Detailed Results For WWE’s “No Way Out” Pay Per View

Nick Paglino

Detailed Results For WWE'sDetailed Results For WWE'sDetailed Results For WWE'sDetailed Results For WWE'sDetailed Results For WWE'sDetailed Results For WWE'sComplete, exclusive results of the surprising No Way Out pay per view. Two new World Champions were crowned in both Elimination Chamber matches! Read the details here.

Smackdown! Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title

Jeff Hardy and Edge start the match and before anyone else enters the ring, Jeff Hardy eliminates Edge! Now we have a guaranteed new WWE Champion! Kozlov is in next, and goes to work on Hardy with a battering ram.

Big Show is next to enter, and it’s now Big Show vs Kozlov vs Jeff Hardy! Big Show is in control of the action as the three men battle it out. Kozlov takes control when he hits a battering ram head butt on Big Show. Show and Kozlov are going back and forth as Hardy is out in the corner of the ring.

Time is up and the next participant to enter the match is Triple H. It’s now HHH vs Big Show vs Kozlov vs Jeff Hardy. HHH hits the ring and clears the ring of everyone. He is in control.

The four pair off as Kozlov takes offense on Jeff Hardy in one corner and Big Show and Triple H go back and forth.  Big Show attempted a chokeslam on Triple H, but Triple H reversed, ran off the ropes, but was taken up for a Military Press and slammed hard to the mat.

Undertaker has now entered and is the last man in the match!

Taker enters and clears house with a huge boot to Kozlov and a clothesline in the corner for Triple H.  He attempts to double chokeslam HHH and Hardy, but Big Show catches from behind.

Kozlov takes the Undertaker to the corner and goes up for multiple punches.  However, the Undertaker delivers a huge Last Ride and gets the 3-count.  Kozlov has been eliminated!

Big Show tries to throw Jeff Hardy into the cage, but Hardy simply grabs the cage and starts to climb on top of one of the glass entrance cages.  Big Show starts to follow him up, but Undertaker comes and delivers a huge superplex from the top rope.

Big Show is eliminated!

Three are left and Hardy uses the Undertaker’s back to leap from and land on Triple H on the outside!  Sick move!  When he returns though, Undertaker surprises him with a Tombstone and a 3-count!

Jeff Hardy is eliminated.

Undertaker and Triple H are left and one will be the new Champion!  Triple H goes to the top rope, but Undertaker grabs him by the throat when he comes off, delivering a Chokeslam!  Two count.

Triple H lands a huge spinebuster.  He tries to go for a Pedigree, but Taker reverses with a slingshot into the cage.  He then lands a Tombstone! Undertaker covers, but Triple H puts his foot on the bottom rope right before the 3-count.

Pedigree!  But Undertaker kicks out at 2!  The two head to the corner.  They start swapping punches.  It carries over to the middle of the ring and one of Taker’s punches get the better of Hunter.  Taker throws Hunter to the corner.  He attempts a Last Ride, but Hunter reverses into a pedigree.


Your Winner & New WWE Champion:  Triple H!

* For those of you wondering, by the way, this makes Triple H a 13-time World Champion.

We cut to the back with Edge and Vickie Guerrero.  Edge is trying to convince Vickie that they could start the match over again and he should still be Champion.  She says it’s his fault because he lost.  She then apologizes for saying it as Edge gazes off in space with a look of disbelief that he just lost the title.

Shane McMahon challenging Randy Orton in a "No Holds Barred" match is next!  Stay tuned for play-by-play of this match.

Randy Orton has a promo in the back as he threatens Shane McMahon and says his daddy will be at home watching Shane cry.  Then, the two of them will be watching as he takes his rightful place in the main event at WrestleMania 25 and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Orton versus Shane McMahon – No Holds Barred!

Orton enters the ring first, followed by Shane McMahon.  Bell sounds and we are under way!  Orton takes an early advantage with multiple shots to the face as Shane goes down his knees in the corner.  However, Shane lands a huge shot of his own and takes Orton to the outside with a blow to the face.  Baseball slide and Orton is down to the outside. 

Shane gets a table from under the ring and leans it on the apron.  He then gets a trash can and sets it up on the other side of the ring apron, but this allows Randy to deliver a backbreaker and take back the advantage.  Orton rolls Shane back to the inside of the ring and kicks him in the chest, followed by a belly-to-back suplex.

Orton takes the pad off one of the turnbuckles and irish whips Shane back first.  He then kicks Shane to the outside and taunts the crowd.  As he tries to grab Shane from the outside, Shane nails him in the head with a Kendo Stick!  Shane comes back in with the stick and gives Orton multiple blows all over his body, including a couple of hard shots to the chest!

Orton rolls to the outside and Shane follows and lands a clothesline.  He then takes everything off one of the announce tables, including a TV monitor that he bashes into Randy Orton’s head cutting him open!  Shane goes back inside and starts heading to the top rope while Orton rests on one of the announce tables. 

Priceless enters the ring and attacks Shane!

Cody Rhodes gets a chair to use on Shane while DiBiase holds him, but Shane turns making Rhodes hit DiBiase with the chair.  He then takes Rhodes and sets him up in the corner with the trash can put in place.  He’s looking for a Coast to Coast!  He delivers!!!  Great spot!

Orton is still out on the announce table.  Shane goes to the top rope again and tries to land a HUGE elbow on Orton.  Orton misses and Shane crashes through the announce table!

Orton then goes back into the ring and tells DiBiase to get Rhodes out of the ring and to the back.  Orton is pretty bloody as he turns his attention back to Shane who is crawling back into the ring.  Orton meets him before he can enter the ring, connecting with a huge DDT as Shane’s feet were still hung on the ropes. 

He covers three times, but Shane kicks out each time at two!

Orton brings the table into the ring and sets it up as Shane finally rises to his feet at the corner of the ring.  A few punches and forearms and Randy sets Shane up on the top rope.  He’s looking for a Superplex and delivers!!!

Shane crashes through the table, but somehow kicks out again at two!  Orton then circles McMahon with kicks to the chest and face.  He then drives a knee into his chest, covers, but gets another two-count. 

Orton sets up for a punt to the head, but Shane reverses with a spear!  Shane then grabs a chair and while he’s on his knees, nails Orton with a chair to the back and then to the left knee.  Two times.  Three times.  Orton cries out in pain and begs Shane to stop.  Shane hesitates, but then hits him a fourth time in the back of the head!

Orton slowly starts rising to his hands and knees and Shane charges looking for a punt to the head (or that’s what it looked like).  Orton catches him with an RKO!  Covers and gets the three-count!

Your Winner:  Randy Orton!

Jack Swagger versus Finlay – ECW Championship Match

The two lock up in the middle of the ring and Swagger goes down.  Finlay starts attacking Swagger’s right leg.  He then takes him to the corner, putting Swagger’s left leg over the second rope.  He charges, but Swagger gets out of the way and takes over the offense working Finlay’s left arm.  Shoulder-breaker on Finlay and Swagger goes back to working a slow technical style on Finlay’s arm. 

Swagger tries for a bodyslam, but Finlay reverses into a backbreaker.  He loses momentum quickly though as Swagger runs him into the corner.  He charges, but Finlay reverses into a roll up pinfall, but only gets a one-count.

Swagger sets Finlay on top of the ropes, but a headbutt gives Finlay the momentum.  Finlay goes up to the second rope and delivers a crossbody, goes for the cover, but gets a two-count.  He then delivers a couple of clotheslines and goes for another cover, again only getting a two. 

Finlay takes Swagger up on his shoulders, but a reversal sends Finlay into the ropes and knocks Hornswoggle to the ground as he was on the ring apron.  Swagger nails the gutwrench powerbomb and delivers the three-count!

Your Winner & Still ECW Champion: Jack Swagger!

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler give an update to Shane McMahon claiming he had been taken to a local hospital, accompanied by Stephanie and mention they will give us any further updates as they become available. 

Up next: JBL versus Shawn Michaels.

JBL versus Shawn Michaels – "All or Nothing" Match

 As JBL enters the ring first, cameras show Shawn’s wife (yes, his real-life wife), Rebecca, who is sitting in the audience.  An "HBK" chant breaks out in the audience and his music hits.  HBK comes out, glances at his wife who actually has tears in her eyes, and then enters the ring.  We are underway!

The two lock up in the middle of hte ring and JBL muscles Shawn to the corner and begins taunting him saying "One mistake, one mistake. That’s all I need".  The two lock up again and JBL takes him back to the same corner before the ref finally breaks it up.  However, Shawn then unloads with a ton of punches, which makes JBL roll to the outside for cover.  JBL then smiles at Shawn, prompting him to come outside.  JBL hands him a chair hoping he uses it causing a disqualification, but Shawn throws it away and connects with a right hand.  They then head back into the ring.

Each attempt a backslide on the other, but only get near-falls.  Shawn applies a Figure Four leg lock, but JBL gets to the ropes.  Shawn then puts a Crossface submission, but JBL reverses with a roll-up and gets a two-count.  Shawn tries to irish whip JBL into the corner, but a reversal sends Michaels flipping to the outside. 

Back in the ring, JBL drops an elbow multiple times to Michaels’ chest.  He takes Michaels to the corner and lands numerous right hands to the face, finishing it off with a kick.  Irish whip to the opposite corner and JBL then puts Shawn into a bear hug submission.  Shawn finally frees himself , delivers a chop to the chest, JBL then reverses an irish whip, but HBK nails a swinging neckbreaker.

HBK lands two inverted atomic drops and takes JBL to the corner.  He attempts another irish whip to the other corner, but again JBL counters and Shawn flips in the corner, but lands back inside the ring.  JBL sets Shawn up on top of the turnbuckle and attempts a superplex, but Shawn counters and knocks JBL off.  HBK to the top rope and misses the big elbow.

The two get back to their feet and JBL delivers a huge "Clothesline From Hell", but Shawn kicks out at two!

JBL lands another "Clothesline From Hell", but rather than covering him, JBL kicks him to the outside and allows the ref to start counting.  Michaels beats the ten-count by a split second!

HBK isn’t in the ring long though as JBL throws him over the top rope to the outside again.  JBL follows him outside as they are right next to Rebecca, Shawn’s wife.  JBL takes Shawn over to Rebecca grabbing him by the hair, but Rebecca slaps him and Shawn Michaels goes to town with punches.  They go back in the ring and HBK goes through his regular routine.  Bodyslam and a huge elbow off the top rope.

Shawn is getting ready for the Sweet Chin Music!

He connects and gets the three-count!

Your Winner: Shawn Michaels!

Shawn goes outside to the ring and lands a huge kiss on Rebecca who is doing an excellent job of crying.  She comes over the guardrail and they celebrate some more.  The two then head up the ramp and to the back together. 

Todd Grisham is in the back with Chris Jericho who says he’s going to win the Elimination Chamber match, become the World Champion, and then challenge Ric Flair to come out of retirement and face him for the title at WrestleMania.  He then says he’s not going to do that because he doesn’t want to waste his time on a charity case.  However, he does say he is going to win the title tonight and repeat as "Superstar of the Year" in 2009.

World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber Match

John Cena enters first.  He will placed in one of the glass cages and will not be starting the match.  Mike Knox enters next, followed by Kane.  Kofi Kingston then begins to enter the ring, but is attacked by Edge!  Edge takes a chair and bashes Kofi in the head as he was down on the steel steps.  Edge then places himself into one of the glass cages and is going to enter the match! 

Rey Mysterio comes to help out Kofi.  He tries to attack Edge, but the cage door locks behind Edge.  Chris Jericho finally comes out and it looks like it’s official: Edge has entered the match!  The bell sounds and we are underway starting with Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho.

Jericho starts off with momentum, but Rey reverses an irish whip and monkey flips Jericho across the ring.  He then does a flip over the ropes landing on Jericho onto the caged floor on the outside of the ring.  They reenter the ring and Mysterio sends Jericho flying into a corner.  He charges with a headbutt, but Jericho moves out of the way and Rey nails one of the glass cages headfirst. Jericho with a cover, but just a two-count.

Rey is sent over the top rope to the outside and Jericho follows.  Rey climbs the side of the cage to the very top, hangs from the top of the cage and nails a Hurricanrana.  Very sweet move!  The two go back into the ring and Rey covers, but Jericho kicks out. 

Clock counts down and Kane has been released into the match! 

He takes both men down and then goes to Edge’s glass cage and stares him down.  Jericho tries to take advantage by jumping on Kane’s back, but he’s flipped over onto his back.  Kane delivers some punches and kicks to Jericho in the corner before going back to work on Rey.  Two-count as Kane tries covering Rey after a dropkick while Rey was sitting on the mat. 

Jericho then tries to get the offense back on Kane, but Kane delivers a clothesline and sends Jericho back to the outside on the steel floor.  As Kane goes back inside the ring, Rey meets him with kicks and punches.  Kane rolls partly to the outside and Rey nails a baseball slide.  Rey and Kane go back into the ring and Rey reverses a sidewalk slam.  Jericho then enters the ring and attempts the Lionsault, but Kane moves out of the way.  Rey hits the 619 on Kane and the Codebreaker.  Rey then goes to the top of one of the glass cages, leaps off with a buttsplash and covers Kane for a three-count. 

Kane has been eliminated!

Clock starts again and Mike Knox is chosen to enter.  He goes straight after Rey, of course, but holds nothing back for Jericho either as he nails him with a huge boot to the face.  Knox bodyslams Jericho and lands a huge knee to his chest, goes for the cover, but a kickout.

Knox goes back to work on Rey, until Jericho gets involved and tosses Knox over the top rope to the outside.  Jericho then leaps to the outside but is caught in mid-air by Knox and is rammed into the steel chain siding…twice.  Rey jumps on Knox’s back, but is flipped into the cage side and Knox puts his foot in one of the cage squares, suspending Rey upside down on the side of the cage.  He delivers a few kicks before Rey finally falls to the steel ground. 

Knox throws Jericho back into the ring and he and Rey soon follow.  A huge backbreaker is delivered by Knox on Rey and out of nowhere, Jericho lands a huge Codebreaker on Knox.  A cover and a three-count!

Mike Knox is eliminated!

We are down to two, but quickly the clock winds down from ten and the next man to enter is: EDGE!

Before Edge can get out of the cage, Rey attacks him and slams him multiple times into the glass.  They then go into the ring and Rey flies off the ropes, but Jericho meets him in mid-stride with a huge clothesline.  Edge takes a breather while Jericho handles Rey, but Edge finally attacks Jericho.  However, Jericho lands a bulldog on Edge and goes back to work on Rey. 

Edge slams Jericho from behind, covers and gets a two-count.  Edge then slings Rey into one corner and sets up for the Spear.  Rey jumps over it though and Jericho attempts a Codebreaker on Edge.  Edge hangs on to the top rope though and Jericho misses.  Rey then attempts a 619 on Edge, but again, is cut off by Jericho with a shoulder tackle.  Rey and Jericho both go to the top turnbuckle battling back and forth until Edge goes up after them.  Jericho delivers a Sunset Flip and all three go crashing down!

Edge is the first to his feet and tosses Jericho over the top rope making him land flat on his back.  The clock counts down again and here comes John Cena!  He immediately charges Edge, lands two shoulder blocks and a clothesline.  A fisherman suplex to Jericho and a bulldog delivered to Edge.  He then does the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge, but as he goes for the FU (or whatever it’s called nowadays), Jericho delivers a  Codebreaker!  619 by Rey on Cena and then a Spear by Edge. 

The cover and a three count – Cena is eliminated!!!!!

We are destined to have a new Champion and Rey takes the offense quickly.  He attempts a double 619 on both Edge and Jericho, but Edge gets out of the way and he only nails Jericho.  As he tries a splash from the top rope, Jericho reverses and tries for the Lion Tamer, but Rey counters into a pin and gets the three-count!

Jericho has been eliminated!

Rey gets to his feet, Edge attempts a spear, but Rey moves, rolls him up and gets a TWO COUNT!

Rey delivers a big crossbody splash off the second rope, but again only gets a two-count.  The two men rise to their feet, Edge tries a sunset flip for a pin, but Rey reverses and kicks Edge in the head.  Another nearfall!  The crowd is going crazy for Mysterio right now! 

Rey tries a moonsault off the second rope, Edge catches him, but Rey counters into a huge DDT.  The cover and yet another nearfall!  Rey goes to the top rope, but out of nowhere, Edge connects with a kick sending Rey crashing to the outside.  They are both on the outside.  Edge attempts a powerbomb, but another counter and Rey sends him face first into the steel floor.  Rey then sets Edge up on the second ropes, goes to the inside and lands a backwards 619. 

Rey charges Edge on the outside, but Edge sends him flying high into the glass cage.  They reenter the ring, Edge nails a spear and gets the three count!!!!

Your Winner & New World Champion: EDGE!


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