First Batch of Reader Feedback To “No Way Out”

Nick Paglino

One word to describe No way out. Shameful. The wwe needs to fire every writer they currently employ. if you sat during the last match not knowing who was going to win after Edge was put in the match then grow some common sense. everything the wwe has done in the past year has been predictable and boring. it used to mean something when someone was a 5 time champion. now you have Edge and HHH competing to see who will break Ric Flairs hard earned record. Did Cena deserve to lost the title. YES. but give it to someone else for petes sake. Kane has been around for ages and how many title runs has he been given. a 24 hr one? As for the first chamber match. give the undertaker the title. make Wrestlemania this year an all or nothing match. if he would lose he would lose his streak and title. ive been a fan of wwe for over 20 yrs and to be honest. i watch it more out of habit anymore than anything else. The higher ups need to get with the program or they will lose whats left of their fan base.

Well, that was interesting to say the least. No Way Out, the filler PPV in between the big boys, Rumble and Mania, is now a can’t miss show.

First off, i didn’t order the show but followed it with online coverage.  But to open a show with an elimination chamber was brilliant in my opinion. Of course, as we say later on, that decision had a storyline purpose, but still glad to see a fresh look to the order of a ppv. As far as the result, predictable. I wish they would have gone with Taker or Hardy to be champ, but still cool to see a title change right off the bat. The two grudge matches fell the way they should have in my opinion. If shane won, i would have renounced my wrestling fanhood 4eva! But he didn’t and the involvement of Legacy pushed this story in as good a direction as possible. Shawn winning frees us from the bondage that is seeing JBL stink up Michaels chances of having another classic WM moment. Though i would like to have seen where they might have gone with this had JBL won, but watevs. Swagger is the man, and no lisp is gonna get in the way of the new, next big thing! I’d love to say i can’t wait to see him n Christian get it on at Mania, but i’d have to be slightly retarded to do so. Maybe we’ll get a good promo out them. And, the gran finalee. Edge attacks Kingston to enter the Raw EC. Wait… what? Can he do that, did he do that.  OK, who really cares anyway, its not like he’s gonna… what? He did? Edge – Smackdown’s Edge – just won the EC for raw? WTF! I mean, i like the shock element – at this point i’m really regretting not ordering this ppv – but do i want to see this. Orton v. Edge at Mania. No i don’t. And i’m almost sure i won’t have to. Please, don’t make me. Anyway, good show, from what i read.  It catapults No Way Out to an A show and gets me excited about Wrestling going into Mania.


No Way Out was one of the worst Pay Per Views I’ve seen in a long time. The Smackdown Elimination Chamber had a terrible finish. I mean really, Triple H wins AGAIN? Does he really need to be champion? Orton vs Shane was ok I guess. The only thing that saved it was Shane going Coast to Coast. Finlay vs Swagger literally put me to sleep. How does anyone like Jack Thwagger? SERIOUSLY! The guy looks like a donkey and sounds rediculous when he talks. He’s a total bore in the ring. I didn’t even bother watching Michaels vs JBL mainly because I hate JBL so much that I find it near impossible to imagine it being anywhere near good. Glad HBK won though, hopefully he can be in a nonboring storyline now. The Raw Elimination Chamber probably saved the Pay Per View. The swerve with Edge was pretty unexpected and I loved it being a huge Edge fan. Taking Cena out almost as soon as he got in the match? AWESOME! The false finishes with Rey and Edge at the end were pretty heart stopping. I’m glad Edge won though. It was the only unpredictable thing on a highly predictable pay per view.


Great show. Great surprises. I think this could possibly set up a unification of the titles at mania. Edge vs Triple H vs Orton maybe throw Cena in there.


The PPV was not one of the best but the surprises made it better then it was.  The SD chamber match was the best because the best wrestlers in WWE were in it.  Hope HHH stays on SD and Edge goes to RAW.  I see at WM HHH vs Taker with Taker maybe retiring after losing to HHH.  Orton/Shane was ok but way too predictable I think stef is going to join the orton team.  THE only good thing out of the Finlay vs Swagger match is if u notice Finlay had is old colors on when he was heel, and the way the match ended with Hornswaggle not in ring with finaly make me believe Finlay is heel.  Swagger with all his wrestling skills is still a boring wrestler the crowd wasn’t in the match and Finlay should have one.  Cc and Finlay better matchup at WM then Swagger vs CC.   The rest of the show was predictable even the RAW EC Match I kind of new that Edge would be involved in the other Chamber Match some how but to win the match didn’t surprise me.  Hope Edge goes to RAW that way we can get rid of the 2nd worse story line Edge and Vicky.


I was pleasantly surprised by the WWE No Way Out PPV, especially in the Main Event. I loved how, for once, Cena was eliminated about 3 minutes after he was released with the Code-Breaker/619/Spear Combo. It surprised me as well as probably the whole WWE Nation. After that, the match picked up and the Edge/Rey faceoff was amazing. I feel as if WWE has taken a new direction for the better in sports entertainment.
I have to say that last nights No Way Out was very disappointing in many ways and truely great at some other points. The first elimination chamber match was fantastic and i was delighted to see Edge drop the belt but would have preffered to see HHH job to Taker or Hardy (though it may be too early for him to regain the title, despite him deserving the belt).
The HBK vs JBL match was good and the finisk with HBK’s wife thumping JBL for the win was quality. I wonder where this leaves this feud as i think it will still be JBL vs HBK at WM25 although without this match/feud then both would surely have been in the elimination chamber match.
In my opinion the Orton vs. McMahon match stole the show. The all round skills, interference, weapons and everything in this match made it one of the best matches i have seen in a long time and makes me wish Shane O would come back to TV full time Although he is not the most polished wrestler he is capable of producing some incredible matches. I must also salute Orton as he is becoming a standard bearer in the company and alongside HHH, Taker, HBK, Edge etc. he can make a match worth watching twice. Surely he deserves his headline match at WM25.
The disappointing part of the night was when Edge interfered in the 2nd EC match making it pretty damn obvious that he was going to win it otherwise why was he there? I respect edge as a wrestler and as an entertainer (despite constant over-acting) and perhaps feel that a face turn resulting in a match with Orton at WM25 with quite an aggresive rivalry would be quality. Though lets be honest Cena (despite the fact that i am a fan of his) will be in the main event as usual.
For me i would like last nights events lead to the following at WM25:
Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger for ECW title
Miz and Morrison vs Cryme tyme vs Legacy for tag titles
MITB Kingston vs Mysterio vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin vs Finlay vs Matt Hardy
Cena vs Jericho in a street fight (with Micky Rourke interfering lol)
HHH vs Taker vs Hardy vs Kozlov for title
Edge (face) vs Orton (heel) for title in a specialist match

although an allowance maybe be made for jeff vs matt match

I thought No Way Out was a good pay per view, however i was confused that the WWE title was the first match. It was possibly to make sure that Edge would win the Main Event but i think that the WWE title should have been main event as it had 5 top superstars whereas Raw only had 3 top competitors. Shane and Orton was my favourite match of the pay per view and i dont think the rivalry between Orton and the McMahons is over yet and they will be involved in his match at Wrestlemania 25. I was also disappointed not to the Ric Flair because my opinion is that he is going to play Y2J at Wrestlemania after Flair gets his blessing from HBK and i was proved right when Jericho mentioned Flair in the post match interview. Naitch to return at WM25
The best pay per view for a long long time, I was surprised with nearly every match and that hasn’t happened for along time in the wrestling world. I’m not a Cena hater but him losing made my day. I feel at last the WWE is coming to terms that Cena as a face does not work becuase more people boo him than cheer him at the moment.
Hopefully the Shawn Michaels and JBL angle has now finished as I dont feel JBL is good enough to have so much air time, I cant wait for the April draft pick as I feel it is much needed.
Good for HHH, bad on edge, im sick of edge. How does he get to break all rules and enter himself in matches. If you lose you lost. I was hoping rey or hell let mike knox win any1 but edge. He is good at the heel role but looks like a pathetic champion. Hope he and Orton go to war,that would make it worth it. Orton and HHH would be obvious.

I thought the Smackdown Chamber match might have been the best match I’ve seen on a PPV in a long long long time,…..I saw the Smackdown chamber match being first of the 2 but not to open up the night…….I figured that match would be first to set up HHH running in during the Orton/Shane match which will happen…absolutely phenomenal work, especially when we got down to the last 2….nothing more to say other than it was absolutely great, and I think we’ve seen our first Match of the Year candidate,
Orton and Shane was what I thought it was, although I thought Orton would have to carry it more….I hope all the boys in the back watched that match, cause when the VP of the company is out there and has timing better than most, and takes and bump and sells better than most then that is saying something. Look past who Shane is, and you have someone who can really work at match…..I expected a different ending involving Rhodes and Dibiase and also HHH.
The filler matches were what I expected and the HBK match ended the way I thought.  We’ll see tonight how JBL gets out of  paying by referring to the wife smacking him in the mouth which should have been a DQ.  This could have been a great great story line if they planned on putting the title on JBL…this storyline could have been great if it was long term not 2/3 months….and also, they should have used Ric Flair instead of HBK cause it is well documented about Flair’s financial woes.
Big swerve with Edge as I think it was widely believed by just about everyone that Cena would retain…..lots of plots and stuff to fill with 7 weeks to go before Wrestlemania……We shall see.
All in all I would say this was a great great PPV…I wont get into a rating other than to say it was great.
The first elimination chamber match was great.. Non predictable and great action..HHH or Undertaker could have won and people would be happy…

The Randy Vs Shane match in my opinion lived up to my high expectations.. Great all around match.

Ecw title match was just a wreck.. Boring and alot of missed spots.

HBK vs layfield.. To me felt like everything was slow motion.. Best part of match was seeing HBK wife.

Last elimination chamber match…. So predictable! The whole edge thing was so dumb.. They keep giving him titles.. No way this man should now be an 8 time champion.. They really did not give cena a chance to fight which was dumb..
Im sad i spent 40 dollars to watch this, as i really only enjoyed 2 matches.

I coldn’t believe when i checked the results this morning, Edge world champion and Triple h wwe champion. Not really happy that Edge forced his way into the world title match as i’m a john cena fan but i’m really glad Triple h is 13 times the king. I can’t wait for wrestlemania 25


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