More Y2J Reader Feedback + A Higher Quality Fan Video!

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Here is a higher quality video of the altercation between Jericho and a fan followed by more reader feedback from the incident:

I do not support what Chris Jericho did to that fan simply because she’s a woman. Jericho’s a 200 pound professional wrestler who’s in the ring constantly with men twice the size or more of him. She was in no way endangering his life and he did not need to retaliate to defend himself. He could have simply got in the car and shut the door. It seems there’s no chivalry or code of honor in men anymore. What kind of a man does it take to hit a woman? Why didn’t he just stay in the car? From a wrestling standpoint, I believe Jericho is one of the best wrestlers to have ever lived. He’s always been one of my favorites and we’re all entitled to make mistakes. I do believe he made a huge one here. If I was her boyfriend, I would have reacted the same way. I would jumped that guy and would have attempted to protect my girlfriend. Now don’t get me wrong, SHE WAS ALSO WRONG. She in no way had the right to put her hands on him either.


Well done Jericho I would have hit her too, man or woman I don’t care you hit me i hit you end of story. Women want equal opportunities then they can have it. Some women are tougher than men, and we can’t defend ourselves sod of, survival of the fittest. Plus she kicks him just before he gets back in his car she then spits at him and then goes to hit or push him so she deserved it. Save Yourself Jericho.


I think Jericho was right by defending himself. I think security should have been paying more attention by not allowing the fan to jerk Jericho out of the vehicle in the first place. It’s a scary situation, what if the crazed fan had a knife or a gun? WWE is lucky somebody didn’t get killed.


In my opinion, Chris was completely entitled to defend himself from any attacker. Reading the backstory and knowing that Chris was in a moving vehicle and had a fan actually strike that vehicle puts the fan in the wrong already. Then to have that fan and her boyfriend accost and berate Chris in public because they feel they deserve photographs, autographs, blood and hair. One security guy and Chris up against what looks to be 10 times that amount (if not more) is an unfair battle where Chris is going to be made by the crowd to look like the bad guy. Furthermore, I believe this whole "men cannot hit women" thing is very relative. In a situation of abuse a man should not being hitting a woman to feel powerful or better than her. However, if the woman were abusing the man, or accosting him in any other physical manner, is the man not given the right to fight back? That a woman who feels sufficiently afraid enough of a man can hit and physically harm him and not look bad while the opposite makes a man look like scum is a very unfair double standard.


What that woman did was total BS! I don’t care what gender you are you don’t put your hands on ANYONE and not expect to get your ass handed to you. Jericho was 100% in the right and had every reason to do what he did. Some of these f*&kin marks need a reality check and realize that there is a line you just don’t cross. Yeah it’s cool to talk trash to the heel wrestlers, especially guys like Jericho, or even Kevin Nash cause you can play the whole old and washed up card. Put keep your damn hands to yourself.


These fans crossed the line big time. They accosted Jericho within his vehicle, invaded his personal space, and imposed an impromptu personal appearance upon him at the end of his work day. The girl in question made an extremely unreasonable request for a picture with Jericho, given that the crowd was pressing in on him. When Jericho denied the request, the girl clearly LUNGED at him as he was attempting to re-enter his vehicle; Chris Jericho was perfectly within his right to defend himself in that situation.


Obviously this was not kayfabe,but there is something strange here,for a veteran like Jericho to put his hands on a fan even if "they" did "strike" first is very odd as if anyone should know it would be Jericho that WWE don’t like stars who get lawsuits,in saying this,yes I believe Jericho ha the right to push away the fans but not punch them,also just a query here,what would it be like if TNA were the top promotion in the world rather than WWE?


All I know is he never had these problems with Ralphus and The Jerichoholic Ninja on his payroll;)

Nick’s Note: I had to put this one in there, it made me laugh.


I had to watch the video a few times. The first time I was just shock  by the fact that he hit a women. But on second viewing she clearly push him against his car then goes after him again. Now he should not have hit her but i don’t think he hit her that hard because I think you see her again and she seems to be okay. What he should have done is kick the ass of the guy who said he was insult to Canadians.


I think Chris Jericho was in the wrong.Like two of the other people that wrote in,I agree with them.You don’t go around hitting a woman.I was rasied right and that’s what I know.He should have got in his vehicle and just drove away.I hope the woman that Jericho shoved sues him for everything he’s got, because as I said before Jericho was in the wrong here.


I was at this show also, I will say the guy and girl who were involved tried blocking Y2J’s vehicle when he was arriving at the arena also, calling him every name in the book and also made a gesture too jump in his vehicle.


I am here to give a response to the y2j/fan incident.I have to agree with everyone else that chris was in the right here in this situation.Even though sometimes myself i want to hurt jericho for what he does on TV sometimes, i realize that he is working in character and the character that you see on tv is NOT what you see outside the ring.Obviously, this fan took his "character" too seriously and decided to make a complete fool out of herself.If i were in chris’ shoes i would have done the same thing.Being a girl or not does not give you the right to harass someone and invade their personal space.Obviously this girl should have been prepared to have a retaliation if she decided to risk it and cross the line.Just because you are a celebrity as well does not mean that you have to take abuse and physical assult just to please the fans.Chris was being human and was acting like anyone else would in that situation.Hopefully fans will see this video and realize that your favrite celebrities should be treated like everyone else and get respect.

Remember the golden rule:"Treat others the way you want to be treated". If the fans in this video didn’t want an altercation to take place, they shouldn’t have started it.


I’ve seen the people on here whining and complaining about how Jericho attacked a woman. You people seem to forget that Jericho was just trying to leave and go on his way. But fans wanted to be stupid and basically mob him. If they had not mobbed him, none of this would’ve happened. No one would’ve been hurt, no one would’ve been arrested. But no. People wanted to look tough by attacking Jericho. People need to realize that he is just a character. Yes he may have punched a woman but it was done in self defense. If you were attacked by a woman as well, would you just stand there and take it? No. Jericho wasn’t going to stand for that. And it’s supposed to mean something if it’s a woman? If a woman hits a man, there’s nothing wrong with that? You people are hypocrites. every person is equal, so for women who say he shouldn’t have hit the woman, that’s basically you women saying "Oh We’re weaker and we should be treated better than men". IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!


How can anyone blame Jericho for this?  This is garbage all the people that wrote on here and else where saying that he is to be the one to blame, none of us have to deal with these type of fans/people shouting obscenities at them on a daily basis and actually trying to attack them by the looks of some of them in that video.  I think no less of Jericho for striking a fan, because if I was him and in this situation I’d of probably done worse.


Ok so I read over at wrestlezone that a lot of people don’t like Y2J hitting a woman and how its all his fault.

One Questions HOW SEXIST can you be? just because she a woman does not give her the right to attack a other human being woman are not perfect they do not live above the Law so screw you all who are defending the woman your a bigger idiot then her.

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