Second Batch of Reader Feedback to The Royal Rumble

Nick Paglino

Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy


In what wasn’t a surprise the night started off with the ECW Championship match. I’ve got to say this was really my first time getting to see what Swagger can do and although I don’t agree with him getting the belt so soon, he really did impress me. If he is to be the new face of ECW I believe they did make the right choice of the new guys, seeing as how Evan Bourne is out right now and when he does return will more than likely be back in the story line with Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox.

The match exceeded my expectations, and really had me locked into the PPV right away.



Beth Phoenix vs. Melina


In my eyes since the return of Melina she has definitely improved what she can do, and you can tell she only wants to get better. You put her in a match with The Glamazon and my friends you have me interested in the Womans Title Match. Usually I get anxious during their matches just wondering if one is going to make a mistake, and although some moves seemed not so polished, I was into this match.

I was waiting for Rosa to interfere or Santino to get involved, and I believe without any interference made it so much better. A great clean finish that caught myself off guard, and made me throw up my fists cheering, not just for the winner, but more so for an excellent match between two divas who are able to bring their A-game.



John Cena vs. JBL


There was so much going into this match making one wonder what could happen as far as HBK was concerned.

For a while I was convinced that JBL would walk away with the World Title, which I honestly wouldn’t have minded. HBK was what kept me glued to the match. I’ve seen what JBL and Cena are capable of and well..this wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think if they had the HBK storyline with it, it should have been on the Rumble card.

When HBK hit both men with the sweet chin music I found it very interesting to see that he was not showing where his complete loyalty is, but still showed that he wants to do what’s best for his family.

Cena retains, but 12 rounds will still suck



Jeff Hardy vs. Edge


Match of the night, what else can I say? With the inevitable return of Christian, it definitely gave me a strong feeling of Jeff losing the title, especially when Vickie Guerrero made the match No DQ. The ladder spot onto Chavo was great, had me worried though cause I didn’t think he got the push off that he needed, but it paid off.

I am excited to see this brother vs/ brother feud, should produce excellent matches and with Matts heel turn it has me asking why? And is he now officially aligned with Edge?

I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds. But I will go on record of saying Jeff Hardy deserved a longer run with the belt, as the most over guy in the company its almost a slap in the face to him, but hey that’s scripted entertainment folks.






I had picked Orton from the start, this guy is awesome no matter what, however I was on the edge of my seat wondering who could win. Cause sure you can pick people and speculate but out of 30 guys…okay really only what 8-9 actual probable picks, you never know which way creative has decided last minute to go.

I hated seeing The Brian Kendrick go so fast, especially hearing that its most likely due to backstage heat, this kid is talented and I want to see him go far.

Orton winning in the end was great but I was more so hoping for a two man show down of him and Triple H.

I love reading people said Orton winning was predictable…however when I read Predictions over the weekend, no one predicted him….hmmm is it really THAT predictable?




Overall a great PPV to start off the year, and I am very excited that the Road to Wrestlemania has begun, should be an interesting one with many exciting (hopefully) storylines coming into the fold


I’ve been a WWE fan since Wrestlemania 6. I’ve been to just about all events that come to Detroit and the one event i’ve always wanted to go to was the Royal Rumble. One of my favorite pay-per-views of the year. My friend and I were excited to hear the Royal Rumble was coming to Joe Louis. We both went all out and purchased front row tickets on camera side, right by the steel steps. We were so excited for this event because it was something we’ve always wanted to go to and we finally get to go. And sit FRONT ROW too. After we arrived downtown my friend and I braved the cold and sat with the rest of the WWE fans for an hour 1/2, but was the price of the ticket and standing out in that weather really worth it?

Matt Hardy vs Jack Swagger(C) for the ECW Title
I thought this was a very decent match to open up the Royal Rumble. Both men worked very well together in the ring. Swagger had a lot of heat on him which was good to see from a young superstar. Hardy of course had the fans behind him with the "Hardy" chants. There was a good flow during the match, the crowd seemed to be in it. Swagger has got a lot of potential. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE uses him.
RATING: 2 out of 5 stars.

Melina vs Beth Phoenix(C) for the Womens Title
Just your typical Womens match. Best part of the match was when the crowd chanted Santino’s name he just smiled and tried to get the crowd to quiet down. His comments at ringside were better then the match.
RATING: 2 out of 5 stars.

JBL w/ HBK vs John Cena(C) for the World Heavyweight Title
I don’t know why WWE used JBL to face Cena at the 2nd biggest Pay-Per-View of the Year. I just cannot stand seeing JBL main eventing. Especially at the Royal Rumble. If you want to do it at the Great American Bash or whatever smaller pay-per-view, thats fine. I’m just sick of seeing JBL being in these main events. As for the match…I thought it was an average match. Again…nothing special. Ending was alright. We’ve seen it many times. HBK lining up for the Sweet Chin Music as Cena is getting up, then connects with JBL’s chin. And i’m pretty sure we all seen the Sweet Chin Music coming to John Cena too. Now my question is why did it take so long for a ref to get down to the ring? Even after HBK left the ring it seemed like almost a minute til a ref came out. Well anyway typical ending with Cena kicking out, then ending it with The Throwback for the win.
RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Edge vs Jeff Hardy(C) for the WWE Championship
Probably the most anticipated match of the night. Vicki came down and made the match a No-DQ match. Almost everyone thought this would mean Christian is coming. These two have a long past together. Both work very well with eachother during matches. It was hard for me to keep my focus on this match, I was right in the aisle way and I just kept turning around to see if Christian was coming. A huge tease was when edge was on the outside and grabbed 2 chairs. Now the one thing I didn’t like was when Hardy did the leap onto Chavo on the announce table. Why go through all that for a guy thats NOT EVEN IN THE MATCH?!?! Anyway the finish of the match was kinda predictible. I guess this is Matt Hardy’s push? I don’t know what they plan on doing with this angle. I was very dissapointed as im sure a lot of others were too. A lot of us were awaiting the return of Christian.I do like Matt Hardy turning on Jeff Hardy, but I still wish it was Christian that cost Jeff Hardy the title.
RATING: 3 out of 5 stars.

Why did Kozlov only last 2:40? Why did Mike Knox last 32:42? Why was Goldust, Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the Rumble? Why have JTG if Shad isn’t in the Rumble? I just feel like WWE really dropped the ball with this years Royal Rumble. Only surprise was Rob Van Dam, but I saw it coming because a lot of people were talking about seeing him arrive. I thought the ending was terrible. We’ve seen the ol’ im eliminating someone, and i’m going to come behind you and throw you over. Now i’m not a Triple H fan, but it still would of been nice to see HHH and Randy Orton go at it for a few moments. Just an average Rumble at best.
RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Final Grade: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

I was very dissapointed with the 2009 Royal Rumble. I feel there were a lot of let downs, especially no return of Christian. The matches were average. Nothing really stood out. I really feel like tonights edition of Monday Night Raw could be better then the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View which is very sad. I really feel like WWE knows about the rumors regarding Christian, which is why he didn’t appear. If so, then thats good I guess. Now they got everyone wondering when he’s going to make his return. I think this is going to be a lot like Jericho’s return. What I mean by that is…we wait awhile. Well thats all I have, thank you for taking time to read.


One of the better ppv’s in a long while.  Matt Hardy losing his match is the only thing I found wrong with it, mainly because Jack Swagger of all people is the one who is still champion, but I guess it’s supposed to further the Hardy hatred storyline…while we’re on the subject, I didn’t hear about the prediction of Matt betraying Jeff and costing him is title, so that came as a complete surprise to me.  I kind of figured Christian would come out in one of the old gold Luchador costumes, but I guess that was just a pipe dream.  Either way, the Jeff/Edge match was awesome…including the ending.  JBL/Cena was pretty much what I expected it to be, but that’s not to say it was a bad match…just a little too predictable.  The one thing I didn’t expect was Undertaker showing up before the match to deliver his wisdom.  ("Sometimes, it’s Hell getting to Heaven"  my new favorite quote.)  Before I forget, the Women’s title match was good, but the ending was confusing at best.  King and Cole even said that Beth was blatantly in charge the entire time, so to have Melina deliver only one move throughout the match-a roll up pin-and win the title that way just doesnt cut it for me.  Maybe they were going for a realistic approach where the guy in charge can suddenly lose because of a simple slip-up, but it just doesnt work. (…lol-stop kicking yourself!)  Finally, the Royal Rumble Match itself.  too much to talk about, but King and JR said it best-that all of the wrestlers have trained themselves in the art of going over the top rop and NOT touching the floor.  Rey walking on Miz and Morrison was priceless…speaking of which, I don’t think Rhodes and DiBiase should have lasted as long as they did.  It made for an interesting end, but they shouldn’t have had them last from number 10 and 12 or whatever.  Glad to see RVD return, although I’m not sure why wwe keeps giving him random paychecks every now and then. Also glad to see Big Show NOT be the last person eliminated like he’s already been about 4 times, but I don’t think he should have been number 30. I was kind of hoping to see a shattered dreams on Cody Rhodes.  Lastly, I was VERY glad to see Trip not win, he doesnt need a Royal Rumble win push………..And am I the only one who realized that Orton is the first ever heel to win the Royal Rumble match? (I might be wrong…was Yokozuna a heel in 1993?)  Overall, the night started pretty good, and just got better and better and better, and the grades I gave prove it. (these are the hones grades…the pattern was not intended.

Royal Rumble——-9.6/10

Overall Grade——-9/10…………..

keep it up WWE.  Don’t screw up both of the EC matches next month!


ECW Championship
I thought this match could have been better. There previous match two weeks ago on ECW was much better and it was longer too. Swagger has really proved himself in the WWE and is the face of that company. I was wondering why they had the camera on Matt for so long and i guess it was because the realization that he is no longer in the same leauge as his brother.
Womens Championship
This match was sloppy and predictable. Good counter on Melinas finisher from Pheniox but other than that nothing special. Obvious ending!!
World HeavyWeight Chapionship
I thought this match was very well played out but a little too predictible. I like how HBK teased with going back to change the covering of JBL on Cena but then left. Good ending when Cena countered the closeline into the Throwback but its happened before… alot. Other than that this match was very good and this hopefully sets up HBK vs JBL at No Way Out or WM25. I was thinking they would have a ladder match for Michales job but i dont think so.
WWE Championship
AWESOME MATCH!!!! I’m still speachless from when Matt hit Jeff with the chair. The ladder spot was pretty good even though jeff slipped. The twist of fate Jeff hit on the apron was brutal. And the counter from the spear to the TOF was even better. Sorry but I dont have alot to say about this match besides. WHY MATT WHY!!! I think Matt did this because he if he didnt have a title then he didnt want jeff outshining him again and I also think he will be responsible for all of Jeff’s "accidents"( also did anyone else hear the chant "WE WANT CHRISTIAN!!")
Royal Rumble Match
This match obvoiusly stole the show and was my favorite. One word though PREDICTIBLE!! I think that the whole world had Orton winning that match and i wasnt that excited seeing the ending basically knowing what was gonna happen.The return of R.V.D. was awesome too. To bad he wont be sticking around though. over all i was very imressed with everyone, esspecially Santino. 1 second in the rumble match. WOW. Oh well, at least he now holds a record. Overall I loved this PPV and I am glad for Orton. I just wished that WWE had not given away the ending.
I honestly thought the royal rumble this year was not nearly as good as the previous ones. The excitment level during the 30 man rumble match was EXTREMLY low. As for the championship matches; jack swagger vs matt hardy was alright not much of a suprise though, beth vs melina was so predictible, john cena vs jbl was suprisingly good the excitement level was great, jeff vs edge was the best title match of the night, the fans were deffinitly into it, even though I hated the results it was a good match. Overall I give the ppv a B-
The Royal Rumble was a great Pay-Per-View however picked up slowly.
The first two matches were weak the ecw match was boring and Swaggers finisher lacks however I am starting to like the way Swagger woks a match.
The diva’s match was just bad it was filled with botches and both wrestlers could have been badly hurt many times.
The night quickly heated up starting with HBK and JBL. Personaly I thought there were only four outcomes possible:
JBL beats Cena
Cena beats JBL
Cena wins with HBK’s help
JBL with HBKs help
I did not see HBK kicking both of them and then putting JBL on top of Cena still unfortunatly Cena won I guess HBK is screwed but luckily he will stop being a JBL puppet now.
Edge Jeff was done great. I know alot of people are upset about Christian but I am tierd of hearing it Hardy Christian is an old feud the feud that this match gave birth to Matt vs Jeff is new and fresh and will be unpredictible to the end.
The rumble was great it always is very unpredictable till about the finial 6 or 7 once it got close to the end it was kind of despiration to route for HHH. It was nice to see Van Dam back. The good news is this creates a ton of interesting situations on RAW is orton garenteed to be in mania. (well obviously its scripted) but i would love to see what type of storyline route they take with this maybe vince will even be in the main event as a valet or something
overall the ppv was an 8/10 a 5 would be the standard so the Rumble was great very unpredictible till the end and it just made things even more unpredictible for the start of the Road to Wrestlemania.
I was watching the Rumble from a Buffalo Wild Wings….The first two matches people could have cared less…I had to tell 10 real WWE fans who only watch Smackdown and Raw about Jack Swagger…and why Matt Hardy wasn’t walking in as champion…I personally couldn’t care less about Divas wrestling…just don’t typically enjoy it, especially since Trish and Lita have left.  The World Heavyweight Championship match was incredible.  HBK showing some life..kicking JBL was sweet but expected…seeing him kick Cena’s block off was much more surprising and actually was a great move.  Trying to help JBL win…admist everything was great…(Just wish I could have heard the HBK/Undertaker exchange backstage)  The WWE Championship match was great..could have been better…Everyone was chanting Christian Cage throughout the match….the boutched ladder jump still looked good…Edge is such a great heel…Vicki needs to go…she’s an incredible heel…but how many times can we expect the same old same old from her.  The Matt Hardy angle is GENIUS.  The whole place was in shock…some were cheering…others booing…but even my girlfriend who was reading a book and hates wrestling asked "Aren’t those two guys brothers?" After Matt adsolutely blasted Jeff with the chair.   GENIUS!!!   As for the rumble match itself…I thought it was better than most I have seen in a while…I think that pushing Legacy was obvious…there were three great moments…The Goldust/Cody Rhodes confrontation was awesome…hopefully that will continue tonight on Raw…secondly the return of RVD  (hopefully this will spell a return to Raw to fight with CM Punk…and lastly not Randy Orton winning…that was nothing shocking and expected by everyone in the bar…The last thing was Santino being eliminated by Kane in hopefully less than 2 seconds to make him the Rumble laughing stock.    Overall the Royal Rumble was a great PPV…very glad I watched it and not only read your always informative reports of the PPV’s.
Just got through with my second viewing of the show and I think it was a solid show!

1.  ** Jack Swagger (c) vs. Matt Hardy for ECW Title

Solid opener from both men; Swagger’s first PPV title match and defense and I think he put on a good showing.  I thought they lingered on Matt losing a little too long but as we saw later that factors into the swerve with Jeff.  I think Swagger has a lot of potential and will be a part of Mania now from ECW.  Then again, who else do they have that’s solid enough?  Please Vince, not a Dreamer/Swagger match.  Pay RVD off and have him come back and feud with Jack.

Verdict: Three out of five Jack Swagger Smiles

2.  ** Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Melina for WWE Women’s Title

What a surprise!  Beth and Melina are very good at what they do but this one was back and forth, had several great spots, and even if Melina looked nervous and Beth had to compensate a couple times and (literally) carry the match, this was a great one for the women.  Melina winning was a total surprise and another priceless reaction from Santino. 

Verdict: Four out of five Santino Expressions

3.  ** John Cena (c) vs. JBL for World Heavyweight Title

Absolute DUD of the night.  Good God JBL cannot do anything.  I was watching this with my girlfriend, who is new to WWE, and with some other friends who watch the shows in a group all the time.  Her first impressions were priceless…"Who is this guy, and what does he do?"  Our response after a JBL clothesline…"Thats it."  The HBK stuff at the end was interesting and will pobably set up a Triple Threat at WM 25, but please.  This isn’t believeable anymore.  JBL is cooked.  Done.  Over.  The bookers probably figured this guy could help get Cena more cheers (and less boos) but it’s not gonna matter.  It is what it is, and it is….horrible.  Give us Cena vs. HBK at WM.  Maybe JBL will go broke and the shoe will be on the other foot?

Verdict: One out of five Clotheslines from Hell…ish places

4.  ** Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Edge for WWE title

The match itself was great with several spots that would make any highlight reel.  Jeff and Edge work well together and while it was nice to have Jeff get the belt, the crowd reaction suggests it’s better to give the belt to an uber-heel and have a face try to win it….i.e. HHH.  Five star swanton too!

So, Christian doesn’t come out tonight but Matt swerves his brother Jeff?  I kind of like it, excep for the fact that Matt HATES Edge both in and out of the ring and I can’t imagine anything that would make him try to blow up his brother.  Tune in Friday.  We all knew something was up with so many players in the ring and it was too easy to hit Edge when he was down.  I like the idea of a show stealing Hardy match at Wrestlemania.  TLC anyone?

Verdict: Four out of five chairshots to Jeff’s head

2009 Royal Rumble

Quite simply, well booked and had arguablly the best roster in recent Rumble history.  The people who should have stayed stayed a LONG time, and others were just quick comic relief.  Lots of great photo ops and spots; glad that they carried the Legacy angle all the way to the end and while HHH didn’t last long, he really shouldn’t against three capable people.  Surprising Orton didn’t have anything happen to him at the end of the show, but that’s why RAW is on tonight.

1.  Santino.  Classic.
2.  Undertaker and Kane taking names.  Brothers of Destruction in effect.
3.  Multiple RKOs
4.  R-V-D!!!!  If only he would stay and hit people harder.

1.  No McMahon’s at the end of the Rumble itself
2.  No Evan Bourne but probably saving him for Wrestlemania
That’s about it!!

All in all, a really good show I’d give a B+ and check out on replay.  Well done guys–just please, PLEASE stop the JBL insanity.  How about his limo blows up and Vince goes nuts?

The Royal Rumble was pretty good over all

lets see,the first match was Jack Swagger vs. Matt hardy,first of all,who the hell is Jack Swagger,I’ve never heard of him before,and second,why was this Match even on the PPV,no one cares about ECW,Vince needs to seriouly dump ECW as a Brand.The match was ok but I didn’t give a care about.Even though I had no idea who Jack Swagger was,I still new he was going to win
match rating:6/10
Now the Divas Match,Melina vs. Beth Phoenix.Overall,a pretty good Match,these 2 work very well together but they didn’t seem to be clicking in this match.Melina winning was great to see,for once,I was happy with the winner of a Diva match,LOL.thank God Beth is no longer champion,she is the most BORING champion to ever step foot in the ring,she thinks she’s a godess just because she’s big and strong but seriously,what she does in the ring is nothing special and it actaully puts me to sleep half the time,LOL
Match ratinf:7/10
Next is John Cena vs. JBL,I think.Didn’t give a crap about this match,I hate both Cena and JBL and i hope WWE fires them both.The only thing I did like about this Match was the fact that Micheals kicked both Cena and JBL in their big mouths,hopifully that will shut cena and JBL up for good.Cena winning was predictable,you don’t wanna upset thsoe
5-year old kids who are making John Cena posters
Match Rating:7/10
Next was Jeff hardy vs. Edge.This was the best singles Match of the night.I was expecting Christian to come out but WWE never does what you want them to do,they never want us to be happy.Matt betraying Jeff was predictable for me when Matt came down to ringside,Matt kills Jeff with a steel chair and Edge becomes champion for 20th time.
OMG,why does the WWE keep giving Edge the fucking title every fucking month,Edge is already like a 10 time champion and did it all in less then 3 years,Man edge use to kill himself just because he couldn’t win the title,now he gets the title every fucking month,WTF WWE,stop giving the title to edge all the time,DAMN>:(
Match rating:9/10
Finally,the Royal Rumble Match.This was the best Match of the night,had great action,nice hot spots,a lot of staredowns and alot of funny moments.I found it funny that every guy coming down was going straight after JTG,just because he was shortest,I was lsughing about that,LOL.RVD came back for one night only and was eliminated in the bottom 10 I believe,I think it was stupid for RVD to come back just to lose the match and he was not even close to winning the Match which makes it more sad,but that’s typical WWE,always screwing up returns.Randy orton winning was predictable since he and his 2 moneys Rhodes and Debiesa made it all the way to the final 4 with triple H.I wonder whats going to happen with orton and McMahon now.
Match Ratinf:10/10
overall,i give the Royal Rumble a 9/10
Overall, I was just pleased with the Royal Rumble last night.  I am a big fan of The Undertaker, HBK, and Matt Hardy.  I was pretty sure that Hardy would not win his belt back, and that The Undertaker would not win the Rumble, even though I wanted both to win.  I felt that the ECW belt match was great, both wrestlers did an outstanding job throughout.  The women’s belt was a bore, like always, though, I was glad that Melina won the belt.  The World Heavy Weight belt match was good, though it wasn’t the best.  I really liked the fact that HBK came in and gave not only JBL but Cena Sweet Chin Music.  It could have ended with either one winning the belt, and I would have been happy with that match.  The WWE belt match was probably, in my eyes, the best match of the night.  Both Edge and Hardy made that match.  It was awesome!  I was in a chat room prior to the pay per view and someone was saying that Matt was going to turn on his brother and cost him the belt.  I wasn’t all for it at that point, but I feel that this is really going to open up a great Hardy Vs Hardy match up at either No Way Out or Wrestlemania.  I hope the later of the two.  This will be a very looked forward match by millions of fans, I think.  Now, the Rumble.  I was not thrilled with this at all!  I did like that RVD was brought back for it, but would have liked to have seen him get a bit farther into the match.  I was soooo disappointed in who they had win it.  I did have a feeling but didn’t think that they would actually go through with it.  At this time in his career, I do not believe that Orton was the best choice to win the Rumble.  I can not believe that they are pushing Big Show and The Undertaker again.  GET OVER IT WWE!  They have had way too many matches the last couple of months it aint even funny any more.  Overall, I give the pay per view a very high C grade because of how disappointed I was in the outcome of the Rumble.

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