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Plus: Don Matthews, Skirra Corvus, Jerry Palmer & more



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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 150

December 29, 2008


NWA Anarchy TV Reports will continue to be submitted at a slow pace until the end of middle school basketball season. All I can say that this is an incredible group of gifted players and have a good chance of going undefeated if we do not get too thingyy or complacent. Sixth graders play an intramural season commencing in late February, so I will be busy until early April. However, reports should be submitted once a week.


WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!


– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, Slim J uncled Adrian Hawkins to become the inaugural NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, and Truitt Fields surprised Shaun Tempers with a rollup with less than a minute remaining to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title. This week, the New Wave defends the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles against Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis, and Ace Rockwell accepts Jeff G. Bailey’s Five Minutes of Hell open challenge as he battles Kimo.


– Inquiring minds want to know why Don Matthews is paying an unscheduled visit to Cornelia, Georgia at Fright Night ‘08. Matthews threatens Greg Hunter with immediate harm and commands Jeff Lewis to haul his posterior into the NWA Arena. Lewis’s entrance music plays in grand fashion, but lo and behold, it’s only “Cheap Enhancement Talent” Jay Clinton. Clinton rambles, rambles, and rambles on like Jeff Jarrett. After commercial, Clinton and Matthews have an impromptu match without a referee. Clinton escapes the Lariat of Doom only to perform the Fargo Strut. As any good stooge would do, Clinton turns his back to Matthews. Back in the ring, Matthews laughs off Clinton’s weak offensive efforts. Matthews makes the wise decision by finishing off Clinton with the Lariat of Doom before performing his best Jeff Lewis impersonation.


– Jeremy Vain proclaims himself and Mr. Rob Adonis as the new tag champions and predict they will capture the titles. Mr. Adonis finally tires of Vain’s repetitive proclamations and orders him to the ring.


1. The New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) defeated “Untouchable” Jeremy Vain & “the One Man Insurance Policy” Mr. Rob Adonis.

After commercial, the heels focus on doling out punishment to Driver. Johnson calls Mr. Adonis “dumb as an ox.” Vain selfishly tags himself in and he allows Walters to receive the hot tag. Mr. Adonis comes to the aid of Vain, but eats a double lungblower and a double dropkick to the floor. The New Wave finish off Vain with the Unskinny Bop. Afterwards, Vain holds Mr. Adonis at fault for their loss. Johnson believes that Mr. Adonis needs to take this like a man. Vain shoves Mr. Adonis and the One Man Insurance Policy retaliates by threatening to obliterate him to the crowd’s delight. Vain cowers like a coward. Eventually, Mr. Adonis feels ultimate pity and holds the rope for Vain to exit the ring.


– Bill Behrens introduces the latest addition to the NWA Anarchy roster: Alan Funk, aka Kwee Wee, and aka Bruce of the Rainbow Express. (Rainbow Express consisted of Alan Funk and Lenny Lane.) He miraculously survived an in-ring accident with “Not So thingyy” Sonny Siaki. Funk incoherently blathers about his intentions before channeling Hulk Hogan (which he does a good impersonation.) Funk pulls the old Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by accusing Behrens for laughing at his accident. However, Behrens soothes the Funkster down. Again, Funk gets mad at Behrens for laughing and rumbles on about wrestlers needing to save money (which is good advice at any time, especially during a bad economy.) Funk thanks Behrens and the fans before heading out. Sorry, I don’t buy Alan Funk’s gimmick now and didn’t buy it several years ago. In this day in age, no sane employer would hire anyone with multiple personalities.


– “Remember; remember, the first of November,” famous first words from Agent/Attorney Jeff G. Bailey who is accompanied by “the Butcher of Pyongyang” Kimo. It’s the date that Ace Rockwell will surely never forget and will become a martyr. Rockwell will be fed baby food for all eternity after Kimo slaps on the Information Extractor. It will be like putting a little cur to sleep. Bailey leaves Kimo to exercise his vocal cords.


2. “The 7 Figured Deal” Ace Rockwell survives the Five Minutes of Hell with “the Butcher of Pyongyang” Kimo.

Kimo has never been pinned, never been submitted, and never been overmatched. The last description perfectly fits the outset of Rockwell’s early offensive: highly ineffectual against the former bodyguard of Kim Jong-Il. The fans rally behind Ace, but Kimo unleashes a barrage of martial arts shots to the ribs. To the floor, Rockwell scores a major break when he ducks and Kimo chops the ring post. Rockwell seizes the opening by working over Kimo’s bad hand and delivering the Stinger Splash. With two minutes remaining, Kimo shows vulnerability by falling to one knee. Rockwell connects with the Ace’s High, but Kimo kicks out at one! This wasn’t even a one count. Rockwell is left in total disbelief as Kimo easily escapes. With damage done Kimo’s hand, Kimo is unable to fully lock on the Information Extractor. Kimo snaps his hand back into place and applies the Extractor, but Rockwell survives the five minute time limit. Afterwards, Bailey continues to egg on Kimo and refuses to put his mask back on. Security heads out to prevent further damage only to pay the ultimate price.


– Tonight, Shadow knows that blood will be spilt and Judas knows that “may God have mercy on their souls.” Dan Wilson and the Devil’s Rejects have other ideas and deliver the message of total conquering over their foes.


3. “The Common Man” Shadow Jackson & “the Priest of Punishment” Mikael Judas defeated the Devil’s Rejects (“the Son of Satan” Azreal & “the Human Altar of Mutilation” & “Professional Wrestling’s Only Serial Killer” Iceberg) w/”the Reverend” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness.

The highlights pick up with the almighty Reverend reduced to tears when he finds a trick and I ain’t talking about what you might find in Hardbody Harris’s home, I mean a mousetrap. Other highlights include: Iceberg crashing Shadow through a table, Judas delivering a mighty top rope El Crucifijo, and Shadow pinning Iceberg with the 10-31 to claim the victory. Afterwards, the lights go out, the lights come back on, a masked man reenters, its Phil Shatter standing over his conquered brethren and hauls off the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title to Bailey’s delight.


COMMENTS: Fright Night ’08 is a disappointment compared to previous major shows. Nearly every match was a continuation of ongoing storylines heading toward Season’s Beatings. There was nothing bad about Fright Night, there was just nothing special to make it stand out as a must see show.

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Skirra Corvus defeated Thunderfoot #3


The Franchise defeated Anthony Henry & Brandon Parker

North Georgia Champion Chris King wrestled Dustin Michaels to a draw


JT Talent had Donovan Sweet on the Talent Show


The Hate Junkies defeated Kareem Abdul Jamar & Bo Newsom


JT Talent defeated BJ Hancock


Don Matthews battled John Carnage to a double DQ


Shadow Jackson & Slim J defeated Jeremy Vain & Southern States Champion Seth Delay


To see just what happened as the countdown to APW’s next big super show "Friday the 13th"  kicked off, check out this week’s edition of APW Aftershock here…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYTqjKKJvEk&feature=channel_page


3 huge matches were announced and much much more! Don’t miss it!!!





Columbus: A Wrestling Free Zone Again


Columbus, Georgia, a city rich in wrestling history is once again without pro wrestling.


Earlier this week, NWA Prime Time Pro Wrestling owner Billy Roper announced the company was going on hiatus due to the loss of their venue at 5000 Burnham Boulevard.


PTPW had been running the venue weekly since August based on a verbal agreement Roper worked out with the owner of the property, The Gill Companies. Roper paid a set amount for each date he ran with the understanding that Gill would continue its effort to lease the building at a full price. Roper said Gill honored the terms of their agreement, which called for 30 days notice to vacate. Roper could have continued to operate through February 9, but opted to shut down and seek another venue.


Sources unsympathetic to Roper’s cause suggest that he was not keeping up on his payments to Gill, a rumor Roper categorically denied.


The building served as the home of Georgia/Great Championship Wrestling from its inception in April 2004 through late 2006. For indie wrestling, it was a state-of-the art facility. Wrestlers made their entrances by descending a spot lit ramp from high above the arena floor. The lighting and sound were both first rate. GCW’s decision to leave Columbus was related to issues with the owner of the property.


The Gill Companies LLC, which has significant real estate holdings in and around Columbus, is owned by John A. Gill, Jr.


Gill obtained a level of notoriety as a major player in the payday loan industry. He ran afoul of regulators in eleven different states through the use of a variety of schemes, including Internet “rebates” to disguise illegal lending practices. In October 2006, Gill was sent to prison after a Florida jury convicted him of violating Florida’s racketeering statute. He was also ordered to pay up to 3 million in criminal restitution. In June 2007, the Texas attorney secured a judgment against Gill’s Advance Internet, prohibiting the company from continuing its predatory lending practices. The company tricked consumers into schemes with interest rates as high as 782 percent for short-term cash advance loans.


Gill’s conviction in Florida was the premise for GCW’s decision to move their operation to Phenix City at the end of 2006. The company feared expensive equipment would be lost in a seizure of Gill’s assets.


Finding another venue in Columbus would have been problematic for GCW, as it is for Roper now, due to zoning restrictions that require an entertainment zoning for enterprises like pro wrestling shows. The Burnham Boulevard building had been grandfathered in when new zoning ordinances were enacted.


The way things played out, Gill served his prison time and the building was never seized.


Wrestling returned to Columbus in April 2008 when Dwayne Bell started using the Burnham Boulevard space as the base of operations for Independent Wrestling Network. It was literally a stripped down version of the GCW Arena. GCW took all the things that made it special with them. IWN’s run was short lived and ended with Bell being kicked out of the facility due to his inability to meet his financial obligations.


Initially, Roper was working with IWN, but ended up parting ways with Bell. He and Eddie Philips started running shows in Manchester as Prime Time Pro, and then worked out the agreement with Gill after Bell folded.


At present, Gill Companies is negotiating a lease on the property with an unidentified party that plans to use the building for a business other than pro wrestling.



1/24 NWA Charlotte Debut Show Report by Larry Goodman


You don’t get a second chance a first impression. NWA Charlotte stepped up to the plate in the heart of the old NWA Mid-Atlantic territory Saturday night and knocked the ball out of the park.


Their debut show exceeded the expectations of just about everyone involved. This was, in my experience, a rare thing – a new promotion in a new facility, and promoter J. D. Costello and company had all their ducks in a row.


Over 400 fans filled the newly constructed NWA Coliseum. A very hot crowd. I got the sense that a lot of these fans were not used to attending live shows, and were seeing pro wrestling through relatively fresh eyes.


The Coliseum is a warehouse space built to the specifications of a wrestling arena – intimate and big league at the same time. On three sides, it has floor seating to accommodate 500 plus bleachers. The fourth side has the entrance ramp and a stage for interviews. There’s a big screen for video. The lighting and sound are both excellent. With a tad more lighting, it would be perfect for shooting TV. Mad props to Brady Parker, the man responsible for building it out from scratch.


Right from the start, this show clearly defined the major players and stories, and made the titles feel important. The ringwork was generally quite good. It had the kind of atmosphere that brings people back for more, and they made sure to give them reasons to come back by with angles to set up matches for the follow up shows.


No show is perfect. Two matches involving legends was one too many. Including the cruiserweight title story with Mike Jackson was overkill. Edit that out and the show ends in under 3 hours and maybe the crowd doesn’t start to fade like they did. The other negative was the repetitive postmatch beatdowns on the babyfaces by sore loser heels. Fixable things for sure.


Pre-show, the new NWA National Champion Phil Shatter was interviewed by Eddie

Rich. Shatter was really impressive on the mic, supremely confident and crystal clear with his delivery.


Three generations of the Young family were introduced as the referees: Tommy Young, his son, Tim and grandson, Ace.


An awesome introductory video was played on the big screen. This was major waving of the NWA flag. It talked about the all-time greats from the Mid-Atlantic territory. Naturally, there was a mega pop for Flair. The cool thing was the way it linked the NWA’s rich heritage to the present by showing all of the current major NWA champions (the only one missing was Mike Quackenbush). The closing line – “Get ready to believe again.”


Costello addressed the crowd. He worked Jim Crockett back in the day. Costello talked about tradition and promised low prices. He introduced NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich. Trobich said NWA Charlotte was going to give the fans pro wrestling not Sports Entertainment.


“The Voice of NWA Charlotte” Jay Joyce introduced the first match. Joyce is a man of mammoth proportions. He’s a got a great voice but they need to keep him away from the wrestlers, because most of them look like dwarfs by comparison.


(1) Chaotic Agony (Joey Agony & Ryan Chaos) beat Jeff Lewis & Kimo (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) in 9 minutes. Chaotic Agony were the weakest workers on the show. The crowd was so jazzed to see wrestling it mattered not. They were popping for basic moves. The key thing was Kimo really got over as Bailey’s psychopathic Asian assassin. The mere removal of Kimo’s hood got a reaction. It should. The guy looks like he’s completely out of his skull. But it was Kimo’s devastating offense that really got the crowd going. Chaos took the brunt of it. Finish was Agony pinning Lewis with a roll up, while Kimo was busy destroying Chaos.


Lewis & Kimo gave the faces a beating after the match. This would become a pattern. Kimo applied the Information Extractor to Agony.


(2) Dylan Kage beat Joey Silvia in 8:20. This was spotfest style with the fans reacting bigtime like an ROH crowd. Kind of early on the card, but it was the only match of that type on the show, so I thought it worked fine. Silvia is a little guy that was immediately over with the prototype babyface look. Kage has this Vampiro thing going. It’s interesting. He needs to work on his body some. The work was so smooth that it looked like they’ve worked each other a lot, although apparently that was not the case. Lots of flashy, innovative moves. Kage hit Doug Williams’ Chaos Theory for a near fall. I can guarantee that 99% of these fans had never seen it. Silvia used this amazing back flip suplex deal that I can’t begin to describe. Kage pinned Silvia after taking his head off with a spinkick.


Ivan Koloff was interviewed by Lodi. Koloff started by thanking his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Koloff said he had wrestled all over during his 40 year career, but his heart was in the NWA. He speculated about the condition of Barbarian. Was he still a monster or was he fat from eating too many pineapples? Barbarian came out looking amazingly close to the way he did 20 years ago. Bailey was with him. Bailey said Barbarian was “an uber legend” that was still benching 800 pounds.


I’m glad to hear you’ve got a personal relationship with Jesus, because you’re gonna need him.


Barbarian attacked Koloff from behind and choked him with his chain until security intervened. Costello threatened to fire Barbarian. He added a stipulation to their Legends title match – it was now a Russian Chain Match.


(3) Truitt Fields beat Ryan O’Reilly in 8 minutes. O’Reilly’s body has changed since his days in WWE developmental. He’s beefy – almost like a Mike Knox. He looked gigantic compared to Fields, who has great muscular definition but average height. O’Reilly worked over the knee with Fields selling it great. His knee got hung up in the ropes, and O’Reilly really went to town. O’Reilly gave Fields a wicked body slam into the ropes. When O’Reilly went for a kneebreaker, Fields went over the top with a sunset flip for the pin.


O’Reilly clocked Fields after the match. He said Fields won the battle but not the war and declared his intention to become the NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Champion.


(4) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) beat The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) in 14 minutes. Solid match. New Wave had a few shaky moments but not a problem with Naturals to steer the ship. Naturals bumped and sold for New Wave’s offense early. Walters went for an ill-advised up & over and Stevens countered with a killer Alabama Slam to start the heat. Douglas hit a big backbreaker, and showed off that new physique with a double biceps pose. Crowd got behind New Wave here. They did a cool double down spot to set up the hot tag – Douglas leveled Walters with a lariat from the apron, then Driver returned the favor by leveling Stevens. New Wave busted out the combo move. It went four way and they did a four man tower of doom spot with Douglas on top taking the superplex. Douglas came back to hit a huge double underhook faceplant on Driver. Finish saw Walters avoid Stevens hard charge into the corner and roll him up on the rebound.


Naturals gave New Wave a massive beatdown after the match and got a lot of heat in the process. They gave Walters a stuff piledriver. Stevens had Driver tapping in a submission.




(5) Mike Jackson pinned Ultimo Dragon to retain the Southeast Cruiserweight Championship in 11:40 with a spinning neckbreaker. Jackson earned the crowd’s respect as being very tough and athletic for 59 years old. He did his ropes walk deal. Bad match. Dragon was lousy. Lots of loose spots and it dragged to the point the crowd wanted Jackson to get it over with, and they popped when he did.


Kage came out. “You, old man, are the past. You’re looking at the future.” Kage said he believed fairies after seeing Jackson do the ropes walk. Kage slapped him. Jackson fired up and clotheslined Kage out of the ring.


Rich announced Awesome Kong vs. MsChif for the NWA Women’s Title for the February 14 return – “Thorns & Roses” – with all ladies admitted free.


(6) Ivan Koloff beat The Barbarian (with Jeff G. Bailey) in a Russian Chain Match to win the NWA Charlotte Legends Title (8:40). Watching Ivan make his way into the ring, I was expecting the worst. He really does not need to be in a wrestling ring at the age of 66. Amazingly, the match worked. Koloff attacked Barbarian before the bell. He beat on Barbarian with the chain. Barbarian bailed and Koloff yanked the chain to post him. Barbarian bled a bit. Barbarian used a low blow to take over. They traded chair shots on the outside. Barbarian missed the diving headbutt. The crowd chanted for Ivan. He crotched Barbarian with the chain and beat him senseless with it. The finish worked great. Koloff touched three corner. As he went for the fourth, Bailey grabbed him by the leg. Tommy Young was distracted by Bailey’s antics and didn’t see Koloff make the touch. While Koloff was fooling with Bailey, Barbarian touched the fourth turnbuckle. Young saw that and signaled for the bell. Koloff had the “what just happened?” look. Fan outrage ensued. Hearing the pleas from the NWA officials and the fans, Young reversed the decision.


Barbarian went berserk. He attacked three generations of the Young family. He gave Tommy Young a headbutt. Tim Young ate a big boot. Ace got tossed out of the ring. Then he nailed a couple of security guys with the chain and beat on Ivan. Costello made a rematch for February 14. Crowd popped huge when Ivan said he would have Nikita Koloff in his corner.


(7) Phil Shatter retained the NWA National Championship going to a double DQ with Mikael Judas (10:20). These guys always have good matches and this was no exception. Shatter has that heavyweight champion aura about him. Judas’ entrance made an impression. On the surface, there’s nothing babyface about it, but the crowd took to him as the babyface. Maybe they just hated Shatter. Judas was destroying Shatter early. Shatter broke free of a choke slam goozle, Judas countered the PTSD, although these fans didn’t recognize it as Shatter’s finisher. The action spilled out of the ring where Shatter gave Judas a suplex on the ramp. Body of the match was Shatter working on the back of Judas and fighting off the occasional choke slam attempt. Shatter used a major league Boston crab and a spinebuster slam. The DQ came when ref Ace Young got tossed by both men as he tried to force a break. That didn’t stop Judas, who thrashed Shatter with a suplex into the turnbuckles.


Costello started talking about the NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Title. Judas was still in the ring holding Shatter’s National belt. Shatter was at ringside. O’Reilly came out and said he wanted a title shot. Fields came out to remind O’Reilly that he beat him, so he should get the shot. Costello told them to lower the testosterone, because he was bringing in “The Insane Lumberjack” Timber as a contender. It wasn’t clear who Timber would be facing or if the National Title and the NWA Charlotte title were one and the same. (After the show, Trobich clarified that the NWA Charlotte Title would be introduced as a new title). Presuming that the National title is going to be defended here, that’s too many singles titles (National, Charlotte, Legends and Cruiserweight).


(8) Adam Pearce beat Brent Albright to become the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 16 minutes. A battle between two former world champions (twice for Pearce). Crowd was needing to catch their second wind. Pearce stalled. Crowd was hating him for it. They chanted “Repo Man” at him. He bit Albright’s forehead to start the blood flow. That got a “you sick freak” chant. Albright crotched Pearce on the top and hit a superplex. Both men struggled to their feet at 9. The action moved to ringside, Pearce bled. Back inside, they traded brutal, stiff blows with both men on the verge of exhaustion. Albright scored a series of near falls. Pearce snuck one in with his feet on the ropes. The big spot was Pearce giving Albright a DDT on the apron. Albright barely beat the 10 count. Crowd came back strong for the false finishes. Albright kicked out of piledriver. Pearce kicked out a half nelson suplex. Peace shielded the ref as he donkey kicked Albright in the groin, and then pinned him with a piledriver. Well done. It had the big match feel. They actually exceeded the announced time limit, which was cut down from the scheduled 20 minutes to 15.


NOTES: Krissy Vaine was in the house looking gorgeous as always…Commentary for the video production was provided by Lodi and Tim Dixon. It was a three camera shoot…Dick Bourne from the Mid Atlantic Gateway was introduced to the crowd as was long time Charlotte fan, Peggy Latham…Current plans call for shows on the second and fourth Saturday of every month (opposite NWA Anarchy on the first and third Saturdays)…Trobich said that due to the great look and atmosphere of the facility, the NWA will be giving consideration to shooting some television shows there…For photos by Blake Arledge check www.nwaphotos.com, but give him a few days to get them posted.    www.http://nwacharlotte.com/ 



NWA Main Event – Episode 41
Airing January 10, 2008 in Nashville on ION
Taped December 25, 2008 and January 1, 2009 in Nashville at the Nick Gulas Sports Arena

Opening with a replay of the main event of the Christmas Chaos show. Jason James and promoter Mike Porter on commentary.

1 – NWA Mid-America Television Title Match: Champion SHANE SMALLS vs. SHAWN SHULTZ

Winner: Shultz to win the title. Aired in it’s entirety. Match went 15:36 so about 4 minutes of added footage. The version that aired the previous week in Nashville had no sound. If anything, the full length match was even better because it gave a better sense of the “big match feel” Shultz was going for (to hear an interview with Shultz preceded by Scott Hudson check out [url=http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TVD/2009/01/20/Jerkin-The-Curtain-NWA-Main-Event-SAW-TV-reviews-wTommy-Stewart.mp3?loca lembed=downloadThe January 19 edition of Jerkin’ the Curtain[/url]).

2- CHRIS CAIN (with Dyron Flynn) vs. LARRY COOTER

JIP for the final five minutes of action with Cain dissecting Cooter’s knee. Porter was pushing the Portland show with an appearance by Yoshi Kwan (Chris Champion), except he pronounced it “Khan.” The inside comments started to fly. “I’d like to say one thing though. Trent, you won’t see any tape on our mat,” said Porter. James said, “Speaking about behind your back, how is Bill?” Cooter sent Cain spinning as he fought off a Boston crab attempt. In the spot of the match, Cooter gave all 5-3 of Cain a body slam from his knees. Cooter made the limping comeback – horrible lariat, sweet elbow drop. Flynn grabbed Cooter’s right arm and got clocked by a left. Cain capitalized on the distraction with a roundhouse kick to the temple.

Winner: Cain with the aid of outside interference by Flynn. With the exception of the kneeling body slam, the commentary was more interesting than the action in the ring.

Promo by the Leprechauns with Cain doing the talking. “From Dublin to Alabama, its’ going down. I’m going to take you out, and I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp.”

A totally lifeless promo by Cooter followed. He spit to show what a tough hombre he is and said he was going to take out both Leprechauns.


Porter said it was Justice’s final appearance before returning to the Marines for another tour of duty. James said the NWA Board had reviewed the tape of Shultz winning the TV title and
ruled the referee’s decision was final. Story was Shultz thrashing Justice but selling big for his rallies before viciously cutting him off. Justice crotched himself running up the ropes. Shultz set up for the DDT, but Justice shoved him hard into the turnbuckle. Rake of the eyes, kick to the nuts and the DDT for the pin.

Winner: Shultz in 6:54. I liked this. Justice is an athletic little guy. Too bad their losing him.

4 – JEFF DANIELS & STEVE-O (with Dominique) vs. NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion SCOTT HAYES & SHANE SMALLS

James offered to bet Porter $100 that Dominique would get involved in the match. Porter said he would have to call his friends in Millersville that had all the money. The technicos controlled the action with armbars and arm drags. Smalls applied a short arm scissors as they went to the commercial break. We were back just in time to see Dominique trip up Smalls. From there it was heat on Smalls with all the usual chicanery – massive interference and distraction by Dominique, heel switches with no tags, two babyface tags that referee Jamie Ferrari failed to see. Smalls hit a DDT for the double down and made the crawling hot tag. It rapidly broke down to four way action. Daniels took Smalls out with a back drop over the top. Meanwhile, Hayes ducked O’s superkick and grazed him with a springboard back elbow. Daniels was there to break up the pin. Dominique handed knucks to O. Hayes ducked the knuck shot and hit a back suplex on O. The knucks plopped on the mat. Daniels recovered the fumble. Hayes covered O, but Ferrari stopped the count at 2.9 to deal with Dominique up on the apron again. Hayes snatched Dominque by the hair and balled up his fist, but couldn’t bring himself to do the deed. Daniels clocked Hayes with the knucks and put O on top. A highly confused Ferrari made the three count.

Winners: Daniels & Steve-O in 12 minutes. Lots of problems with ring positioning on the finish, which was fairly complex. Ferrari’s selective attention made it look like was on his way to joining the rest of the family as heels, although I don’t think that’s the direction since they’ve stopped mentioning the fact that Jamie is Dominiques’s son. Smalls was better than expected as the babyface-in-peril. I like O’s presence as a heel. It must be law that every Daniels match has the spot where the babyface pins him with a sunset flip while Dominique distracts the ref.

Smalls promo. He said Shultz had disgraced the title, while he had been busting his butt to bring meaning to it. “Shawn, give me my rematch and you will respect me when it’s over.”

Steve-O and Daniels (with Dominique) cut a promo for Portland on January 24 with Daniels vs. Jerry Lawler. O said he was this close to taking the heavyweight title from Hayes. Daniels said the NWA officials were conspiring to keep him away from Hayes and the title, but that was OK because O was going to take care of it. Daniels said he wasn’t intimidated by Lawler because he was the king around here, so Lawler better shine that crown up.

Random Thoughts: This felt all too familiar. No surprise. They’ve been basically using the same 10 man crew for the last 10 weeks. There’s only so much variety to milked out of it. The sole purpose of the show appeared to be hyping the January 24 show in Portland with Jerry Lawler. It’s being billed as Lawler’s first appearance there in over 35 years Pat Tanaka (age 45) was also advertised for that show…Shultz is being pushed as a big time player as a heel, while Smalls is positioned as the rising star on the babyface side. Their program for the TV title is the only thing that feels fresh…No standout promos this week. No way the Cooter promo should have aired. He was terrible. The audio was terrible. Where’s the quality control? Why not do another take?…Flynn got very little time on camera this week. If they’re bound and determined to use him, and God only knows why, then less is better…The main event tag match was a natural spin off from the episode before Christmas when Smalls made the save for Hayes. It appears they’re building to the moment when Hayes finally hauls off and hits Dominique…It was back to no heat and the usual tiny crowd at the Fairgrounds.


NWA East/ Pro Wrestling Xpress
January 17, 2009
Genesis 2
Jacob Woll Pavilion
McKeesport, PA

On a night with a huge shocking title change, a funky new Director of Authority on behalf of the Championship Committee, an apparent rift in the latest faction to challenge NWA East, a surprise appearance by a returning Channel Four Sports Anchor, a chaotic tag team title scene heating up, and a new debuting force in NWA East, the biggest story coming out of NWA East Genesis 2 is the inspiring young star Gregory Iron earning a shot at every NWA East title throughout 2009, and coming inches away from winning before being robbed of the NWA East Heavyweight Championship!

To start off the night, we were introduced to the NWA East Championship Committee’s newest hire… of sorts. With Shawn Patrick out of action thanks to a Devin Devine piledriver, the committee appointed a new Director of Authority to NWA East to see over the day to day activities in NWA East, and bring some law and order to the promotion. That man is none other than NWA East Play-By-Play Announcer Joe Dombrowski! Dombrowski has a history of helping with behind-the-scenes business in professional wrestling, and is an ideal choice by the committee.

Dombrowski started off the evening talking to the rogue group led by NWA East Heavyweight Champion "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash. He informed Gash that the committee feels that he should begin acting like a true champion, and Gash responded by barring his own faction from ringside during his title defense against Blue Dragon! Dombrowski then called out Shirley Doe, telling him he needs to revert back to the "Doe of old", the vicious monster who held regional titles for years at a time. Then, he informed James Ross that even though he would not be defending the Three Rivers Title against the debuting Ryan Mitchell, he WOULD have to defend the title against a challenger chosen by the championship committee on February 14th!

Then, Dombrowski was confronted by the thorn in his side and manager of NWA National Champion Crusher Hansen, Benjamin C. Steele. As Steele attempted to speak, he was attacked by Hansen’s rival Brandon K. But it seemed to be all a ruse as Hansen was waiting in the wings, and attacked K from behind. As Hansen drug Brandon out to the ring, Camp Crusher Security and BC Steele surrounded the ring, making it nearly impossible for anybody to do anything about the situation. Crusher attacked K’s ankle, destroying it with a chair and locking in a vicious ankle lock, similar to the version K has been using to make Hansen tap out in recent months. To answer this, the new NWA East DOA Joe Dombrowski hit the ringside area and informed Hansen that he will not only have to defend the title against Chris LeRusso, but a challenger sent to NWA East by longtime NWA promoter in Georgia, Bill Behrens. A man who held the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight AND Tag Team Championships,
"The Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter!

Mantis def. Gregory Iron
In the opening match of the night, former NWA East Brass Knuckles Champion "Mantis" Bobby Williams took on former NWA East Tag Team Champion Gregory Iron. Mantis was, of course, accompanied by his stablemate, "Division 1" James Ross, the man who Iron nearly defeated at December’s Christmas Chaos 2. Mantis dominated the smaller wrestler, using his height and reach advantage to his favor. Iron fired back with huge forearms and appeared to be on the winning track, but Ross stuck his nose into the match. This distracted Iron long enough to get caught by Mantis with a Father Nelson Suplex for the win. After the match, Iron told the crowd that he was entered into the Golden Ticket Battle Royal and, even though everybody has always counted him out, he had a weird feeling leading into the night’s main event. As both men attempted to beat down

The Straight Jacket Mafia vs. Dash Bennett & Bulldozer vs. The Franchise Players for the vacant NWA East Tag Team Titles went to a no-contest
Dash Bennett came to the ring with Stacy Hunter, and Bulldozer came trailing behind, obviously wanting to be anywhere else but next to Dash Bennett. Dash informed the crowd that he wanted to choose Stacy as his partner, but the Championship Committee would not allow it, but he could carry ANYBODY, so he chose his "only mistake" Bulldozer. The match was wild from the start, with no team getting a clear advantage. After incredible dives from not only Apollyon, but the much larger Syko Sean Dahmer to the floor, the match broke down and referee Piston Wiley had no choice but to throw the match out and declare it a no-contest. As a result, the NWA East Championship Committee and DOA Joe Dombrowski decided that the titles would be put up in an 8-team tournament to be held over the course of the next few NWA East live events. The first two matches in the tournament will be held at the next live event, February 14th.

NWA East Heavyweight Champion "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash def. Blue Dragon
Much to the surprise of everybody in attendance, the locker room, and his own stable, Scottie Gash stayed true to his promise at the beginning of the night. Shirley Doe, James Ross, and Mantis did not make an appearance at ringside during the match, and did not interfere in the match. And much like a true champion, Gash was able to successfully defend his title without any chicanery of any kind, utilizing the GTS (Gash2Sleep) to pick up the win over Blue Dragon. Has Scottie Gash changed his colors based on the words of Joe Dombrowski at the beginning of the night?

Shirley Doe def. Brandon K
In what was shockingly the first ever singles match between the two longtime Pittsburgh mainstays, Brandon K competed against Shirley Doe against doctors orders. After his attack from Crusher Hansen earlier in the night, K was informed by doctors not to compete against the ruthless Doe that night. However, doctors do not factor in Brandon K’s will to compete, his sheer determination, and of course, his stubborn personality. However, this might have been a good night for K to listen to the doctors. Thanks to a foreign object from Mantis on the outside, Doe was able to take out Brandon and pick up the win in under five minutes.

"The Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter def. Chris LeRusso and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen to win the title!
The mere appearance of the former NWA Anarchy Champion Phil Shatter gave the crowd a clue what they were in for. A solid 6’3", 250 lbs., Shatter has been described as a man with a "heart of napalm". Shatter got the upper hand on both competitors until Hansen dumped him to the floor, leaving him as fodder for Camp Crusher Security to assault at will. In the ring, LeRusso attempted to topple Hansen like he has in the past, but he was attacked from behind by Mantis. Referee Piston Wiley counted LeRusso out of the match, eliminating him. It was down to Hansen and Shatter. Hansen was completely unprepared for his newest challenger, but relied on all the oldest tricks in the book to try and pick up the victory. A member of Camp Crusher Security infiltrated the ring after the referee was knocked out, and laid out Shatter. But Hansen’s nemesis Brandon K hit the ring as Hansen was attempting to swing the National Title at Shatter. K grabbed the title and spun
Hansen around into the awaiting grasp of Shatter. Shatter hit Hansen with a lifting DDT variation to pick up the win and become the brand new NWA National Heavyweight Champion!

After the match, Hansen made a proposition to Brandon K: another rematch between the two, but this time, a different stipulation. As champion, Hansen automatically has a rematch clause in his contract if he were to lose the title. Hansen offered up his rematch clause to K in exchange for the other half of Brandon K’s NWA North American Tag Team Championship! Brandon K said he’d have to talk to the holder of that belt, Sterling James Keenan, but when he did, he would inform the NWA, NWA East, Hansen, and all the fans about his decision. Will Brandon be awarded his long awaited rematch for the NWA National Title? Or will he be forced to team up with his arch nemesis, Crusher Hansen, and defend the NWA North American Tag Team Titles?!

"The Steel City Prodigy" Ryan Mitchell def. NWA East Three Rivers Champion "Division 1" James Ross in a non-title match
After intermission, NWA East saw the debut of its newest star, the "Steel City Prodigy" Ryan Mitchell. A protege of Dory Funk Jr., and alumnus of All Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE’s Florida territory FCW, Mitchell brings a world of experience along with wrestling knowledge, unlikely agility, and charisma unlike any other. He brought the fight to the self-proclaimed "greatest Three Rivers Champion of all time" James Ross. Ross underestimated his opponent and was caught with a leaping DDT variation, giving Mitchell his first NWA East victory, and one over the Three Rivers Champ for that matter!

Ashton Amherst def. NWA East Brass Knuckles Champion Chris Taylor to win the title
The cocky, young, brash star Ashton Amherst appeared to be more bothered than usual at Genesis 2. Perhaps it was being forced to vacate the NWA East Tag Team Titles without losing them. No matter the issue, he was more aggressive than usual to the ever-popular Chris Taylor. But his aggressive behavior nearly led to his downfall, as he lost his cool during the match, and it helped Taylor mount a comeback. But as Taylor laid in top rope elbow drop after top rope elbow drop, a la Randy Savage, he was attacked from behind by his recent enemy, Shirley Doe. Amherst capitalized and hit a fisherman suplex on Taylor to get the win and the title! After the match, Doe and Amherst continued the attack on Taylor only to be confronted by none other than Channel Four Sports Anchor Jon Burton! The last time we saw Burton, he was laid out by Amherst several months ago. Burton attacked Amherst with several punches and clotheslines that left the new Brass Knuckles champ
reeling! It was announced later in the evening that Amherst and a partner of his choosing will be facing Jon Burton and a partner of his choosing on February 14th at the Jacob Woll Pavilion in Renzie Park in McKeesport, PA!

Gregory Iron wins the 2009 Golden Ticket Battle Royal
Every wrestler competing earlier in the evening were entered into the battle royal, with the exception of the new NWA National Champion Phil Shatter. It was every man for himself, and that shone through as Dash Bennett even eliminated his own tag team partner earlier in the night, Bulldozer! It came down to Gregory Iron, Ryan Mitchell, James Ross, Crusher Hansen, and Scottie Gash. While Ross was busy eliminating Mitchell, Iron side-stepped both Hansen and Gash, eliminating both NWA East veterans! While Ross’ back was turned as he was mocking Mitchell, Iron capitalized and eliminated Ross from the battle royal! Iron earned himself one shot at every NWA East title during the course of 2009! After the match, Iron seemed to not be finished yet. He called ring announcer Tony Summers to the ring and informed the crowd that he was cashing in one of his title shots right then and there… he wanted SCOTTIE GASH!

Gregory Iron def. NWA East Heavyweight Champion "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash via DQ
Gash was obviously taken aback and unprepared for this match. Gash’s guard was down, and Iron attacked with several huge manevuers in a row. Unfortunately, none were enough to keep Gash down. Gash hit the Gash2Sleep on Iron, but miraculously, Iron kicked out! As Iron hit Gash with Handicapped Parking, his inverted russian leg sweep, the crowd felt the momentum shift! But Gash kicked out. As both men faced off once again, Iron was attacked by Mantis, James Ross, and Shirley Doe, giving him the DQ win and saving Gash’s title. But this seemed to enrage Gash more than enlighten him. Gash immediately confronted Ross, the leader of the rush to the ring, and both men exchanged very heated words as they were seperated by Doe & Mantis before Gash left the ring, slapping Ross’ hand away. Has Gash really changed his views about his title reign? Will he live out his title reign with no regrets? But the big story of the night was Gregory Iron, diagnosed with cerebal
palsy, held down his entire life, told he would be nothing, go nowhere, overcoming the odds and winning the Golden Ticket, then taking the champ to his limit! The NWA East Championship Committee can not overlook the effort of Iron in his first chance at the NWA East Heavyweight Title. Will he get another chance at victory over Gash?

For more information on NWA East/ PWX, go to:


INSANE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING presented by NWA Midwest Will return on 2/13/09 @ Liquor Sweets located at 3000 S 13th Street in Milwaukee, WI. (13th & Manitoba, 1 block north of Oklahoma Ave) Bell time is 8pm. Tickets are only $15 dollars for ringside $12 for G.A $5 for kids 12 and under

ICW Tag Team Dream Match!!!
Silas Young (NWA Midwest Champion)  and Ego Fantastico Vs Drake Younger and Jason Hades

Dr.X w/ Joey Eastman Vs Blazing Benjamin

10 man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Jackal, Mark Priebe,The Ninja, Billy Goates and Calvin Cash


Mase Morgan,Chris Black,Dave Demone, Jason Riley and Heath Hendrick w/ Val Malone

Jon Moxley makes his ICW Debut Vs Thomas Walton III

8 man Hardcore Tournament!!

8 Men will start off in two four way hardcore scrambles. The last two will compete in the Finals of The Insane 8!!

1st Round

Justin Dredd Vs Chase Mccoy (NWA WI Tag Champ) Vs Danny Havoc Vs Kody Rice
4 Corners of Pain/ Dueling Chairs Match

Troy Walters(NWA Midwest X Champion) Vs Dysfunction Vs Bobby V Vs Mickey Mccoy (NWA WI Tag Champ) 10,000 Thumbtacks/Ladders Match Finals

TBA Vs TBA – Match TBA

"ICW is presnted by NWA Midwest and The National Wrestling Alliance"



Dynamo Pro Wrestling Gym is a sanctioned wrestling training facility of the National Wrestling Alliance.

With two separate gyms, one in the St. Louis area and one in the Kansas City area, we are able to bring the most thorough, intensive, and respected wrestling training in the Mid-West to a wider area of the Mid-West and surrounding areas.

Our 3000 sq ft  St. Louis facility offers 2 full sized 18×18 wrestling rings, weight training area, cardio equipment, and designated stretching area.
We also have an extensive video library available for students to watch and study.
MMA training is also available to those who are interested through our partnership with the St. Louis Training Circle.

Our trainers are the most experienced and respected in the Mid West.
Head Trainer 1: Davey Richards:
2 time state amateur wrestling champion
Wrestles all over the world including Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, also working regularly in Mexico, Germany, England, France, and Canada.
Trained by Paul Orndorff and Tony Kozina.

Head Trainer 2: Dingo:
Over 10 years wrestling experience.
Number 1 ranked Mid West Wrestler
Works for all top independent promotion in US including Ring of Honor, IWA-MS, Full Impact Pro among others. 

Our 2000 sq ft Ottawa, Ks. facility offers a full size 18×18 wrestling ring, weight training area and sparring equipment.

Our trainers are the most knowledgeable; most traveled and most respected trainers in the Mid West.

Our students will be offered the most opportunities to travel and wrestle all over the United States immediately upon completion of training as well opportunities to gain spots and be seen by all the top promotions in the world.

Multiple pricing options available to best fit your budget.
Visit us on Myspace at www.myspace.com/dynamoprowrestling for more info or to set up a try out.




NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken Taylor has announced another affiliate member to the growing NWA Southwest Territory effective January 22, 2009 – Paradise Professional Wrestling (PPW). It will be based on South Padre Island, Texas and will be promoted by long-time Midwest promoter Carmine DeSpirito with initial shows centering around the Spring Break partying period there.
NWA-SW/PPW shows will take place at the South Padre Island Convention Center beginning Sunday, February 15th at 5pm. For the first time in nearly eight years pro wrestling comes to South Padre Island. "The area is starving for pro wrestling!", stated DeSpirito. "This will be the first wrestling event held on the Island since March of 2001, when the final episode of Nitro was filmed.”

Taylor said DeSpirito wanted Paradise Pro Wrestling to be a part of the restored Territory of NWA Southwest delivering the legendary 61-year-old NWA brand to the southern most region of Texas and a large tourist/convention destination. "Carmine brings a lot to the table with his NWA experience and we anticipate great success for him on the Island," said Taylor.

"We pride ourselves, in having the ability to bring a show to a smaller community like South Padre Island," DeSpirito added. "You won’t see the pyro, or the light show associated with a larger venue. Rather you will see some " in- your-face-action" like you’ve never seen before! The best wrestling talent in Texas will be on hand for our first event on February 15th. If you Love wrestling, you’re gonna love our product. Our emphasis is on WRESTLING. That’s the NWA way!" , DeSpirito added.

The February 15th date is just the first of four events scheduled on South Padre Island. The other Sundays booked are March 15th, 22nd & 29th.  If you’re a college kid on Spring Break, have no fear – BEER WILL BE SERVED!


For further info contact Carmine @ paradiseprowrestling@yahoo.com  and for more info go to: http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest  & http://www.mwa-southwest.com


                                                             – 30 –


NWA Southwest/ PWF
January 17, 2009
PWF Wrestleplex
, TX

Match 1: Randy Terrez vs. "Dirty" Dice Murdock
Winner: Dice Murdock

Match 2: Joey "The Mastiff Armstrong & Super Chaos
vs. Dillon Stone & Nathan Sinn
Winners: Dillon Stone & Nathan Sinn

Match 3: Starr vs. Gloria Shockley
Winner: Starr by default when Shockley failed to show.

Match 4: JT Smooth vs. Biohaxxxard
Winner: Biohaxxxard

Match 5: Semi-Main Event
"Showcase" Shance Williams vs. "Southern Pitbull" Rufus Lee Wilkins
Winner: Southern Pitbull by DQ

Match 6: Main Event
Shawn Mills & Cody Jones vs. Shawn Sanders & Mark Wilson
Winners: Shawn Mills & Cody Jones by DQ.

For more information on PWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



We are just over a week away from NWA Upstate’s first show of 2009,
WrestleBowl 2009. This show marks a debut for NWA Upstate in a new
venue. The show will be held at the venerable German House, which is
located at 315 Gregory Street in Rochester. The German House has
seen plenty of wrestling action over the years, with a number of feds
holding shows there. Seating at the German House is limited so be
sure to get your tickets in a advance or plan to be there early to
get a great seat. Doors open at 5:30 PM with belltime scheduled for
6:30 PM.

NWA Upstate management has announced details of several matches that
fans will be seeing next Saturday January 31 at WrestleBowl 2009.

Former ECW original and WWE star Stevie Richards will be back for his
second straight appearance on an NWA Upstate show. After what
occurred at NWA Upstate’s last show Pilgrims & Piledrivers, Stevie
has targeted NWA Upstate’s Colin Delaney. At the last show Richards
was wrestling NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion Danny Doring for the
title when Colin Delaney interfered, costing Richards the match and a
chance to be NWA Upstate Champion. Stevie has demanded a match
against Colin and claims that he will extract revenge for Colin’s

Speaking of NWA Upstate Champion Danny Doring, he will also be in
action at WrestleBowl 2009, albeit in a non-title match. His
opponent will be the popular Pepper Parks. When the match was
announced, Doring declared that Parks has done nothing to warrant a
title match and refused to put the title on the match in this match.
However, if Pepper happens to defeat the arrogant Doring, he would
surely be in line for a match with Danny, with the title on the line.

One man who will be defending at title at WrestleBowl 2009 is "The
Bull of Black Mountain" Gabreal Saint. Gabe will be putting his NWA
Upstate No-Limits Title up in match with Star Foundation
member "Omega" Aaron Dravin. Dravin will, of course, be accompanied
to ringside by his manager, the devious Star Rider. Saint had better
be prepared as Star Rider has promised that the No Limits Tile will
be added to the Star Foundation’s list of NWA Upstate titles held.

Popular "Fabulous" John McChesney will also be seeing action at
WrestleBowl 2009. His opponent will be one-half of the tag team
known as Cloud-Lee, the demure but extremely cunning "Little Rig"
Cloudy. However Cloudy will be without his partner "Big Rig" Brodie
Lee who will be in Chicago for an appearance at a Ring of Honor show.
But even without Brodie Lee in his corner, Cloudy is still a wily and
unpredictable opponent, and this match will certainly not be a cake-
walk for John McChesney.

In the continuing saga of the war between NWA Upstate and Syracuse‘s
Squared Circle Wrestling, a six-man tag match has been signed for
WrestleBowl 2009. On one side with be the self-professed 2CW Tag
Team Champions Hellcat and Triple X, joined by Hellcat’s nephew
Johnny Kayfabe. To refresh your memories, Hellcat and Triple X
defeated Kyle & Evan McCloud at NWA Upstate’s Pilgrims & Piledrivers,
with Hellcat then proclaiming that the title was now going to be
known as the 2CW Tag Team Championship. Opposing the 2CW turncoats
will be former NWA Upstate Tag Champs The McClouds. They will be
joined by a non-wrestler in the form of popular local radio
personality Brett the Geihl from Rochester‘s 94.1 FM The Zone.

One additional; match that has been announced will see two former NWA
Tag Team Champions going at it as Cheech (formerly of the team Up in
Smoke with Cloudy) battles "Diamond" Dave Marcos of The Ring Crew

In addition to the aforementioned action, fans will be seeing the
debut of the Cleveland standout tag team Faith in Nothing, consisting
of Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing Also, former NWA Upstate
Heavyweight Champion Jimmy "Jam" Olsen has asked for the opportunity
to address the NWA Upstate fans. What does Jimmy have on his mind?
You’ll need to be at WrestleBowl 2009 to find out.


Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc., in Sanction with the National Wrestling
Alliance, Presents:


Saturday January 31st, 2009
The German House (315 Gregory St. in Rochester, NY)

NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion Danny Doring vs Pepper Parks

Stevie Richards vs Colin Delaney

Gabreal Saint (C) vs. "Omega" Aaron Dravin (w/Star Rider)

Self-Professed 2CW Tag Team Champions Triple X & Hellcat along with
Johnny Kayfabe vs The McCloud Brothers & Brett The Geihl from
94.1 FM The Zone

In Singles Action:

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs "The Little Rig" Cloudy

Cheech vs "Diamond" Dave Marcos

Also Jimmy "Jam" Olsen has something to say to the NWA Upstate Fans,
and Cleveland tag team Faith in Nothing makes their NWA Upstate debut


Date: Saturday January 31, 2009
Venue: The German House
315 Gregory St
Rochester, NY
Time: Doors open at 5:30 PM with Belltime scheduled for $6:30 PM
Admission: $12 Presale…..$15 at the door…..$7 kids 9 and under

Presale Tickets can be purchased at:
– Millennium Games – 3047 West Henrietta Road, Rochester New York
– Via PayPal by going to the NWA Upstate website at
http://nwaupstate. net/ and clicking on the PayPal link

For more information on NWA Upstate’s WrestleBowl 2009 call 585-621-4293


NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation
January 23, 2009
Knights of Columbus
Covina, CA

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Jeremy Jaeger defeated Vintage Dragon to retain his title

"Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak defeated Mondo Vega

NWA Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Damien Slater to retain his title

EWF Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks defeated Anchors Away to retain their titles

Cyanide pinned "Overnight Celebrity" Roger Ruiz

EWF Heavyweight Champion Black Metal defeated Vizzion, Jason Watts & Brandon Gatson in a Fatal 4-Way Match to retain his title

Liger Rivera pinned TJ Perkins in a Loser Leaves Town Match

For more information on EWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:




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