WWE Raw Results – February 2, 2009

Scott Krein

WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009WWE Raw Results - February 2, 2009Complete results from the February 2nd, 2009 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Standard Raw open to start the show.   Pyros go off and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Raw from St Louis!

Main event tonight appears to be John Cena versus Chris Jericho!

Here comes the money!!!  Lillian introduces Shane O’Mac!  Crowd gives Shane a nice response.  We get a video recap of what happened last week on Raw with Orton threatening to sue and asking to be fired.  Then the beat down of the Legacy by Shane O’Mac.

Shane starts off the show by telling us that after Raw went off the air last week he was approached by Orton’s legal team.  They told him that Orton wants to face him at No Way Out!   Shane McMahon versus Randy Orton in a no holds barred match!!   Shane says he isn’t out there to pin Orton, says he is going to sacrifice his body to make sure that Orton doesn’t compete at WrestleMania this year!

Cue Orton’s music.

Orton comes out and says that Shane seems pretty sure of himself.   Says after what he pulled off last week that he should be sure of himself.   But how could he beat up the single three top superstars of the WWE?   Orton says he didn’t.    Orton says he told Ted and Cody not to fight back.   Says none of them fought back.   Orton says he was looking at the Raw roster on stage and that any of them was waiting for an oppurtunity to impress Stephanie that they didn’t fight back because the three on one would have become thirty on three.   Orton says he got what he wanted.   A match with Shane at No Way Out.  Orton says Vince will have company after No Way Out and that Shane should reserve a bed next to his dad.

Orton slowly starts walking toward the ring.   But then stops and heads back up the ramp. Orton put the mic down on the stage and then turns and heads back down the ramp toward the ring again.   

Shane rolls up his sleeves and gets ready to fight.

As Orton is trying to get into the ring Ted and Cody come out from the crowd but Shane grabs a Kendo Stick from right under the ring apron and starts swinging and hitting everything in sight.    Legacy bails out and heads up the ramp.   Shane stands tall in the ring with the kendo stick.   King reminds us that Shane will be able to use that kendo stick in the match at No Way Out!

 CM Punk and Mickie James versus William Regal and Layla

 Apparently Regal has invoked his rematch clause next week with Punk for the IC Title on Raw!

 CM Punk and Regal start off the match and Punk is dominating with kicks quickly but Regal tags in Layla.  Layla motions to Mickie that she has to come in and the distraction allows Regal to push Punk into Mickie and Layla gets the advantage.    Mickie James comes back with punches and throws Layla off the ropes but both women go for a double clothesline!   Layla tags Regal back in so Punk is back in as well.  Punk once again gets the advantage with kicks and punches and is just dominating Regal.  Regal goes outside to take a break.   Punk goes after but Regal uses Layla for a shield.    Mickie takes care of the shield but that allows Regal to grab Punks leg and pull him down to the mats outside the ring.   Punk is hurt.   Punk gets back into the ring right at the nine count but Regal kicks him right in the temple!   1-2-3!!  Regal gets the pinfall!

Winner by pinfall:  Regal and Layla


Tag Team Match

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes versus Cryme Tyme

JTG and DiBiase start off.  JTG starts off quickly with a dropkick and then hits a semi monkey flip bulldog out of the corner.   Quick cover.   DiBiase tags in Rhodes.  Rhodes gains the advantage on JTG.   Rear headlock but JTG comes back with some punches to Rhodes ribs.   Both men colide and hit heads.   Tags in to Shad and DiBiase.   Action gets going quickly. Shad gets the advantage on DiBiase.   Rhodes in to break up the pinfall.   Rhodes and DiBiase start mugging Shad.   Referee is counting.   1-2-3-4-5….    Bell rings.   Rhodes and DiBiase are DQ’ed. 

 Winner by disqualification: Cryme Tyme

Beat down continues.   Double DDT by Rhodes on Shad with DiBiase holding Shad in the air.   Shad is out.  

Highlights of Chris Jericho and Mickey Rourke on Larry King.  Will Rourke be at WrestleMania? 

We see Legacy in the back talking.

Chris Jericho is in the ring without an enterance.  

Jericho says he respects Rourke’s performance in The Wrestler. aAnd he also respects his backtracking out of WrestleMania.   Says the Wrestler sends the wrong message about has been wrestlers.  Men like Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Randy the Ram and even Ric Flair.  Flair is the worst out of all of them.   Had the best career.   Epic retirement, 16 time champion etc.   Says Flair now is selling himself of a dollar.  Jericho wants to take all of the legends out of the Hall of Fame.

John Cena interupts on the Titantron.  Cena says if it wasn’t for the legends he wouldn’t be in the ring.    Cena calls Jericho an idiot.   Cena says that these guys need to let go of the history but he’s the first to bring up all that he has accomplished in wrestling history.   Cena says there are certain things he believes in and Jericho has a bad habit of crossing the line on every one of them and it pissed him off.  Cena says he is going to shut Jericho up by knocking his teeth down his throat later tonight in their match.  

Rey Mysterio Jr and Kofi Kingston versus Kane and Mike Knox

Mike Knox qualified for the eliminatino chamber at a house show last night.     Kofi and Kane start.   Kane with punches to take the advantage.   Kane dominates Kofi to start.  Kane throws Kofi off the ropes and Kofi gets the advantage.  Kane staggers back and tags in Mike Knox.    We get a commercial.

As we come back Kofi is dominating Kane with kicks and fast action.   Kofi tags in Rey. Rey with kicks and punches to Kane.   Kane goes down on the ropes, Rey goes for the 619 but Kane bails out of the ring.   Rey on the ring apron and sits down right on Kane’s chest taking him to the mat!   Back in the ring as rey is getting in Kane hits Rey with a vicious uppercut that puts him on the mat!   Kane tags in Knox.   Knox is throwing Rey from corner to corner.  Rey off the ropes and tries to hit Knox but Knox just pushes Rey away.   Rey off the ropes with a sommersault but Knox catches him.   Kofi makes a blind tag in and Knox doesn’t know it!  Kofi off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and Knox drops Rey.  Rey jumps on Knox’s chest with both feet!   Kofi off the ropes and double leg drop.   Cover and kick out by Knox.   Knox gets Kofi in the air and throws him up and Kofi lands on his feet only to get a Knox boot to his face.  Cover and kick out by Kofi.   Knox throws Kofi into his corner and tags in Kane.  Kane takes control of Kofi and is just pummelling him.  Kane back to his corner and tags Knox back in as the crowd starts chanting for Kofi.  Knox starts working on the arm of Kofi.   Kane back in.   Knox and Kane continue to work on the arm and ribs of Kofi.  Kofi tries to use his speed to get the advantage and hits an insaguri on Kane!   Kofi goes to tag Kane but Kane knocks Rey off the ring apron!  Kane drags Kofi back to his corner and tags in Knox.   Knox with knees to Kofi’s ribs.  Kofi using his speed again to try and get a tag as goes to the top and hits a crossbody on Knox.  Kofi holding his ribs.   Both men are down.   Rey still isn’t back in the corner.   Rey finally makes it to his feet and just misses the tag as Kane drags Kofi back away from his corner.   Kane starts hitting Kofi with punches.  Kofi wiggles out of Kane’s grasp but Kane grabs him again.    Kofi with an elbow to Kane’s head.     Kofi makes the tag to Rey!!!   Rey in and he quickens the pace.  Rey takes Kane down and knocks Knox down to the outside .     Rey with the leg drop on Kane.  Knox in for the save!   Kofi goes to fly over the top rope onto Knox but Knox just steps back and drops Kofi right onto his knee!   Rey geos to help Kofi but Kane gets Rey from behind.   Kane goes for a slam but Rey counters into frankenstiener onto the ropes. Rey goes for the 619 but Knox blocks it from the outside!   Rey kicks Knox off.   Rey to the outside and goes for the splash but Kane catches Rey and choke slam!!!  1-2-3!!!    Kane pins Rey.

Winner by pinfall: Kane and Mike Knox

Backstage Stephanie and Shane are walking when Shane gets attacked by Legacy!   The beatdown ensues.   Security tries to break it up but they get beat down as well.   Randy looks like he’s going to punt Shane in the head but stops.   He sees Stephanie is down as well.    Randy goes to kick Stephanie but Shane lunges in front of him and gets kicked in the ribs instead of Stephanie getting kicked in the head!  Security finally breaks it up. 

Lots of ads and filler time here for advertising matches for No Way Out and WrestleMania and stuff.  

 Beth Phoenix versus Candice Michelle

Women lock up and Beth starts off with the advantage.  Candice tries to fight back but Beth uses her power to keep control of the match.   A huge back suplex.   Beth gets Candice in a back breaker and tries to get her to submit.  Candice tries pushing off the ropes with her feet but Beth maintains control of the backbreaker.    Candice finally wiggles he way down a backslide and gets the roll up for two count!   Candice now in control with kick and punches.   Candice pulls Beth’s hair and takes her down to the mat!  Candice in control.   Kick off the ropes for the cover and Beth kicks out.   Beth throws Candice into the corner and grabs her hair and hits her finishing move for the win.

 Winner by pinfall: Beth Phoenix

After the match Rosa is in the ring and grabs Candice and throws her to the outside.     

Jericho is backstage getting ready for the match tonight.  

Next Monday night Ric Flair will be live on Raw!    Flair will apparentlly say something Jericho about what he said earlier in the night!!!

JBL is heading out to the ring.   JBL is going to do a performance appraisal on HBK and decide how valuable he is.   JBL says he has bailed out HBK from years of bad investments etc and that he has fulfilled his end of the proposal.   HBK says yes he has.    JBL says he had no alteristic motive for helping Shawn out and he only had one reason and one reason only and he hired Shawn to make sure that he went to WrestleMania 25 as the heavyweight champion.    JBL asks Shawn if he fulfilled his end.  Shawn says he has done a lot of things since JBL hired him that he isn’t proud of.  Talks about laying down for JBL.  Shawn talks about all the things he’s done to help JBL.  Shawn says he had Cena beat until JBL interfered and that JBL could have been in the Elimination Chamber.  Shawn says in this business relationship the blame isn’t on him it’s on JBL.    JBL says Shawn failed.   Shawn is to blame.    JBL says he wants to release Shawn from his contract.   JBL asks Shawn if that’s what he wants.  Shawn says what he wants is to kick JBL’s teeth down his throat.    JBL says he does that he looses his job and money.   JBL says he does that he causes his family to suffer.  JBL has a propsal for Shawn.   JBL versus Shawn at No Way Out.  Winner take all.  If Shawn wins he’s out of the contract and will pay Shawn everything he owes him or the whole year.   If JBL wins he owns Shawn.  JBL owns the Heartbreak Kid for the rest of his life.    He will own his name.   JBL will own Shawn for the rest of his life.  JBL will own Shawn for the rest of his life if he wins at No Way Out.  Shawn accepts.   Shawn can’t touch JBL until No Way Out or the deals off the table.    JBL berates Shawn.  Pushes him, hits him, slaps him trying to get Shawn to react.   Shawn is shaking he is so pissed off but he walks out of the ring and is visably upset and pissed off at the same time.  

Stephanie tells Kane backstage that he is in the elimination chamber.   And that next week Randy Orton will face the Undertaker on Raw.  

John Cena versus Chris Jericho

Main event time.   After Cena eneters the ring Cena almost immediately attacks Jericho.   Jericho fights back and pulls Cena’s tshirt over his head to gain the advantage.   Cena fights back and gains control back.  Cena with a bulldog.   Jericho down.  Cena stalking him.  Cena with a back body drop.  Cena knocks Jericho to the outside and Jericho takes a break.    Cena goes outside but Jericho slams him into the announce table and we go to commercial as Jericho is gaining the advantage.  

Back from commercial we are back in the ring and Jericho has control of Cena with a rear head lock.   Cena gets to his feet and gains quick control but Jericho knocks him down and gets a two count.  Jericho knocks Cena to the outside.   Cena rolls back into the ring.   Jericho slapping Cena around.   Cena knocks Jericho to the ground.  Both men are down.  Jericho with a cover and Cena kicks out.    Chops by Jericho.   Jericho throws Cena into the turnbuckle and Jericho runs in but Cena moves.   Cena gains control.  You can’t see me.   Jericho reverses and goes for the walls of Jericho.   Cena reverses and goes for the STFU.   Jericho with a small package and Cena kicks out.   Cena regains control.  Cena goes for the newely renamed attitude adjustor or the old FU but Jericho counters and goes for the code breaker but Cena just pushes Jericho into the corner.  Cena runs into the corner and meets a boot but Cena gets Jericho into the FU again but Jericho counters again and puts Cena into the Walls of Jericho.   Cena almost makes it to the ropes but Jericho pulls him back into the middle of the ring!    Cena pulls out an amazing reversal out of the Walls of Jericho and get the STFU on Jericho!  Jericho taps!!!    Cena celebrates!!! 

Winner by submission: John Cena

End Raw.

Next week on Raw Ric Flair will be here and Orton versus Undertaker!

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