Third Batch of Reader Feedback to Monday Night Raw

Nick Paglino

After reviewing a few RAW’s lately and seeing others reviews one thing is becoming more apparent then ever before. We need the ATTITUDE back. WWE says they need to go PG to maintain a wresting fan base through the generations, but if that fan base turns it off due to lack of quality then what was the purpose.

The Raw main roster has the potential to bring the attitude back, while the mid carders, Snuka, Rhodes, DiBaise JR., Kofi, Punk, ect can bring the attitude to the next level. We had a brief taste of the Attitude era when Punk won the title, but it was short lived. I remember reading and writing my own review and it was all positive..why?!? Because the ATTITUDE was back! It seems pretty simple. However I guess when WWE hired Freddy Prince Junior they offically lost their testicular fortitude.

It kills me to see guys like Crime Time be pushed then suddenly dropped for what seems like no good reason, other than the Black Wrestler push is over. Examples being Mark, Shelton, R-Truth, ect. Not that I am a fan of R-Truth, because his dancing bothers me, but he has more skills than Cena, a much wider history of winning titles in other companies, but yet he is getting bad reviews simply because his “root mat skills” are bad. Have you seen Cena wrestle?!?! Seriously, have you? Punch, Kick, weird bull dog move, weird slam, sometimes a leg drop and his stupid “You can’t see me” fist. That’s every Cena match, sometimes in that order.

Let’s face it, Crime Time was at one point number 1 contenders, but I don’t remember seeing or hearing the build up for that match. – Same thing happened when they got fired a year or so ago, while Kofi and Rey get tag title matches. Just don’t get it. As I always say, UNIFY THE TAG BELTS!! Make them more glorious like the days of LOD, the Rockers, ect.

One of the biggest reasons I think the Attitude era was so good, is because of the writing that went into it. Story lines were made and followed through with. It wasn’t one week one thing, and dropped the next week. Example being the whole Kane and Rey disaster. CM Punk has the ability and fan base to bring the attitude era back. Push him like they did for Cena and we can have a quality show. Give Legacy a chance and make them a modern day DX – really make us invested again, other wise WWE is just another TNA.


Last nights raw kicked off strong i feel. I liked the show opening with Jericho and Orton “officially petitioning” last weeks elimination 4 way. I initially got excited b/c i thought they might form some kind of alliance, maybe even join up to lead Legacy together, but it was still good, with HBK and JBL coming out to confront them, and then Stephanie laying down the law, while looking slightly less elderly in that HOT jean mini skirt (OH YEAHHH). I’m not crazy bout HBK not competing in the Rumble, but i think that might change somehow – maybe HBK will convince Stephanie to enter him ino the rumble behind JBL’s back and win the dam thing, which would be only that more awesome if JBL turns out to win the title from Cena, setting up an HBK JBL mania main event! Anyway, good start to raw, pushing storylines.

Next Goldust and Melina beating Glamerella. It was a decent mixed tag. I was shocked when they let Santino pull off a sweet arm twist take over, i never thought they’d let em get a legitimate wrestling move into one of his matches again. Creative really needs to have somethig happen that makes him a good wrestler b/c i’m starting to get sick of seeing him get wiped everytime he goes out there. Another note, Melina doesn’t look great in the ring, i don’t know if its just ring rust or what, but she definitely has a long way to go to get back to where she was when she was taking down the house with Mickie James a couple of years ago.

What’s the deal with CM Punk? Can they make him sound more lame on the mic? His backstage interview was yawn-er-ific. And the match was eh! Of course any dq finish is anoying, but they’ll have another chance next week i guess.

The backstage seg w/ JBL and HBK was interesting mainly b/c i was excited bout HBK superkicking Cena and leaving him to the dogs for n RKO and Walls of Jericho. Of course, good old HBK didn’t let it happen and pussied out like the consumet face that he is. What i wouldn’t give to see the heal HBK come back and save the WWE. Also, the idea of JBL as Champion going into WM25 was put over, and i hope, i hope, i hope that its HBK v. JBL for the World title at Mania.

I love Miz and Morrison, but whats the value in putting them over Mysterio and Kofi. Mysterio’s already getting buried in the card and i can’t see him getting into the title picture anytime soon, and Kofi needs to do something before people stop backing him, turn em heel, get em in a nice long fued with someone, something, PLEASE! Also, how long can they keep the same gimmick goin for the tag champs. They win every week and beat everyone, shouldn’t they move them up in the card already, give em some real exposure, again Please!

Another crapy ass divas match with Kelly squared and Jillian. The only reason it was on raw was to give Kane a reason to come out and freak us all out with that crazy red lighiting. Lets see, next week Kane v. Orton – i wonder what’ll happen there. Hmmmm?

Looks like Rhodes is the only member of Legacy with Orton now, and i don’t know what that means. I was hoping Rhodes and Snuka would lose so Orton would have to move in another direction with this second generation stable b/c right now its stalled and out of gas, only a month or two in. Good job creative. Keep it up! On a side note, Manu’s hair, slammin!

Glad to hear McMahan, Mr. that is, is coming back in 2 wks. Don’t know where that’s going with Steph freaking out at the news, since i thought Shane was the one Steph was gonna but head with over control of the show. I hoped when Jericho came into Steph’s office he would give us all a flashback to 2001 and talk about Steph’s sex life, maybe somethin about her slutty jean mini skirt that brought us all to stand at attention earlier in the night.

Raw was decent, but still is lacking something. Glad to see Raw hit a 3.5 a couple of weeks ago and i hope this one kept that slight upswing going. I’d give this 3 out of 5 stars.


Honestly I gotta say, Raw started off with a video package highlighting the HBK and JBL saga, and when they showed shots of fans reactions in the crowd, all worried and looking sad, it gave me that little tiny kick inside my little wrestler fan heart that somewhere in WWE, deep down, is a hint of old school greatness. Seeing the crowd upset about what HBK is going through had me remembering the good ol days, when the Undertaker would come to the ring and little kids would be crying and holding onto their parents necks not wanting to look at the dead man.

The segment between Orton and Jericho confronting HBK was great. The line that Orton said to HBK about Flair now being put into retirement by a sell out was great. Not great for HBK, but great for fans thirsty for a good hard promo. But of course, everyone knew what was going to end up happening. JBL and HBK vs Jericho and Orton. Out comes Stephanie and instead she throws us a curve ball, CENA AND HBK! Wooooooooo!! Great. More Cena. Just what we need….. I don’t like Cena, can ya tell?

When did Goldust get back? He has to be the most fired/rehired wrestler, oops sorry, entertainer of ALL TIME. Anyways, to me Santino reminds of early Kurt Angle. A very funny guy to watch who puts on some pretty entertaining matches. And of course Beth Phoenix and Melina are alright, I guess. Yawn. Oh wait but then there is the crazy Beth fan! Rosa! Wow this is the most original never before seen angle in the history of wrestling ever. I have never seen something where a crazed fan interferes with the match and the wrestlers! Never. Not even with Trish Stratus before! She has never had a crazed fan. You never saw someone, I dunno, well pretend her name is Mickie James, come in and go crazy! Ever!


Anyways. CM Punk. I don’t know what it is about CM Punk but he does nothing for me. His matches are boring. William Regal is alright I guess. But for some reason I can see CM Punk being a great IC Belt holder. He could possibly restore some dignity to it. Even though when he was naming off former IC Champions, he left out The Mountie and that pissed me off. Even still I get a little interested in this match and then what do I get? A DQ, match over, commercial. Thanks.

So Manu is officially out of being in The Legacy. Who cares?

John Morrison and The Miz Vs Happy Jamaican and Rey Mysterio…. Do Morrison and Miz have to pay Edge and Christian any kind of royalties for ripping off their gimmick? Like did they have a meeting or something and say, “Listen, Edge, Christian, we are just going to be what you guys were about 8 years ago, is that cool?” Anyways even with that going on, they are still the best tag team in the company. They at least brought the tag titles back into the spotlight. Rey Mysterio is being wasted on Raw. I think he could do much better on ECW. As for Kofi Kingston, good grief. What is with that giant stupid smile all the time? Calm down guy. The match was alright I guess, I actually left in the middle of it to take a crap. Seriously.

Kelly Kelly Vs Jillian Hall…. I was still in the bathroom. Thank god.

Rhodes and Snuka are gonna fight Cryme Tyme! Cryme Tyme is The Bushwhackers of today. They’re all wacky and dancin around doin weird stuff and then they usually go out and lose to everyone. This match was pretty decent. Cody Rhodes is awesome when he doesn’t talk. That lisp kills it for me. Anytime he tries to act tough and be threatening and cuts a promo and sounds like a 7 year old kid with his two front teeth missing, just doesn’t work. Rhodes wins with a pretty impressive finisher. I was pleased.

Uh oh! Snuka is out of The Legacy too! There is no way at all, in any way, that I see a Manu and Snuka Vs. Orton and Rhodes match anywhere. Seriously…. No really…..

I gotta say, this was the first time ever that I was actually interested in seeing a match involving Cena. This HBK and JBL storyline as me hooked. Hardcore hooked. The match itself was probably alright but the HBK drama is so huge right now that it alone took away from the match. I was just watching HBK the entire time. Wondering what the hell he was going to do next. Of course I was hoping for a giant super kick to the face on Cena, but it didn’t happen. I was actually happy it didn’t happen. I don’t know why. But HBK wins. I was a pleased fan last night.

In closing I gotta say, Raw has gotten much better than it has been. I give last nights Raw a solid 7/10 rating. Good job.


I am 36 years old and went to my first match at the age of 5 so I have seen it all in wrestling. Here is my opinion on Raw last night. The wrestling business sucks. The only time it flourished was when you didn’t know what was going to happen. Example the NWO days, The Rock, and Stone Cold when you didn’t know what they were going to do next or say next and WANTED AND WAITED to see it. They should not have Kofi and Rey as a tag they should have the Boogeyman and Golddust. Miz and Morrison need good strong tag team competion not 2 great singles wrestlers thrown together due to time restrictions. John Cena oh John Cena I used to like him when he came out with his witty and funny raps. Now its just the same old thing. WE WANT STORY LINES. The best part of Raw was Kane segment. WOW A REASON TO FIGHT SOMEONE…a build up to fight someone…let’s hope they drag this along with each week one or the other doing crazy things to each other…May I say another battery to the balls segment for Kane to teach Orton a lesson on why not to use Kelly Kelly. Let’s see a light heavy weight belt again with great wrestlers going for it like Kofi, Rey, CM Punk, Cody, Snuka, Manu, Helms, Charlie Haas, Jimmy Wang, etc. Let’s not hold great wrestling talent just so TNA doesn’t get them LET’S USE THEM WWE.


Jericho and Orton: the best…period!

Jericho and Orton should be in the featured matches at ‘Mania. These two are the reason I watch Raw every week. I hope that the WWE writers don’t let Jericho’s current surge slip through their hands. He’s the best he’s ever been, and he’s better than most will ever be!! His recent title reigns haven’t even scratched the surface of the great feuds he could do. He and Orton deserve to carry the World Title in 09!

Santino and Beth continue to entertain me. They are a great couple..comedy gold!

Legacy is better without Sim and Manu. I like the fact that Orton is keeping everyone on their seats with his picks. Sim and Manu didn’t fit in to me.

I’m ready for HBK to win the title so the storyline will be over with. I like JBL as a character, but I’m sick of the money issue story. HBK deserves to be champ again, but HBK vs JBL as the main event at Mania’ is not a good choice of a main event.


Raw last night was ok. I watched the entire thing, so that is saying something. Usually I find something to do at certain points. Things are too forced now.

Kane/Kelly Kelly-When I heard that Kelly Kelly was going to be in a match, I got thinking, is this the only way Kane can appear on TV? FORCED

MelDust vs Glamarellaâ<80>¦lets plant that fan in the crowd againâ<80>¦FORCED. Do something with Goldust and Santino. Goldust is supposed to be a â<80><9c>legendâ<80>. I mean they put him in the same breath as Piper and Honky Tonk Man about three months ago. Give him something to do. Santinoâ<80>¦he beat Umaga in his debut for the IC belt and now he canâ<80><99>t beat women. I mean he can still be himself, but give him a good win every now and then.

Rey/Kofi-. (Miz/Morrison will be mentioned later) Kofi can only get on TV via tag match with a bigger name than him. He is not going over like they want him to. I would compare him to R-Truth on Smackdown. You want to do something with him, let him be the IC Champ, just like let R-Truth be US Champ. They would be taken more seriously. Rey needs to just fight Mike Knox. This is getting dumb. They will not have a match at the rumble, so what is the point of doing this. Are they building this up for an Evan Bourne save eventually? Rey/Knox story is FORCED.

Miz/Morrison- Now Miz and Morrison is one of the best things going on TV. I wouldnâ<80><99>t mind a TV angle where they win the titles on Smackdown as well. I think that would be good for there characters and it would â<80><9c>justifyâ<80> them as being the best out there.

CM CRAP/Regal- Keep the belt on Regal. You have to do this. Regal keeps fading in and out. He is a champion, then he is on a tag team with a pirate, then he is a GM, then he is a champion, then he is on a team with fellow blueblood Dave Taylor bringing back a WCW team no one cared about, then he is GM, Champion, etc. One of few heels that people actually donâ<80><99>t like is Regal. CM CRAP is FORCED. He was world champion and they presented him as if he were to win the IC Belt that this is a Cinderella story. Give me a break.

JBL/HBK w/Cena- Make this go all the way to Wrestlemania and HBK win the title. That is what should happen. Have JBL beat Cena with HBKâ<80><99>s help. Do something that leads to HBK winning the title. Have HBK eat oatmeal on TV to show how poor he really is then I will believe it. Cena is junk and that is all there is to it.

Jericho/Orton/Legacy- confused on what they are doing, just do it better

RAW was a 6 of 10—Matt, MD


Raw was great 🙂 Simply put… Orton is the man.

He’s the greatest heal ever in my opinion. But he shouldn’t be mixed in with Kane.

Im so glad Vince is coming back, he makes Raw more interesting (most of the time)

CM Punk deserved the title, Regal is my least favorite wrestler… just very boring :l

and the Rey/Kofi vs Miz/Morrison match was good. I was glad to see Morrison getting the pinfall!

Divas are looking somewhat better, especially Kelly Kelly. and Melina is the best diva in my opinion, can’t wait till she’s champ!! Im also interested to see what Manu is going to do, because i know he has something planned! HBK…. awesome win!!! Overall it was a great Raw i’d give it an 8.5 out of 10


My thoughts of the show was this: Im getting sick and tired of this JBL-HBK storyline its getting ridiclous. I know its fake cuz HBK is getting paid in real-life. But the way WWE has booked his character for the storyline is very ridiclous. Every time he comes to the ring the look his face looks like someone made fun of him and looks like he’s ready to cry on national televison. I cant wait to the royal rumble so he can screw JBL out of the world title match. As of right now John Cena is right HBK is JBL’s puppet. Other than that, I cant wait til the return the one Vincent Kennedy McMahon even though Y2J could just be pulling our legs. Although it would be nice to see him come back because since his “accident” last June, Raw has been out of control including the ratings since that night of the WWE draft. And more note im getting tired of the rule of if a champion is DQ, the title does not change hands, WWE needs to get rid of that so championship match can be won fair and squared. So ill give raw 6 out of 10 rating


Tonight’s show was a good storyline builder from top to bottom. They moved along the (albeit dumb) Kane/Kelly Kelly storyline. They REALLY ramped up Regal as a IC champion heel. Next week’s match is going to be a good one. Punk and Regal look like they can put together great matches and that should be a good feud to watch over the next few weeks, if not longer. It looks like creative is putting the ax to “Legacy”. It will be interesting to see what they do with Snuka and Manu. There’s a possibility that we see a new Wild Samoans tag team coming out of this that could feud with Orton and Rhodes.

The HBK/JBL storyline is really getting, well, boring. I’m not a Cena fan, nor am I a hater, but I hope they don’t give JBL the title going into Wrestlemania. He sucks as a wrestler, he sucks as a heel, he sucks as a character, and he sucked as an announcer. He should get Adamled. Pronto. It’s good to see creative spreading the storyline love around. It was getting kind of boring to see the same people in the same storylines for the title over and over again. Jericho and Orton are proving themselves to be top level heels and are pushing the faces to be better overall characters. For a while, Jericho was carrying that show on his back. Now he can share the load with Orton.

Good RAW tonight. WAY better than last week’s show and a good storyline push for the Rumble.

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