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This weekâ<80><99>s report addresses the challenge for wrestling in 2009

NWA ANARCHY TV TAPING RESULTS 1-3-09 (Attendance 143)

Greg Hunter opened the show updating fans on the condition of Slim J, who is out indefinitely after being attacked by Todd Sexton after his match with Azrael at Season’s Beatings. Sexton appeared and was proud of it. He said that he will chip in and help while Slim is recovering.

Jerry Palmer was introduced. He noted this was the 3 Year Anniversary of NWA Anarchy TV. He showed a video of the backstage celebration after Shadow Jackson won the Anarchy Title. Brody Chase came to the ring and demanded a title match. Palmer liked the idea, and so must have Shadow as his music played, and the champ hit the ring.

Shadow Jackson def Brody Chase

Vignette aired with Talent & Money who lamented not having a match. Pendleton said they should talk to management. Talent said they would take matters into their own hands.

Vain & Adonis def TK Cross & Bo Newsome

Azreal with the Rev retained the Young Lions Title in a good match with Malachi

Kimo with Jeff G Bailey def Billy Buck. Post match it appeared Bailey was about to let Kimo attack Buck again when Chip Day distracted him and Chris King was able to get Buck to safety. Bailey told both Day & King that now they were on his and Kimo’s radar. He said no man can pin nor submit Kimo, nor has. The best anyone can do is get away from him. Lights went off and familiar music played, but when they came on nobody had appeared….until Mikal Judas appeared on the Big Screen, and let Bailey & Kimo know he was their worst nightmare, Kimo’s personal Armagedon, called the Priest Of Punishment for a reason, may God have mercy on their souls.

Jeff Lewis, Mike Mosley & Jay Clinton def Don Matthews & The Hollywood Brunettes when Mosley pinned Don Matthews after Matthews accidental hit Andrew Alexander with a lariot and was distracted.

Truitt Field retained his TV Title defeating Seth Delay. Post match Delay hit Fields from behind with the brass knucks and Shaun Tempers came out to run him off before further damage was done.

Vignette aired of Melissa Coates lamenting to herself that all men were pigs. In walked Alan Funk as Kwee Wee saying “girlfriend I understand”, then the Funkster began telling her to hang & bang, until Alan Funk introduced himself and said he’d help make her life more stable. As he left Melissa said, “he’s nice, different, but nice”.

Adrian Hawkins def Caleb Conley

Shatter w/ Jeff G Bailey def Hayden Young

The New Wave retained their Tag Team Title by defeating The Technicians. Postmatch Talent & Money attacked the New Wave and used the title belts to bloody both, Driver in particular.

Next TV Taping is 1-17-09 in Cornelia, GA at the NWA Arena

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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 148

December 15, 2008

WRESTLING: (n.) â<80><99>res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, Jeff G Bailey laid down the gauntlet with an open challenge at Fright Night 2008. Ace Rockwell, who recently had a brain vasectomy, answered the challenge. Also, Hades broke loose in the tag team division when the Dynamic Duoâ<80><99>s version of Operation Chaos involving the Hollywood Brunettes, Talent & Money, the Wild Bunch, the Technicians, and Caleb Conley & Chip Day, came to fruition. John Johnson predicts that the Dynamic Duo would reign supreme in Tag Team Turmoil at Fright Night. This week continues from last episodeâ<80><99>s theme of tag team wrestling with a six man tag feature contest pitting the Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects of Azreal & Shaun Tempers & NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg against NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields & Mikael Judas & Shadow Jackson.

1. â<80><9c>Pink Lemonadeâ<80> Adrian Hawkins pinned Bo â<80><9c>Knows Wrestlingâ<80> Newsome.

This match is JIP. Hunter suffers from hallucinations early on by calling Wes Grissom, Brent Wiley! Newsome dominates Hawkins with a clothesline, a back elbow and a tornado DDT and nearly scores the victory. Hawkins is apparently looking ahead to Slim J. Newsome unleashes a missile dropkick to score another near fall. Hawkins finally tires of Newsomeâ<80><99>s shenanigans and unleashes a running Hawkins Bomb. He makes the cover, but Newsome kicks out. Hawkins finishes off Newsome with an implant DDT, snatches the mike and proclaims himself the New Lionâ<80><99>s Champion.

– Slim J advises Hawkins to enjoy his victory while he can. J has more heart than Hawkins and will whip his ass, BUSTER~! Hawkins is left in mid-ring throwing a childish temper tantrum.

2. â<80><9c>Untouchableâ<80> Jeremy Vain & â<80><9c>the One Man Insurance Policyâ<80> Mr. Rob Adonis defeated Culture Shock (Lane â<80><9c>Chuckâ<80> Norris & â<80><9c>Outlawâ<80> Ben Woods.)

On a side note, check out a great column by Mr. Rob Adonis here: http://www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com/viewfrominsidethering/articles/054.html. Mr. Adonis and the Outlaw trade thunderous chops early on. Vain tags in only to have Culture Shock makes him their personal pregnant dog. Culture Shock are much improved wrestlers than teaming as Indian Nation in SAW (which is another good alternative to RAW & TNA Impact.) Referee Jacob Ashworth forces Mr. Adonis to receive a legal tag, but no matter, he suplexes Norris. During commercial, Mr. Adonis spends several minutes softening up Norrisâ<80><99> back with a brutal offensive. After commercial, Norris escapes Vainâ<80><99>s suplex attempt and makes the hot tag to Woods. Fortunes turns bad for Woods when he showboats to the crowd and falls victim to the A-Plex. Afterwards, Vain KOâ<80><99>s Norris via VKO and VDT. Alas, Vainâ<80><99>s fortunes change for worse when the tag champs make the save. Mr. Adonis shrugs his shoulders as the New Wave bounces Vain around like a ping pong ball. The One Man Insurance Policy lives up to his name by pulling Vain to safety. Itâ<80><99>s funny how Mr. Adonis displays displeasure for Vain always getting into trouble and always making the save. Guess Vain got his moneyâ<80><99>s worth with Mr. Adonis.

– Guess who is back? Brody Ray Chase and Melissa Coates. Brody has one person to talk to: Melissa. Chase has shown Coates a lifestyle that she had never seen and now she disrespects him. Hunter hits it on the head, â<80><9c>This is disgusting.â<80> Chase goes on, â<80><9c>You guys donâ<80><99>t know when to put your women in their place.â<80> Johnson agrees with Chaseâ<80><99>s opinion of women. Chase commands Coates to say, â<80><9c>Yes, master.â<80> After commercial, NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer interjects himself whom Chase promises to do awful things to. Palmer is tired of Chaseâ<80><99>s shenanigans and offers advice to Coates. The crowd applauds Mrs. Coates for her Ms. Olympia efforts. Coates was top notch material until she hooked up with that scumbag Brody Ray. Palmer offers up â<80><9c>the Screaming Mimiâ<80> Daffney as competition to the Alpha Female. Palmer will be at ringside to ensure Chase is not there and then promises Coates riches beyond her wildest dreams if she leaves Coates. The crowd erupts as Palmer leaves. Unfortunately, Chase has other dastardly intentions and quickly maintains control after whispering in her ear. This was good storytelling that borders on overstepping boundaries.

3. The Devilâ<80><99>s Rejects (â<80><9c>Son of Satanâ<80> Azreal & â<80><9c>New Attitudeâ<80> Shaun Tempers & â<80><9c>the Altar of Human Mutilationâ<80> Iceberg) w/Dan â<80><9c>the Dragonâ<80> Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness defeated â<80><9c>0% Body Fatâ<80> Truitt Fields & â<80><9c>Priest of Punishmentâ<80> Mikael Judas & Shadow Jackson.

Judas and Iceberg kicks off the festivities by trading leather. Iceberg executes a Russian legsweep to set up for an immediate end to the match with the Ground Xero splash. Iceberg misses and Judas makes him pay with a Yakuza kick. The Rejects eventually set their attention to softening up Fields. Tempers refuses to take several cheap shots as the Reverend restrains him to â<80><9c>pure wrestling.â<80> Just wondering if Tempers receives three rope breaks in this contest? Fields is left to not knowing what to expect from Tempers. Fields escapes the Ted Bundy with a reverse DDT. Fields makes the hot tag to Shadow. Shadow works over Iceberg until Azreal clubs him from behind. After commercial, Iceberg administers more punishment to Shadow with a King Kong Bundy corner splash and with his patented cannonball. If Shadowâ<80><99>s rubs arenâ<80><99>t bruised after that assault, then he is invincible. To the corner, Azreal unleashes a pair of thunderous Roderick Strong like chops. Iceberg tags back in. Tempers tags in and displays his pure wrestling skills by applying an armbar. Johnson talks about Iceberg picking up tricks from Abdullah the Butcher, Mr. Pogo and other bloodthirsty wrestlers. You mean he didnâ<80><99>t learn from Atsushi Onita? I miss FMW. Shadow rises from a trapezial hold by Iceberg, but takes a shot to the throat. After commercial, Shadow overpowers Tempers with a back suplex to buy himself time. Judas stretches his hand, Shadow kicks away Tempers and Judas receives the hot tag. Judas lives up to his name by administering punishment to Azreal, but Iceberg blocks the chokeslam. Iceberg ducks on a flying clothesline attempt. With Icebergâ<80><99>s attention diverted, the NWA Anarchy TV Champion, who tagged before Judas took to the Unfriendly Skies, connects with the Killing Fields on Iceberg. Impressive. This provides Tempers the opportunity to pin Fields cleanly with an inside cradle.

– Afterwards, Azreal knocks out Fields with the Staff of Righteousness. A disgusted Tempers heads back to the locker room. In the ring, Judas and Azreal brawl. Iceberg reenters the ring only to be pounded on by Shadow. Numerous referees and wrestlers head out to restrain the wrestlers. The action breaks down again until Bill Behrens stops the madness. Behrens books a Trick or Treat match at Fright Night between Shadow & Judas vs. Iceberg & Azreal. A bag will be placed in each corner, two with treats (weapons of Anarchyâ<80><99>s choosing) and two with tricks (useless gimmicks). Shadow says the NWA Arena was built on blood and mayhem and its time to bring the arena back to its roots. Shadow has the greatest monster created by the sport and in his sickness; they plan to make Wilson scream. He further promises potential weapons like folding chairs or the Dudley Boys specialty of flaming tablesâ<80>¦ â<80><9c>There will be blood spiltâ<80>¦ because Rejects I just lost my mind.â<80> This prompts a second pull apart brawl as we head to fade.

COMMENTS: Iâ<80><99>m digging the format with 3 matches and a couple of angles. The angle involving the Rejects, Shadow and Judas would have also been good lead in to Fright Night. Overall, Fright Night appears to feature mostly a continuation of major angles/stories as Seasonâ<80><99>s Beatings approach. (OK, so Seasonâ<80><99>s Beatings 08 has already passed.)

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html


The annual Georgia Wrestling TK award winners were announced today, and GWH got the nod for best website for the second consecutive year, with Larry Goodman being recognized as best reporter. Goodman has won the award all six years. The GWH crew thanks everyone who voted for us.

Phil Shatter, who in 2008 signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, won for both wrestler of the year and best heavyweight.

Cru Jones was the biggest winner, being recognized as best cruiserweight and heel, as well as for his work on the mic. Also, Jonesâ<80><99> pairing with Shaun Banks as Hot Like Lava were named best tag team. The teamâ<80><99>s battles with Dr. Johnny Gayton for Rampage Pro Wrestling was the top feud, while Gayton won for best promoter, and RPWâ<80><99>s audience won for best fan base.

NWA Anarchy received best promotion honors. Anarchy mainstays Mikal Judas (best gimmick), Jeff G. Bailey (best manager), and J.T. Talent (most improved) also received accolades. Greg Hunter won best announcer for his work, as did Shadow Jackson, for best babyface.

Anarchyâ<80><99>s Hardcore Hell on March 22 got the nod for best show, with the eventâ<80><99>s four-team ladder bout (featuring Billy Buck & Chris King, Talent & Money, New Wave, and the Hollywood Brunettes) winning best match.

Tracy Taylor won for best female, Bo Newsome for best rookie, and Alternative Pro Wrestling for most improved promotion. Scrappy McGowanâ<80><99>s son Jeff won for best referee.

NWA Prime Time Pro Wrestling

January 2, 2009

PTPW Arena

Columbus, GA

IN MATCH #1, ROUND 1 OF THE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: Killer Instinct (Mike Stratus & Jake Slater) were victorious and will advance in the tag team tournament. This match was full of action and hard fought and both teams are to be commended

IN MATCH #2, ROUND 1 OF THE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: Ace Rockwell & Truitt Fields won over David Young & Chris Stevens to advance in the tournament. This would be considered an upset but Johnny Swinger & Zero Tolerance did come to the ring and play a part in costing Young & Stevens the match. Again, this was a truly amazing match between 4 guys that are friends in the ring and locker room.

Shaun Tempers was the winner over Josh Stone with Colt Derringer at ringside. Derringer was scheduled to wrestle in this match, but made light of the fact that Tempers was not in his calibre and had his trainee Josh Stone wrestle instead. After the match, Stone was admonished by Derringer for losing.

IN THE 6-MAN TAG MATCH: There appeared to be some conflict from the start when Swinger & Tolerance entered the arena from a different entrance than their tag partner Iceberg. Swinger also brought the GCW Ref to the ring, but all parties agreed that he could referee the match (bad mistake). Bull Buchanan, Bulldog Raines, & Micah Taylor ultimately won the match when Swinger & Tolerance left the arena and left Iceberg to fend for himself and he was pinned.

IN THE LITTLE PEOPLE MATCH: Enigma and Little Kane battled each other until The Exotic Ones got involved in the match to make fun of the little people. The were really proud that they could throw a small person around, but it back-fired on them when Referees Steve Miller & Rob Russo helped them out physically and then Enigma & Little Kane both put butt bites on the exotic ones and were dangling in the air holding on by their teeth as The Exotic Ones ran around the ring. Ultimately Referee Rob Russo declared both Enigma & Little Kane winners!

IN THE MAIN EVENT: In an unlikely pairing, Deathrow & Marty Jannetty were the winners over Travis Sawyer & Colt Derringer. Mr. Hughes was originally scheduled to be in this match but had not shown up at match time, so Sawyer’s Manager recruited Derringer to take Hughes place rather than have to wrestle himself. Jannetty was still showing signs of his leg injury, but he and Deathrow made a great team for a great main event.


The Tag Team Titles have been held up and a tournament has begun to crown new champions

Sonny Siaki will return to the arena on January 9th, much to the dismay of Promoter Billy Roper

DVD’s of the cage matches at Christmas Chaos are available now at the arena on Friday nights or by calling 706-570-3978.

The training school taught by David Young is up and running on Wednesday nights. If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestler or referee please contact Billy Roper, 706-570-3978.

For more information on NWA Prime Time, go to:


NWA Anarchy/ APW

January 2, 2009

Cherry Street Gym

Royston, GA

Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsome defeated Thunderfoot #3 & Scott Tubbs.

APW North Georgia Champion Chris King defeated Dustin Michaels by DQ.

John Carnage defeated B.J. Hancock.

Jacob Ashworth revealed that he cancelled the plane ticket for J.T. Talent’s secret admirer and refuses to release the funds for the ticket until Talent resumes active wrestling for APW. Talent agreed to compete later in the evening in order to get the plane ticket funding approved for next week’s show.

Anthony Henry & Brandon Parker defeated The Franchise when 1/2 of APW Tag Team Champions Strictnyn attacked Ryan Michaels.

Don Matthews defeated Adryan Hawkins. J.T. Talent defeated Taco Delgado.

Seth Delay defeated Skirra Corvus and Billy Buck to become APW Southern States Champion in a 3-way elimination match.

For more information on APW, go to:


For more information on NWA Anarchy, go to:



December 31, 2008

NWA East Tag Team Champion Patrick Hayes has refused to defend his title at January 17th’s Genesis 2 in the three-way dance, and even refuses to show up. As a result, the NWA East Championship Committee and member Vince Kaplack have decided that Hayes & Amhurst will be STRIPPED of the titles, effective immediately! Krystal Frost was reached for comment, but the only thing she would say was that they were a team, and whatever one says, the other goes along with.

For more information on NWA East, go to:


NWA Impact Zone Wrestling

December 30, 2008

The Sets in

Tempe, AZ

Johnny Manson pinned Tyson Tyler with a crucifix.

NWA-IZW Tag Team champions Lawrence Tyler & Payed Daily

beat Lucha Reigns & Mike G.

Marty Murphy pinned Hawaiian Lion after Dean Radford interfered

(who had declined Lion’s challenge via proxy).

Miracle Mike James defeated Sergio Vega.

IZW Impulse champion The Great Ryan Lynch & Nick The Fury

DeMichael beat Jay Garland & his surprise partner Peter Goodman

in a match for the IZW Impulse title.

NWA Arizona and IZW Heavyweight champion GQ Gallo and

Derick Neikirk pinned each other; after the pinfall, Neikirk got his

shoulder up and, amidst the confusion, he was awarded the

championship belts.

For more information on NWA IZW, go to:


New Japan Pro Wrestling


Tokyo Dome

January 4, 2009 (WPW/PPV)

Tokyo, Japan

0. Milano Collection AT, Minoru & Taichi Ishikari beat Mitsuhide Hirasawa, Kazuchika Okada & Nobuo Yoshihashi (6:24) when Milano used a super scrap kick on Yoshihashi.

1. Wrestle Kingdom Grand Opening VIENTO DORADO: Mistico, Ryusuke Taguchi & Prince Devitt beat Averno, Jado & Gedo (9:50) when Mistico used the La Mística on Averno.

2. Jushin Thunder Liger 20th Anniversary Match: Jushin Thunder Liger & Takuma Sano beat Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto (8:47) when Liger used an avalanche-style brainbustert on Kanemoto.

3. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title ~Tread on!!~: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin beat Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito (c) (13:21) when Sabin used the Made in Detroit on Naito to become the 22nd champions.

4. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title ~Ballistic interception~: Tiger Mask beat Low Ki (c) (8:48) with a modified Tiger suplex hold to become the 56th champion.

5. Fighting Holdings Competition: Riki Choshu, Masahiro Chono, Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash beat Giant Bernard, Takashi Iizuka, Tomohiro Ishii & Karl Anderson (7:09) when Angle used an ankle lock on Anderson.

6. World Heavyweight Title ~Crusade for Justice~: Yuji Nagata (c) beat Masato Tanaka (11:41) with a backdrop hold (3rd defense).

7. New Japan vs. NOAH Battle Tendencies ~the invasion~: Jun Akiyama beat Manabu Nakanishi (10:27) with a wrist-clutch Exploder.

8. IWGP Tag Team Title – Hardcore Rules: â<80><9c>Team 3Dâ<80> Brother Ray & Brother Devon beat Togi Makabe & Toru Yano (c) (15:34) when Ray pinned Makabe after the 3D to become the 52nd champions.

9. New Japan vs. NOAH Battle Tendencies ~the encounter~: Shinsuke Nakamura & Hirooki Goto beat Mitsuharu Misawa & Takashi Sugiura (15:17) when Nakamura used a flying cross armbreaker on Sugiura.

10. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Keiji Muto () with the High Fly Flow to become the 50th champion.

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