Second Batch of Reader Feedback To “No Way Out”

Nick Paglino

excellent show from start to finish. solid chamber to start and HHH is the right man to put Orton over at mania. Shane vs Orton was typical Shane; which is a good thing. The ecw title match was ok nothing special and not as good as there match on ecw a few weeks ago. jbl vs michaels was ok in the ring but the story telling is what made it. Hopefully we have seen the back of there feud. now I’ve looked at a lot of peoples reviews and there angry at the predictability of the raw chamber. But come on is predictability in wrestling such a bad thing? I think not. I mean the final minutes between edge and rey were phenomenal. The prospect of edge vs cena at mania is mouth watering; they work so well together. overall a excellent show which shapes up mania.


This year’s No Way Out, traditionally regarded as a filler PPV between two meaningful PPV’s, was actually one of the best PPV’s I’ve seen WWE put out in a long time.   I would have given the show an A-, had it not been for the swerve with Edge interjecting himself in the World Championship Match for the Raw Brand.  
Even though wrestling is scripted, storylines need to make sense from a logical point of view.   Apparently, only in the WWE can someone not involved in a contest, attack and remove a participant from a match, not be questioned by agents or the referee, interject one’s self in the match, and be rewarded with a Title for winning the match.   It was completely lame booking and a desperate attempt at WWE to find another reason to give Edge a title. 
I take my hat off to the WWE for the Unpredictability factor.   The Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was fantastic.  Having Edge eliminated first was a huge shocker and was certainly unpredictable.   With the exception of Kozlov, the other participants did great in the match.   Crowd was clearly behind Undertaker and wanted him to win.   I was personally fine with Triple H winning, however.
Shane and Orton was fantastic, as to be expected.  
Jack Swagger vs Finlay seemed to put the crowd to sleep.   Definitely not a good match.
JBL and Shawn Michaels was decent.   Nothing extraordinary, but decent. 
The Raw Elimination Chamber Match was pretty good, again with the exception of the ridiculous swerve of Edge (from Smackdown) inserting himself into the Raw Main Event, actually winning the title, and not a single official questioning any of it.  I think if they wanted Edge to have a title so bad, that they should have just had him kept the WWE Title, as opposed to the way he was booked to win the World Title.
I would have ranked the PPV as an A-, however given the ridiculous way the Raw Chamber Match was booked with Edge, I give it a solid B.


WOW! Great PPV, but every match someone who sucks won. I hate triple H he is to overrated and needs to stop wrestling. He sucks! I am happy Edge was eliminated first. It was nice knowing that there was gonna be a new champion so soon. I wish Taker or Hardy would of won. Now onto Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton! Even though I am a Randy Orton fan I wanted McMahon to win this. After what Orton did I wouldn’t blame Shane for trying to make Orton’s life a living Hell. This match was pretty good. The Coast to Coast was great, and I love how he beat up all of Legacy once again. I was hoping Shane would of climbed on top of the entrance stage and jumped down just like he did during his and Kane’s fued after Kane tombstoned Linda, but the match was pretty good. The ECW match I aint even gonna say anything. Every PPV during an ECW match I always go and do something else. ECW is so boring now that it’s not EXTREME anymore. So now onto Shawn Michaels vs. JBL. Pretty slow match, but was OK. The best was when Rebecca like knocked out JBL! After Shawn won Rebecca did a good job of crying and I am so happy this storyline is done, but I won’t be shocked if JBL makes Shawn do a rematch since Rebecca hit him. NOW onto the final Chamber match, The spot when Edge came out and attacked Kofi was a little shocking, but it was not shocking to tell that Edge was going to win. WWE needs to do a better job, because this was so predictable. I hate Edge so much that I would rather Chris Jericho win the title. I do wish Cena would of won, as he is my favorite wrestler and he needs to hold the title for a long time just like his first reign.  This PPV was pretty good so I would give it a 8.5 out of 10!


Had you not known that Edge was going to win the 2nd Elimination Chamber it would have been a good ppv. Starting off with the Smackdown chamber was a nice change. I expected the ECW title to open the show again. I thought JBL HBK would have been better, but forgetting JBL has nothing as far a great skills go it couldn’t be. I personally think 2 champs on Smackdown could or should be a great lead up to something along the lines of now all of a sudden Randy Orton is the savior of RAW and Steph as he has the only title shot and they need him to get a title back for that show. Another little twist that maybe we couldn’t see coming. I’d also like to see them setting up a face/face HHH/Undertaker title match at Wrestlemania. We saw a glimpse of respect at the end of the match last night which I think built more into that match storylinewise already then the possible HBK Undertaker match we’ve been hearing about.


Ok so N.W.O was an at best a step below the big 4 in terms of matches. Ill Start with the filler matches…  Finley vs. Captain Jack Swagger was just to put that title on the ppv. Which why IC champ CM Punk wasn’t on this ppv nor US champ Shelton Benjamin is beyond me. Because they will just be in the MITB match so we haven’t had those titles defended on ppv in a while.  Michales JBL was just as expected. Only shocker here was HBK “hulking up” with no offense by JBL to finish it.  Orton vs Shane I see now with the title switches. He is going to kick Steph in the head and low and behold HHH will defend his wife… Setting up HHH Orton at Mania.. Now to the Chamber Matches…. Smackdown’s Chamber was good to start with Edge elimination immediately. The match was overall 4 stars for a Chamber Match. Taker looked dominant and still can brawl with the best of them.  HHH just took the title so he can head over to Raw and enter the McMahon Orton Angle. As Edge to Smackdown or Orton to Smackdown for that matter makes no sense. Now onto Raws Chamber. Kofi is not yet Main Event Ready so it was good to see him out of the match with the swerve. Taking Cena out was also good. Didn’t hurt his character’s new intense persona, since it took 3 finishers (Codebreaker, 619, and Spear) to defeat him. Jericho Edge was the way to end it not Rey and Edge. Yea its 2 heels but the writers ended with 2 faces in the smackdown chamber. All in All it was a decent go home PPV before the Grandaddy of them all WM25… Its good to spice things up now with 6 weeks weeks til Mania.


OK I have 2 letters for No Way Out…..BS.  The PPV was good but Edge coming out and attacking Kofi and locking himself in a chamber was way too predictable. I knew from that point that Edge was going to win. If the WWE wanted to surprise us the would have had Edge get pinned again and then whine about losing to EC matches. So this means that Triple H is coming back to RAW…duh. That’s a no brainer. It will be Orton vs HHH for the WWE title..oh wait didn’t that happen at last Wrestlemania? Will Cena be the 3rd man making it the same triple threat match that they had last year? Another match with those 3 I wouldn’t want to see again since they did it last year..hell I don’t even want to see Orton vs HHH because that was the original main event until Cena was added. The WWE should do something different and fresh…let’s see what they do. Such a shame that the last match was predictable. WWE would be stupid to think that we were surpised that Edge won.  They want to do things right? They should strip Edge of the title for the simple fact that he wasn’t legally supposed to be in that last match. They shouldn’t have started the match until he was out of there. Stephanie could have came out and announced a replacement for Kofi.



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