Steve Corino Wins WWC Universal Title In Puerto Rico On Feb 7

Bill Behrens

"The KIng Of Old School" Steve Corino defeated Ray Gonzolez on February 7 at the Harry Carrillo Coliseum in Naguabo to become the new WWC Unversal Champion.

WWC Universal Title History

Abdullah the Butcher1July 21, 1982San Juan, Puerto RicoAbdullah was billed as the WWC World Heavyweight Champion upon arrival and later billed as having defeated Antonio Inoki on June 20 in Okinawa, Japan to win the title.[12]
Carlos Colón1July 24, 1982San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Ox Baker1April 23, 1983San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón2May 14, 1983San Juan, Puerto RicoFollowing this event the title was renamed to the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship[12]
Dory Funk, Jr.1February 27, 1985Bangor, MaineAt an International Championship Wrestling event. This marked the first (and, to date, only) time that the title changed hands outside of Puerto Rico.
Title held upMay 18, 1985Bayamón, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Carlos Colón.[12]
Carlos Colón3June 15, 1985San Juan, Puerto RicoWon rematch against Dory Funk, Jr.[12]
Title held upSeptember 21, 1985San Juan, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Abdullah the Butcher.
Carlos Colón4October 19, 1985Bayamón, Puerto RicoWon rematch against Abdullah the Butcher.[12]
VacatedApril 30, 1986 The title was vacated when Colón was injured.
Carlos Colón5September 21, 1986San Juan, Puerto RicoDefeated Terry Funk in a tournament final.[12]
Hercules Ayala1July 18, 1987San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón6September 20, 1987Ponce, Puerto Rico[12]
Hercules Ayala2February 13, 1988San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón7April 9, 1988Caguas, Puerto Rico[12]
Hercules Ayala3July 23, 1988Arecibo, Puerto Rico[12]
StrippedAugust 24, 1988 Ayala was stripped of the title after attacking Carlos Colón’s wife during a banquet.
Ron Garvin1November 24, 1988Carolina, Puerto RicoDefeated Carlos Colón in a tournament final.[12]
Carlos Colón8December 12, 1988San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Steve Strong1May 27, 1989Caguas, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón9October 7, 1989Bayamón, Puerto Rico[12]
Title held upOctober 28, 1989Bayamón, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Steve Strong.
Carlos Colón10November 23, 1989Bayamón, Puerto RicoDefeated Strong in a rematch.[12]
Leo Burke1December 17, 1989Mayagüez, Puerto Rico[12]
TNT1February 9, 1990Caguas, Puerto Rico[12]
Abdullah the Butcher2March 24, 1990San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón11March 31, 1990San Juan, Puerto Rico[12]
Title held upDecember 15, 1990Bayamón, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match involving Greg Valentine.[12]
Carlos Colón12February 2, 1991Bayamón, Puerto RicoDefeated Valentine in a rematch.[12]
Title held upOctober 5, 1991Carolina, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Dino Bravo.
Carlos Colón13November 2, 1991Carolina, Puerto RicoDefeated Bravo in a rematch.[12]
Ron Garvin2February 1, 1992Caguas, Puerto Rico[12]
Carlos Colón14April 4, 1992Caguas, Puerto Rico[12]
Invader I1August 8, 1992Bayamón, Puerto Rico[12]
Abdullah the Butcher3September 19, 1992Carolina, Puerto Rico[13]
Invader I2September 23, 1992 Awarded the title when decision of the September 19 match is overturned because of outside interefence by Dick Murdoch.
Title held upOctober 10, 1992Ponce, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Dick Murdoch.
Dick Murdoch1October 25, 1992Bayamón, Puerto RicoDefeated the Invader in a rematch.[13]
Carlos Colón15November 28, 1992Manatí, Puerto Rico[13]
VacatedAugust 1, 1993 Colón retired.
Greg Valentine1August 8, 1993Bayamón, Puerto RicoDefeated Invader I in a tournament final.[13]
Ray Gonzalez1April 24, 1994Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
Dutch Mantel1June 22, 1994Toa Alta, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón16August 6, 1994Bayamón, Puerto Rico[13]
Title held upDecember 15, 1995Bayamón, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Mabel.
Carlos Colón17January 6, 1996Caguas, Puerto RicoDefeated Mabel in a rematch.[13]
Mabel1January 7, 1996San Germán, Puerto Rico[13]
Abdullah the Butcher4February 10, 1996Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
El Bronco1March 23, 1996Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón18April 20, 1996Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
Title held upMay 25, 1996Caguas, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Mr. Hughes.
Carlos Colón19June 15, 1996Caguas, Puerto RicoDefeated Hughes in a rematch.[13]
Huracán Castillo1October 19, 1996Humacao, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón20October 23, 1996 Awarded by official decision.
El Nene1February 22, 1997Ponce, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón21March 9, 1997Humacao, Puerto Rico[13]
Title held upMarch 22, 1997Yabucoa, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Jim Steele.
Carlos Colón22April 5, 1997Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
VacatedMay 11, 1997Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 
Ray Gonzalez2August 13, 1997Humacao, Puerto RicoDefeated Tom Brandi in a tournament final.[13]
Title held upFebruary 1, 1998Manatí, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Fidel Sierra.
Ray Gonzalez3February 14, 1998Caguas, Puerto RicoDefeated Sierra in a rematch.[13]
El Nene2March 29, 1998Gurabo, Puerto Rico[13]
StrippedMay 9, 1998 El Nene was stripped of the title for using a foreign object.
Ray Gonzalez4May 9, 1998 Awarded.
Carlos Colón23August 1, 1998San Juan, Puerto Rico[13]
Ray Gonzalez5August 2, 1998Mayagüez, Puerto RicoAwarded.
Glamour Boy Shane1November 26, 1998Bayamón, Puerto Rico[13]
Ray Gonzalez6November 28, 1998Guaynabo, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón24January 6, 1999Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
StrippedJanuary 9, 1999 Colón was stripped of the title for using an illegal object against the referee and against Gonzalez.
Ray Gonzalez7January 9, 1999 Awarded.
Title held upMarch 27, 1999Guaynabo, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Pierroth Jr.[13]
Ray Gonzalez8April 3, 1999Guaynabo, Puerto RicoDefeated Pierroth Jr. in a rematch.[13]
Pierroth Jr.1April 4, 1999San Germán, Puerto Rico[13]
Ray Gonzalez9April 17, 1999Guaynabo, Puerto Rico[13]
Carlos Colón25August 14, 1999Caguas, Puerto Rico[13]
Title held upNovember 13, 1999Nagüabo, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Ray Gonzalez.
Carlos Colón26November 27, 1999Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 
Ray Gonzalez10January 8, 2000Fajardo, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón1January 29, 2000Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Ray Gonzalez11February 19, 2000Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón2July 16, 2000Caguas, Puerto Rico 
Curt Hennig1September 30, 2000Caguas, Puerto Rico 
Title held upOctober 4, 2000 Held up after a match against Carly Colón.
Carly Colón3November 25, 2000Carolina, Puerto RicoDefeated Hennig in a rematch.
Jerry Flynn1February 17, 2001Manatí, Puerto Rico 
El Bronco2March 3, 2001Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Ray Gonzalez12March 31, 2001Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Title held upJune 16, 2001Carolina, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against Super Gladiador.
Ray Gonzalez13July 7, 2001Carolina, Puerto RicoDefeated Super Gladiador in a rematch.
Carly Colón4December 1, 2001Caguas, Puerto Rico 
VacatedApril 6, 2002 Carly Colón surrendered the title to Vampiro, following a controversial match between the two.
Vampiro1April 6, 2002 
Title held upApril 6, 2002 Held up by official decision.
Carly Colón5April 13, 2002Fajardo, Puerto RicoDefeated Vampiro for the held up title.
Konnan1November 2, 2002San Sebastián, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón6November 23, 2002Las Piedras, Puerto Rico 
Chicky Starr1January 11, 2003Morovis, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón7February 1, 2003Humacao, Puerto Rico 
Sabu1March 15, 2003Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón8May 31, 2003Carolina, Puerto Rico 
Title held upJune 7, 2003Cayey, Puerto RicoHeld up after a match against El Bronco.
Carly Colón9June 14, 2003Cataño, Puerto RicoDefeated El Bronco in a rematch.
VacatedJune 27, 2003 Vacated when Carly Colón signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.
Lightning1July 18, 2003Guayama, Puerto RicoDefeated Eddie Colón in a tournament final.
Dominican Boy1September 13, 2003Yabucoa, Puerto Rico 
Carly Colón10December 20, 2003Caguas, Puerto Rico 
Abdullah the Butcher4January 3, 2004Bayamón, Puerto Rico 
VacatedSeptember 11, 2004  
El Bronco3September 25, 2004Carolina, Puerto RicoDefeated Huracan Castillo in a tournament final.
Eddie Colón1November 6, 2004Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 
Title held up December 11, 2004Caguas, Puerto Rico 
Eddie Colón2January 6, 2005Caguas, Puerto RicoDefeated Titus for the held up title.
El Diamante2May 28, 2005Gurabo, Puerto Rico 
Eddie Colón3July 16, 2005Bayamón, Puerto Rico 
Title held up September 9, 2005Manatí, Puerto Rico 
La Amenaza Bryan1September 11, 2005Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico 
Glamour Boy Shane2November 6, 2005Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 
La Amenazá Bryan2February 4, 2006Bayamón, Puerto Rico 
StrippedMarch 25, 2006 Bryan was stripped for failing to defend the title.
Black Pain1March 25, 2006Carolina, Puerto Rico[14]
La Amenaza Bryan3August 12, 2006Bayamón, Puerto Rico[15]
Title Vacant September 20, 2006 Amenaza Bryan was stripped of the title after leaving the company due to payment and creative differences.
Abbad1September 30, 2006Bayamón, Puerto RicoWon a tournament final to determine the new champion[16]
Jon Heidenreich1October 28, 2006Bayamón, Puerto Rico[17]
Carlito11December 16, 2006Bayamón, Puerto Rico[18]
Jon Heidenreich2December 16, 2006Bayamón, Puerto RicoCarlito was stripped of the belt due to his WWE commitments.[18]
Eddie Colón4January 6, 2007Bayamón, Puerto Rico[19]
Alofa The Samoan Tank1March 17, 2007Bayamón, Puerto Rico[20]
Apollo1May 12, 2007Bayamón, Puerto Rico[21]
Eddie Colón5May 19, 2007Manatí, Puerto RicoColón participated in a Battle Royal where Apolo defended the championship[22]
Apollo2June 10, 2007Yauco, Puerto Rico[23]
Razor Ramon1July 14, 2007Mayaguez, Puerto RicoWon a three way match that included Carlito and Apollo[24]
Biggie Size1December 15, 2007Caguas, Puerto RicoWon the title by forefit when Scott Hall failed to show up and Biggie Size pinned Moddy Melendez[25]
Title held up December 29, 2007 Announced on a spot during television programming, the decision was not officially announced by the company and the incumbent retained custody of the championship
Vacant January 6, 2008San Juan, Puerto RicoThe title was vacated when Biggie Size didn’t attend a title match, instead choosing to participate in a unification match against the International Wrestling Association’s heavyweight champion
Blitz1January 6, 2008Bayamón, Puerto RicoBlitz defeated Biggie Size in a unification match and became the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in Puerto Rico that is recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance
Noriega1July 19, 2008San Juan, Puerto RicoDefeated Orlando Colón in a tournament final[26]
Vacant August 25, 2008 Vacated when Noriega leaves the company; decision announced during television segment.[27]
Ray Gonzalez14September 21, 2008Bayamón, Puerto RicoDefeated Shane to win the vacant title.
Steve Corino1February 8, 2009Naguabo, Puerto Rico

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