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2/21 NWA Anarchy Report
By Larry Goodman


The February 21 NWA Anarchy TV taping was their best of 2009.

Both main events delivered everything you could have asked for. The first hour main was the best match in the building so far this year. The second hour main was a violent, heated no DQ brawl culminating in new tag team champions being crowned.

Attendance was 175, and the heat that of late, has been conspicuous by its absence, was back full force. The transition process to set up the stories for Hardcore Hell is largely over. This was first show of the downhill crash course into the annual Rite of Spring on April 18.

This will be a somewhat abbreviated report. Anarchy asked me to substitute as play-by-play announcer for the night because Greg Hunter had to cancel on short notice. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. My only request was that they not hold it against me when I stunk up the joint. Through the years, I had developed a healthy respect for what the Anarchy announcers and all people behind-the-scenes have to do to pull off a successful television taping. Or so I thought. That respect grew exponentially as a result of my experience last night. Hunter is an outstanding play-by-play announcer, and I consider Hunter and John Johnson to be one of the best announce teams going. Countless thanks to JJ – I’m sure his back is sore today after carrying someone so clueless about the ways of television announcing through two episodes.

(1) Malachi pinned Todd Sexton in 6-7 minutes.
Solid opener. No shortage of heat here. The finish got botched on the first try. Not a problem with a veteran like Sexton. Malachi countered Sexton’s running knee with a small package.

Postmatch, Sexton nailed Malachi with the kill shot. Slim J hit the ring and locked Sexton in a triangle. Sexton’s former protégés, The Technicians (Bobby Moore & Tyler Smith) attacked J until the ref corp broke it up. J had to be helped to the back.

Next up was a backstage vignette featuring the formation of the Entourage, as Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) and Taco Delgado joined Mike Mosley as part of Jeff Lewis’ minions.

Prior to the Entourage’s ring entrance, Delgado rolled out a section of red carpet on the ramp and set up a velvet rope across the bottom.

(2) The Entourage (Jeff Lewis & Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) beat Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) & Bo Newsome & TK Cross in 8 minutes. Alexander is now known as “Hollywood Hacksaw.” He looks more like one of the prophet with that facial hair. Brunettes pinned Cross with Sheeny Curse.

On the WrestleVision, we saw Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers find the NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields laying face down in the back. That left Rockwell without a tag team partner for the main event against Phil Shatter and Kimo. Rockwell looked at Tempers and said they would have to get the band back together again.

(3) Azrael (with the Reverend & Skirra Corvus) beat Hayden Young to retain the Young Lion’s Title in 8 minutes. Azrael’s cold-blooded path of destruction through the Young Lion’s Division continues. He kept Young’s aerial game under control for most of the match. Scary spot when Young lost his grip on the ropes and fell off the apron. He ended up with a bloody nose but was otherwise OK. Azrael won it with the Ted Bundy. Another good match.

(4) NWA National Champion Phil Shatter & Kimo (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Pomp & Circumstance (Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers) in 10-12 minutes. Not only the match of the night, it was the match of the year thus far. The reunited Pomp and Circumstance got a mind blowing pop. The fans had longer than expected memories. Or maybe it was seeing something fresh. In any case, this match had great performances from all four. Tremendous bell to bell intensity. Kimo took no bumps. He did take a lariat over the top, but landed on his feet. There is no better babyface-in-peril than Rockwell. Shatter speared the bejeezus out of Tempers for the pin.

(5) Adrian Hawkins pinned Chip Day in 6 minutes with the Liger Bomb. This was the weakest match. It didn’t help that Day came into it wit a messed up neck.

In a backstage vignette, Brodie Chase offered his services to show “Hands of Steel” Seth Delay how to make some money in the wrestling business.

Next up was the funeral for Mikal Judas. Chairs were set up in the ring for the “congregation” consisting of all the top heels. Iceberg took up two chairs. The midcard heels acted as pall bearers. They placed the casket at ringside. The Reverend was the natural (or unnatural depending on how you look at it) choice to preside over the service. Brodie Chase spoke in the role of Judas’ original trainer. Jeremy Vain also spoke. Attorney Jeff G. Bailey was the last to speak. The highlight was Bailey dancing a jig on the casket. They burned a publicity photo of Judas and put it in the casket before carrying him out. “Amazing Grace” played briefly. The Reverend’s closing words: “Mikal Judas has left the building.”

Vain said he was letting Rob Adonis have the non-title match against Shadow Jackson. He reasoned that Adonis would soften Jackson up and ensure his title victory at a later date.

(6) NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shadow Jackson beat Rob Adonis (with Jeremy Vain) in a non-title match in 7:40.
Again, plenty of heat. It’s amazing that Jackson has been so over for so long in this building. Adonis worked on Jackson’ knee and ankle – the same that he suffered a torn Achilles tendon in 14 months ago. Along the way, Adonis hit Jackson’s 1031. Jackson eventually did hit his finisher. Vain distracted Jackson. Ref Ken Wallace DQed Adonis for whacking Jackson with a chair.

Postmatch, Adonis applied the claw hold. They did more damage to the ankle, but before they could Pillmanize it, NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer led the charge to save Jackson.

(7) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrews Pendleton) defeated New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) to win the NWA Anarchy tag titles in 6:30. New Wave got a huge pop, especially from the kids. This is developing into a big time grudge match. T & M attacked before the bell and it was all out war. They doubled on Walters, as Driver was, at first, slow to take advantage of the no DQ rules. But once he did, it was with a vengeance. New Wave beat the hell out of Talent & Money. Belt shots to both left Talent busted wide open. New Wave hit the Unskinny Bop on Talent. Seth Delay came off the top with a knuck shot on Driver. Brodie Chase followed him out. Talent pinned Driver.

Postmatch, Pendleton paid off Chase for their assistance in absconding with the titles.

NOTES: Executive Producer Kevin Marx doubled as ring announcer in Hunter’s absence…A contingent from NWA Charlotte including JD Costello, James Joyce, Tim Young and Ace Armstrong were in the house. I expect to see several more NWA Anarchy stars making appearances in Charlotte in the near future…Anarchy will be hosting its first ever NWA Excellence Camp on March 20-22. The event will be weekend long training provided by Les Thatcher…NWA Anarchy TV airs at a new day in time in Augusta on WBEK 16. It’s now on Mondays at 10pm and Sundays at 3pm…Anarchy also added new clearances in Dallas/Ft. Worth on KHPK3 Saturdays at 7pm (starting 3/7) and online at @SPORTS.TV.






NWA Anarchy promoter Jerry Palmer and Television Producer, Bill Behrens announce new clearances for the weekly NWA Anarchy Television program.  


The promotion features NWA National Champion, Shatter, “The Korean Assassin” Kimo, Agent, Attorney Jeff G Bailey, “The Being Of Inconceivable Horrors” Iceberg, “The Priest Of Punishment” Mikal Judas, Young Lions Champion, Azrael, NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Shadow Jackson, NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions, Talent & Money, NWA Anarchy Television Champion, Truitt Fields, Rev Dan Wilson, Slim J, The New Wave, The Entourage, The Wild Bunch, Malachi, Todd Sexton,  “The Hands Of Steel” Seth Delay, “The Stay Cat” Brody Chase, Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis, Alan Funk, Melissa Coates, Caleb Conley, Bo Newsom, TK Cross, Don Matthews, Chip Day, Wes Grissom, Brent Wiley, and more


The television program is taped in front of a live audience at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month with Greg Hunter & John Johnson calling the action.


Television distribution includes:


WBEK16 in Augusta, GA Monday at 10PM & Sunday at 3PM


Comcast Cable Ch-25 (DeKalb County) in Atlanta, GA  Saturdays at 10PM


AMGTV   www.amgtv.tv  




KHVC45 in Seattle, WA Monday at 4PM

KHPK3 in Dalls/Ft Worth, TX  Satrurday at 7PM (starting March 7)


@SPORTS TV  www.atsportstv.com



The show is also available online with a new episode each week at: 











On the weekend of March 20th, – March 22nd, 2009 NWA Anarchy Wrestling
will have the honor of hosting it’s first ever NWA Excellence
Camp.This event will be a weekend long training session administered
and taught by 40 year vet, and former NWA World Tag Team & Junior
Heavyweight Champion, as well as major backstage influence, promoter
and famed broadcaster (who’s known for his work with NWA Hall of
Famers Gordon Solie & Bob Caudle, the legendary Lance Russell & WWE
Hall Of Famer Jim Ross), the esteemed Les Thatcher. Les is a man who
was fortunate enough to be right on the cusp of NWA territorial
wrestling during it’s hottest period. He worked directly under men
like Bill Watts, Eddie Graham and Ole Anderson, who are widely
regarded as some of the greatest minds to have ever been associated
with our sport. He had a direct influence on the development of Ricky
Steamboat’s career and has helped train a great number of todays WWE,
TNA and ROH stars as well as appearing as a featured guest on MTV’s
“True Life: I want to be a pro wrestler”.

Wrestling experience is preferred, but not absolutely required to
attend. If you choose to attend, and have no prior experience, you
will absolutely learn something. Please be advised, however, that this
is intended to be an advanced class for experienced independent
wrestlers, managers, referees, announcers and support staff. This
course is a project, designed by Les Thatcher, Ricky Steamboat &
Harley Race to help indy wrestlers take their game to the next level.
Do you ever wonder why you can’t get better bookings? Do you want to
know what the big leagues are looking for? Do you want to understand
why the stars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were so successful? This is
your opportunity to find out first hand, from a highly respected 40
year veteran of our sport in the arena that helped launch the careers
of AJ Styles, Abyss, Consequences Creed, R-Truth Killings, Ray Gordy,
Phil Shatter and more, exactly what it is you may be missing.

The rate is now at full price, which is $100 for the whole weekend
.That still breaks down to only just over $33.00 per day for a
training experience that you can’t put a price-tag on. The camp will
take place at the NWA Arena, which is located at 4236 Level Grove Rd
in Cornelia, GA 30531. There is a variety of economic lodging and food
within just one mile of the arena, and in partnership with our local
Days Inn, we are offering exclusive discounted room rates.
You can contact the Days Inn of Cornelia at PH: 706-778-7700 for more
details on room rates & availability.

– Day one will kick off at 6:30 PM EST on Friday March 20th with an
open forum Q & A session with Mr. Thatcher and will last until all
questions have been answered. Saturday and Sunday will feature, all
day, in ring, training sessions as well as match critiques from Les.
Also, NWA Anarchy will be hosting it’s regularly scheduled television
taping at 8PM on Saturday Match 21st featuring the long awaited return
of Les Thatcher to an NWA announce booth, and all guests of the camp
will be offered free admission to the event with VIP seating, as well
as limited access to the backstage and production areas of the arena.
– ALSO JUST ADDED!!! – NWA Anarchy officials and talent scouts are
currently arranging a competition within the camp, where the top 4
outside prospects will compete for an opportunity to wrestle on NWA
Anarchy TV.

There will only be a limited number of available spots to ensure that
the training is as beneficial for everyone as possible, so act fast.
You may reserve your spot with a small $25 down payment by personal
check or money order payable to NWA Anarchy. Please mail to:
Mad Dawg Promotions LLC
PO Box 3
Clarkesville, GA 30523
For more info, contact us at nwaexcellence@gmail.com or by phone at

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the true mastery of your craft!


NWA Anarchy/ Alternative Pro Wrestling
“Friday the 13th”
Royston Gym
Royston, GA

With a paid attendance of 167. That might be a record.

B. J. Hancock defeated Adrian Hawkins via submission;

The Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) beat the APW Tag Team Champions Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) via DQ when Saint Anthony & Brandon Parker interfered. Hate Junkies retain;

Shadow Jackson beat Jeremy Vain (with Taco Delgado) when Taco’s interference backfired;

Chris King pinned Dustin Knight with the Rocker Dropper to retain the APW North Georgia Championship;

Don Matthews defeated “Royston Brawler” John Carnage in a Ty Cobb Street. The highlights from this match looked absolutely brutal. Matthews won by putting Carnage through a table with a Samoan Drop off the stage, except Carnage landed on the floor. Totally sick;

Donovan Sweet (with Lollipop) beat JT Talent. According to the stips, Sweet won a date with Talent and the sexual harassment charge against Sweet was dropped;

Bo Newsome & Kareem Abdul Jamar beat Saint Anthony & Brandon Parker (with Kevin Duncan) in a Country Whipping Match. Postmatch: Hate Junkies left Newsome & Kareem laying.

Seth Delay beat Slim J to retain the APW Southern States Title with an assist from Dustin Knight.

For more information on APW, go to:

For more information on NWA Anarchy, go to:





NWA Main Event will be switching to Friday nights for the next 2 weeks and then returning back to Saturday nights on Saturday March 14th. All belltimes are 8 PM.

NWA Main Event schedule:
Friday Feb. 27 – Community Life Center – Nashville

Saturday Feb. 28 – Richland Park Gym – Portland, Tn.

Friay March 6 – Community Life Center – Nashville

Saturday March 7 – Butler Gym – Princeton, Ky.
Main Event Jerry Lawler -vs- Bill Dundee

Saturday March 14 – Community Life Center – Nashville

Saturday March 21 – Community Life Center – Nashville

Friday March 27 – Waverly, Tenn. featuring Jerry Lawler

Saturday March 28 – Community Life Center – Nashville, Tenn.




NWA Southwest/ WOW
February 13, 2009
VFW Post 8905
Cypress, TX

DJ King had to vacate the WOW Texas Heavyweight Title due to an illness.

WOW Cruiserweight Title Match
Golden Prince(c) vs Kaotic vs Hector Montoya
Winner: Golden Prince

WOW Womens Title Match
Darci vs Claudia Del Solis(c) (WOW Womens Title Match )
Winner: Claudia Del Solis

Non-Title Match
Jasper Davis vs Galan Ramirez(c)
Winner: Galan Ramirez, the NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Champ

WOW Texas Heavyweight Title Tournament Match
Silky Baines vs Alucard
Winner: Alucard

WOW Texas Heavyweight Title Tournament Match
Mysterious Q vs Suicide Messiah
Winner: Suicide Messiah

WOW Texas Heavyweight Title Tournament Match
Seth Korbin vs Chaz Taylor
Winner: Chaz Taylor

For more information on WOW, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



NWA Southwest/ PWF
February 14, 2009
PWF Wrestleplex
Amarillo, TX

First match: Thomas Trump vs. Pinky LaRue
Winner: Thomas Trump

Second match: “Dirty” Dice Murdock vs. Prince Al Farat
Winner: Al Farat

Third match: “Showcase” Shance Williams vs. Mark Wilson
Winner: Shance Williams

Fourth match: “Southern Pitbull” Rufus Lee Wilkins & Mo’Body vs. Joey “The Mastiff” Armstrong & Enemy
Winner: Joey Armstrong & Enemy

Semi-main event: Starr vs. Gloria Shockley
Winner: Uh, Starr

Main event: “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones vs. Awesome Andy
Winner: Awesome Andy

For more information on PWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



NWA Southwest/ PPW
February 15, 2009
South Padre Island Convention Center
South Padre Island, Texas

Ryan Genesis pinned Don Juan

Diablo managed by Dr Azul pinned Andy Dalton

Big Dogg Won via DQ over Skitzo

“Lady Luchador” Pink pinned Dr Azul

Ryan Genesis, Skitzo, and Andy Dalton def Don Juan, Big Dogg & Diablo when Dalton pinned Don Juan with a jumping piledriver.

For more information on PPW, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



February 14, 2009
Valentine’s Day Massacre 2
Jacob Woll Pavilion
McKeesport, PA

To start off the night, NWA East fans were treated to a few live backstage interviews. Once again, Scottie Gash claimed that Team Gash members Shirley Doe, Mantis, and James Ross would not be at ringside for his NWA East Heavyweight Title defense. Also, NWA East’s DOA Joe Dombrowski informed Mantis (a/k/a referee Bobby Williams) that he would not be refereeing James Ross’ Three Rivers Title defense to start the show.

Also, Krystal Frost was handed a valentine by referee Piston Wiley, claiming it was from a “Secret admirer”.

NWA East Three Rivers Champion “Division 1” James Ross def. Chris LeRusso
With Ross’ hand-picked referee and teammate Mantis/Bobby Williams barred from the match by DOA Dombrowski, Ross was on his own. LeRusso fought valiantly, and nearly picked up the win with a backslide. But, Ross stole the victory once again, this time with his feet on the ropes in a roll-up. As LeRusso was exiting, he was attacked by Mantis, thrown into the ringpost.

Dash Bennett def. Blue Dragon
In this preview of February 28th’s Tag Team Title Tournament Match, first round opponents and longtime rivals Dash Bennett and Blue Dragon met in the ring. Dash was accomanied by his manager Stacy Hunter and tag team partner Bulldozer. Hunter proved to be a valuable asset to Bennett as she slid him a pair of brass knuckles, which he used to pick up the win. After the match, however, Bennett attacked his tag partner Bulldozer and fired him from “Dash Bennett Enterprises”. The question remains: who will be Dash Bennett’s partner now?

On the big screen, the fans saw Benjamin C. Steele come through the door, supposedly on the phone with somebody for Valentine’s Day. He was confronted (and startled) by Joe Dombrowski, who questioned him about the whereabouts of Crusher Hansen’s opponent, “First Klass” Brandon K, who was apparently missing. Steel claimed innocence, and Hansen came into view. Dombrowski reminded the crowd of Hansen’s many years in the ring, and told him he hand-picked an opponent for Hansen. His opponent would make Hansen seem like a rookie in the ring. Who did Dombrowski choose?

The Franchise Players (Jon Kronica & Robert Beverly) def. L.A. Gunz (Flea & Axel) in the first round of the NWA East Tag Team Title Tournament
L.A. Gunz made their return to NWA East rings after an impressive showing at Burgh Brawl 12 last April. They took on a hot rising team in NWA East, the Franchise Players. Flea & Axel impressed once again, but the beating that the tag team specialists Jon Kronica & Robert Beverly laid into Flea for the majority of the match caught up, along with some questionable tactics involving the referee, and they were able to get a much-needed pinfall victory with the Instant Replay.

Gregory Iron def. Mantis
Mantis was accompanied to the ring by his teammate Shirley Doe. These two men picked up right where they left off on January 17th with a battle for the ages. The underdog Iron was able to pick up the victory, but not without a price. After the match, Doe and Mantis put the boots to him, but Chris Taylor made the save.

Doe called Taylor out, and DOA Dombrowski said that even though nothing was sanctioned, they could go ahead and fight. The two menBut, after Dombrowski went back to the locker roo, he emerged with a cell phone, yelling about not being able to get the match sanctioned by the Championship Committee. The locker room emptied and attempted to pull both men apart. Doe snapped and even tried to get a piece of Dombrowski. The rematch has been signed for February 28th as both men will compete in a match where the stipulation will be chosen by the fans here at the NWA East website!

After intermission, Krystal Frost came to ringside and demanded to know who her secret admirer was. The referee who handed her the valentine, Piston Wiley, came to the ring. Shaking with nerves, he informed her that HE gave her the valentine! She proceeded to kick him low and degrade him for thinking he had a chance with her. She then thank a little too loudly on the microphone about picking up some possible new clients in the future…

The Straight Jacket Mafia (Syko Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) def. A Boy And HIs Dog (Hobo Joe & Moondog Scrap) in about 30 seconds
The Straight Jacket Mafia seem to have their edge back. The same edge that brought them the NWA East Tag Team Championships twice, and led them to being the longest reigning tag team champions in NWA East history. When the new team of A Boy And His Dog hit the ring, and Hobo Joe stripped down to nothing but wrestling tights WAY too small and revealing, the crowd wanted nothing more than to see them destroyed. Hobo Joe went one step too far against SJM as he even smelled Dahmer’s armpit! They disposed of Hobo Joe early, and delivered a Facelift to Moondog Scrap, picking up the win easily.

Patrick Hayes & James Ross (subbing for Ashton Amherst) def. Pittsburgh sports anchor Jon Burton & Chris Taylor in the first round of the NWA East Tag Team Title Tournament
Patrick Hayes came to the ring to inform the crowd that his partner, Ashton Amherst, was not in the building that night, but instead, he would be joined by the “greatest Three Rivers Champion of all time” James Ross, instead. Taylor took a hellacious beating throughout the match, but was finally able to tag out to Pittsburgh sports anchor Jon Burton, who was hoping to get his hands on Amherst instead. Burton was impressive for his first time in the ring, delivering devastating clotheslines and shoulder tackles. But, Ross was able to pick up the win, pinning Taylor to get the win on behalf of Hayes & Amherst.

NWA East Heavyweight Champion “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash def. “The Steel City Prodigy” Ryan Mitchell
After his debut on January 17th against Three Rivers Champ James Ross proved successful, the NWA East faithful were solidly behind “The Steel City Prodigy” Ryan Mitchell as he took on Scottie Gash, the most hated wrestler of 2008. Gash was once again not joined at ringside by his Team Gash members Ross, Mantis, and Doe. But, as Ryan Mitchell hit the Steel Curtain DDT, Ross and Mantis hit the ring, laying out Mitchell with a street sign, giving Gash the win. While Gash was grateful for the victory, he did not want to win in that style, and let his teammates know about it for the second show in a row. But then, Krystal Frost came to ringside. She said all Team Gash needed was leadership to guide them. Gash, having a long history with Frost and knowing exactly how she operates, turned her down. Mantis left her with a simple “Ehhhhh no,” but Ross… he left with Frost, talking through the curtain.

Lord Zoltan def. Crusher Hansen via count-out
This was a match 13 years in the making after Zoltan turned on the then-masked BoneCrusher back at the PWX Wrestleplex at Eastland Mall! Zoltan and Hansen are both Pittsburgh wrestling veterans who utilized every dirty trick in the book to try and beat their opponent. As both men brawled on the floor, and Camp Crusher Security got involved, the referee counted Hansen out as Zoltan was able to beat the 10 count! Hansen was livid and refused to leave the ring! He grabbed the microphone and demanded that anybody come and make him leave! He was answered by Chris Taylor, who was attacked by Shirley Doe in the ring. All hell broke loose in the ring as the locker room emptied, all thanks to Hansen refusing to leave the ring!

For more information on NWA East/ PWX, go to:



NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation
February 15, 2009
Knights of Columbus
Covina, CA

Espiritu Infernal defeated The Vigilante

Aiden Riley pinned SnowCal Chloe

Liger Rivera defeated Brandon Gatson & Devon Willis in a Triple Threat Match

Cyanide & Vintage Dragon defeated Roger Ruiz & Jeremy Jaeger

EWF Heavyweight Champion Black Metal defeated Vizzion by disqualification to retain his title

EWF American Champion Ryan Taylor pinned Damien Slater to retain his title

For more information on EWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Pro/ Mach 1 Pro Wrestling
February 21, 2009
Santa Ana High School
Santa Ana, CA

Joey Ryan, Ryan Taylor, and Hurricane Marquez d. Hellman, Peter Goodman, and “Red Tornado” James Morgan to regain spots in the M1W Championship Battle Royal.

“Red Tornado” James Morgan d. Peter Goodman and Hellman for the last spot in the M1W Championship Battle Royal.

Carla Jade and Yyan Nakano d. Candace LaRae and Aiden Riley.

Damien Slater d. Espirito Infernal.

Chris Kadillak d. Jeremy Jaeger

“Red Tornado” James Morgan wins the M1W Championship Battle Royal to become M1W Champion.

For more information on M1W, go to:
For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


The Franchise Returns

NWA on Fire is pleased yet weary to be hosting the return match for a star of Epic proportions.

The man known as the Franchise is returning to pro wrestling after a five year absence and he has chosen The NWA to make his return.

The last time Shane Douglas was in the NWA it was in August of 1994, Shane fought 2 Cold Scorpio in the tournament finals to determine the new NWA World Champion, which wrestlers from a number of promotions competed in including ECW.

Shane overcame Scorpio with a belly-to-belly suplex. After the match, the new champion grabbed the mic, and gave credit to all the past NWA champions: Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, and Kerry Von Erich. Then he invited them all to kiss his ASS. He threw the belt down, proclaiming it meant nothing to him. And then announced the death of the NWA.

He then grabbed the ECW World Title belt and proclaimed it to be an “official” World Title. Well we all know that the NWA took years to recover from this and many in the NWA have not forgotten what he did to the company.

On Friday The 13th of March at Abraham Clark High school in Roselle, NJ Shane Douglas will be facing former ECW colleague and 2 time WWE and 2 time ECW cruiser weight champion Little Guido.

More info will be made available later this week but for now
Tickets are $15.00 for ringside
$12.00 general admission
for ticket info please call 201-370-7891

For more information on NWA LSW, go to:


NWA Fusion (Virginia) Results
February 21, 2009
Middlesex High School
Saluda, Virginia
Attendance 300

-American Ranger and Krotch were the last two men standing in a 20 man over the top rope royal rumble style battle royal to fight it out later in the card. After the match, Shiek Ali Akbar(manager), Krotch and Vulstag attacked the Ranger and buried him under their flag.

-Phil Brown defeated Sean Denny via Submission.

-Pure Talent (Damien Wayne and Chris Escobar defeated Standards and Practices

-Mark Bravura pinned Grail to win the NWA Fusion Alpha Championship. After the match Grail was attacked by those who cost him the match, Jefferson Early and Eddie Mason.

-American Ranger beat Krotch to earn a title shot at whoever the champion may be on March 28 in King and Queen, virginia.

-Da New Bloods (Da Gift and Da Curse) defeated Assault and Battery to win the vacant NWA Fusion Tag Team championship.

-In the Main Event, “Big Time” Mike Booth retained the NWA Continental championship against #1 contender “Pain Train” Preston Quinn after Quinn hit a perfect-plex into a neckbreaker with a bridge and left his OWN shoulders on the mat for the three count. A fight erupted afterwards and every superstar from out of the back rushed the ring and battled it out leaving only the American Ranger in the ring with champion Mike Booth. The Ranger brought the crowd onto its feet when he backdropped the champion and sent him over the top rope with a running clothesline to the outside!

NWA Fusion returns to action, Saturday, March 28 at King and Queen Elementary School with a main event of the American Ranger taking on the NWA Continental Champion, “Big Time” Mike Booth and the Alpha Champion “The Mempho Mofo” Mark Bravura defending the title against “The Geordie Bulldog” Sean Denny!

For more infomation on NWA Fusion (VA), go to:



Here is the current line-up for the NWA Indiana show on 3/8 in Lafayette, Indiana at the beautiful Lafayette Theater in downtown Lafayette. 

Doors Open @ 5:00
Bell Time @ 6:00 

Advanced tickets are available at Just Smokes @16 N Earl Avenue for $6 and $8 at the door the night of the event. 

Here is the current card:

“Bad Boy” Billy Bart vs Johnny Motley

Rob Ramer vs The Wildthing 

Jack Verville vs Justin Andrews 

Flash Flannigan & Shawn Cook vs Brian Skyline & Louis Lyndon

The main event will be for the NWA Indiana Heritage tag team titles and the titles will be above the ring on a pole.  

Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous vs Guy Lombardo & Marc Houston (c) 

******Card subject to change****** 

All matches are sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance 

Jerry “The King” Lawler will debut on Sunday August 9th! Stay up to date with the King @ www.kinglawler.com

The NWA Indiana training center will open on April 1st. If you are interested in training, email thenwaindina@comcast.net

Log onto www.thenwaindiana.com for ticket information and event details!


NWA-Brew City Wrestling

Christina’s II Banquet Hall

Waukesha, WI.

Att: 162


There was a standing room only crowd last night at Christina’s II and they saw another night of great BCW action. Also, this was the 1st TV tapings for BCW. Here are the results from last nights action.


The Great Maliki beat Ken Kato and Huevos De Oro when Maliki beat Kato by submission.


Derek St. Holmes pinned Matt “Love Machine” Longtime with a roll up.


TC Washington beat Chris Black by DQ when the Skullkrushers came in the ring and beat down Washington until American History next made the save.


American History Next beat The Skullkrushers to become the new NWA-Brew City Wrestling tag team champions


Dinn T. More pinned “Mr. 450” Hammett


“The Asian Assassin” Bao Nguyen and “Cadilac” Nick Colucci went to the a double DQ and had to be separated by other wrestlers and security.


“The International Wrestling Superstar” Erico pinned Colin Troy


The McCoys beat Tony Scarone & Steve Anthony and Darin Waid & “Superstar” Steve to retain their NWA-WI tag team championship


Frankie DeFalco
Brew City



February 21, 2009
Maylands, WA, Australia
Alma Venville Recreation Centre

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– Jay Taylor def. Bobby Marshall

– Sebastian Sander def. ”The Don” Michael Morleone and Kiel Steria in a 3 Way Dance

– Jose Del Santo def. Marcius Pitsonopoulous

EPW Tag Team Title Match
– Dan Moore & Chase Griffin def. Blitz Team (Shane Haste & Alex “The Kid” Kingston) by DQ to retain the titles

– Hartley Jackson def. Devlin Reeves

– Jamie Jurah def. Gavin McGavin

EPW Heavyweight Title Match
– Davis Storm def. Richter to retain the title

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