CWE Returns To Youngstown, OH On 2-20-09 With Xion, Rowe & More

Bill Behrens

CWE Returns to Youngstown, Ohio on Friday, February 20!

by CWE Staff


Championship Wrestling Experience returns to The Wedge in Austintown , Ohio live Friday, February 20th, 2009 as it presents its second event of the year, Battle Lines. Tickets are $10 in advance from Havana House in Niles or The Wedge box office, and doors open at 6:30 pm with the wrestling action starting at 7:30 pm. Fans in attendance will see the fall out from CWE’s last event, Two Years Later, which saw Shiima Xion retain the CWE Undisputed Title, as well as end the two year undefeated streak of Patrick Hayes. Now, onto the matches!



Shiima Xion accomplished on January 16th what no one else including Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Johnny Gargano and Eddie Kingston could do : pin Patrick Hayes. En route to the pin, Shiima had to overcome the interference of Hayes’ associates Krystal Frost and Shiima Xion. He did those things with the help of former foe Johnny Gargano. Amherst , on the other hand but in the same capacity, did what few others in the country have done, and pinned Raymond Rowe. He needed the assistance of Big Dom and Chris LeRusso to do so, but nonetheless, he did it. CWE officials had to jump on the opportunity to make this match happen. Will Shiima again make another first by being the first man to pin Ashton Amherst’s shoulders to the mat, or will Ashton prove to not only Shiima, but everyone else, that he really is that good? In addition, where will Patrick Hayes and Johnny Gargano fall into the equation? We saw at the end of the last event, that whatever problems existed between Shiima and Gargano are now water under the bridge, and they seem to be united against a common foe. One can only imagine the mental capacity Hayes is in after not only losing his undefeated streak, but also not capturing the title. Time will tell how all of this will play out.



Benjamin C Steele went to CWE management and whined, cried, and begged to get his team, Straight Jacket Mafia, into the Tag Team Title match at Two Years Later. His pleas were successful, and the team made the best of the opportunity by pinning Matthew Justice to become the brand new CWE Tag Team Champions. Earlier in the night, they cost the LA Gunz the victory in the ten man tag, and in the Tag Team Title match itself, Benjamin C Steele proved himself to be a huge distraction, causing the Franchise Players to chase him around the venue while his team took advantage of Justice for the pin and victory. The Straight Jacket Mafia are making no friends in the tag ranks, and not only does that include LA Gunz and Franchise Players, but it also now extends to The Bouncer and Tuff Tina. Dahmer needed to use a spike to disorient The Bouncer in the ten man tag to eliminate him. This ultimately did not sit well with The Bouncer, who demanded, and was granted, a CWE Tag Team Title shot. Bouncer has had his fair share of partners in the CWE, forming teams with Kurt Fury, Bill Hyatt, and The Creep. This time he called upon the other member of Klub Xtreme, Tuff Tina, to be his partner. Tina is undoubtedly one of the toughest women in the game, and proved that by exchanged blows with Dahmer in January. Will this match be more of BC Steeles interference, or will The Bouncer and Tina walk away with the titles around their waist?



Raymond Rowe was robbed in January in his match with Ashton Amherst. He did regain some sort of revenge. Chris LeRusso interjected himself in the match, and ultimately led to Ashton rolling Rowe up and getting the three count. After the match had ended, as Dom, Ashton, and LeRusso were celebrating, Rowe got off the ground. Upon seeing the monster awoke, Dom and Ashton left the ring, leaving LeRusso alone with Rowe. While LeRusso tried his best to get away, Rowe was able to hit him with Death Rowe, twice, and leave him unconscious in the ring. Kevin Bradway has been running around the locker room and telling anyone within an earshot about how he is the toughest guy in the CWE. Bradway is fresh off of a victory, being the sole survivor in the ten man tag at Two Years Later. Bradway left an open challenge backstage at Two Years Later to anyone who wanted to challenge him for the Toughest Man in CWE title. This challenge was quickly accepted by Rowe, angry off of his earlier loss. This could indeed be a very scary match for Bradway. There’s a few things you don’t want to do in life. You don’t spit in the wind, you don’t tug on Supermans cape, and you don’t step into the ring with an angry Raymond Rowe who wants revenge on whomever he can get his hands on.



Façade earned the spot that everyone within the CWE wanted, and that is the last spot in the now annual February Battle Royal. He earned this right by defeating Chris LeRusso, Marion Fontaine, and Ryan Burke. However, before he can enjoy the luxury that number carriers, Façade must step into the ring against Ryan Mitchell. Mitchell is a relative newcomer to CWE, with his only appearance being his victory against Logan Shulo in January. His credentials speak for themselves, being trained by Dory Funk and Rocky Johnson, and being under WWE Development contract. We know the crowd is solidly behind Façade, but the crowd just didn’t seem to give too much to Mitchell in his first appearance. This match will either be another step in Façade’s road to the title, or this can be how Ryan Mitchell firmly establishes himself with the fans of the CWE.



The LA Gunz quite possibly could have and should have been the guys walking away from the ten man tag with their hands raised. Due to the interference of Straight Jacket Mafia, this was not the case. There is a lot of bad blood between the two teams, stemming back to Lethal Dose last June. Now that Straight Jacket Mafia are the tag team champs, there could be more at stake for the Gunz. While they did want to challenge for the gold at Battle Lines, the team determined that they would profit more from finding others to beat up before going after the Straight Jacket Mafia. Bad to the Bone has not been seen in quite some time in CWE as a team. Moondog Scrap lost at Two Years Later to Hobo Joe after Joe tricked him into thinking he threw his bone into the audience. Scott Prodigy, Scrap’s partner, has made claims that the LA Gunz will not have similar luck with this thought process, and that he will be there to make sure Scrap does not get distracted.



“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine is back in the CWE, and has set his sights on going all the way to the top. Fontaine came close several times to winning the last seed in the battle royal, but came up just short in the end to Façade. Logan Shulo made his debut in the CWE at Two Years Later, in an impressive outing against Ryan Mitchell. While Mitchell was victorious in the contest, Logan impressed CWE officials to the point where they signed him to a contract immediately. CWE officials seem to be very high on Shulo, and have taken a step outward in giving him this huge opportunity. Will the Megastar prove why he is the Megastar, or will Logan pick up his first victory in a CWE ring?



CWE fans know that At A Year Later, a battle royal was created, with the winner becoming the new CWE Undisputed Champion. Johnny Gargano fought long and hard that night, and last eliminated Patrick Hayes to win the gold. Happy with the response of the first battle royal, CWE management determined they would make this a yearly institution, and decided it would be held every February. While the amount of competitors has yet to be determined, the field thus far includes 20 competitors. They are [in no particular order]:


1. Patrick Hayes

2. Marion Fontaine

3. Ashton Amherst

4. Façade

5. Flea

6. Axel

7. Sean Dahmer

8. Apollyon

9. Logan Shulo

10. Ryan Mitchell

11. Scott Prodigy

12. Moondog Scrap

13. The Bouncer

14. Tuff Tina

15. Hobo Joe

16. JC Slick

17. Raymond Rowe

18. Kevin Bradway

19. Ryan Burke

20. Gregory Iron


More may be added in the future, but even looking at that list of competition makes one wonder what direction the match will go in. Will Hayes use his undoubted anger to propel himself to victory? Will Fontaine be able to go all the way? Can Ashton prove that he is that good? Can the LA Gunz, Straight Jacket Mafia or Bad to the Bone put aside partnerships to be the last man left standing? Will Logan make his second appearance a dramatic one? Can Ryan Mitchell use all his credentials to win? Can The Bouncer use his experience to guide him? Will Tina prove that she is better than all the men? Can Hobo Joe live a real life rags to riches story? Can JC Slick overcome his underdog stature? Can Raymond Rowe suplex his way to the top? Will Kevin Bradway prove he is the toughest man in the CWE? Can Ryan Burke prove that heart can lead you to victory? Will Gregory Iron prevail in face of adversity?


See this and much more Friday, February 20th, 2009 at The Wedge in Austintown , Ohio as Championship Wrestling Experience presents Battle Lines! Remember, tickets are $10 in advance at Havana House in Niles or at The Wedge Box Office.. The doors open at 6:30 , with the show beginning at 7:30 . For more information on this and other CWE events, visit



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