Second Batch of Feedback To Monday Night Raw

Nick Paglino

First off I would like to say my rating of Raw keeps going down. They are not giving the good wrestlers a chance! For example I think randy deserves the title. JBL doesn’t. He is good and all that but he obviously didn’t win that match fairly. And for once i agree what with Y2J was saying. Randy and him worked hard in that match only to lose.

Another example would be Cryme Tyme. they have been there for a long time now and I see no titles on them or winning matches either. It’s just unbelievable.

I really kinda liked glamerella vs Melina/goldust. But seriously, why is Goldust there anyway? I thought his career was over and he was a retired wrestler. But whatever. I think Melina is going to win the title cause Beth has had it for a while now so yea. And do we really need another stalker feud? Didn’t we see that back in like 05-06 with Mickie and Trish? Unbelievable.

I am really mad Shawn michaels is with JBL and is not in the Royal Rumble. I’m really pissed off about that.

Kelly Kelly vs Jillian Hall was 3/10 honestly. Kelly Kelly is an OK wrestler but she is not championship material. She has been there since like 06 and she is like staying at the level she is at. Where is she going with her career? Also Jillian has been training for like 8 years at wresting and she looses to Kelly Kelly????? UNBELIEVABLE She deserves least a title shot and she has never had one. She is a very good wrestler. Overall boring match.

Everything else was OK


Raw these days, damn what a rollercoaster.

Orton and Jericho in the ring babbling about HBK and JBL and how they donâ<80><99>t need to be in the Royal Rumble. Iâ<80><99>ll say this, I used to HATE Chris Jericho. The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Y2J, that guy was annoying. Jericho is now a more mature wrestler that can actually be accepted as a main event heel. I like the point he made about proving everything he said about Micheals being a sell-out. And for HBK, heâ<80><99>ll be in the Royal Rumble. Theres no way theyâ<80><99>re gonna leave HBK off the Royal Rumble PPV.

I give this segment a 6/10.

Melina/Goldust vs. Glamarella: Gotta love Santino, heâ<80><99>s literally the best thing Raw has going these days, he could be a great IC champ if theyâ<80><99>d just do it the right way. The guy can actually wrestle, and heâ<80><99>s fâ<80><99>n hilarious. Hopefully itâ<80><99>ll turn into that over time, because they under-utilize the shit out of him. And this Rosa thing, havenâ<80><99>t we seen about 800 chics debut from the crowd? Mickey James was Trish Stratusâ<80><99> stalker. TNA just got emâ<80><99> some new â<80><9c>Knockoutsâ<80> out of the â<80><9c>crowd.â<80> Shit people, be original.

I give it a 4/10.

Punk vs. Regal: Ok, Regal sucks. Heâ<80><99>s sucked for 20 years, and heâ<80><99>s just getting suckier. He needs to be a manager. And his manager now, Layla, whats the point in her being there? Since the dumped Jamie Noble from getting any TV time she hasnâ<80><99>t done one damn thing. Stand there and make weird faces and look pretty. I remember when women in wrestling carried a brick in their purse and helped their dude out. Punk has a helluva a future and I really hope he takes that belt from Regal next week but weâ<80><99>ll see huh? DQ, then Steph pops up on the screen and says she donâ<80><99>t want the first 2009 title match to end that way so NEXT WEEK Punk goes for it again. News flash chic, it DID end that way, the match is over and in the books. Since it was 11 seconds longâ<80>¦

I give it a 3/10

HBK and JBL in the back: Big bonus talk if some finishers are done, whatever. Heres a question, how many people over the age of 9 believe Micheals is broke? The man makes millions every year. Sumbody saw one too many commercials for The Wrestler. So his hairs f*cked and heâ<80><99>s goinâ<80><99> bald. That donâ<80><99>t mean heâ<80><99>s goinâ<80><99> broke too. This storyline could have been done a little different, like JBL CAUSED Shawn to be broke then went from there, woulda made more sense. I hate how they are making people look at Shawn knowing he only has a year or so left.

Negative 9/10.

Legacy meeting: Ridiculous, but I have a feeling one or both Manu and Snuka will be back in the group as well as Dibiase upon his return from filming The Marine 2, another straight to DVD movie. 2 more hours of a guy running around in circles with a knife. Yay.

Morrison and Miz vs. Kofi and Rey: Great back and forth match. A lot of action. Miz is retarded. Morrison has a bright future ahead of him, a seemingly endless supply of talent. But Miz, just watch theyâ<80><99>ll split up eventually and Miz is going to fade away, because right now, heâ<80><99>s being carried. Kofi needs a few less energy drinks on the daily, but all jokes aside if he donâ<80><99>t hurt himself, he should go far. Rey Mysterio needs a serious upgrade, the Kane thing was so damn stupid when he came back and theyâ<80><99>ve had Mike Knox on his ass since. Dumb. Shoulda kept Snitsky around, dyed his teeth back white and teamed his up with Knox.

I give the match itself a 7/10

Kelly Kelly vs. Jillian Hall: Wow, in a year, maybe less Kelly will be a GREAT talent. Love the finisher, simple but very effective. Somebody needs to jump the rail and Dimebag Darryl(sorry) Jillian. I literally turnt he channel when shes on the mic, who really anywhere in this world wants to hear that bitch scream like that? Good match though.


Heres Kane, the Big Red Waste of Time. Damn it really went down hill when he took that mask off. Now heâ<80><99>s fat. If heâ<80><99>d spend a couple extra hours a week at the gym, put the mask back on, and shut his damn mouth he could still retire with a HUGE fan base, heel or face. And he has a match with Orton. Umm ok.

Kane in general these days 2/10

Rhodes/Snuka vs. Cryme Tyme: A great matchâ<80>¦ for Cryme Tyme. Does the WWE not realize that right now they have a chance to re-build the tag team division. In the 90â<80><99>s and early 0â<80><99>s there were great tag teams falling outta the sky and a lot of them have went on to have badass singles careers. Edge, Christian, The Hardyâ<80><99>s, Booker T(although he really sucks), the list goes on. Iâ<80><99>m not talking about Rhodes and Snuka, Iâ<80><99>m talking about Cryme Tyme, these guys are WAY over with the fans buts thatâ<80><99>s going down the drain because they canâ<80><99>t seem to win a match, let alone win the belts. And Shad, that dudes got singles push wrote all over him waaay down the road after they do a successful tag run.

I give it a 5/10

Stephanie and Glameralla: Santino really needs more TV time, nuff said. Jericho walks in and tell Staph her Dad-oâ<80><99>s coming back in a couple weeks. Good, thereâ<80><99>s gonna be 15-20 minutes of watchable Raw in 2 weeks.

HBK/Cena vs. Jericho/Orton: This was actually a decent match. But I gotta say Cena is no Superman, yet they try to make him just that. Thatâ<80><99>s why Iâ<80><99>ve hated him since they put him on Raw. Everybody connected and laughed when he used to spit his little freestyles, corny but entertaining. Now, hes the guy in blue that comes out and canâ<80><99>t be stopped even though everyone tries. It worked with Hulk Hogan, not Cena. Theyâ<80><99>re trying to get the fans to relate with Cena and feel like heâ<80><99>s a leader. But the everyday fan doesnâ<80><99>t rise above every single obstacle they face. We want to relate to someone who gets put on his ass, then loses 8 times, put on his ass again, then comes back to noly get the win at the end of the storyline. Hell, Iâ<80><99>d even like to see Cena lose a match every once in a while. I know, I know, shit in one hand, wish in the other. And Orton has really stepped it up since he came back. Donâ<80><99>t get me wrong, I think heâ<80><99>s a piece of shit, in real life. I had words with him at Hooters in Oklahoma City a couple years ago. I also beat up Andre the Giant over a can of beans at EZ-Mart. One story is true, the other ones not, u pick. Awesome super kicks at the end.

I give it a 7/10

I give the entire show a 6/10. One more thing, one week Raw sucks so much ass its unbelievable, the next its ok, then it sucks again. I donâ<80><99>t know if the writers are playing musical chairs to see who gets to write the shows or what but somethingâ<80><99>s gotta give. With that said, Iâ<80><99>m out.


WWE, its this simple; dont turn into TNA. That is what is starting to happen. Lately WWE like TNA starts a storyline and then doesnt run with it. TNA is so craptacular and confusing every week, I never know who to like and who to hate. WWE if you want Orton to have a stable (which RAW needs) quit kicking everyone out. You have a one person Legacy group with Rhodes. You kick out Dibiase then Manu, and now Snuka (after revealing that he is a second gen star). Why put Snuka in one week to kick him out the next? WWE realize Snuka and Manu are better than just being used as jobbers. Save the jobbing to professionals like Venis, Snitsky and Knox. WWE get it right. Focus on your young stars, because they are your future. Morrison, Snuka, Rhodes, Dibiase will be selling your merchandise when HHH and HBK finish losing their hair.



* Jericho, Michaels, JBL and Orton = a good promo. Actually, Jericho, the cookie monster, Silent Bob and Hacksaw Jim Duggan = a good promo. Seriously, Jericho is a promo machine.

* The Miz and John Morrison â<80>” These guys are great, except for the stupid â<80><9c>be jealousâ<80> line..Good match with Kingston and Mysterio. Kingston and Mysterio would have won it easy if it wasnâ<80><99>t for the dreaded â<80><9c>commercialâ<80> because everyone knows that a commercial break means a heel advantageâ<80>¦damn sponsors.

* Knox whipping on Mysterio and Regal screwing punk. I like the direction of â<80><9c>decentâ<80> storylines for the under card performersâ<80>¦

* Not a fan of legacy but Randy Orton scares the crap out of me. He has the look of a sociopath.

* Jericho and Orton vs Cena and Micheals. I enjoyed the â<80><9c>Micheals-might-hit-Cena-â<80><9c> momentsâ<80>¦so predictable. I really disliked this JBL/Micheals storyline but it is starting to wear on me. Good matchâ<80>¦was expecting the Micheals superkick but Micheals vs Cena with JBL in the corner could be fun.

* C.M. Punk- Decent match and liked the endingâ<80>¦way to get me to watch next week. Plus Iâ<80><99>ve always been a mic skills guy ( Flair in the 80s talked me out of a lot of cash) Punk is decent on the micâ<80>¦looking forward to the rematch.


* Shawn Micheals video montage. I know heâ<80><99>s not poor. Iâ<80><99>m a 4th grade teacher and I see more DX stuff in this school then anything else so the beliveabiltiy is gone..However; stupid or not I canâ<80><99>t wait for Shawn to whip JBLâ<80><99>s assâ<80>¦so its sort of â<80><9c>badâ<80>

* Legacy â<80>” Orton doesnâ<80><99>t have the charisma to pull off his own squadâ<80>¦but if he somehow gets Kane to join next week ( Undertaker is his brotherâ<80>¦that counts as legacy, right? )..I will give it some thoughtâ<80>¦still Orton is scary as hell alone ( see above)

* Cole says â<80><9c> Regal wakes up 30 minutes early to despise people longerâ<80>â<80>¦ugh..God I miss Bobby Heenan..Dammit WWE on demandâ<80>¦are you listening?? The best of Bobby Heenanâ<80>¦that man was hysterical

* J.T. gets out of a headlock with an awesome move while the King is telling a joke. Cole â<80><9c> Wow! What a moveâ<80>..The King?? Completely ignores the move and continues some joke about J.T.â<80><99>s phone being offâ<80>¦ugh

The rest

* Kelly, Orton and Kane triangle â<80>” Donâ<80><99>t know what to make of it yet..Unless Kane joins the Legacy.

* For the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward to more then one match next week. Micheals/Cena, Kane/ Orton, and the rematch of Punk and Regalâ<80>¦.even though I think Regal is just going to get counted out. Decent show kept me entertained.


This is Michael Seely from Kings Mountain, NC. Several things bugged me about this episode of Raw. First, I have had my bellyfull of this so called storyline between JBL and HBK Shawn Michaels. This is just another example of how the WWE misuses talent. Shawn is a main eventer and Mr. Wrestlemania. Why should he have to disgrace himself by playing the storyline of being JBL’s employee? Can’t they use someone like Santino Marella? I mean really. Santion is one of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen. He has no ring savvy and he really has no idea what he is doing. If you ask my opinion Beth Phoenix needs to do what is right for her career and dump the joke they call Santion. Chris Jericho is another let down along with Randy Orton. Manu and Sim Snuka need to realize that they are better off without him. Randy Orton’s father was the legend not Randy and I think he needs to remember that. What about the diva division? WHAT A JOKE! The only real divas that WWE has had in recent memory were the likes of Sunny, Terri Runnels, Sable, Chyna and Trish Stratus. I think Vince needs to reevaluate his company.

I believe what they should do is have the old format back they way they used to have it. Raw and Smackdown combined with every superstar. What about ECW? Get it out of here. No one will ever be able to recapture the magic of what Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman) accomplished when he founded ECW. It’s nights like last night that really make me miss WCW and makes me wish TNA was on every night. Let’s face it. TNA isn’t that good but it’s a lot better than what WWE is producing.

John Cena. He is old news. Can they not market wrestlers like they use to. I mean think of some of the greats: Hulk Hogan, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Razor Ramone, Yokozuna. These were superstars (oops I forgot we’re not allowed to call them that anymore). Stupid.

I really want this to get posted because I believe that a lot of wrestling fans would agree with me on all of this. Nick please post this one and if you do then I will give you thoughts like this every week. Thanks


Just wanted to share a few thoughts regarding last night’s Raw.

The first thing that springs to mind is Michael Cole. Would somebody please stop him from using the word “vintage.” I counted and he used the word 347 times during last night’s show. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s still annoying. “Vintage Cena,” “vintage HBK,” “vintage Mysterio,” “vintage turnbuckle,” “vintage viewer hitting the mute button to silence my irritating voice…” Cole needs to be stopped! If anyone wants to join my “Bring J.R. back to Raw and make Michael Cole become Goldust’s gay lover” campaign, email me at

Another frustration I have with Raw lately is Kelly Kelly. I will freely admit that she has improved a lot and I think in a few years she will be very good. I’m sure a lot of people remember how horrible Trish Stratus was when she first started wrestling, but she remained committed to improving and became one of the best female wrestlers WWE has had. I see Kelly possibly going the same way. But in the mean time, would someone please stop her from doing that backflip. You know, the one where someone catches her foot, she bounces a little for the next five minutes and then eventually pulls off the least spontaneous backflip I’ve ever seen.

But giving credit where credit’s due, Kelly’s new finisher was pretty impressive.

Moving on to the more positive aspects of Raw…

The HBK/JBL storyline still has my attention. Not everyone is thrilled with it, but I’m enjoying it. I think this is one of the best roles JBL has ever played – his character is perfect for it.

I like the way the Legacy faction is going. It would have been simple for Rhodes, Manu and Snuka to have joined Orton. I think it’s good that Orton is making people earn their spots. I expect Manu and Snuka will now go after Orton and Rhodes, and that’s when new members of Legacy will appear.

I really enjoyed the Mysterio/Kingston vs Miz/Morrison match. I think big things are ahead for the Miz and John Morrison, and I hope that something is done with Kofi Kingston because he really impresses me.

I was happy when it was announced that Vince will be coming back to Raw in two weeks. I wish I could pretend otherwise, but I’ve missed seeing the McMahon power-walk! That’s vintage McMahon, as I’m sure Michael Cole will be quick to point out.

All in all I thought Raw was a pretty good show. They’ve got a lot of different things going on and most of them are interesting to me. As always, I’ll be tuning in next week.


Last night’s show was the first in a while that really had me looking forward to next week, wondering “what’s gonna happen next?”

I like that they seem to be promoting future shows a bit more concretely. There was a long period where I didn’t know any of the matches on the show until the show started.

I like the JBL/HBK storyline because I’m predicting a HBK surprise win at the Rumble after helping JBL beat John Cena, then HBK going on to win the title from JBL in the all Texas showdown at Wrestlemania 25. I’m still a big HBK mark – oh well.


I read on wrestlezone you were looking for raw reviews from fans so heres mine. Hopefully it gets posted, thanks.

Ok I grew up and loved WWE Monday Night Raw back when it was awesome in the late 90s and early 2000’s. It has gotten a little stale lately, predictable, and sometimes boring. Sometimes they manage to pull off a decent show though. As for tonight’s Raw…

The begining interview with Jericho, Orton, HBK and JBL was ok. But honestly does ANYONE really think JBL will win at the Rumble? I didn’t think so.

Goldust and Melina vs. Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella is next and its okay. Santino Marella is like the jobber of RAW who is very comical. Which sort of makes him into a joke but is good to add some comedy to the show. There is no possible way for him to ever be taken serious on RAW because he has literally lost to everyone on the roster and to even a few divas.

Next is CM Punk vs. William Regal ends in a DQ. I’m guessing they’re gonna drag this one out till the Rumble and they’ll probably have their final intercontinental title match there with CM Punk most likely winning the belt.

Backstage, we see Orton congradulating cody and sim snuka on winning their matches last week. And punks out Manu which was great. Orton is one of the few on raw that is very entertaining to watch. Manu out of the Legacy group which leads to him feuding with the legacy for a little while until he will probably end up at the lower card and maybe even released in the distant future because i dont see him sticking around for a long time for some reason. Especially as a babyface on raw.

Next, John Morrison and The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio with morrison and miz winning. Mike Knox attacking Mysterio after the match was just the same thing we’ve seen every week. Knox is just the exact same as Snitsky same everything even same ring attire only difference is that beard and is that suppose to get him over? The beard?

Kelly Kelly vs. Jillian Hall is next. Dont really care about the divas match just like to look at kelly kelly because she is so hott! Kelly Kelly wins the match. Kane out after the match stalking Kelly and now facing Orton next week was good.

Cody Rhodes and Sim Snuka vs. Cryme Tyme with Rhodes and Snuka winning. After the match Orton cutting Snuka from the team was a nice suprise didn’t see that coming. But is the group just gonna be Orton and Rhodes that would just make it a tag team unless they’re looking for another member which would be?

Also backstage Stephanie and Jericho talking and the announcement of Vince returning in 2 weeks! THANK GOD! Finally something to look forward to on raw. Cant wait for his retun to raw to hopefully save the show and go back to being on the show weekly now.

Randy Orton and Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels and John Cena is the main event. John Cena out last of course. People hate this guy really and raw would be better off without him you can still hear the boos. Hes not a good wrestler and has absolutely no charisma and is just flat out annoying and boring. All you hear when he comes to the ring is younger girls and boys under 12 cheering. Everyone else cant stand this guy. Its also a shame to see what Shawn Michaels has come to. He is definitly not the Heart Break Kid that i remember when i was growing up. He is a shell of his former self and shouldn’t even come out to the HBK music he should just come out to JBL’s music. Even before he started working for JBL shawn just is not the same person he once was.

Cena and Shawn pickup the win. I dont see why shawn wont superkick cena but he’ll pretty much lay down for JBL the week before. That makes absolutely no sense to me. He’ll give up losing a number one contenders match but he wont dare superkick Cena???? Thats a little messed up if you ask me.

Out of a grade from 1-10 with 1 being horrible and 10 being excellent, I give tonights RAW a 7. Not bad but not great it was an average show with a few suprises here and there.


hey my names nick, i thought raw was just ok, santino was very fun as he always is, goldust is classic but needs to step it up. i really like the beth/melina diva story line so far i give that story line a 8 out of 10, which is great for a diva storyline, the legacy story line is very confusing to me, if sim snuka and muna are out of legacy is the group just randy orton&cody rhodes?? wheres ted jr?? hmm i guess we will see over time, and its very sad cryme tyme loses every week, i wish wwe would do something decent with them , cryme tyme would be better on ecw atleast they can do something cool on there,

over all i give raw a 6 out of 10 but raw needs to step up heading into the royal rumble 2009,

good luck&welcome back vinny mac


Obviously everyone isn’t going to agree with the direction Legacy is going because everyone has different taste and everyone wants the stable to be something different. I actually have no problem with Legacy’s direction as of right now because if they started to become a dominant force within the first month of being an official group, I’d probably get bored of it quick.

I see what they are doing now is having a recruiting type storyline until Orton finds the right mixture of superstars that he wants and Orton bitching at people until he feels he has the right group that has earned his respect. And with some people getting rejected from the group it could lead to other storylines for Legacy down the road. But I can just as easily see why people would think otherwise, that WWE doesn’t know what the hell they are doing. But we’ll probably never know for sure whether this is a completely planned out deal or not. With Stephanie being the Head of Creative and a master at the slow build.. I see this doing big things. Many people who are bitching, bitch when storylines don’t have enough time to evolve.

I think it is far to early to call Legacy a failure when they have only just finished forming. I do think that DiBiase doing that lame ass film has hurt the group but not fatally. I like the fact that it has taken this long to get the group together because it fits with the ethos of the group. Legacy is all about 2nd and 3rd generation guys, who think they are better than other people because of it. Randy, who has already proven himself, feels the others need to do the same, prove that they are truely legacies before they can be part of it.

I personally think it would have been good if there were a few more generationals and Orton made them face each other to get in.When it comes to membership, I don’t think we have seen the final lineup yet. With all the 2nd generation guys WWE has, I can definitely see more new faces being added and even some attempting to join and getting forcibly rejected. Also don’t forget all the 2nd and 3rd generation superstars in FCW!!

Orton is obviously star of the show in Legacy and I don’t think many disagree that he suits this role beautifully. He is portrayed as a devious but talented star, will to do what ever it takes. Plus his character epitomizes everything Legacy stands for. When it comes to Rhodes, he needs work. He has a lot of potential but he does need to sort of his image a bit and he needs a more distinctive move set. As it is he does seem a little generic. Manu has a distinctive look that sets him apart and I like that, you don’t want all the guys looking like mini Orton clones and I think he could be a very good enforcer if he is built up to be more like Umaga (but with a better finisher obviously). DiBiase has far more charisma and vocal skill for me, plus he has far more of a branding already with his priceless gimmick. He is definitely the emerging star of the group as I see it and could well fit the role that Orton himself did in Evolution. I can definitely see him getting to a stage where he thinks that he doesn’t need them theirs anymore and breaking on his own. Snuka for me wad an odd choice to put in to the team and I don’t see him being and member of the group once the roster is finalized. He just has a jobber quality about him, he lacks that certain star power, plus he isn’t a yound, up and coming star in the same way that DiBiase or Rhodes is, he is nearly 10 years older than Orton himself.

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