WZ Readers Respond To The Jericho/Fan Altercation!

Nick Paglino

As a lifelong wrestling and sports fan, it’s ridiculous that athletes have to deal with the bullshit that some "fanatics" put them through outside their place of work. I understand the taunting and the constant badgering for autographs and pictures, but obviously a line was crossed. Jericho or any athlete has the right to protect himself from idiots like this. The woman clearly put her hands on him first, therefore putting herself in the position to be struck.


Personally i feel sorry for celebrities like Jericho, as he’ll probably end up getting in trouble for this. The female fan was completely in the wrong, as was her boyfriend who kept harassing Jericho. If he had attacked her in a more violent way i would probably say action needs to be taken, but all he really done was push her away.


That girl had no right to shove him in the first place, but to then reach into his car to attack him again was taking it WAY too far. Jericho shouldn’t have had to hit her because security should have gotten her away, but since they clearly were not doing an adequate job, he had every right to defend himself. If someone is reaching into your car to hit you, instinctively you’re going to defend yourself and the gender of the attacker should be the last thing that comes to mind. And this statement is coming from a female. Jericho was not in the wrong. 


I feel Jericho did everything right. The security didn’t do they’re job at all keeping fans away..Jericho had to defend himself. Fans need to have more respect around wrestlers when they’re trying to leave towns and not crowd they’re cars. I defend Jericho 100% on this and I think if Vince sees this video he would feel the same way. The chick would NOT let him leave. I know hitting a women is wrong but Jericho didn’t know if he was going to get ganged up on or what. I defend him in this case.


Well, it just shows that Chris Jericho is doing his job as a heel very well if he has fans wanting to get into a real life fight with him, doesn’t it?


What a wild day Jericho had.

There is a world of difference between a Jericholoic and a rabid fan. From what I saw on the video Jericho found himself surrounded by a partly hostile crowd and little security. When surrounded by a crowd you don’t know if the person coming at you is about to punch you or hug you. After having one fan get hostile I can understand why he was on the defensive with the rest of them.

While it’s true that without the fans the wrestlers wouldn’t have jobs I think we should still give them a certain level of privacy and respect. Besides, the whole "celebrity worship" thing is beyond me.


This is my first time emailing you guys but after seeing this clip I gotta say that those fans are way out of line. Jericho deserves space and whoever put there hands on Jericho twice was a mistake. Who cares if it was a girl or not she should know that his job is violent and he takes any precautions to defend himself whether in ring or outside of it. I would have done the same if I was being attacked by a huge mob of people who won’t let me get in my car. Some fans go way to far and don’t respect others privacy and this video is proof. Now people will flame Jericho saying he is a woman hitter but the fact is she physically assaulted him twice so she deserved it.


I swear as the year go on it seem like WWE fan become more stupid, That was totally uncalled for what the fans did It just as bad as when the IWC say that they need to retire because of their age This is such a shame and its getting to the point where if I was Vince I would say SCREW the fans and shut down the company then what will the SO called WWE fans cry about.

God bless Y2J someone has to do the right thing and im glad it was you

To all WWE fans everywhere, GROW UP, and check your ego at the doors and stop the bullshit. you’re making things bad for us REAL fans

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