NWA NEWS & NOTES for 1-19-09


1/17 NWA Anarchy Report
by larrygoodman

NWA Anarchy ran their second television taping of 2009 drawing a crowd of 160 to the NWA Arena in Cornelia.

While the size of the crowd had to be encouraging, the reaction of the crowd was not. They’re drawing about the same as a year ago, but the typical Anarchy crowd has a lot more zip to it than they did last night. Maybe it was the miserably cold weather putting a damper on things. It felt like something more. People were attentive, like they were waiting for something to move them, and only the big stuff did.

True, it was a story development show. There’s a long way to go before Hardcore Hell –five television tapings – not the time to be giving people too much. Problem was this show ran the risk of giving them too little.

The thing it lacked was star power in the ring. Shatter and Creed have graduated to the major leagues. Sal Rinauro is working elsewhere these days. Iceberg had the night off. Mikal Judas, Truitt Fields and Slim J were there but in non-wrestling capacities.

The tradition in Cornelia has been building stars from the ground up. Anarchy is elevating young guys into key positions, and they’re just can’t be on the same level as the stars whose shoes they’re trying to fill, not yet at least. They have people that are capable of getting there – New Wave, JT Talent and Hayden Young all come to mind – along with the guy that took matters into his own hands, Kyle Matthews.

The problem with too much of the Anarchy talent is that the fans have witnessed all of their growing pains. It would be a huge boost if they could bring someone in with untarnished star aura. Yeah, and it would be great if Obama could solve our economic problems over night. Kimo is a prime example of how well it can work, but Kimo level guys are almost impossible to find without running counter to the business model of Cornelia wrestling.

Announcer Greg Hunter directed attention to the WrestleVision for clips of the horrific and humiliating beating New Wave received at the hands of Talent & Money two weeks ago. Steven Walters and Derrick Driver were both busted open with Driver getting major blood flow. They cut to footage of Driver in the locker room afterwards. This was Driver like he’s never seen him before –crazy mad about being split open and thirsting for revenge. They cut to the parking lot where Talent & Money were pulling up in their limo. New Wave attacked and they brawled their way into the building and on into the ring. New Wave had big ass bandages on their foreheads. Anarchy personnel jumped in to break it up. NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer laid down the law. He ordered New Wave to act more champion like and threatened T & M with suspension. Palmer said they would settle it in the ring. This was all very well done.

(1) Don Matthews & Chip Day & Bo Newsome beat Jeff Lewis & Jay Clinton & Mike Mosley in 7 minutes. It came across like Lewis was a class above the other guys in this match. A sneaky knee from Lewis started the heat on Newsome. Matthews, whose gear is looking pretty shabby these days, cleaned house with the hot tag. Lewis ran away from Matthews, then tripped him up from the outside. As always, it boiled down to Matthews and Clinton. Clinton locked knuckles with Matthews and did a strut along the top rope. Matthews cut off that nonsense by nutting Clinton on the top rope and picked him off with The Lariat. They’ve done that spot seven ways from Sunday. I think its run its course.

Todd Sexton appeared on the WrestleVision in a pre-taped segment. Sexton said he was going to take a shift as Anarchy trainer replacing the injured Slim J. The designated Anarchy trainees were Taco Delgado (APW) and a guy they call Dizzy, because of what happens when he takes bumps. Sexton totally abused them. “You see Slim J, there are no bad students, just bad teachers.” This angle works for me.

(2) Hayden Young beat Alan Funk in 8:30. They got off to fast start. Very little heat though. Funk is in great shape and his work is sharp. But the crowd isn’t sure what to make of him, and at this point, they’re not sure they really care. Melissa Coates came out to observe from the ramp. Funk did the Hogan leg drop to zero reaction. Young rallied and tried for a spinning headscissors, but Funk planted him with a facebuster for a near fall. Young hit a springboard enzuirgiri and pinned Funk with the Flying Squirrel. Young went over clean with his finisher and it still felt like a match that didn’t do much for him.

Postmatch, Coates shoved Young away and helped Funk to the back. She’s one fickle woman. She left Chase, turned babyface for all of six weeks before deserting Palmer, and now this guy?

(3) “Sugar” Shaun Tempers beat Tyler Smith (with Bobby Moore) via DQ in 7:56. Tempers proved to be the better wrestler, so Smith dumped him out to Moore, who rammed Sugar’s back into the apron. Smith worked the body part. Tempers blocked a German suplex to start his comeback. He got a long two count with a bridging Northern lights suplex. Smith rolled through on an O’Connor roll, but Tempers kicked out of it. Tempers hit a major league spinning hangman neckbreaker and Moore jumped him for the DQ. The NWA Anarchy Television Champion Truitt Fields made the save, thus returning the favor he received from Tempers two weeks ago. Match was fine for the purposes of continuing a good story.

Hunter announced Tempers & Fields vs. Technicians for February 7.

(4) Kimo (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Chris King via submission. It didn’t take Bailey’s vicious psychopath very long either. Crowd was quiet. They knew King was a dead man walking.
Kimo blocked everything King could throw at him, then leveled him with a single thrust to the throat. Devastation ensued. King tapped out to the Information Extractor .  Chip Day tried to save and when he mounted the ropes,  Kimo dumped him off his back like a sack of potatoes. 

Kimo was about to give Day the Six Finger Punch of Death when the lights went out…The lights came on to find Mikal Judas standing in the ring. Kimo was on the ramp ready to pounce on anyone coming from the back. Guess again. Judas gave Kimo and Bailey the evil eye.

(5) Malachi pinned Adryan Hawkins in around 6 minutes. Another match that got very little reaction. Nothing wrong with the work. Crowd just wasn’t feeling it. Hawkins busted out a koppo kick. Hawkins applied a variation of the Gori Especial and Malachi reversed it with a sunset flip for the three count.

They showed a WrestleVision vignette in which Lewis fired Clinton from his entourage in favor of the more refined Mosley. Mosley was reading aloud from some fine piece of literature. Lewis complimented Mosley on his class and knowledge. Of Clinton, Lewis said, “You disappoint me,” and fired his ass.

(6) Azrael (with The Reverend & Skirra Corvus) beat Kyle Matthews to retain the Young Lion’s Title in 6:03.
Match of the night easy. Best pure action I saw all weekend. Corvus (from APW) popped up out of nowhere –a beanpole of a guy in a spiked leather jack and a burlap hood with nails sticking out. The Reverend was ecstatic about his new minion. The last few minutes were explosive. Frighteningly stiff and spot on timing. It started with a blistering exchange of chops and slaps. Matthews was giving as good as he got, and with Azrael, that’s saying something. Matthews hit a picture perfect missile dropkick. Azrael finished with the Ted Bundy. I think this match left the fans with a new level or respect for Matthews. He might be underrated by the fans, but never by the other wrestlers. Matthews paid a physical price for it. He was still loopy after the show. Thankfully, no concussion, just a badly busted lip that required stitches.

Slim J got the big pop as he interrupted Greg Hunter’s introduction of the next match. J ripped Sexton for what he did to the trainees. J said Sexton knew who would win a fight between the two of them. However, J said he didn’t yet have the doctor’s clearance to wrestle, but that did not matter. J said Sexton and bleacher fans that cheered for him had something in common – jealousy.

(7) TK Cross beat Seth Delay via DQ. Just OK. Crowd was dead. There was no way they could follow the undeniable realism of Azrael and Matthews. Cross used a catapult early. Delay controlled the body of the match. Delay tried to catapult Cross, but he countered with a springboard crossbody. Cross hit a running power slam for his big near fall. Delay pinned Cross with the Overnite Sensation (cradle DDT). Delay made a huge production pulling the brass knucks out of his tights. He clocked Cross. Ref Ken Wallace DQ him on the spot. Delay then accosted Wallace.

(8)Shadow Jackson & Ace Rockwell beat Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis in 13:58. Big pop for Rockwell as Jackson’s mystery partner. Alternating chants of “Ace” and “Shadowmania." Not like usual though. Vain cowered from Jackson. Adonis was overpowering Rockwell, so he poked him in the eyes and stomped his foot – the kind of stuff a really over babyface can get away with. In a classic “be careful what you ask for” moment, Vain ended up in the ring with Jackson. After getting bounced around for a while, Vain scampered for a tag. Jackson wouldn’t sell Adonis’ chops. Good thing. Those suckers looked weak. Jackson made a rudo sandwich with a flying butt bump. Rockwell used Jackson’s back as a springboard for a Stinger splash. Sweet combo. Rockwell tried for a bulldog and got shot off into a brick wall named Mr. Adonis. Vain and Adonis destroyed Rockwell’s back with high impact moves. Hot tag. Adonis cut Jackson off with a spinebuster and put Vain on top. Jackson kicked out. The crowd went nuts for Shadow. Blind tag to Rockwell. Aces High. Vain never knew what hit him. An entertaining main event.

NOTES: Phil Shatter beat Crusher Hansen to win the NWA National Heavyweight Championship last night in McKeesport, Pa…Hardcore Hell ’09 is set for April 18 in Cornelia…Shatter, Judas, Kimo & Lewis (with Bailey), Fields and New Wave are all booked for the inaugural NWA Charlotte show on January 24 in Charlotte at the NWA Coliseum. New Wave takes on the Naturals. Fields faces former Deep South Wrestling Champion Ryan O’Reilly…Anarchy affiliate, Alternative Pro Wrestling, has announced the date for their next super show will be February 13 in Royston, Ga.





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NWA ANARCHY/APW Results for 1/16


An announcement was made that on Friday Febuary 13, APW Presents its next big Super Show at the Royston Gym in Royston, Georgia…with some matches to be announced next week!


BJ Hancock & Donovan Sweet defeated Aaron Lee & Taco Delgado


North Georgia Champion Chris King defeated Todd Sexton


Dustin Michaels & Adryan Hawkins defeated Shaun Tempers & Kyle Matthews


Matt Sells defeaed JT Talent (after Donovan Sweet had offered Talent his support)


Skirra Corvus defeated Ace Rockwell


The Hate Junkies defeated Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsom and Anthony Henry & Brandon Parker  in a three way title match


Shadow Jackson defeated Southern States Champion Seth Delay by DQ after Jeremy Vain & Taco Delgado interfered

*To see exclusive footage from last nights show check out this week’s edition of APW AFTERSHOCK at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhsJOMIBqQE    or you can find out more about APW at www.myspace.com/alternativeprowrestling   


*Also check out past episodes of AFTERSHOCK on our YouTube Channel at www.YouTube.com/alternativepro 




NWA Main Event – Episode 40 by Larry Goodman
Airing January 3, 2008 in Nashville on ION
Taped December 25, 2008 in Nashville at the Nick Gulas Sports Arena

Opening with a graphic informing us that the following episode documented what took place at Christmas Chaos.

Fresh off his turn to the dark side, Steve-O was the first in a series of color commentators to join Jason James on commentary.


Slade was a big, bearded bald guy. Ugly as sin. He could do no wrong according to the warped and occasionally delusional brain of O. James was hot at O for turning on Hayes. Bully hulked up. Slade begged off and use the tights to toss Bully through the ropes. They brawled on the outside until Mark Owens counted them out. Bully slid into the ring just as Owens was waving off the match. Slade tried to back jump Bully and got sent packing by a high boot.

Winner: None. Ruled as a double count out at 7:17. Dead crowd. The action sucked. At least in the ring with Slade, Douglas looked like the babyface.

One of their major sponsors is “Free at Last” bail bonding with Jimmy Hart as the spokesperson. I try not to think about what that says about Main Event’ viewing audience.

2 – “Colossal” CHRIS CAIN (with Dyron Flynn) vs. LARRY COOTER

NWA Mid-America TV Champion Shane Smalls on color. Cooter dominated early. He bounced Cain’s head off the ring apron on all four sides. Flynn and Cain were both wearing kelly green. James called them the Lucky Charms. Cain avoided a mad charge, caught Cooter with a Russian legsweep, and started kicking the **** out of him. Cain danced a little jig. Flynn interfered. Cooter hit a forward Russian legsweep, but Cain got a foot over the ropes. Cooter tried to get the crowd behind him. Not happening. Cain hit a buzzsaw kick to the mouth followed by a leg lariat. Cooter barely kicked out of the pin. But Cain took a banana peel slip when Cooter avoided one of his kicks. Comeback time. Cooter pulled the strap down but missed with the Lawler fist drop. Flynn got up on the apron. Cooter tried to send Cain into Flynn. Cain put on the breaks and Cooter rolled him for the three count.

Winner: Cooter in 9:45. Better than it figured to be. Cain’s hellishly stiff kicks were the highlight of the match. It helped that Cooter sold them huge. The crowd never really got behind Cooter as a face though.

Cain locked in the Cloverleaf submission on Cooter while Flynn taunted him.

I should mention that a major sponsor of this show is “Free at Last” bail bonding with Jimmy Hart as their spokesperson. I try not to think about what that says about Main Event’ viewing audience.

3 – NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion “Playboy” SCOTT HAVES & “Dangerous” DOUG GILBERT vs. JEFF DANIELS & STEVE-O (with Dominique)

Cain out on color playing up his Irish heritage. James made fun of his semi-midget stature. Daniels didn’t want to mix it up with Gilbert in the first place, and had no luck at all when he finally did. Dominique was, as usual, highly active. A fan got in her face. James said Nashville had some of the meanest, rudest fans in the world. The faces worked over O’s arm. James brought up O’s hair loss again. At 9:00, Hayes went flying into the post after O stepped aside. All kinds of heel shenanigans behind the back of ref Jamie Ferrari – babyface visual falls, double teams, switches without tagging, a missed legal tag by Hayes. O locked in a sleeper. Meanwhile, Gilbert was giving Daniels a beating outside the ring. Daniels bled. Hayes hit a flying forearm to spark his comeback. Hayes set O up for a tornado DDT. Dominque started pummeling Hayes. He hauled her into the ring, but was hesitant to hit her. Dominique tossed brass knucks to O, who put Hayes lights out.

Winners: Daniels & Steve-O in 17:00. Honest to God heat, a rarity on NWA ME TV. The crowd was into Gilbert as a babyface more than I expected.

4 – NWA Mid-America Television Title Match: Champion SHANE SMALLS vs. SHAWN SHULTZ

JIP with promoter Mike Porter joining James on color. They talked about Shultz being a former Mid-America Heavyweight Champion and his feud with Jerry Lynn over the title. Smalls got the better of the back and forth, until Shultz slipped out of a tornado DDT and leveled Smalls with a lariat. Ref Mark Owens was sticking his ass right into the camera, and Porter went on a rant.

This referee referee’s for another promotion (Tony Falk’s USWO). I can’t expect any more from him. They can’t teach ‘em down on Interstate Drive how to do the refereeing and stay out of the camera. They don’t even have a camera to start with…(BLEEP)…They don’t have a TV show. They can’t even afford a camera, so I shouldn’t expect any more.

Smalls kept kicking out of everything Shultz threw at him. They put Small over as a fighting champion that would not quit. Both men down on a collision of clotheslines. Then a furious comeback by Smalls leading to a jawbreaker, but Shultz kicked out his delayed cover. Shultz answered with a rockbottom and Smalls rolled a shoulder at 2 and ¾. A triple whammy of ref bumps put Owens down and out. Smalls hit the Last Rites for a visual fall. Owens finally counted two, collapsed, restarted the count, and Shultz kicked out. Shultz kicked Smalls in the groin and pinned Smalls with a DDT.

James went crazy. “I cannot believe this. Shawn Shultz is the new Mid-American Television Champion and hell has just frozen over.” Porter said he was taking the tape to the NWA Board of Directors.

Winner: Shultz to win the NWA Mid-America TV Title in roughly 20 minutes. They worked this match like they had a point to prove about quality of wrestling in NWA Main Event. Lots of action. Dramatic near falls. The triple ref bump was great stuff. As good as the wrestling was, the crowd response was only so-so. James added something with the intensity of his announcing down the stretch. What the hell got into Porter?

Random Thoughts: Now this was a wrestling show. It wasn’t all good, but it was all wrestling. There’s something to be said for that at a time when the norm from TNA is less than 30 minutes of wrestling during a two hour show. It’s a product that can only appeal to a small niche audience. Even when the wrestling is good, the production quality is such that most casual fans wouldn’t sit still for it. They shot this, their big holiday show, with only one camera…It was hard to tell with the way it was shot, but the crowd looked to be a little over 100…Clearly, the TV title is being position as the work rate title. Interesting that the TV title match went on last instead of the tag match, which had the major storyline going in. The wrestling was better in the TV title match, but the crowd was way more into the tag match…The Lucky Charms thing has comedic possibilities. It will be open season on Leprechaun jokes…They pushed Lawler’s appearance in Portland on January 24 throughout the show, both with ads and insets during the matches.

NWA Fusion Pro Wrestling
January 10, 2009
Mile High Event Center
Commerce City, CO
Att: 350

Fusion welcomed back to their roster tonight Tommy Bouchet, Matt Yaden and Hollywood JDT.

Jason Noel defeated Michael Voorhies

Views from the Red Carpet welcomed back Fusion’s Hollywood JDT. JDT interviewed
Jack Mecidol about his Ladder match later in the evening for the Fusion Championship.

Duff Doyle won via pinfall against Tommy Bouchet

Raheem Rashaad scored a victory over Dustin Uhrich

Mercury Matt Yaden defeated Jeff McAllister

Arik Angel lost his battle against Billy V


After an incredible 3 way match with Jack Mecidol, Stonidifrous and Paul Diamond
Stondifirous became a two time Fusion Pro Champion.

For more information on FPW, go to:


NWA Pro/ SoCal Prop Wrestling
January 10, 2009
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

Johnny Yuma defeated Jason Watts

The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) defeated Aerial Star & Locura

Jayson Cooper defeated Damian Slater to retain the NWA Australian National Championship

Adam Pearce defeated Johnny Goodtime

Cool Imagery (Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel) (c) defeated Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) to retain the SCP Tag Team Championship

Jason Redondo defeated SoCal Crazy to retain the SCP Heavyweight Championship

For more information on SCPW, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Southwest/ PWF
January 10, 2009
PWF Wrestleplex
Amarillo, TX

Match one: “Dirty” Dice Murdock vs. Joey “The Mastiff” Armstrong
Winner: Dice Murdock

Match two: Biohaxxxard vs. “The Love Machine” Pinky LaRue
Winner: Biohaxxxard

Match three: For the vacant NWA SW/ PWF Tag Team Title
Canadian Sex Pistols “The Natural” Shawn Mills & “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones vs. “Sexy” Shawn Sanders & Mark Wilson
Winners and new NWA-SW/PWF Tag Team Champs: Canadian Sex Pistols

Semi-main event: Rufus Lee Wilkins “Southern Pitbull” vs. Brian Blade
Winner: Pitbull

Main event: PWF Heavyweight Title Match
“The Legacy” Mike DiBiase [c] vs. Sam Houston
Winner: Sam Houston by d.q.
DiBiase retains title.

For more information on PWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:





NWA Indiana
January 11, 2009
Lafayette Theater
Lafayette, Indiana

in front of 194 fans.

Ceaurious Jester defeated Hayden Kent

Billy Bart defeated Tiny Tim

Shawn Cook defeated Lash Gibson to retain the NWA Indiana title

Flash Flannigan defeated Justin Andrews

"Marvelous" Mitch Ryder defeated Christopher Kent

In the main event, Marc Houston & Guy Lombardo defeated Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous to win the NWA Indiana heritage tag team titles.

NWA Indiana returns to the Lafayette Theater on 2/8 with Marc Houston & Guy Lombardo vs Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous and the tag team belts will be on a pole!

Log onto www.thenwaindiana.com  for more info



NWA Wisconsin/ BCW
January 16, 2009
Christina’s Banquet Hall
Waukesha, WI

Brew City Wrestling, under the banner of the National Wrestling Alliance, had a spectacular show and would like to thank all the fans that packed Christina’s Banquet Hall last night in the bitter cold weather. The action was great from the 1st match to the last. Here are the quick results from RISE TO HONOR V.

BCW No Limits Championship Tournament Match
"The International Wrestling Superstar" Erico beat “El Vato” Jose Guerrero and Chris Black

BCW No Limits Championship Tournament Match
Colin Troy pinned Bao Nguyen

American History Next beat The NOW

BCW No Limits Championship Tournament Match
Tony Scarpone and Nick Colucci ended up with a DOUBLE COUNT OUT as both men were brawling on the outside and had to be separated by security. Both men are eliminated from the tournament.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart & Frankie “The Thumper” DeFalco beat Jazon Parxxz and his partner Matt “Love Machine” Longtime. DeFalco pinned Parxxz.

BCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
TC Washington© retained his title by DQ over Rasche “Skullkrusher” Brown. American History Next came to ringside to distract Washington when the Cobra hit the ring and side kicked the Champion right square in the face. With the ref seeing this, he asked for the bell for disqualification. As TC was lying lifeless on the mat, the Cobra took his mask of and it was revealed as Chris Black, TC’s best friend and tag team partner. With Brown seeing this with a look of confusion on his face, he went to join in on the onslaught with Black.
American History Next returned to the ring to make the save and run out Brown and Black.

BCW No Limits Championship Tournament Championship Match
"The International Wrestling Superstar" Erico pinned Colin Troy to become the NEW Brew City Wrestling No Limits Champion.

Brew City Brawl Match
Dinn T. More beat Darin Waid as he hip tossed Waid from the top rope onto a table. This match had plenty of highlights. At one point, Waid pulled an 18ft ladder from under the ring and set it up in the ring. As he was climbing it, Dinn T climbed after him. Waid kicked More right down. Waid climbed near the top and landed a More with a flying body press. This match had the fans literally standing on their feet throughout the match as both men were brawling throughout the hall. They even went into the bar area and More dumped a garbage can full of bottles and food onto Waid’s head. The on the way back to the ring, More tossed Waid into first into 3 rows on chairs.

Brew City Wrestling returns Friday, February 20 at Christina’s Banquet Hall, 409 Delafield St. in Waukesha, WI. Bell time is set for 7:30pm, doors open at 6:3opm and tickets are $15.

For more information on BCW, go to:


January 9, 2009
NWA Heat Wave
Freedom Center
Lakeland, FL

We are here at the Freedom Center in Lakeland, Florida. We have a great crowd here tonight and this should be a great event.

The event starts and The Movement comes out to the ring. The Movement announces that they have come begrudgingly and would like nothing better than to destroy Thumper Chapman. DV says that The Movement is here to take over the company and they will take no prisoners. J.M. Jones grabs the microphone and says that Thumper Chapman is a coward and he will probably just chicken out. Thumper Chapman’s music hits and Thumper and his gang come out and The Movement runs out of the ring. Thumper says that he will do his talking in the ring tonight.

Pro Wrestling Match 1: Kamikaze vs. Sexy Jeff

The match begins with Kamikaze taking control of the match quickly. A big kick to the back of Jeff’s head knocks him to the floor. Jeff tries to mount some offense but to no avail as he is clearly overmatched in this one. Kamikaze hits a corkscrew Moonsault and got the pin and the easy victory.
Winner: Kamikaze

Pro Wrestling Match 2: Ricky Frost vs. White Scorpion

This is a non-title match. The match begins with Frost mounting some quick offense. Frost flies around the ring like a mad man. Frost hits a very nice hurricanrana and goes for the pin. Scorpion just kicks out. Frost goes for a flying cross body, but Scorpion hit him with a Power Clothesline from out of nowhere and will get the pin.
Winner: White Scorpion

Pro Wrestling Match 3: Bret Thunder vs. Morbid Angel

This was a very exciting match as both men are very quick and very skilled competitors. Bret Thunder starts the match off strong with some great strikes. Bret Thunder hit a great DDT and goes for the pin. Angel barely kicks out and hits Thunder with a low blow as his manager distracts the referee. Angel then had complete control of the match and Thunder is in great anguish. Angel throws Thunder into the referee and the referee goes down. Angel works Thunder to the corner and his manager holds on to Thunder. Angel goes for a running forearm but Thunder moves just in time and Angel knocks his own manager out to the floor. Thunder rolled up Angel and sealed the victory.
Winner: Bret Thunder

Pro Wrestling Match 4: Phoenix vs. Ronnie Red

Ronnie Red starts off very strong in this match clearly taking control. A couple of big clothesline to Phoenix and he was hurt. Ronnie starts working on the leg of Phoenix. Phoenix is obviously limping in the match as Ronnie’s game plan comes to complete fruition. Ronnie goes for another big clothesline, but this time Phoenix ducks just in time and hits Ronnie with a nice dropkick. Phoenix goes for his T-Bone Suplex, but his leg gives out and Ronnie reverses it into a snap Suplex of his own. He goes for the pin and Phoenix just kicks out. Ronnie picked Phoenix up to finish him off, but Phoenix reversed it out of nowhere and hit the T-Bone Suplex and got the victory.
Winner: Phoenix

Pro Wrestling Match 5:
Ricky Frost vs. Onidragon

These two guys have fought before and there is definitely no love lost between these two. Ricky Frost came flying in fast and again mounts some quick offense on Onidragon. He showed no sign of fatigue after his match with the White Scorpion. Frost owned the match, as Onidragon can’t mount any offense. Frost goes to the outside and gets a ladder from under the ring. Frost hit Onidragon with the ladder and got himself disqualified from the match.
Winner: Onidragon

Pro Wrestling Match 6: Hillbilly J vs. Glen Cortez

Glen Cortez starts out the match with a test of strength and Hillbilly easily wins that test. Glen shoots of the ropes and goes for a shoulder block but Hillbilly doesn’t even budge. During the match The Movement come out to ringside. Glen goes for a slam, but can’t lift Hillbilly. Hillbilly hit the Hillbilly Chokeslam and got the victory.
Winner: Hillbilly J

After the match The Movement asks Cortez to join there cause to take over the company. Glen says no, but when Hillbillies back is turned he hits him with a chair. Cortez and The Movement attack Hillbilly and Cortez says he changed his mind and he will join The Movement. They continue there beating on Hillbilly when Raz, Reaper, and Thumper come to the ring and ran The Movement off.

Pro Wrestling Match 7: Apocalypse vs. Dagon Lee

This match is for the Hardcore Championship. Apocalypse came to ring and he looked ready to go for this title match. Dagon’s music hits but he doesn’t come to the ring. Word comes from the back that Dagon has been injured and he will not be able to compete therefore he has had to forfeit his title. So we will have a tournament for the Hardcore Championship. The tournament will begin now. Scooter Trash’s music hits and no one knows what to think of this guy. Scooter starts the match up strong with some powerful offense. Apocalypse battles back and hit Scooter with a chair. Apocalypse goes for the D.O.R. but Scooter reverses it. Scooter got his chain and nailed Apocalypse right in the head. Scooter hit the Superkick and got the pin and the win.
Winner: Scooter Trash

Pro Wrestling Match 8: The Movement vs. Raz, Reaper, Thumper Chapman

This match is the main event of the evening. It is a six–man tag match. The match starts off with Reaper and Brian Branton going at it Reaper starts out well with some good wrestling moves and great strikes to take Brian out of his game. The Movement distracts the referee and DV attacks Reaper from behind. Brian makes the tag to DV and he takes control of the match. DV works on Reaper’s leg and keeps him on the ground. The Movement works on Reaper in the corner and keeps him away from his team. Reaper chops DV and barely makes the tag to Raz. Raz comes in firing and clears The Movement out. Raz takes down DV with a hard slam. The match breaks loose, as the referee can’t handle all of the action. All six men are fighting it out, as this has become an all out brawl. J.M Jones holds onto Thumper as DV has a cane. DV tries to hit Thumper with the cane but Thumper moves and DV hits J.M. Thumper rolled DV up and got the pin and the victory.

Kamikaze defeated Sexy Jeff
White Scorpion defeated Ricky Frost
Bret Thunder defeated Morbid Angel
Phoenix defeated Ronnie Red
Onidragon defeated Ricky Frost
Hillbilly J defeated Glen Cortez
Scooter Trash defeated Apocalypse
Taz, Reaper, & Thumper Chapman defeated The Movement


NWA EPW Adelaide
January 18, 2009
Cosgrove Hall
Clovelly Park, AUS

MAIN EVENT: NWA Australian National Championship Match
Jayson Cooper defeated ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson to retain the NWA Australian National Championship

NWA- Pro Invitational Tournament – Tag Match
J-Rock and Eliot Sexton defeated The Graham Brothers

Battle of the Best
Slex defeated Robby Heart

NWA-Pro Invitational Tournament – Singles Match
Carlo Cannon defeated Wreckin’ Ball Wilson

NWA-Pro Invitational Tournament – Singles Match
The Golden Aztec defeated Jimmy Scarlet

Re-Emerging Grudge Match
Ryan ‘Bones’ Malone defeated the Masked Commando

Knightmare Challenge
Chris Knight w/Rohan defeated Bruce ’Havok’ Mills by Disqualification

For more information on EPW Adelaide, go to:

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