More WZ Reader Feedback To The Y2J/Fan Altercation!

Nick Paglino

Nick’s Note: It’s pretty unanimous in the emails I’m getting. People know Jericho is working a character. If you don’t know this and choose to provoke him, female or not you deserve more than retaliation, you deserve an education. Here are more reader opinions:
Talk about taking wrestling to seriously.  Some people just don’t get that its not real.  But i guess Jericho is doing his job then right. 
I think Jericho is in the right here.  I mean he is getting attacked he has no idea what these people are going to do to him.  Defend yourself and get out.  I think everyone would do the same thing.  She threw out the first hits and so he defended him self.  HIS RIGHTS.
Since my computer doesn’t have sound I could not tell what if anything was being said.  But it’s clear that the girl shoves Chris and then tries to hit him or shove him again in which Jericho then fought back which ensued another guy (probably the dumb girl’s boyfriend) to jump Jericho as well.  Chris then fought it off in defense.  I have met Chris Jericho a few times both as a face and a heel and I have never seen him act this way even when a fan tries to act tough in front of him.  He usually laughs it off and just forgets about it.  I feel the girl and the guy got what they deserved for a) trying to pick a fight with a wrestler and b) hating his character so much that they want him hurt.  Jericho was clearly in the right here and defending himself as such.
What happened with Jericho is something famous people deal with everyday. It’s not everyday, however, that we see news like this for WWE personnel. After looking at only the videos, at first I thought Jericho was a real idiot. It wasn’t until I read the personal witness response where I thought otherwise. What Jericho did was pure, and 100%, in self defense. The security was really crappy for that occurrence. It’s almost like they had NO CLUE what to do in that situation. That just goes to show anyone will hire anyone for real cheap and give no training. If the security was better, this would of never happened, and people wouldn’t be writing these opinion reviews. I feel for Jericho, and any other wrestler this happens to. Normal people can go to the mall to get a DVD, CD, or whatever. A wrestler, or any other famous person, can’t go to get anything from a mall without being mobbed. In my opinion, is it worth being famous for the money, hell no!
Jericho clearly did nothing wrong.  How sad is it in this day and age that people take words he said to draw heat from the crowd seriously??  REAL wrestling fans know it’s all part of the show.  People like that have no business whatsoever being wrestling fans in the 1st place.
Chris Jericho is the man and did nothing wrong. Self defense! Those people were crazy should have slapped the walls of jericho on her and code breaker to her boyfriend! Haha
First of all I would like to say that wrestling is acting and entertainment!!! Why do these grown people say "You Suck!" and all that nonsense? I expect that from a 8 or 10 year old. They entertain us on TV! You should be cheering him on outside of wrestling. I’m not a big fan Jericho myself but if I was there than I will be cheering for him and not taking it so seriously. It’s ridiculous they have to go through this outside of the ring. But honestly, a grown man hitting a woman is kind of like abuse if you ask me. Sure she spit on him and that is disgusting. I would’ve been pissed off also if I was Jericho but I don’t think I would’ve hit that woman. But I’m on his side on this situation, bottom line, point blank.
You know…..judging by the shakiness of the video, I can’t really tell if Jericho actually was stopping to do the "celebrity" thing for some photo ops, or if he WAS stopped. However, my point is if he did stop on his own accord, it just goes to show that he was willing to do something for someone and demostrating some true character (unlike Orton). Whether you like him or hate his persona, still…he did the right thing which was "whatever it takes" to be out of harms way.  I know it’s all awestruck when you see someone out of their element, but for Gods sake, use your head people. Hopefully if it ever goes to court it’ll get thrown out and the people will get nothing out of it except a lesson well learned.
Let’s put ourselves in Jericho’s shoes for a second.  Your leaving after a days work, you are swormed by a crowd of people(at this point they are no longer fans), you are pinned against your car with say about 50 people yelling your an ***hole and other nasty comments, then one tries to get at you while your going to get in your car.  What would you do?
Skip the fact of the crowd for one second.  What was the security doing? You can’t let that may people get that close to him.  They were not restraining any of the people.  They were hardly holding them back and obviously could not do that good enough.  I’ve been at events and waited for professional athletes to get on the bus waiting for a possible autogragh and if the crowd got to close the security would make sure you knew they were there.  You can hear Jericho telling them they to do their jobs.
Lastly, about him hitting a girl. Yea, its wrong, but a) he was getting in his car and I doubt he saw the person. b) at that point anything that comes near is a threat. c) what gives her the right to touch him?
Reconize whats real and whats the show, these PREFORMERS are human.
first time caller, long time listener here…
All I can say is that I believe this is one of those mountain/molehill situations. Things like this used to happen ALL THE TIME back in the 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s. It’s the Hogan era that de-mystified the aura surrounding professional wrestling, and I give major kudos to Chris Jericho for bringing some of it back. The fact that he incited a fan SO MUCH that he wanted to actually kick the crap out of him in real life says alot for Jericho. Major kudos to him for doing an excellent job, in my opinion.
If it weren’t for guys like Jericho, I wouldn’t give a s**t about wrestling anymore. I’ve read "A Lion’s Tale", and it’s one hell of a read. I’d put it up there with Hart’s or Foley’s. I’ve long been a fan of the Canadian guys (minus Foley, but still a huge fan), and Jericho’s probably right up in the top three favorites. He (unlike the arse in the video) makes me proud to be a Canadian wrestling fan. I wish there were more guys like him in the business.
I viewed the video you posted and I have to say that Chris Jericho was warranted in striking her. He had his back turned and when he was shoved, he didn’t flinch and threw the punch. To be honest, I know wrestlers and in character most of the time, but fans always act like retards and this video truly shows how idiotic they were. Shouting stupidity, getting in his face, touching him, shoving him and people think he won’t do anything? Come on, he’s only human.

I commend him for not punching the first guy that pushed him. I’ve met Jericho many times and actually had lunch with him and he is a nice, cool lay low guy! Very grateful to his fans and loves talking wrestling and rock!! Such a wealth of knowledge.

Security should have done their job better and this would not have happened. To all that say otherwise, I would love to see you in that position.

Here’s what we learned…Don’t touch someone if you don’t want retaliation in return!

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