First Batch of Reader Feedback To Monday Night Raw

Nick Paglino

First off, THANK GOD (or Vince) that Manu & Snuka are gone from the legacy. Both of these guys are awful and just did not fit into the group, second generation or not. Match of the night for me was Miz/Morrison vs Mysterio/Kofi – great pace, lots of action and the crowd was really into it. I really hope Stephanie changes her mind and un-bans Rosa from WWE because the former OVW Womens Champ/Diva Search contestant is smokin hot! She can stalk me anyday if Beth isn’t feelin it!!


I have been a life long wrestling fan 27 years and I can say the product is getting worse by the week. It is obvious that they have run out of ideas for the shows because they run too many shows a year. There are just too many things that donâ<80><99>t make sense on this show. So now Snuka is out of Legacy after only being in it 2 weeks? It is obvious they have no ideas for this group and are going to break it up soon. Why are Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston in tag team action? And Miz and Morrison are great, but what show are they on? They wrestle on every show, what happened to the roster split? They donâ<80><99>t even try to explain why Raw wrestlers wrestle on Smackdown anymore. What is the purpose of having Cryme Time on the show? Seriously the crowd doesnâ<80><99>t even support them anymore because you know they are going to lose every week they come out. I guess so much for the push for black wrestlers . . . I donâ<80><99>tâ<80><99> get why JBL is main eventing anything. He is good on the mic, but sub-par in the ring. The whole Batista injury threw the writes for a loop obviously. I did like Santino (how can you not?), but Goldust serves no purpose on the show. The William Regal and CM Punk feud could be good, but I am sure WWE will mess it up and make it a short beef. And could you please stop having multiple womanâ<80><99>s matches on your show. Your not TNA, your wormen canâ<80><99>t wrestle, and the ones that can you donâ<80><99>t use. How can you have Mickey James in the back and let Kelly Kelly and Jillian Hall wrestle? Kane loses every weeks, stop acting like he is this big scary monster.â<80>¦..he is until he wrestles. And things must be bad if they need to bring Vince back on TV, at least the main even was pretty good.

And please stop trying to ram Cena down our throats. I realize he sells a lot of merchandise, but he can do that and not be champ. Stone Cold with all of his championship reigns never held the belt a combined year. You can be great without the title, let him chase it and fail for once instead of constantly getting it back. Where is the suspense if you already know he is going to win. Every week there are certain things that are guaranteed . . . ..Cryme Time will lose, JTG will be the one pinned, Cena will win, There will be a horrible womanâ<80><99>s match, the tag titles wonâ<80><99>t be defended, the womanâ<80><99>s title wonâ<80><99>t be defended, Kane will lose, JBL will do a 10 minute promo.


think Raw focused a little too much attention on the JBL/HBK storyline. Clearly it’s going to be the main storyline going into Royal Rumble, but it doesnt need half the show devoted to it. I’m liking how the Beth/Mileena/Fan storyline is turning out. It’s been a while since I was actually interested in a diva story. The Kane/Kelly Kelly storyline is still a little off to me. Relationship storylines would be better suited for the Miz and Morrison. The Legacy-Kofi/Rey match was good, but I’m a little dissapointed at the direction Legacy is going. I was hoping it would be a huge faction, but apparently it’s simply setting up a storyline of who the better 2nd generation superstars are. I was left a little dissapointed that neither Hardy nor Christian were used today with the knowledge that they were both in the arena. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. They were probably there for a promo shoot or something. Lastly, glad to hear Vince will be returning. Quite frankly, I think “No Chance in Hell” better suites the person who’s about to make a bombshell announcement for Raw than “I’m all grown up.” Get’s me more hyped. Can’t wait to see him strut down that aisle. *proceeds to imitate him…horribly…out of sheer joy* Overall, not a bad Raw to start off the new year. Could’ve been a little better, but with three weeks till the Royal Rumble, I guess they need to stretch out the excitement budget a bit. 7.5/10


First of all RAW was good. It’s actually getting better again. Down to business now. Goldust and Melina vs. Glamarella was watchable but not anything special. Pretty much just a diva match with Goldust and Santino being under utilized. They need to do something with Santino soon. He has great mic skills but, they are not using him to his full potential. He has the makings of a good heel. The ending was good. After the match the whole Melina and Rosa thing is so predictable. They are obviously gonna have Rosa screw Melina at the Rumble. The Punk vs. Regal match was a disappointingly short. I know they are supposed to go at it at the Rumble but they could have shown us a better teaser. (In my opinion Regal will get counted out at the Rumble and they will try to carry it till Wrestlemania). As for Layla, she’s very attractive but she’s useless. I like what they are doing with the whole Legacy thing right now. It’s different and giving the new guys some good mic cameos. I expect Manu to screw Orton in a match soon the way they are going at it. Miz and Morrison vs. Koffi and Rey was a good match. It had mat wrestling and high flying. Great finish. They need to make Morrison a singles soon before he gets set as a tag team for the rest of his career. Loved they way they made him get the win over Rey. I am Hispanic and I still can’t get behind Rey. I like his style but hate his character since he won the Rumble. I really hate how any move he utilizes sets his opponents up for the 619. The whole Mike Knox thing reminds me of Snitsky when he first debuted with the WWE. He will most likely fade out soon in my opinion. Like I said though, make Morrison a singles soon. Kelly Kelly vs Jillian Hall would be really disappointing if it wasn’t for Kelly Kelly being so hot and getting good at what she is doing. My guess is they are gonna make her stepping leg drop her finisher. It’s a pretty enjoyable and simple move that gets the job done. As for Jillian, she need a new character to play. That’s all i can really say about her. After the match Kane comes to the ring and continues to do what he seems to do best recently, NOTHING!! What happened to the whole Big Red Machine gimmick. He was brutal, ass kicking, and unstoppable. All he is now is EMO!. Bring the old Kane back. Rhodes and Snuka vs. Cryme Tyme was decent. I felt myself wanting to change the channel a couple of times but i didn’t. I don’t expect anything from Cryme Tyme but the usual, a well paced match and then they lose. I do however expect good things from Rhodes and Snuka. They have great of potential. Main event time. Jericho and Orton vs. HBK and Cena. First of all Jericho and Orton are my favorite wrestlers on RAW. Great mic skills and wrestling abilities. Pretty good match throughout. I would have loved to see Cena nail HBK with his finisher when Orton raked his eyes and Cena got confused. That alone should have been enough for HBK to kick Cena in the mouth. Hated the finish personally. I tough Orton and Jericho should have taken the win. There’s nothing I can say about HBK that hasn’t been said. Cena on the other hand. HATE!! the guy. He has no wrestling skills whatsoever, no mic skills whatsoever, and a horrible character. All I ever see from him is shoulder block, spinning back drop to his little hand taunt fist drop, and then one of his horrible finishers. Granted the STFU is passable. His FU finisher is complete garbage. I just can’t believe a standing fireman’s carry can pull it off. I don’t know what WWE has going through their heads. They want to make it more kid friendly with the top babyface having finishers with those names( you know what they mean). Unless you are a kid that doesn’t know any better or a person with low IQ, i don’t know how you can get behind the guy. Overall, I give this edition of RAW 7.5/10. Hopefully it keeps going the way it is.


Goldust and melina vs beth and santino

I’m a huge fan on santino’s comedy, and a loyal santino fan-a-club member on the wz forums. But his constant losing sucks. This was basically a filler match for me with a few cool moments. Such as that crazy bitch running in and mel’s finisher I guess thats what It is now. But over all its just forecasting what we already know. Sooner or later melina will win the womens belt from beth.

My rating 4 out of 10

Cm punk vs william regal for the ic belt.

Ahh yes another one of my favorites Cm punk, he’s a great dude and a very hard worker. I soon hope to see him become a triple crown champ soon with this title win over regal. We didn’t see it tonight, but I hope its very soon. Really this was a crappy match, but they were just following the sly heel roll that regal has played so well for years. I want to see more of regals brutal brawler style come out. And possibly the return of his brass nuk’s for a future dq.

Ok match 5.5 out of 10

Ok here we go with the second tag match of the night. Raw seems to be overdoing it with the random parings as of late. But they’ve done it before and Its worked. This was a great match that saw both sides fight the good fight. Miz and John were on fire for about 3/4 of the match, but as soon as kofi hot tagged in rey the tides turned. This match probably didn’t outshine the main event, but came damn close. I really thought that rey and kofi could beat them. But Johns final kick to rey sealed it for him.

Great match- 7 out of 10

On a side note, I want to see more of Knox and his grizzly beard doing more matches not just run in’s.

The divas match- Kelly Kelly vs jillian hall

Ahh the bathroom match of the night. I used this time wisely and was done before kane came out. I love kane, but he needs to start winning more. Should be a good match next week as long as he dosen’t all out job to randy.

2/3 of legacy vs cryme tyme

Our third tag match of the night, good match. Glad to see them pairing up cody with a seasoned tag vet again. He needs the work and is getting better and better every week. Cryme tyme was on top with the crowd pops again as usual. I’m not a huge fan of faces, but you just have to love these dudes. There full of energy and seem like great hard workers. Good match but we all allredy knew the outcome. Wwe wont axe a stable this quickly, and by the looks of manu, the same would of happened this week to cody and sim if they would of lost.

Good match 5.5 out of 10

Good lord I love plot twists, what are they going to do next? Sims out of the group now! I liked his paring with cody and I thought he could be a great member in the group. But I see him and manu teaming up on cody and randy in the upcoming weeks. OR randy letting them back in the group. But I’ll pick option 1 over 2.

The main event.

A good match, but we again kind of knew how it would come. A possible switch was in place at the end. With shawn superkicking john. But that didn’t happen. Aww damn. We need more people in the main events. I’m really getting sick of seeing john cena. I do think a heel turn would work wonders with him again. As I liked his rapper gimmick, but with him selling out vinces ass. I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Good match 7 out of 10


I thought that tonight’s Raw was a big step up from the past, more stale Raws from previous weeks, but I still believe that they need more better creative ideas for the match-ups and storylines. First off, the Randy/Jericho promo was excellent; they know how to captivate whether the fans like it or not (I happen to be one who actually appreciates them). They know how to prove their point and can back up their talk any day, any time; I applaud Orton and Chris. I think that the storyline with Kelly and Kane/Randy has got to go. I mean, is anyone else feeling any deja-vu here too? I sure am. It takes us back to when Kane and Lita were “involved” in 2004, but just replacing Shawn Michaels with Randy; though it might differ that Shawn was the hero and in present times Randy doesn’t care, but it’s along the same lines. Also, another repeat would have to be the Rosa Mendes fangirl storyline. We saw this once in 2005 with Mickie’s obsessive behavior towards Trish Stratus; the only !

difference being that Trish was a more prestigious wrestler and had her mark made in the WWE while Beth hasn’t even matched up to what Trish accomplished. Beth may be a good wrestler to look up to, but she should start taking her wrestling career more seriously instead of tailgating with a guy like Santino; she’s better off herself. And thank heavens that Vince is coming back in 2 weeks! Hopefully he can shake things up more better and make Raw the actual program to watch every Monday night! No offense to Stephanie, but she really doesn’t have that brilliant genius spark that she used to have back in the 2000-2003 years, last when she was General Manager of SmackDown. Overall, I’ll give this week’s Raw a 3 out of 5 stars.


Raw was ok. Liked the Jericho/Orton alliance. JBL/HBK got a little better. Could have done without the diva match. Time to do something with Kofi. The real bummer of the night was seeing Snuka no longer in the Legacy. WWE is really dropping the ball with what was really a good storyline developing as well as a new powerful group. Snuka is great, and he needs the rub from Orton right now to get him over. Why finally introduce him as Jimmy Superfly Snuka’s son and then drop him from the group that quick. I can see why Manu was kicked out, hopefully to reinvent the Wild Samoans with Umaga. But Snuka would have really been great with Legacy. Now he will probably go back to getting on TV once every three months as a lumberjack. WWE is wasting him as a talent. They need to focus on him and Rhodes and Dibiase. They will be the future main eventers. Snuka not in legacy was WWE’s biggest mistake on Raw this week and the biggest mistake in the past few months, other than a few lame storylines like Mysterio/Kane. WWE please get the hint, SNUKA, KOFI, RHODES, DIBIASE, SANTINO, MORRISON, MANU are the future of your company. Start getting it right with these guys or you will lose them to a rival company that will give them the stardom they deserve. The Snuka, Legacy letdown really screwed Raw tonight in my opinion as well as the constant tag matches Kofi is in these days. Orton and Jericho great as always.


I enjoyed RAW. You can definitely see that WWE is stepping up their game because Mania 25 is not too far away. We had lots of interesting storylines that were furthered (Glamazon fan attacking Melina, CM Punk and Regal feud over IC Title, Kane and Kelly Kelly) and some that have some interesting twists (Does Stephanie REALLY run Raw [Vince is coming back!!!]? Randy Orton’s LEGACY stable. Is HBK just JBL’s puppet?). As far as in ring action is considered, every single match delivered except the IC Title bout because of the obvious cop out by Regal. I am really impressed with Morrison and Miz as a tag team. They are work horses that constantly put on great matches. Yup, now is a really good time to be loving Raw. 8.5 out of 10 for RAW.


Another boring show. Randy Orton & Chris Jericho are 2 of the most talented in the ring, why have them get on the mic & complain about the so-called Fatal 4-way. Then HBK & GayBL come out & bore the audience. I’ve been a fan of HBK for years, but this storyline has GOT to end! There is no point of it! Speaking of no point, why have a mixed tag match between Glamorella & Melina/Goldust? They seem to be taking their attention away from the Beth/Melina feud & focusing on the obsessed fan story. Do we really need another psycho diva stalking around? The CM Punk/William Regal match was predictible. If Regal is in the ring with anybody good, he always cheats & gets himself DQed. At least Stephanie made a rematch where if Regal gets DQed, he loses the belt. But he’ll find a way to cheat & win. I’ll remain neutral about Miz/Morrison vs. Rey/Kofi. Miz & Morrison are too annoying to watch, especially that stupid entrance. I’ve never been a Rey-Rey fan & Kofi doesn’t interest me. Another why bother match was Kelly Kelly & Jillian. Sure they are VERY easy on the eyes, but was the only reason to have the match was to announce that Kane goes against Orton next week? Cryme Tyme vs Rhodes/Snuka, another snoozefest. Do the writers know what they want to do with Legacy? 1st they kick out Manu because he lost (note to writers don’t let him talk with that lisp!), then because Cody got the pin, Snuka is out? Whatever. The main event: Cena/HBK vs Orton/Y2J. The match wasn’t bad, but they focused too much on if HBK was going to superkick Cena’s head off & collect the bonus. I’m glad he didn’t, but it ruined the match. Of course we have GayBl looking on with his constipated face in the back. Then we find out that next week it will be Cena vs. HBK with GayBL in his corner. Not looking forward to that!


This addition of Raw was ok. The matches were decent, however the stories were craptacular as they have been lately. One positive is that Batista was not on the show. I liked the opening segment. Orton and Jericho made some good points about Michaels and how he has tarnished his career. Also good point when they stated he ruined Flair’s retirement by selling out. This whole angle however needs to be dropped. It is pointless, and not entertaining. What is the point in making Michaels look so pathetic. Every Raw he looks worse. He looks older, more dejected, and more worn out each week. I like JBL; however I think he would be more suited for Smackdown or ECW. ECW could use a nice fresh heel. That show is really stale with the redundant matches. Matt Hardy deserves better, and so does Finlay.

Also please do something better with Jericho’s role. He is the best on Raw, and he is the best thing in WWE right now. He has not been doing much lately on the show and that is disappointing. I love his new heel persona; however they are not utilizing him very well. Also what are they doing with the Legacy? That is such a cool group. I liked the idea of Orton having a group. Sim Snucka, Manu, and Rhodes were perfect for it, also Debiase when he comes back. Why are they taking the group a part already? Does this mean Sim is going back to jobbing? The writers need to get their heads out of their asses and write something that works, and something that is entertaining. It seems like they will start something and then change their minds and drop it quickly.

Santino as usual was great, very entertaining. Goldust needs to step it up. Diva matches were decent. Kelly Kelly is doing so much better, and looks really good in the ring. I am glad Cena did not have his cheezy one liners. He is cool; however I hate it when he tries too hard to be funny. I like what they are doing with Mike Knox. The Regal/CM Punk match was good. It is good to have Regal on the show, he is very good in the ring, and makes it look so brutal. Sad however how they have completely minimized Punk’s role. One second he is champion, next he is mid card. The Miz and Morrison were good as usual. I really enjoy that tag team. I really do not like Stephanie McMahon. She comes off as such a bitch, however I guess they are doing there job by making it so she is not liked. It would have been nice if they kept the Shane Stephanie feud going. Move Dolph Ziggler to ECW. The Kane stuff is awful, he is better than that. He should be back on ECW as well. He would be a nice fit there. Not sure why they want him to semi feud with Orton though. Orton is busy with Cena, Jericho, JBL, Michaels, and his Legacy group. He does not need to mess with Kane.

I think the biggest problem with Raw and Smackdown is that there are too many main event stars on each show, which does not work. They are all stars we expect to see in the main event, i.e. HHH, Michaels, JBL, Jericho, Orton, Batista, Cena, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Undertaker, Kane, and Big Show.

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