Another Batch of Reader Feedback to the Y2J/Fan Altercation!

Nick Paglino

Unlike the Jericho marks who have been kissing their hero’s ass through all this, I’ll have to take the side of the fans. EVERYBODY was in the wrong here, including Jericho, even moreso than the fans. He’s a celebrity(kind of) and there were some young fans in the video and it’s Jericho’s job to set an example for them, heel or face.
I’m fully aware that some people just react that way to feeling threatened, but again, Jericho is a celebrity and he needed to control himself. You don’t see celebrities on TMZ and other things like that actually attacking the swarm of people around them. They control themselves, even if people are trying to touch them.
And looking at one of videos, the woman in question wasn’t even assaulting him. She was reaching over trying to put her hand on Jericho’s back. It’s the same thing many fans do when two wrestlers brawl in the audience – they reach over just to get a feel of these superstars competing right in front of them.
And if Jericho was assaulted, odds are, some people in the audience would probably have been decent enough to pull the assailants away, so Jericho would’ve walked away without a scratch regardless.
The bottom line is that Jericho needs to learn to control himself and grow up, and his supporters need to get their heads out of his ass. I guarantee that if it was someone like John Cena or Batista doing the punching, they would be calling for him to be fired. Grow up and stop being bias.


Living out here in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry myself I always think that any of this stuff can be a work first.  From the Christian Bale deal to even this Y2J Fan Video when millions of dollars are riding on a film or even a program like Wrestlemania any attention is good attention.

Let me also mentioned I met Jericho in or around 2000 right after he won the undisputed championship at a Virgin Records Superstore in Downtown Disney, Orlando.  It wasnt an autograph signing or anything.  He was standing next to me in the magazine section.  I said hello and he seemed a bit distant as I am sure fans always mess with him.  I told him how I won money on him through my on line sports book in a future bet that said "Who will be the WWF Champion by the end of the year?"  I told him I bet on him and he started to laugh, asked me the site then we parted ways.  Cool guy.  I dont think someone like this would do something (if this is true) unless extremely provoked or if it was part of business.


think Jericho was completely in the wrong here. Yes the woman struck him 1st, but under no circumstances should you ever place your hands on a woman! In character or not it was still not right. He should have just got in the car and drove away. I think WWE should take action of some sort.


i think that what jericho did was totally in his right, the fans should learn that the wrestlers have their own privacy, that idiot women deserved all she got, if someone tried hitting me while i was getting in my car, man or women it doesn’t matter, that is my car and you’re going to get pushed away. the security did a rubbish job and more measures should be taken at WWE to stop this from happening in the future.

In this particular incident I’m on Chris Jericho’s side.  It’s hard to know if a fan has a weapon.  I think that fans of Celebrities need to know where the line is.  Celebrities need to protect themselves some way or another.  It cold have simply been a jerk reaction/self defence.  I hope this just goes away and lesson learned for next time.


I, like all the others that have sent in responses have to agree that Jericho was just simply defending himself.  What I’m surprised no one is bringing up is that when he "hit" that girl he wasn’t even looking in her when she jumped up and pushed him.  He probably didn’t realize whether it was a girl or not.  All he knew was he was in a hostile crowed and someone decided to physically push him.  What would you do?


Chris did the right thing.He works his ass off every day of the week to entertain fans all around the world and they dont respect him for it.He gives it 110% every day and is still treated like shit.Whether he hit a man or a woman doesnt matter.What matters is the fact that he was standing up for what he believes in and what he thought was right.Like him or hate him the man is human and deserves RESPECT.I support what he did 100%.In my eyes he is a true AMERICAN HERO!God bless you Y2J!
 I can’t believe all you "Marks" are defending Chris Jericho. What he did was totally wrong.
 I don’t know about you, but taking a swing at a chick is not right in my book. No matter if she started it,
 and don’t give me this BS about he didnt know it was a girl, he did!!!
 He just lost alot of respect  from me, plus can anyone say "Roid Rage". 
  I guess if a girl were to push anyone of
  you guys, you would think its okay to
  throw a punch right back. That’s so weak!
I feel very sorry for Chris. Chris was just trying to protect himself from some idiotic fans who believe that the wrestler they portray inside the ring is the same person outside of the ring. Chris didn’t know if these fans had a knife or gun on them. He has had a gun pulled on him before in Mexico, probably one of the most terrifying experiences someone can ever have. (He described this incident in his autobiography.) After having a gun pulled on him, I am sure he is going to be more cautious. He is just protecting himself. My heart goes out to him and his family in situations like this.

On another note, I saw Chris last weekend at a house show in Champaign, IL. He is an extremely good athlete and entertainer and he has the most respect from me. Thank you Chris for all that you do!


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