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Welcome to the AWF News Update for December 2008.

Lots happening in AWF as the year winds down setting the scene for a big 2009, AWF’s 10th year as a promotion.

It has been a building year in 2008 for AWF, a trying year crowd wise for the most, as the Australian economy and an over saturation of wrestling on TV has possibly hurt AWF numbers this year. On the plus side our in ring wrestling product has been fantastic, as exemplefied to those who attended Year End Extravaganza at Niagara Park, and our passionate fans are excited by our current product. The establishment of factions such as The Freakshow and Detonation Crew has really fired up the rivalries and angles at live events. We urge all in Sydney area and surrounds to make sure you come to the Panthers event on 16 January entitled New Years Revolution to experience what AWF has to offer, and join us in the lead up to our 10 Year Anniversary show that will take place April 18, 2009. Things are set to take an upturn in 2009, as AWF looks to progess the Australasian Wrestling once again, so we urge you all to come along for the ride again, and lets make history together!

Once again, thanks for your support of AWF Wrestling, and here’s the latest news update!


AWF Australasian Champion: Il Cognito

1. Max Comic

2. TNT

3. Scotty Club

4. Stev Ravenous

5. Powerhouse Theo

AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Bluey Bonza

1. Billy Flyswat

2. Max Comic

3. Robert The Scientist

4. Ben Coles

5. Destroyer Dacey

AWF Tag Team Champion: Massive Q & Toxin

1. Platinum Players: Kid Dynamite & Jay Law

2. Detonation Crew: TNT & Powerhouse Theo

3. Team Nightmare: Blakestone & Kyle Semenoff

4. Surf Club: Adam Hoffman & Scotty Club

5. Gosford Giddyups!: Max Comic & Billy Flyswat

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Roger Ventura


Wrestler of the Year: Il Cognito

Tag Team of the Year: Billy Flyswat

Young Lion of the Year: Jay Law

Future Prospect Award: Max Comic

Feud of the Year: TNT Vs Blakestone

Match of the Year: 4 Way Blacktown 6 July: TNT Vs Steve Ravenous Vs Mark Hilton Vs Il Cognito

Supporters of the Year: Neil & Katrina Wells





FRI 16 JANUARY, 2009

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) comes to Panthers World of Entertainment, Penrith, NSW on Friday 16 January to kick start the year with a huge night of pro-wrestling excitement, featuring Australiaâ<80><99>s top professional wrestlers.

The AWF will deliver over 2 hours of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters to kick start the beginning of 2009.

The awesome Panthers Evan Theatre will be the perfect setting to host this hi tech event, and AWF will utilize the venueâ<80><99>s great video walls and sound and lighting to make this a visually spectacular extravaganza.

As a special Xmas gift AWF will give a free DVD to all who purchase tickets before December 25. Perfect for Xmas.

The marquee proceeding for the â<80><9c>New Years Revolutionâ<80> event will see a huge tag team bout exploode as â<80><9c>The Detonation Crewâ<80> of TNT & Powerhouse Theo take on â<80><9c>Team Nightmareâ<80> consisting of the awesome Blakestone and New Zealandâ<80><99>s Kyle Semenoff.

TNT & Blakestone have been feuding since mid 2008, when both men attacked each other at rival organization events. Their bouts have been hard fought intense battles, with wrestling fans seemingly the winners, as their rivalry was named Australian Feud of the Year in 2008. In their last encounter at Blacktown on 11 October, Kyle Seminoff interjected himself as TNT had just scored the submission win over Blakestone, leading to both Semenoff & Blakestone attacking TNT after the decision. Powerhouse Theo was quick to the scene to stop the permanent disability of TNT, and Team Nightmare fled. Later on the same card, Team Nightmare cost Powerhouse Theo the AWF Title against Il Cognito, as their interference caused an opening for Theoâ<80><99>s defeat. This double team caused TNT to come to the aid of Theo this time, and both teams brawled all over the building with great hostility, leaving all unsettled. At Penrith on 11 April both teams will look to end the unfinished business with both teams, and in many ways AWF and outside rivals. This will be a massive main event with all on the line.

In AWF Australasian Championship action, â<80><9c>Ringmaster of The Freakshowâ<80> Il Cognito will face number 1 contender Max Comic with the title on the line.

Il Cognito has reigned as Australasian Champion since 6 July 2008, and was named AWF Wrestler of 2008. Using underhanded tactics and often the help of his â<80><9c>Freakshowâ<80> counterparts, he has remained a strong Champion and looks set to continue on well into 2008.

Max Comic on the other hand will be looking to continue his winning ways as he heads to the biggest bout of his career. Comic was named Future Prospect Award winner for 2008, meaning that experts predict that he will become a breakthrough wrestler if he continues his growth in the future. Comic ended 2008 on a high, with the funny man defeating Zander Bathory and then going on to eliminate the AWF Tag Team champions Toxin & Massive Q in the AWF Year End Rumble to score himself the title shot. With â<80><9c>The Freakshowâ<80> group all riled up over Comics recent wins over the most powerful faction in AWF, nothing would fulfill the monicker of future prospect more than Comic upsetting the Champion Il Cognito and taking the AWF Title.

In addition, as part of the proceedings for the â<80><9c>New Years Revolutionâ<80> event other exciting bouts will AWF Tag Team Champions Massive Q & Toxin defend against Kid Dynamite & Jay Law. Young Lionâ<80><99>s Champion Bluey Bonza who has just returned from the USA, will face former Champion Billy Flyswat. â<80><9c>Platinum Playerâ<80> JT Robinson will take on â<80><9c>Australia Madeâ<80><99>sâ<80> Scotty Club. Mixed Tag Team action will see Alison Wonderland & Zander Bathory square off with Shazza McKenzie & Adam Hoffman. All this plus a huge 6 Man bout plus more exciting bouts and happenings on the night!

Remember as a very special Christmas gift from AWF to its fans, those who pre purchase tickets before December 25 from Panthers will receive an AWF DVD for free! The perfect gift for any wrestling fan this Christmas.

This is sure to be a great event packed with surprises galore, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Australian Wrestling Federation for â<80><9c>AWF New Years Revolution @ Penrith Panthersâ<80>.

We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as recent AWF events have been turn away sell outs. Tickets are on sale now at the club.


– Inter-Promotional Grudge Match: TNT & Powerhouse Theo (AWF) Vs Blakestone & Kyle Semenoff (Nightmare)

– AWF Australasian Championship: Max Comic Vs Il Cognito (c)

– AWF Tag Team Championships: Jay Law & Kid Dynamite Vs Massive Q & Toxin (c)

– AWF Young Lionâ<80><99>s Championship: Billy Flyswat Vs Bluey Bonza (c)

– Mixed Tag Team Action: Alison Wonderland & Zander Bathory Vs Shazza McKenzie & Adam Hoffman

– 6 Man attraction: Steve Ravenous, Traffic & Rockefella Vs Rob Scientist, Ben Coles & Jason â<80><9c>The Destroyerâ<80> Dacey

– JT Robinson Vs Scotty Club

*** Subject To Change ***


FRI 16 JANUARY, 2009 â<80>” 8:00 PM BELLTIME






SHOW INFO: The AWF will deliver over 2 hours of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.

Visit or call 0410 691 377



SAT 7 MARCH, 2009

“Get ready… Things are about to get heavy!”, as the Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) makes it’s much anticipated return to the Blacktown area in 2009.

See AWF top stars including TNT, Steve Ravenous, Scotty Club and Blakestone battle it out in a huge 2 hour plus live wrestling spectacular with the Australiaâ<80><99>s Cup on the line!

Under the setting of the Blacktown RSL, the event promises to be fantastic evening of sports entertainment suitable for all ages. Be there ringside to experience the electricity and action packed experience that is AWF!

For up to date card and event details please visit in coming weeks


SAT 7 MARCH, 2009 â<80>” 7 PM BELLTIME





SHOW INFO: The AWF will deliver 2 hours plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.

Show enquiries call 0410 691 377

AWF is happy to announce that it will be presenting Live Pro-Wrestling at Supanova Pop Culture Expo events around Australia again in 2009.

Last year AWF entertained audiences with the Supannova Cup Tournaments across the country. Many of the characters at the conventions even had the chance to interact, with members of The Gladiators TV show entering the ring, and also the likes of Darth Vader, Spider Man, Super Mario and many others getting involved in the action.

In 2009 Supanova goers will see even more fun and games from AWF, as we will be making this our strongest involvement yet! Be sure to be part of all the fun and attend these great events.


MELBOURNE, VIC: March 27-29 Royal Showgrounds

BRISBANE, QLD: April 3-5, RNA Showgrounds

SYDNEY, NSW: June 26-28, The Dome, Olympic Park

PERTH, WA: July 3-5, Claremont Showgrounds

Tickets will be available for Supanova events from Ticketek outlets soon. Visit for full convention details.


AWF Graduation Day 2008

Sat 29 November, 2008

AWF Dojo

Minto, NSW

Attendance: 100

Results: Rob The Scientist b Frankie The Italian, Max Comic b Destroyer Dacey & Rockafella, Ben Coles b Kid Dynamite, Bluey Bonza & Shazza McKenzie b Massive Q & Alison Wonderland, Billy Flyswat b Traffic, AWA Australian Title: TNT b Steve Ravenous

Show Notes:

– Awards Ceremony opened the event, with 2008 menâ<80><99>s graduates Adam â<80><9c>Trafficâ<80> Holland & Ben Coles receiving their certificates from Billy Flyswat & TNT. Traffic proclaimed he would show his teacher Flyswat tricks he wasnâ<80><99>t taught and defeat him and walked off. Coles stated he had worked hard and was very happy to be graduating. Kid Dynamite came to the ring and said he wasnâ<80><99>t impressed with Coles and would bring him down later on the card.

– Frankie â<80><9c>The Italianâ<80> made his debut against Rob â<80><9c>The Scientistâ<80> in the opening bout. The Scientist was too skillful in the end scoring with his scientific knee smash.

– Max Comic prevailed in the rookie 3 way pinning Rockafella.

– Ben Coles made an impressive debut pinning Kid Dynamite with a roll up after 15 mins of intense action. After the bout a riled up Kid Dynamite, joined by PP partner Steve Ravenous beat Coles down and left him laying.

– Shazza Mckenzie was presented with her Graduation Certificate of Completion before the bout to a great reception. Australian Madeâ<80><99>s Bonza & McKenzie were then impressive in victory with Shazza pinning Wonderland after being riled up after Alison tore up her graduation certificate.

– Flyswat pinned the debuting Traffic with the Hook Fly & Sinker.

– The finale of the TNT Vs Steve Ravenous main event saw Kid Dynamite enter and cause referee Kieth Proust to be hit by TNT. Dynamite & Ravenous double teamed TNT and then Dyno went and got the AWA belt. As Kid perched on the apron, Ben Coles came to the ring & pulled Dynamite off, grabbed the AWA belt, and as Ravenous came through the ropes, cracked Ravenous with the belt to the head. TNT applied a dragon sleeper and referee Proust turned around and called the submission. TNT thanked Coles after the bout and the two menâ<80><99>s hands were raised.

AWF Year End Extravaganza 2008

Sat 6 December, 2008

Central Coast Youth Club

Niagara Park, NSW

Attendance: 120

Results: Max Comic b Zander Bathory, AWF Tag Titles 4 Team Elimination: Massive Q & Toxin b Ben Coles & Traffic, Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson, Club & Hoffman, AWF Australasian Championship: Il Cognito b Billy Flyswat, AWA Australian Title: TNT b Jay Law, Alison Wonderland b Shazza McKenzie, Max Comic won AWF Rumble.

Show Notes:

– Hometown boy Max Comic pleased the local fans by defeating Zander Bathory with the punchline in the Young Lionâ<80><99>s opening bout.

– In the 4 way Tag Title bout the match started with Coles and Traffic stating that they had just graduated and wanted in the bout (originally scheduled as a 3 team affair). Champions Q & Toxin allowed it. Traffic ended up jealously turning on Coles and slammed a ticket in his mouth and walked out, causing Ben the loss. Surf Club managed to then do away with JT with the Wipeout blockbuster/German suplex combo, and Q & Toxin outlasted Surf Club.

– Billy Flyswat came close in rallying his home fans against Il Cognito in his quest for the AWF Title, but however fell short, with Il Cognito taking the fall in controversial fashion.

– TNT defended the AWA Australian Title successfully in a heated contest with Jay Law, scoring with The Detonator for the win after having his leg attacked for the most part of the bout.

– AWF Year Awards were presented to Billyu Flyswat for his Tag Team work in 2008, and Il Cognito for Wrestler of The Year. The two exchanged words. Neil & Katrina Wells were named Supporters of The Year.

– Alison Wonderland defeated Shazza Mckenzie after a body scissor block into the Wonderplex for the victory.

– The AWF Rumble saw Traffic in at number 1, followed by Coles who stormed the ring and the two went right at it for the first two minutes. Another competitor would enter every minute then on. Pinfalls and over the top rope elimination were both valid. Some highlights saw Club & Cole double team to eliminate Frankie The Italian, JT eliminated accidently by partner Steve Ravenous, TNT sneakily eliminating Jay Law after being thrown out moments earlier by Law, Scotty Club and Steve Ravenous eliminating each other, Q & Toxin rampaging and eliminating many, Flyswat eliminating Il Cognito, then being done by Il Cog Q & Toxin. The end saw Max Comic left with tag champs Q & Toxin. Q accidently eliminated Toxin after a double team mess up, then Q attacked comic scoring with a choke slam. Following up with a Vader like standing splash, Comic sidestepped and crouched behind Q, cheakily knocking the massive one down and pinning him to win the Rumble. Comic had earned himself his first Australasian Title shot and thanked his home fans for their support.

– Next AWF event is New Yearâ<80><99>s Revolution at Penrith Panthers, NSW on 16 January, 2009


– As 2008 ends, Il Cognito dominantly remains AWF Australasian Champion, after successfully defending against Billy Flyswat on 6 December. Il Cognito has been named 2008 AWF Wrestler of The Year, and as leader of “The Freakshow” has led his group to become the most powerful in AWF, as they also possess the AWF Tag Team Titles, currently held by Massive Q & Toxin. Il Cognito has the challenge of the in form Max Comic ahead on 16 January at Panthers to kick start his 2009 campaign.

– “The Freakshow’s” combination of Massive Q & Toxin had their first successful Tag Title defence on 6 December, working impressively to outlast Traffic & Coles, Robinson & Ravenous and Surf Club. Their next title defence will be against Kid Dynamite & Platinum Players associate Jay Law at Panthers on 16 Jan, in what should be a wild match where all the rules are broken.

– Speaking of the Panthers show, the main event will feature the huge interpromotional grudge match stemming from 6 months of tensions, antagonised by Mark Williamson, Blakestone and Kyle Semenoff. “Team Nightmare” cost TNT the AWF Australasian Championship in July, and in October cost Powerhouse Theo the chance to win the Australasian Championship. At Panthers on 16 January AWF representatives “The Detonation Crew” of TNT and Theo will look to avenge “Team Nightmare” and settle this feud once and for all. As a special AWF Gift to pre-purchased tickets before December 25, you will recieve a FREE AWF DVD!!!! Get in early as this show will be a huge start to a massive year.

– AWF (Aust / NZ) will be joining forces with WWP (based in South Africa) to promote Tri Nations Wrestling events in 2009 in all three countries. This exciting Series will see teams selected in the coming months, with a fierce competition set to follow. Negotiations have began, and both companies look forward to a great working relationship that will encourage each countries wrestlers to bring out their best and to be recognised more on an international platform.

– AWF will be having it’s 10 Year Anniversary event on 18 April 2009 which promises to be a massive day for Australian Wrestling. More event details will become available in the coming weeks, so get ready, as this will be something truly special. We invite personal and business Sponsors to send expression of interests to be involved in this event. The event will be held in Kensington, NSW at the UNSW Roundhouse venue, and will feature local and international talent. Tickets will be available through Ticketek shortly.

– Supanova is coming up again for 2009, and it looks like it will be the conventions biggest year yet. AWF will have it’s big stand and be presenting live wrestling to all in attendence through the day again, and there will be opportunities to meet and talk with many of the AWF talent. Make sure you keep an eye out at to hear all the latest on pop culture guests scheduled for this year, and more will be released in regards to the AWF’s involvement as we approach the events.

– The movie for all wrestling fans to see in 2009 is “The Wrestler” which is scheduled to start in cinemas around Australia 15 January. The Wrestler is a heartbreaking and deeply moving tale of a retired down and out wrestler, who contemplates his return to the ring, not too dissimilar to Rocky. It marks an astounding comeback by actor Mickey Rourke under the masterful direction of Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream). The movie website at will give you all you need to know about the film. To view the trailer visit . The Hollywood premiere of the movie took place on 17 Dec in the USA. Among those there were Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Roddy Piper, DDP, Brutus Beefcake and Ernest Miller, along with the stars of the movie. The movie has been critically acclaimed, and many movie insiders predict that Mickey Rourke will recieve an Acedamy Award nomination for his role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. AWF will have a special deal for it’s fans in relation to the movie to be announced in the coming week. Stay tuned to the main page of the AWF Website for details.

– Speaking of movies, the horror flick Sleeper, filmed in Queensland in mid 2008 has been edited and is being shopped around for international sale. Former AWF Australasian Champion Raven appears as the main anti hero, Resnik as the lead character in the movie, and there’s even a brief scuttle with TNT! Visit for some comments from Raven and the official website at .

– Look for the return of a former AWF competitor at Panthers on 16 January as a mystery opponent. In fact for the year 2009 there may be a few surprise returning wrestlers, and of course some new faces. Also a former Tough Enough Trainer and WWE Superstar will likely be appearing at the 10 Year Anniversary event. More to be revealed soon!!

– If you are interested in joining the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling and taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, application for the 2009 Feb-April Semester are being accepted now. Visit for course details and email for an application form.

– AWF will be looking for an Apprentice worker to start in Feb/March 09. The apprenticeship will be for signwriting and wrestling related duties, and will require 1 day at TAFE per week. Applicants will be required to have drivers licence and car. Business based in Blacktown area, with travel all over Sydney. A passion for wrestling plus signs and design is required. Duties will include going to sites to apply vinyl lettering and sign jobs, computer and clerical tasks, postering and promotion, plus miscellaneous related tasks. Email applications including resume, picture, and why you would be good for this job to . Serious and dedicated applicants need only apply. No no hopers or time wasters! You will be working hard, and not living in wrestle fantasy land. 🙂

– On the Merchandise front new AWF DVDs will be created in early 2009. Initial titles are set to be International Invasion, AWF Vs DragonGate and This Is AWF Wrestling. These DVDs will feature some of the best matches from AWF, and will be available from the AWF Website, at live events and by mail.

– AWF T-Shirts are available at the AWF website now at Designs for AWF, Detonation Crew, Australian Made, Platinum Players, Il Cognito, Powerhouse Theo, Bluey Bonza & TNT are all available. Support your favourite stars and wear their shirts proudly!

– AWF would like to thank our 2008 Supporters of Year: Neil and Katrina Wells for following AWF Wrestling so loyally through 2008. Others such as the Kelly family, and The Sills family deserve honorable mention as well. We appreciate the effort you guys have made to support AWF through the year and hope you have had a fun time doing so.

– Once again AWF would like to thank our wrestlers, officials, trainees & supporters for their time and contributions through 2008. Big thanks goes to AWF NZ’s Shanan Gough for his many hours in getting things going in NZ. Secial thanks to Scott Marment, Josh, and Alex Houtwipper in NZ for their help and hospitality. In Australia special mention goes to AWF Ring Crew Trainees Ben Coles & Adam Holland who were first there and last to leave at live events through the year, and have graduated through the AWF School and made it to the main wrestling roster for 2009. Your continued and unselfish efforts are really appreciated guys. Also another special thanks goes to our photographer Amanda Lee, who has bought us some great pics this year again, and has put up with a lot of crazy AWF & TNT stuff too.

– Thanks for your support in November & December, have a great holiday season & see you at the upcoming Panthers 16 Jan event! 2009 will be a great year for AWF action – Catch it!



Fri 16 January 2009

New Year’s Revolution

Penrith Panthers

Penrith , NSW

Sat 7 March 2009

Australia’s Cup

Blacktown RSL

Blacktown , NSW

28-29 March 2009

Supanova Melbourne

Royal Showgrounds

Melbourne , VIC

4-5 April 2009

Supanova Brisbane

RNA Showgrounds

Brisbane, QLD

18 April 2009

AWF 10 Year Anniversary

UNSW Roundhouse

Sydney, NSW

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!

For up to date AWF news, show info and merchandise please visit Australia, and New Zealand

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