhusker

Street Fight. The end came when Brodie attempted to use a metal

spike on the bloody Falco for the forth or fifth time in the match.

However he was stopped by Falco’s manager Mandi Stroyer who ran in

from the back and grabbed the spike just a Brodie was about to use

it. The Big Rig then make a gross tactical error. Brodie took his

attention off of Falco, grabbing Mandi and threatening to use the

spike on her. This allowed Falco time to to regain his composure.

He then hit Lee with a vicious spear, and followed it up with a Falco

Bomb (sit-out powerbomb), his own version of the Lee’s signature

Brodie Bomb, for the three count. Quite appropriate that Falco beat

Brodie with the Big Rig’s own signature move.

“Fabulous” John McChesney defeated Pepper Parks via DQ. Near the end

of a very good and action packed match, Pepper tossed McChesney’s

flag into John’s face, then hit a schoolboy roll-up pin for the

apparent victory. However referee Richard Head ran down to ringside

with a copy of the official NWA rulebook. After brief consultation

with referee Andrew Mollon, Mollon announced that the rule pointed

out to him by Head prohibited the using of ANY foreign object during

a match, and revered the decision, awarding McChesney the win via DQ.

“The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabreal Saint won a six man scramble

match, defeating “The ‘Rican Sensation” Maximo Suave, “The Montgomery

Madman” Mo Mantha, Primo Scardino, Troy “The Boy” Buchanan,

and “Wonderboy” Zac Atticus, who was accompanied to ringside by the

debuting Chris “Whitey” White from PWA Niagara.

“Glamorous” Glenn Dillon and Mike Magee defeated “Mr. 300” J.P. Hawke

and the returning Blackjack Phoenix in a match that started out as a

singles match between Dillon and Hawke. After feuding for several

months, Hawke had challenged “The Glamorous” One to one final match,

with the stipulation that if he won, Dillon would have his head

shaved bald, and that if Dillon won, he (Hawke) would retire from

wrestling for good. In the early going of the match J.P. had the

advantage and Glamorous Glenn decided that digression was the better

part of valor, bailing out of the ring and heading to the back.

However he was stopped by the popular Mike Magee, who came out from

the back and forced Dillon back in the ring. As J.P. turned his

attention back to Dillon, Magee showed his true colors, attacking

J.P. from behind. Before Dillon could join in the attack, Hawke was

able to escape the ring. He grabbed the mic and said that he knew

that Dillon would try some underhanded shenanigan, so he had gone out

and gotten some back-up himself. This brought out the returning

Blackjack Phoenix to a tremendous pop from the crowd, and it became a

tag match. As Hawke brawled outside the ring with Magee, the crafty

Dillon, who was brawling with Phoenix on the outside of the ring on

the opposite side, pulled out an envelope with $2,000 cash in it. He

told Phoenix he knew about Blackjack’s recent financial setbacks, and

that he had heard that Phoenix was hurting for money and would do

anything to get out of debt. He then offered Phoenix the money to

take out J.P. Hawke. Phoenix seemed to be really torn as to whether

to do it or not, but he finally got in the ring and hit Hawke with a

devastating clothesline. Dillon then pinned Hawke, ending J.P.’s

wrestling career. Phoenix then took the envelope from Dillon and

left the ring amid a chorus of boos from the shocked and disgusted

fans, as Dillon and Magee continued to beat-down Hawke in the ring.

The pair were finally ordered out of the ring by several NWA Empire

referees who came to J.P. Hawke’s aid. When he came to, the angry

and frustrated J.P. took his anger out on the referees’, hitting

referees Andrew Mollon and Richard Head with Stone Cold Cutters. He

then rolled his signature bowling ball into the groin of Andrew

Mollon who was sitting spread eagle in a ring corner. J.P. left the

ring and walked to the back for final time in his career, accompanied

by a loud chat of “Thank you J.P.” from the crowd.

Former WWE superstar Colin Delaney, despite injured ribs suffered

earlier in the evening in a vicious attack by NWA Empire champion

Jonny Puma and his Club Elite running buddies Chris Cooper and Ice,

was able to overcome interference from Ice and Copper to defeat Puma

for the NWA Empire Heavyweight title. This makes Colin a double

champion in NWA Empire, as he also holds one-half of the NWA Empire

tag champions with Mean Marcos. This marks the first time in the

nearly three year history of NWA Empire that the fed has had a double


The next NWA Empire show was announced as being Saturday February 7,

2009 at St. Johnsburg Firehall.



One man that is throughly disgusted with the actions of “Glamorous”

Glenn Dillon and Mike Magee at NWA Empire’s Corporate Holiday is Adam

Bloodstone. Bloodstone, who referees under that name and also

wrestles as The Dustytaker, posted these comments to the Kayfabe Dojo

Message Board (http://s6.zetaboard s.com/kayfabedoj owrestling/ index),

the official message board of both NWA Empire and sister fed NWA


“After witnessing what happened to JP Hawke last night, I think I

should place Mr. Dillon and Mr. Magee in the crosshairs. Personally,

I found that reprehensible what you did, by paying of Blackjack to do

your dirty work just because he’s fallen on hard times. Trust me,

oh “Glamorous One”, your day of reckoning, as well Magee’s, will be

at hand.”

Fans have been clamoring for a match between The Dustytaker and Mike

Magee ever since Magee debuted in NWA Empire. These two started

their careers together, and fans want to see these two old-schoolers

go at it. We can only hope that NWA Empire owner Hellcat will grant

the fans wishes and book this match. Even better yet if if Hellcat

would book book both Dillon and Magee into a handicap match against

Dustytaker. That way Adam can take out all the trash at the same


For more information on NWA Empire, go to:


NWA Liberty States Wrestling

November 29, 2008

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Danny Demanto defeat Shawn Haste

The Logan brothers defeated Papa Don and Bruno Marciano

The Samoan warriors defeated The Players Club in a handicap match with Kyle Durgen getting in the ring

Koko B Ware defeated baby Huey in a TV title match up.

Sonny defeated VMP

Judas Young defeated Danny Inferno Funk in a great match up

The Giant defeated 4 men at one time in a awesome display of power

Cousin Larry defeated CK Kross

For more information on NWA LSW, go to:


NWA Liberty States Wrestling

December 6, 2008

Medway Middle School

Medway, ME

Attendance – over 100


El Diablo vs. Jason Rumble

The crowd wasn’t quite hot yet and were jeering both competitors, but they put on a solid match. Jason came out and put his stuff in the corner but his sunglasses broke when he put them down. I yelled that they were cheap and got a pretty good heel reaction from him. El Diablo was called “Ninja Turtle” throughout the match by a local crowd regular.

The match was pretty sound technically, alot of good grappling (the crowd wasn’t buying it though… obviously a more “sports entertainment” crowd) but ended abruptly when El Diablo went for a suicide dive, but went nose-first into the ring ropes and the opportunistic Boston Bad Boy jumped on for the quick pin and El Diablo was escorted to the back.

Logan Bros. vs. Kactus and Baby Huey

The crowd popped huge for the Logan Brothers and I won’t be surprised if they make it far in this business. They have a great look about them and they pulled an awesome switcharoo for some comedic confusion on the part of Baby Huey.

They pulled a win by pinfall using a flying cross-body/schoolboy tandem move.

Blue Knight vs. Irish Bully

A very lukewarm and somewhat forced pop for the Blue Knight… Very atypical for patriotic gimmicks.

Blue Knight pulled out a win after hitting a missile dropkick from the top rope.

Sonny Roselli vs. Evil Cousin Larry

This was a no-countout brawl and Sonny held the upper hand almost the entire match. After Larry missed a running jumping knee in the corner, Sonny focused on that knee, chop-blocking it out from underneath him and getting him in a figure-4 lock in the corner. The ref got in Sonny’s face and Sonny shoved him off making the ref call it a no-contest.

The lockerroom emptied to separate the two and Sonny kept charging back every time the faces pulled him back. Eventually Kactus and the Playas Club helped Larry limp back.

The Pharaoh vs. Mark Moment

Mark got squashed. Plain and simple. It was a long squash but a squash nonetheless.

Playas Club (Davey Boy Bling and Bobby Robinson) vs. Samoan Warriors: Street Fight

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful. This is one for the highlight reels

Great improvisation from everyone and a very fitting match to go out on. I really don’t want to say too much on the match itself because it deserves to be watched on TV. I’m looking forward to seeing this one because I missed half of the action since they went around the entire gymnasium and could only pay attention to one Samoan and Playa at a time. There’s a great series of spots using the gym class’s climbing rope!

Samoans pull out a win and the crowd goes nuts as they celebrate amongst them.

Courtesy of the NWA On Fire Message Board.

For more information on NWA Liberty States Wrestling, go to:


NWA Impact Zone Wrestling

“December to Remember 4”

December 5, 2008

Holmes Elementary School

Mesa, AZ

Lucha Reigns & Black Dragon survived a 10-man battle royal; as

a result, each man was selected by a teacher to represent them

in the main event.

Lawrence Tyler & Payed Daily defeated Elite Industry’s Derick

Neikirk & B. Brian Barnett when LT pinned Barnett.

Sassi pinned Erica D’Erico.

Doink the Clown beat The Great Ryan Lynch in a non-title


Native Blood beat Shane Haste & Jack Bonza (with C. Edward

Vanderpyle) when G. Q. Gallo pinned Bonza.

In the main event, Lucha Reigns pinned Black Dragon with a

moonsault. As a result, Principal Johnson shaved a mohawk on

the head of Mr. Phil.

For more information on NWA IZW, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling TV Taping Results

October 25, 2008

Mt. Hope, WV

November 16th TV Broadcast

1.) #1 contender match TR Superstar d. Dwayne Tenney

2.) Three Way Match

Bunkhouse Boys -vs- Prowlers -vs- JC Dykes Jr. & Damon Rite

Double pin by Prowler I and JC Dykes Jr.

3.) Billy Lit d. Buddy Love by DQ

4.) Ritchie Acevedo d. Jason Kincaid in non title match

November 23rd TV Broadcast

1.) JC Dykes & Damon Rite d. Prowlers

2.) Maestro d. Johnny Blast

3.) NWA MSW TV Title vs Career

Billy Lit d. Buddy Love and Ritchie Acevedo

(Buddy Love got pinned and is out of MSW)

4.) Jason Kincaid & Johnny Blast d. Kris King & Diablo Jr.

5.) NWA MSW Tag Team Title Match

Bunkhouse Boys (Bandit & Willie Blackheart) d.

JC. Dykes Jr. & Damon Rite to retain NWA MSW Tag-Team Titles

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling TV Taping Results

November 14, 2008

Ghent, WV

November 29th TV Show

1.) Prowler II challanged TV announcer for Loserweight title and gets counted out of ring to retain title

2.) NWA MSW Tag Team Title Match

Bunkhouse Boys (Bandit & Willie Blackheart) d.

Bruiser Graham & Prowler I to retain Tag-Team Titles

3.) Maestro d. Scotty Rocker by DQ

4.) NWA MSW TV Titles Match

TR Superstar d. Billy Lit (pinfall was made after the time limit for the title) Billy Lit retains title

5.) NWA MSW Heavyweight Title Match

Jason Kincaid d. Eli Rose to Retain NWA MSW Heavyweight Title

December 7th TV show.

1.) JC Dykes Jr. d. Damon Rite

2.) Diablo Jr. d. Prowler II

3.) Bunkhouse Boys & Maestro d. Prowlers & Scotty Rocker

4.) NWA MSW TV title match

Billy Lit (c) d. TR Superstar

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling

November 15, 2008

Matoaka, WV.

1.) Prowlers def Kris King & Scott Raines

2.) Johnny Blast -vs- Diablo Jr. (double DQ)

3.) Bunkhouse Boys & Total Eclipse def. Shawn Cruz & Karl & Jamie Morris

4.) Maestro d. Scotty Rocker

5.) Jason Kincaid d. Billy Lit to retain NWA MSW Heavyweight Title

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling

November 22, 2008

Beaver, WV

1.) Loserweight title

Damon Rite d. Prowler II

2.) Shawn Cruz d. Karl and Todd Austin in 3 way match

3.) JC Dykes Jr. d. Johnny Ace

4.) Dwayne Tenney d. Kris King

5.) NWA MSW Heavyweight Title Match

Jason Kincaid d. Ritchie Acevedo to retain heavyweight title

6.) NWA MSW Tag Team Titke Match

Bunkhouse Boys (Bandit & Willie Blackheart) d.

Scotty Rocker & Bruiser Graham to retain tag team titles

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling

November 28, 2008

Mt. Hope WV.

1.) Ritchie Acevedo d. Prowler II

2.) 4 way match

Bruiser Graham d. Tommy Ace, Total Eclipse, and Prowler I

3.) Jason Kincaid & Johnny Blast d. Diablo Jr. & Kris King

4.) NWA MSW Tag Team Title Match

Bunkhouse Boys (Bandit & Willie Blackheart) d.

Billy Lit & Dwayne Tenney to retain Tag-Team Titles

5.) Maestro d. TR Superstar

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA-IZW Update:

New Impulse Episode The latest edition of IZW Impulse is now online.

Don’t miss the action in this episode, including: –

Fantasia El Exotico vs. Payed Daily-

Sergio Vega vs. Johnny Manson-

Mike James & Erica D’Erico (w/Dread Pirate Bernie) vs. Jacob Herzberg & Coach D (w/Marty Murphy)-

IZW Impulse champion Ryan Lynch defends vs. Antonio Mestre vs. Jay Garland in a triple threat match-

NWA-Arizona & IZW Heavyweight champion GQ Gallo defends vs. his brother and former partner The Navajo Warrior

All this and more can be found in the latest episode of IZW Impulse, found online at www.impactzonewrestling.com

NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation


December 12, 2008

Knights of Columbus

Covina, CA

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Jeremy Jaeger defeated Johnny Paradise by disqualification in Round 3 of the Inland Title Series

Jack Bonza pinned El Vigilante

“Slick” Nick Jackson pinned “Mr Instant Replay” Matt Jackson in Round 3 of the Inland Title Series

Aiden Riley & Yyan Nakano defeated Lucky O’Shea & Ellen Degenerate

Liger Rivera pinned Joey Ryan

Devon Willis defeated “Zero Gravity” Chris Kadillak

EWF American Champion Ryan Taylor defeated NWA Heritage Champion TJ Perkins in the Race To The Top Belt on a Pole Match to win the NWA Heritage Championship

Vizzion & Extreme Loco defeated EWF Heavyweight Champion Black Metal & Jason Watts

For more information on EWF, go to:


For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Southwest/ PWF

December 13, 2008

PWF Wrestleplex

Amarillo, TX

Match 1: Shawn Sanders & Michael Faith vs. Mike McNasty & Shane Stratmore

Winners: Shawn Sanders & Michael Faith

Match 2: Joey Armstrong vs. Biohaxxxard

Winner: Joey Armstrong

Match 3: Rufus Lee Wilkins vs. Mad Dogg 50

Winner: Mad Dogg 50

Match 4: Shawn Mills vs. Shance Williams

Winner: Shawn Mills

Match 5: Cody Jones vs. Rob Ryzin

Winner: Cody Jones

Match 6: Vordell Walker vs. Michael Youngblood

Winner: Vordell Walker

Match 7: Match 7 of the Best of 7 series for

NWA SW/ PWF Brass Knuckles Title

Barbed Wire Match

Chuey Martinez (c) vs. Austin Riley

Winner and new NWA SW/ PWF Brass Knuckles Champ Austin Riley

For more information on PWF, go to:



For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



Dec. 13 – NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken Taylor has signed the match billed as “Battle of the Gladiators”, which sends 8x Texas Heavyweight champion Kevin Northcutt (winner of more NWA Gold this decade than anyone) versus challenger Michael Faith (regular Japan Touring Star). Both are also students of MMA. It will be hosted by NWA-SW / World of Wrestling (WOW) on Friday, January 9, in Cypress, Texas near Houston.

“The word Heavyweight truly applies to this match” said Taylor. “This is going to be slobber knocker as JR would say…….these two can set the house on fire.”

Taylor said a lot more information will be forthcoming in the next few days, and weeks. Go to: http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest and http://www.nwa-southwest.com

NWA Indiana

December 14, 2008

Lafayette Theater

Lafayette, Indiana

Justin Andrews defeated Christoper Kent

Tony Scarpone defeated Hayden Kent

Shawn Cook defeated The MetalMaster to regain the NWA Indiana title.

Guy Lombardo & Marc Houston defeated Billy Bart & Don Basher to gain a shot at the tag team titles later in the night

Flash Flannigan defeated Billy Roc

Lash Gibson defeated Rob Ramer

In the main event, Guy Lombardo & Marc Houston defeated Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous by disqualification. Devon Fury and Kenny Courageous retain the NWA Indiana Heritage tag team titles.

Billy Roc announced to the fans that he is now the new Commissioner of NWA Indiana!

NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette on 1/11 with Lash Gibson vs Shawn Cook for the NWA Indiana Title, Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous vs Guy Lombardo & Marc Houston for the tag team titles and the debut of “Marvelous” Mitch Ryder!

Log onto www.thenwaindiana.com for more info.

EPW Perth

December 13, 2008

Kristmas Kaos

Venville Recreation Centre

Maylands, Australia

European Union def. Blitz Team

Mikey Nicholls def. Marcius Pitsonopolous

Devlin Reeves, Dan Moore and Chase Griffin def. Team Allstar

AZ Vegara def. Jose Del Santo

Davis Storm def. Ritcher and JT

Ferguson Block def. Barry Schmitd

Jamie Jurah def. Bobby Marshall in a brutal match.

Courtesy of the EPW Perth Message Board.

For more information on EPW Perth, go to:


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