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                     NWA ANARCHY TV TAPING 3-7-09

                             NWA ARENA CORNELIA, GA 8PM



                                         CHRIS MAYNE  VS  MALACHI



                          TALENT & MONEY SHOW w/DELAY & CHASE






                                        YOUNG LIONS TITLE MATCH

                               AZREAL w/THE REV   VS   CHRIS KING



                                    NWA ANARCHY TV TITLE MATCH

                                  KIMO w/BAILEY   VS    TRUITT FIELDS







                               ICEBERG w/THE REV  VS  SHADOW JACKSON


Plus Vain & Adonis, Jerry Palmer,  Don Matthews, Bill Buck, Skirra Corvus, Adrian Hawkins, Shaun Tempers, Ace Rockwell, The New Wave and more!!!!



NWA ANARCHY TV EPS #159 ONLINE NOW at www.nwaanarchy.net/online.html 


SHOW #488-159











NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 153
January 19, 2009

My five-hour trip to today’s NWA show in Sioux Falls was cut short due to a major snowstorm on Thursday and high winds today. The combination leads to blinding conditions. Our record winter continued on Thursday with 14 inches of dry fluffy snow. That’s equivalent to 5 – 6 inches of wet snow in humid climates such as the East Coast and in the Dirty South. Also, NWA Anarchy TV Reports will be posted twice a week until they are caught up. Middle school basketball season is over. We finished 9 – 1 and defeated several good reservation schools during the season. NDN Ball™ is a lot of fun. Enough of the jibber jabber, time to head for this week’s uber delayed TV report.

WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! Guess what? John “the Body” Johnson proclaims he is back from his vacation at the Dan Wilson Serial Killer Compound of Doom. Last week on NWA Anarchy, the Devil’s Rejects used chicanery to defeat Don Matthews & Culture Shock. The events that transpired afterwards sent ripples throughout the NWA Arena: Shaun Tempers knocked out Dan Wilson with one mighty blow and the Rejects set in for the kill. NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields saved his #1 contender from further injury. Johnson lambastes the Master of Ceremonial Disaster for creating a riot when he interviewed Shadow Jackson. A brawl ensued when Phil Shatter and Mikael Judas lay claim as the second challenger in a three way against NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg at Season’s Beatings ’08. This week they will face off to determine the third member of that match.

1. "The Son of Satan” Azreal w/”the Reverend” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness pummeled Bo “Knows Wrestling” Newsome to advance to the semifinals of the Young Lions #1 Contender Tournament.
Newsome tried his hardest to repel Azreal brutal assaults, but he could never mount a serious offensive. Azreal slaughters Newsome with the Ted Bundy.

– WTF? Jeremy Vain has front row seats to Sesame Street Live with special thanks from Brody Ray Chase? ¿Que? And then, Seth Delay enters and reminisces with the Untouchable One about going to children’s shows together. Vain has always had Delay’s back including. Of course, Vain’s “professional jealousy” prevented the Dynamic Duo from commandeering those titles a few weeks ago. Delay demands an explanation and Vain admits Mr. Adonis is hot-headed. Why? Because Vain & Mr. Adonis will become tag team champs. Yeah, right. Delay admonishes Vain, but he receives a wish for good luck. As Vain walks way, Delay brandishes his brass knuckles, but Mr. Adonis has other ideas. He gently reminds Delay to tick his nice and shiny brass knuckles back where they belong: in his pants. Delay soils himself and calls up Chad Parham.

2. Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) defeated NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions the New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) in a non-title match.
Jeremy Vain joins on commentary. Johnson wishes a successful holiday season to Vain & Mr. Adonis. The rudo broadcasting contingent spend time lambasting Hunter. Vain admits he continues to suffer back pain from carrying Hunter on commentary. Wow, that was low. Hunter reminds Vain about the last time out he meddled with the tag champs. Johnson accuses the New Wave of being cowards for participating in a non-title match. Unfortunately, Johnson derived his information from a second hand source, the illegal alien (if I hear anyone say undocumented worker, I will punch you right in the throat) Alejandro. Hunter informs Johnson that the title committee picks the title match and they felt T & M is not worthy of the shot. I say sacrilege. Vain continues to obloviate for this bodyguard. After commercial, T & M work over Walters. Johnson further harasses Hunter. Stevens finally receives the hot tag and this turns into a Pier 6 Brawl. Vain heads in to get a closer look of the action and they receive dualing dropkicks for their action. It was all a smokescreen because Talent wins with a Standing Ovation. Afterwards, Vain & Mr. Adonis scorn T & M after Hunter announces they are the new #1 contenders to the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles. It looks like Vain’s master plan backfired in his face.

3. “2 Hot for TV” Kyle Matthews pinned “the Wizard of Aaaaaaaahs” Andrew Alexander to advance to the semifinals of the Young Lions #1 Contender Tournament.
After commercial, this evenly matched contest continues. After trading several near falls, Matthews knocks the Aaaaaaaahs out of Alexander with a dropkick to the ribs. Alexander escapes a superplex, but Matthews connects on a second attempt. Matthews wins after countering a pinfall attempt. Both men shake hands and hug afterwards. This match felt extremely flat because this appeared to be slung together just for the sake of having tag partners face each other. Their first singles encounter in NWA Anarchy needed more buildup and held off at least into the semifinals. For that reason, this match was flat.

– NWA Anarchy isn’t complete without an appearance from Dan Wilson or G. Jeff Bailey. Bailey has a trick up his sleeve for Ace Rockwell, especially after Wes Grissom was left puking up blood from injuries to his internal organs. Yep, Ace is a coward who hid behind a referee and hiding behind NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer who handed Kimo a ridiculous suspension. That’s pretty big allegations from the ultimate coward (and one of the greatest managers in modern wrestling.) Now, Bailey is mad that Palmer is forcing the Universal Soldier to wrestle a match to prove he is the #1 contender. Tonight, Shatter will continue his unbeaten streak against Shatter.

4. “The Priest of Punishment” Mikael Judas vs. “the Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter ended in a double countout so neither man earns a shot an NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg.
It seems like Judas never learned his lesson when Bailey was his manager: never turn your back on the opposition. Shatter takes advantage of a distracted Judas by pummeling and assaulting him at ringside. Shatter uses a folding chair to choke Judas by the announcer’s booth. To the entranceway, Shatter suplexes Judas on the ramp. The crowd rallies behind Judas as Shatter tosses him in to the ring to finally begin the match. Judas buys himself time by reversing the PTSD powerbomb with the Alabama Slam. Shatter posts his shoulder on a turnbuckle charge. Judas sets up for the chokeslam, but Shatter reverses fate with a spinebuster for a two count. Shatter is left befuddled as the crowd continues to rally behind Judas. Again, Judas buys himself time with a knee and a butterfly suplex on the middle turnbuckle. Judas makes the cover for a near fall. Judas lands the Mafia kick, but Shatter has enough in the tank to shove the Priest of Punishment to the floor. Shatter posts and mugs Judas at ringside. Both men continue to brawl at ringside as the referee counts both men out. Heading to commercial, Judas clotheslines Shatter over the rope to the floor.

– Palmer heads out to remind to remind Bailey that whatever happens in his building is his business. Bailey whines about Shatter being the #1 contender. Palmer reminds Bailey that this is not the BCS, there are no computers to rank opponents, and it will be settled with a 1-2-3. To settle matters, he books a rematch on December 6 with the stipulation that somebody big and bad enough to officiate the match: Shadow Jackson. Bailey, Johnson and Hunter all soil themselves when the announcement of Shadow being an NWA official for one week. The crowd chants “Shadowmania” to voice their pleasure. Shadow doesn’t care who wins because he is already in the match. He has intentions of the People’s Champion becoming the Heavyweight Champion at Season’s Beatings.

DOWNLOAD: www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html





NWA Anarchy/ APW
February 20, 2009
Cherry Street Gym
Royston, GA

B.J. Hancock defeated Shawn Sweat;

Aaron Lee & Matt Mercer defeated the Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells);

J.T. Talent defeated Shaun Tempers;

Dany Only defeated Kareem Abdul Jamar by DQ;

John Carnage defeated Ace Rockwell;

Shadow Jackson & Slim J defeated Anthony Henry & Brandon Parker; and

Dustin Knight became the new APW North Georgia Champion after defeating Chris King.

For more information on APW, go to:

For more information on NWA Anarchy, go to:




BJ Hancock defeated Mike Posey


Skirra Corvus defeated Kasanova


Adryan Hawkins defeated Thunderfoot #3


Kareem Abdul Jamar defeated Strictnyn by DQ


Duncan Enterprises defeated Shadow Jackson & Don Matthews


BJ Hancock won a Mega Rumble


To check out the latest on APW, and to see the date with JT Talent and Donovan Sweet, check out this week’s edition of APW AFTERSHOCK here




Hollywood, CA (February 23, 2009) – NWA™ Wrestling Showcase returns to the Historic Columbia Square Studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA on Saturday March 7th (2:00PM) and Sunday March 8th (11:00AM) for another round of television tapings.

Scheduled to appear:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon, Jr.
NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions “The Skullkrushers”
NWA North American Champions Mike DiBiase
NWA National Heavyweight Champion “Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter
“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce
Oliver John and the Boarder Patrol
Puerto Rico’s Apollo
“Shooter” Brent Albright
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Muscle Gang
Joey Ryan
Canada’s Nelson Creed
The Young Bucks
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson
plus much, much more!

Tickets are available by email only; please make requests at tickets@nwawrestling.com.  To catch up on what’s going on in the National Wrestling Alliance® please visit nwawrestling.com and watch the program online or on Dish Network Ch. 9407 Friday’s at 5:00 PM (EST).  Talent subject to change.

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February 28, 2009 NWA CHARLOTTE
– Larry Goodman

To say there was a lot going on at NWA Charlotte’s third event would be an understatement. Not everything they tried worked, but the great majority of it did to where it made for another very entertaining evening.

As different as the second show was from the first, this was even more different. There were times when I felt like more like a 90s ECW show than an NWA product. While it may not have been exactly what the creative forces at NWA Charlotte envisioned, it worked great with the crowd.

For the third consecutive time, NWA Charlotte drew over 500 to the NWA Coliseum. They had to be pleased considering the lousy weather.

Pre-show Truitt Fields was interviewed by Eddie Rich. Your basic gee whiz babyface promo but he looked great doing it.

The show opened with J.D. Costello and Executive Director of the NWA Bob Trobich in the ring. Trobich announced an NWA World Heavyweight Title Match for Charlotte in late May or early June – Champion Blue Demon vs. Adam Pearce. Costello said it would be the first NWA world title match to take place in Charlotte in 19 years and potentially, the first ever NWA title change in Charlotte. Costello also announced a working relationship with Greg Price and his NWA Legend’s Convention that will involve shows on August 8 and 9 at the NWA Charlotte Coliseum. Costello said it would be a tribute to NWA Mid-Atlantic to give an indication of the caliber of legends.

(1) Josh Magnum beat Zack Salvation in 11:57.

This was a superb match with spot on timing and execution. They were popping the crowd with all kinds of wild spots. It just wasn’t the right match to do as an opener because it totally overshadowed the rest of undercard. Magnum looks a bit like Heath Ledger. The first crazy spot saw Magnum block a vertical suplex with a knee to the head and then gave Magnum a vertical suplex to the floor. Salvation hit a springboard twisting somersault dive to the outside. These guys were taking awesome bumps. Magnum took one from the top rope to the floor, bonking his head on the announcer’s table. Crowd chanted “you suck” at Salvation. Salvation hit a quebradora for a near fall. He stayed on Magnum’s back. Magnum escaped from a ropes-mounted crucifix powerbomb and hit a top rope sunset flip, but Salvation rolled through and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Magnum came back with a reverse Canadian backbreaker drop, then a superkick. He went for a 450, but Malachi came out to pull Salvation out of the ring. Salvation went for that psychotic crucifix powerbomb again. In midair, Magnum hooked Salvation’s head with a huracanrana like a freaking high wire artist. A breathtaking finish.

Larry Zbysko did a funny interview with Lodi. He got a much bigger pop that I expected. Zbysko said that after over 20 years, Baby Doll finally showed him the pictures of Dusty Rhodes in the envelope. Rather than bailing out the banks, Zbysko’s version of the proper stimulus package was to give every American 25 grand. Zbysko said he wasn’t sweating Phil Shatter’s physique. He had seen crumbled a lot big arms in his 35 years. Zbysko said he had the Western States Heritage belt in his attic since 1989 and he was still the undefeated champion.

(2) Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) beat Caleb Conley & Chris Mayne in 7:20.

An Ok match. The crowd couldn’t really get into it after that amazing opener. Mayne doesn’t have a babyface look at all. The babyfaces went to work on Snapp early. Ego then beat up on Conley. The highlight was an outrageously modified double team flapjack. Snapp pinned Mayne with his version of the Black Hole Slam.

Daffney was interviewed by Eddie Rich. She got a great pop coming out. She said it was an honor to accompany MsChif’s at the last show. Krissy Vaine interrupted. She couldn’t get why MsChif would want Daffney when she could have had the most beautiful woman in pro wrestling in her corner. Vaine said Daffney was a has been and a never will be. Daffney said she had been in wrestling a lot longer than Vaine and was one of only two women to hold a man’s cruiserweight title (NWA Wrestle Birmingham). Vaine started running her egotistical mouth again. Daffney turned her back and started mocking Vaine. When she did so, Vaine pulled her down by the hair and slid out of the ring. Rich said this wasn’t the time or the place but the match would take place on March 14. Really good stuff. The crowd was into this angle.

(3) Kimo (Jeff G. Bailey) beat Gluteus Maximus via submission in 3:04.

A decent squash. Maximus was a big schlub. Kimo makes a more effective as a monster against a babyface that generate sympathy. Fans were all for Maxiumus getting his gluteus kicked. Maximus ate a big chop as he came off the second rope. Kimo unleashed his martial arts attack. He grabbed Gluteus by the throat, delivered the kill shot the neck, and locked in the Information Extractor.

The postmatch was great as Kimo laid Tommy Young’s family tree of referees to waste. He choked out Young’s grandson, Ace and tossed son Tim Smith out of the ring. Then he left a security guard laying. Young came out to check on Ace.

Chaotic Agony joined Costello in the ring. Costello said he brought them up from that pits of Hendersonville to NWA Charlotte. Costello said they were young and hungry and reminded him of the Mod Squad. They showed clips from the early 80’s of Costello managing Spike & Basher in Memphis. Costello said he was going manage Chaotic Agony. Jeff Lewis came out with two new guys. Lewis said Agony didn’t look hungry. They looked like they were full of crap. Lewis said they were going to keep getting their rear ends handed to them every show. Lewis said the cameras loved him and the fans loved him. Costello said his own mama didn’t love him. Lewis said he was going to manage his guys against Costello and Chaotic Agony.

(4) Chaotic Agony (Ryan Chaos & Joey Agony with J.D. Costello) vs. T.K. Cross & Tim Thomas (with Jeff Lewis) ended as a no contest in 3:35 when Mikael Judas & Ryan O’Reilly interfered.

O’Reilly and Judas came out on the ramp. O’Reilly said every action deserves a reaction. This was some kind of reaction. The two monsters destroyed Chaotic Agony. Judas tossed Agony halfway across the ring with El Crucifijo, and Agony taking a sick bump right on his neck. But that was just for openers. O’Reilly and Judas carted the gibronis to the back. Next thing you know, the spotlight hit the roof of the stage. Judas and O’Reilly tossed Agony and Chaos off the stage onto a pallet of cardboard boxes below. This was completely nuts. It was about an 8 foot drop to the top of the boxes. Agony’s landing was not good. In fact, it had to suck. Chaos did a flip bump into the boxes and appeared to make a safe landing, or at least as safe as such a thing can be. Fans were chanting “one more time.”

During the intermission, the announcers served as judges for the best poster contest with $100 going to the winner.

(5) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Malachi & Vordell (Walker) in 8:09.

Smoking hot match here. You couldn’t ask for much better match with the time they were given. They all got a chance to shine. New Wave are improving by leaps and bounds. They’re working with a lot more confidence. Vordell was impressive. He’s explosive and his wrestling is smooth as silk. Vordell gave himself two points for a takedown. New Wave made him pay, as Vordell ate a double dropkick and took a powder. New Wave followed with tope con hilos in stereo. Walker about killed Walters with a wheelbarrow suplex. The heels beat on Driver. Vordell took a huge crotch bump off the middle rope for a double down. They did a great hot tag with Ace Armstrong’s count reaching nine and both men dove for tags. New Wave was really crisp with their combo moves. They hit a giant swing/dropkick and Walker saved. Walker went for a german suplex. Walters landed on his feet and Malachi immediately caught him with another german for a near fall. Walker called for the brainbuster. Not happening as New Wave took him out with a double superkick and finished Malachi with the Unskinny Bop.

Postmatch: Team Ego hit the ring. Snapp gave Walters the Black Hole Slam and Adam speared Driver to leave them laying.

Next up we had Lodi in the ring talking about Raven not being happy with him serving as a commentator with NWA Charlotte. Lodi said part of him still wanted to wrestle. Out came Sick Boy. I didn’t realize just how large a man he is, and pretty jacked up at that. Sick Boy said Raven had sent him to keep an eye on Lodi. He asked Lodi if had lost his mind for giving up wrestling. He asked Lodi if he had decided to reinvent himself as Johnny Polo. That line got a reaction. Sick Boy talked well, but this angle doesn’t appear to be resonating with a majority of the fan base.

Somebody pounded on the garage door. It opened and a hearse backed into the building. Getting this done was not exactly smooth sailing. Miss Tress (Melissa Coates) emerged from the hearse with an unnamed evil dude in black. He looked like a gothic version of Ivan Koloff. Turns out his name is Synn. Synn walked around trying to look menacing while Coates read a short poem. She ended it by repeating the mantra “the time has come.” This segment bombed. The hearse was cool, but what a lame payoff. Who needs this guy when you already have Judas?

Zbysko came out to a big “Larry” chant accompanied by Baby Doll with her newly won Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title. His opponent was NWA National Champion Phil Shatter. The deal was Shatter had to win to get back into the competition for the US Title. Shatter said if Baby Doll was so confident in Zbysko, why not put the Heritage title on the line? Baby Doll agreed.

(6) Phil Shatter beat Larry Zbysko (with Baby Doll) to win the Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title in 5:42.

Not much of match but did it ever have heat. Zbysko looked to be in great shape for his age. Shatter looks like an NWA World Champion from back in the day. Shatter worked on Zbysko’s arm for a bit. When Shatter missed an elbow drop, Zbysko slapped him into a sleeper hold. Shatter made the ropes. Shatter raked Zbysko’s eyes and threatened to slug Baby Doll. Referee Tommy Young intervened. Shatter capitalized on the distraction with a low blow for the 1-2-3. Postmatch, Shatter punched Baby Doll in the face. A mark was ready to jump the rail after that one.

Lewis entered the ring with briefcase and a proposition for Shatter. He said Shatter had the NWA National Title and was back in the hunt for the US Title, so why did he need the Heritage belt? Lewis offered Shatter the contents of the briefcase for the belt. Lewis told the crowd he was worth more than all of their lives combined. Shatter thought about it and made the swap. Lewis introduced himself as the new NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Champion.

Brad Anderson appeared on the ramp carrying the Minnesota style wrestling boots worn by his father, Ole. Anderson said he couldn’t do a lot of fancy stuff, but what he could do was wrestle. Anderson said he was hanging around with Nature Boy Ric and David last weekend. Anderson said he and David were going to team up to crack heads. Anderson told Lewis he better be dressed to wrestle the next time.

As Lewis started to leave, “2001: A Space Odyssey” started to play. Lewis looked like he was going to have a stroke. The music stopped. This was an awesome tease.

(7) Truitt Fields and Ryan O’Reilly went to a 10 (actually 9) minute draw.

Both men advanced in the competition for the US Title. Fields got the biggest pop of the night. Really strong back and forth match. O’Reilly is a monster, and they did a great job playing off the size difference. O’Reilly’s bumping was right on the money. He made Fields look like gold without exaggerating. Fields hit a rolling senton off the apron. O’Reilly took over with a shot into the rail. O’Reilly used a very convincing bear hug. Fields clapped O’Reilly’s ears and hit a satellite Russian leg sweep for a near fall. O’Reilly did a whip reversal that liked to have crippled Fields. O’Reilly pounded Fields on the outside, but Fields caught him with a DDT as he came through the ropes. They each blocked the other man’s finisher. O’Reilly missed with a massive top rope splash that drained every last drop of water out of the pool. Fields hit a flying bodypress and the bell rang at the count of two. In situations like this, a little artistic liberty with the time limit never hurts.

(8) Timber pinned Judas in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to eliminate him from the running for the US Title.

Judas was flicking his bright red tongue in and out of his mouth. Sweet. Prior to the bell, Costello said the powers that be had agreed to make it falls count anywhere. It worked as an all-over-the-building brawl, because it had that air of danger. These were two huge men in tight quarters, and fans were keeping their distance. The action quickly spilled to the outside with some high impact spots on the ramp. Not much heat at the start as their was no clear crowd favorite. Great sound effects there. They brawled onto the stage where Timber creamed Judas with a giant metal tub. They fought all over the building, into the concession stand and up to the top row of the bleachers. They really needed to turn the house lights on for this. Judas got two near falls. The first one came after slinging Timber through a section of seats and beating on him with a chair. For the second one, he sent Timber tumbling down the bleachers. Timber did a back suplex on the ramp, and Judas kicked out of his delayed one-armed cover. Back inside the ring, Timber missed on an insane skytwister leg drop. A chant of "We want tables" erupted. Judas went for Timber’s barbed wire ax. Timber ducked and hit a spinebuster. Judas reached up and grabbed Timber by the throat. Sick Boy ran down to distract. Timber clobbered Judas with the barbed wire ax, drawing a small amount of hardway blood. Timber then pinned Judas with a moonsault.

NOTES: Last night’s show was another television taping with Lodi and Tim Dixon doing commentary. The company is looking at running a 30 minute weekly television show in Charlotte when they are able to obtain a suitable sponsor…J.T. Talent (NWA Anarchy), B.J Hancock (APW) and Brett Wolverton (announcer for UCW Greenville and APW) and Dan Masters (announcer for SAW and World-1 South) were in the house.





You can now watch episode 99 of NWA On Fire on their website at www.nwaonfire.tv





The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is proud to announce that as of February 28, 2009 Force One Pro Wrestling based in Barnegat, NJ has joined the NWA as an affiliate.


Force One began as a joint venture of former NWA North American Champion “Ironman” Tommy Cairo and former Wrestling Guys Radio Talk Show host Phil Varlese. 

For more information on NWA Force One Pro Wrestling, go to:



NWA Carolinas Pro Wrestling is pleased to announce
a 12 month contract agreement with option has been reached with
WCWG 20 Greensboro, / High Point / Winston Salem , N.C. Network TV
WCWG Will aire NWA HardDrive Wrestling each Saturday afternoon 1:00 pm.

NWA HardDrive Wrestling will aire its first episode
on Saturday February 28, 09 afternoon at 1:00 pm
This is great for the Mid-Atlantic Territory fans to welcome back
The National Wrestling Alliance to TV serving
DMA TV HH – 679,500 in 28 counties.
Nielsen DMA Rank 46 Source: A. C. Nielsen , NSI Feb. 08
NWA HardDrive Wrestling
2060 Old US Hwy. 421 West
Yadkinville, N.C. 27055
E-mail nwacarolinas@yahoo.com


NWA School of Pro Wrestling
2060 Old US Hwy. 421 West
Yadkinville, N.C. 27055

Is accepting new signups each and every Sunday.
Men or women in all aspects of professional wrestling
No age limit, no weight limit,
Youth program available for boys or girls
Easy and affordable tuition
Payable weekly call or come by for more information


NWA Carolinas Pro Wrestling
2060 Old US Hwy. 421 West
Yadkinville, N.C. 27055

An agreement has been reached with the
Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum Annex
300 Deacon Blvd.
Winston Salem, N.C. 27105

All Saturday night shows
April 18, 09
May 30, 09
June 27, 09
July 11, 09
August 29, 09
Other dates will be posted
Tickets will go on sale soon at all Ticketmaster locations and Lowes Food
For more info. call 336-428-4395
E-mail nwacarolinas@yahoo.com



NWA Pro/ SoCal Pro Wrestling
February 21, 2009
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) defeated Aerial Star & Locura

Chris Kadillak defeated Damian Slater

Adam Pearce defeated Tommy Wilson

Cool Imagery (Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel) defeated LTP & Willie Mac to retain the SCP Tag Team Championship

Jason Watts defeated Johnny Yuma

SoCal Crazy defeated Jason Redondo to retain the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship in a Steel Cage Match

For more information on SCPW, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:



On 2/21/09 NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was in Cheraw, S.C.

at Cheraw High School. In front of another sold out crowd of 1700+ paid

fans "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair returned with Rock Star status once again.

1. MACW Hardcore Champion High Flying Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$.

2. Team Blondage Krissy Vaine & Amber O’Neal defeated Daffney & NWA World Womens Champion MsChif.

3.Cheraw’s very on Brice Anthony defeated Jeff Justice.

4. Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeated The Barbarian.

5. Daivd Flair & Ricky Morton w/Ric Flair in there corner defeated Rikki Nelson & Buff Bagwell. Ricky Morton replaced Reid Flair. Reid Flair is out with a injury.

For more information on NWA Mid-Atlantic, go to:



NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation
February 27, 2009
American Sports University
San Bernardino, CA

Liger Rivera pinned Devon Willis

"Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak defeated EWF Cruiserweight Champion Jeremy Jaeger by countout

Snowcal Chloe pinned Yyan Nakano

Anchors Away defeated Rock of Love

NWA Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor pinned Boombala to retain his title

EWF Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks defeated The Cutler Brothers to retain their titles

Brandon Gatson pinned Black Metal to win the EWF Heavyweight Championship

For more information on EWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Pro/ Pro Wrestling Revolution
February 21, 2009
Salinas Valley Fairgrounds
King City, CA

Border Patrol – Oliver John over Blue Demon Jr. by DQ
Hijo de Rey Misterio & Ulysses & El Amanté over Rayman & Tito Aquino & Vaquero Fantasma
“TNA Knockout” Raisha Saeed over Christie Ricci
Las Calaveras over “Border Patrol” – Derek Sanders & Zach Reeb
Mr. Wrestling IV over Rik Luxury
Rock of Love over Shinobi & Kid Omega
Jon Andersen over The Polyester Express

For more information on PWR, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:



NWA Pro/ SoCal Pro Wrestling
"Caged Fury ”
February 10, 2009
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
Oceanside, CA

1) Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) defeated Aerial Star & Locura
2)"Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak defeated "The Golden Boy" Damian Slater
3)Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce with C. Edward Vander Pyle defeated Tommy Wilson
4)SoCal Pro Tag Team Championship: Cool Imagery (Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel) (c) defeated Jerome "LTP" Robinson & Willie Mack
5)"Big Nasty" Jason Watts with Chimaera defeated "Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel Soul" Johnny Yuma
6) Steel Cage Match for SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship: SoCal Crazy defeated "Radiant" Jason Redondo (c) with TNT

For more information on SCPW, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


NWA Pro/ SoCal Pro Wrestling
"The Aftermath ”
February 28, 2009
American Legion Hall
Riverside, CA

1) Locura defeated Jason Watts
2) Johnny Webb & Todd Chandler defeated Tommy Wilson & Jeremy Jager
3) Joey Ryan defeated "Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak
4) Scott Lost defeated Johnny Goodtime
5) Cool Imagery defeated Anchors Away

For more information on SCPW, go to:

For more information on NWA Pro, go to:


 NWA Impact Zone Wrestling
February 24, 2009
The Sets
Tempe, AZ

Payed Daily challenged the NWA-IZW Tag Team champions 602
Wrecking Crew to an impromptu title match, which the champions
won before Lawrence Tyler could join the match.

IZW Impulse champion Ryan Lynch & Sergio Vega beat "Feature
Presentation" Jay Garland & Lucha Reigns.

In the first round of the IZW Invitational tournament, Jacob The Riot
Herzberg defeated Antonio Mestre to advance.

In the second round of the IZW Invitational tournament, Miracle
Mike James defeated Dean Radford and Joey Ryan in a triangle
match to advance to the semi-finals.

In the first round of the IZW Invitational tournament, Marty Murphy
defeated Mike G to advance.

In the main event, Derick Neikirk and GQ Gallo were assigned as
captains in a six-man tag match. Neikirk selected Hawaiian Lion &
Tommy Drake as his partners and Gallo picked Dean Radford &
newcomer Shane Stratford. In the end, Gallo pinned Neikirk in order
to choose the stipulation for their title match.

For more information on NWA IZW, go to:



NWA Southwest/ PWF
February 21, 2009
PWF Wrestleplex
, TX

Match one: Joey “The Mastiff” Armstrong vs. “Southern Pitbull” Rufus Lee Wilkins vs. Michael Faith
Winner: Michael Faith

Match two: “The Natural” Shawn Mills vs. Biohaxxxard
Winner: Shawn Mills.

Match three: Devin Monroe vs. Mark Wilson
Winner: Devin Monroe

Semi-main event: Scramble for new NWA SW/ PWF Heritage Heavyweight Title
Devin, Southern Pitbull, Joey Armstrong, Michael Faith, Biohaxxxard, Mark Wilson, Shawn Mills
Winner and first NWA SW/ PWF Heritage Heavyweight Champ: Mark Wilson

Main event: “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones vs. “The Hooligan” Austin Riley
Winner: Austin Riley

For more information on PWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:

NWA Southwest/ TCW
February 6, 2009
Arena Nacional
Austin, TX

Dark Match
"The Lover Boy" Rikki Simmons vs. "The Duckman" Mr. ADHD
Winner: Rikkie Simmons by pinfall

Match 1 NWA-SW/TCW United States Title Match
"The All-American" ACH vs Gabe The Babe(c)
Winner: ACH by DQ due to Wallace Gordon coming in and Hitting ACH with a object, But Gabe keeps the title!

Match 2
Mikey 13 vs. GQ Knight
Winner: Mikey 13 by Pinfall

Match 3 TCW Lighting Division Title match
Manny Domingo(c) vs. JoJo Bravo
Winner: Manny Domingo by pinfall

Match 4 3 way match
"The Scottish Nightmare" Wallace Gordon vs Sideshow vs Magnus w/ BCS
Winner: Wallace Gordon by Pinfall

Semi Main NWA-SW/TCW Heavyweight Title Match
Sexy Steve DeMarco(c) vs. Darkstar
Winner: Steve DeMarco by DQ due to HCP coming in and attacking DeMarco

Main Event NWA-SW/TCW Tag Team Title Xtreme Rules match
"The Legend" Mr.B vs Team TXW (Bad Boy and Party Boy)

For more information on TCW, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:

There has been one more match added to the NWA Southwest 11th Anniversary show at the Alabama-Coushatta Multi-Purpose Center on March 21, 2009 in Livingston, Texas.

To crown the first NWA Texas Womens Champion
Starr (NWA SW/ PWF Womens champ) vs.
Claudia del Solis (NWA SW/ WOW Womens champ)

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:


NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken Taylor has decided its time to step up women’s wrestling a notch in Texas by adding a first ever title match on NWA-SW’s 11th Anniversary Card coming up March 21.
Taylor is pitting Amarillo‘s Starr of PCW against Claudia Del Solis of Houston‘s WOW, and the winner will be declared the NWA-SW Women’s Champion.
"We did have a World Champion from NWA Southwest back in 2002 by the name of Char Starr out of Austin," said Taylor. "But she is retired now, but we could well see another run for  Gold again for NWA Southwest and either one of these girls could work their way to a shot at Champion MsChif and give her a run for her money."
Five title matches on one card.  It all takes place on the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation in Livingston, Texas. For more info, go to:  http://www.myspace.com/nwasouthwest





1. Kevin Northcutt
2. Brent Albright
3. Spoiler 2000
4. Lance Cade
5. Hernandez
6. Chaz Taylor
7. Ben Galvan
8. Tejas
9. Don Juan
10. Prince Al Farat

1. Cody Jones
2. Ky-ote
3. Cyclone
4. Gabe The Babe
5. Andy Dalton
6. Austin Riley
7. Goldenboi Zamora
8. Mysterious Q
9. Mark Wilson
10. Jasper Davis

1. Team Texas
2.  Canadian Sex Pistols
3.  Texas Treats
4.  Double Trouble
5. Team XL


February 20, 2009
Ringling High School Multi-Purpose Building
Ringling, OK

Attendance: 397

1- Jerry "The Boss" Bostic def. J.D. Striker

2- NWA-OK and NWA-SW Tag- Team Champions, "High Society" (Thomas Trump and Al Farat) def. "Native Pride" (Kunna Keyoh and Ky-ote Joe)

3- "MRK" (Masked Renegade Kowboy) def. El Intruso

4- Thug Nasty def. Scotty Mo’ Body

5- NWA-SW TX Heavyweight Champion, "The Lareador" Michael Faith def. Randy Price

6- "BLK OUT" (Montego Seeka and Jermaine Johnson) def. "Revolution" ("The Great" Dane Griffin and "Sensational" Seth Allen) via DQ due to interferance by "High Society"

Next March shows:
March 6th- Davis, OK
March 13th- Ada, OK
March 27th- Ringling, OK

For more information on NWA Oklahoma, go to:


NWA Mountain State Wrestling
January 11, 2009
Princeton Recreation Center
Princeton, WV

JAN. 25TH NWA MSW TV Broadcast


FEB. 1ST NWA-MSW TV Broadcast


For more information on NWA Mountain State, go to:

NWA Mountain State Wrestling
January 24, 2009
Falls View Community Center
View, WV

FEB. 8TH NWA-MSW TV Broadcast

3.) RICHIE ACEVEDO time limit draw vs. DIABLO JR

FEB. 15TH NWA-MSW TV Broadcast.


For more information on NWA MSW, go to:

NWA Mountain State Wrestling
February 20, 2009
American Legion Hall
Mullins, WV

3.) GENE MADRID time limit draw vs RICHIE ACEVEDO

For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


Pro Wrestling Fusion is proud to announce a partnership with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Pro Wrestling Fusion has set the Florida independent wrestling scene on fire in its rookie year while gaining the attention and admiration of top NWA executives. Built on the RESPECT that the business of Professional Wrestling demands, Fusion does a fine job providing a traditional yet fresh product that wrestling fans of the past and present can enjoy.
“Fusion is a tremendous promotion” NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman says, “I’ve seen the show from their home base of Ft. Pierce and it is top notch, packed house with incredible talent. We have our eyes on many of these young bright superstars”

The National Wrestling Alliance has been in operation since 1948 and the NWA is the largest governing body of a group of professional wrestling promotions in the United States With offices around the World. The UK, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, & Mexico to name a few. It looks as if FUSION will now be added to that list of promotions.

“I met Mr. Chuman over a year ago and in that time we have cultivated a great friendship that has progressed into a strategic alliance.” Pro Wrestling Fusion promoter Joseph Cabibbo said. “He is sending many of our stars around the country and for that we are grateful, you will also see many NWA superstars making their way to the Sunshine State. I am very excited to be a part of the NWA as this is the promotion I grew up watching and I honestly believe that the NWA still has tremendous name value” Cabibbo added.

NWA Midwest and Pro Wrestling Fusion will also be co-promoting many wrestling events around the country starting in the state of Florida.

“We are very interested in a talent exchange with Fusion.” Chuman said. “Their guys can really go and they have made a great impression on me.”

Former Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion – The Sheik will be debuting in South Dakota and all over the Midwest as soon as March 1st and current Fusion Heavyweight Champion – Steve Madison will be accompanying the Sheik to the NWA Showcase television taping from Hollywood in California on March 7 & 8. The Sheik will also be appearing in NWA Midwest on April 24th in Waukesha, WI, and on April 25th in Madison, WI for NWA Midwest promoter Frank DeFalco of NWA Brew City. The Sheik is looking to add  NWA Gold to his many accolades, and we’re very excited to bring him to the fans of NWA Midwest. It’s an exciting time for us here in the NWA as we expand our horizons, and welcome Pro Wrestling Fusion to become a integral part of that growth. I look forward to seeing some of the incredible talent that both Pro Wrestling Fusion, and the NWA bring to the table. It’s a terrific match with the fans being the big winners here states Chuman.



February 27, 2009
Bridgeview Hall
Surrey, BC

Circle of Fear Becomes A Circle Of Hell!

Last month, Cremator promised Ice that the Circle of Fear would be the bloodiest, most vicious, most hardcore match in ECCW history… and on Friday night in Surrey, the match delivered in spades! The gory contest saw both men lose copious amounts of blood as they carved each other up with the barbed wire in the ropes, the barbed wire boards in the corner, and various weapons! Even NWA representative and match official Mike Sweetser was not immune to the Circle of Fear, being inadvertently driven through a barbed wire board in the corner during the contest! Cole Bishop and an associate of Ice attempted to interfere, only for Bishop to be warded off by Memphis, while Cremator fought back against both Ice and his associate, finishing off the "Larger Than Life Superstar" with a vicious chokeslam through a table onto one of the barbed wire boards! The Circle of Fear may finally be closed, and this chapter in the bloody history between Ice and Cremator may
finally be finished, but nobody involved in this bloodbath will ever be the same again!

The NWA/ECCW Championship was on the line, as in his first championship defense, Memphis defended against Chill Town‘s Azeem The Dream! Azeem did everything he could to bring the belt back into the grasp of Chill Town, having Memphis in serious danger of losing the title several times during the contest, but after Memphis’ brother MR2 evened the sides and neutralized Natural when he attempted to interfere, Memphis was able to finish Azeem off with a Michinoku Driver to retain the gold! Memphis will not have long to recover, as just eight days later, he will defend the NWA/ECCW Championship in Vancouver against Cole Bishop in what is sure to be a huge test for the champion!

Another championship event indeed saw Moondog Manson and Scotty Mac battle with gold on the line.. however, it wasn’t what was expected! Manson came out to start the event and demanded that Scotty Mac and Natural come out to officially sign the contract. When they produced a contract, Manson signed it without looking… only for the Chill Town members to reveal that Manson had signed a contract not for Scotty Mac’s NWA Canadian heavyweight championship, but for Manson’s ECCW Hardcore championship! An unphased Manson responded by bashing Scotty in the head with the mic, and NWA representative Mike Sweetser called for the bell in a wild brawl that saw Manson score the victory over the Canadian heavyweight champion with a huge sitout powerbomb! Manson made it clear that his quest is not over, and he will have the NWA Canadian heavyweight championship to add to his Hardcore title very, very soon!

The second contest between former friends Kyle O’Reilly and El Phantasmo was every bit as amazing as their first bout. Both men went for their favorite submissions, with O’Reilly’s Sharpshooter against Phantasmo’s anklelock. Each time one had the other in trouble, they were able to deftly counter the hold or reach the ropes, with three submissions from each side not ending the contest. The match came to a close as referee Robert Mitchell was tangled up between the two combatants, giving O’Reilly the opening for an uncharacteristic low blow on Phantasmo, allowing him to execute the Sharpshooter once again. The fourth time was the charm, as Phantasmo had no choice but to tap out to give O’Reilly the victory! With each man scoring one victory apiece, there is no doubt that their rivalry is far from over, with a rubber match soon to come!

It was thought that the contest between Sid Sylum and "Bomber" Nelson Creed would be fought one on one when referee Robert Mitchell ejected both Sylum’s partner Dropkick Murphy and Creed’s partner Kenny Lush, and for a while, it was.. until Chill Town‘s sneaky tactics made themselves known! Distractions by The Natural and the returning Murphy allowed Sylum to strike Creed with the championship belt to score the pinfall, just before Lush could come in to help his partner! As Sylum celebrated, suddenly, his former main squeeze Nicole Matthews ran to ringside… and slapped her former boyfriend across the face! Matthews was confronted by the other members of Chill Town, but her ultimate moment of revenge against Sylum could come this coming Saturday in Vancouver, as she attempts to take the SuperGirls championship back from Sylum’s new girlfriend Veronika Vice in a SuperGirls streetfight!

The Pacific Cup qualifier between Artemis Spencer and The Divine Prophet looked to be a very interesting contest between the two Church members.. but turned into a complete farce, as once the bell rang, Prophet willingly laid down for his disciple, allowing the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion to score the pin to enter the 2009 Pacific Cup! However, NWA representative Mike Sweetser ran to the ring and stated that the qualifying match was null and void due to the Church shenanigans, and that the Church members would instead be in a tag team contest against "Brilliant" Billy Suede & Gurv Sihra! Prophet agreed, but instead of Spencer, he inserted Matt Classic into the contest! After a classic tag team encounter which saw copious interference from the other Church members, Suede was able to score the pinfall over Classic with his famed Sliced Bread #2! Suede and Sihra celebrated their win as Prophet accosted MANTHER for refusing to interfere in the
contest as ordered!

You would think that Volt Vegas would be thrilled to win a championship contest in ECCW.. but you’ll never see somebody so happy to win a championship contest and *not* win the title! If Vegas was unable to defeat "Dastardly" Danni Deeds in their third encounter, he would become the new ECCW Extreme Jobber champion! With his career prospects on the line, Vegas stepped up his game and was able to score the decisive win over Deeds, thus keeping away from the stigma of the Extreme Jobber title and sending the belt back into mothballs. After the contest, Vegas raised Deeds’ hand in a surprising show of sportsmanship! Could the two SLAM Academy standouts have forged a mutual bond of respect?

In other action from Surrey, "Untouchable" Jamie Diaz won the Four Way Frenzy over MANTHER, Tony Baroni and the debuting Davey Vega, and in the opening contest, the SLAM Academy‘s Red Money pinned Scott Steel.

ECCW returns to the Russian Community Centre in Vancouver this coming Saturday, March 4th! Two championship contests have already been signed, as Memphis will defend the NWA/ECCW Championship against Cole Bishop, and Nicole Matthews and Veronika Vice will square off in a SuperGirls street fight for the SuperGirls championship, with Sid Sylum banned from the building! In addition, the eight-man Extreme Rules Rumble will make its return, with the winner of the contest being the first competitor in the 2009 TLC match! Tickets for this event are on sale here on ECCW.com now!

For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:



Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,600 Fans

Yuji Nagata’s eyes are back on the IWGP Heavyweight Title and today’s main event result was his declaration of intent. Like at Sumo Hall recently, Nagata pinned upstart Hirooki Goto, this time while teaming with Tanahashi against Chono & Goto. Nagata promised to win the New Japan Cup and meet the winner of Tanahashi vs. Angle on 5/3 at the Fukuoka International Center. Nagata has a bone to pick with both Tanahashi and Angle, who he lost big matches to, dropping the IWGP belt to Tanahashi on 10/8/07 at Sumo Hall then falling short against Angle on 1/4/08 at the Tokyo Dome. RISE’s Shinsuke Nakamura and Milano Collection AT make their first advance on Pro Wrestling NOAH today and with Wataru Inoue, defeated the GBH trio of Makabe, Yano & Ishii today, Milano cradling Ishii in what is his biggest result in a while. Nakamura fully intends to follow up on his and Goto’s win over Misawa & Sugiura by leading Milano into enemy territory tomorrow and
winning. He promised to “engrave” Strong Style on the NOAH ring.

Former JJ Jacks tag partners, Takashi Iizuka and AKIRA, squared off in singles action today. AKIRA entered to the old JJ Jacks theme music and wore their jacket in what may have been an attempt to make Iizuka turn away from the dark side. Iizuka responded by trampling the jacket, beating AKIRA to a bloody pulp, and choking him out with a sleeper hold. Tomoaki Honma won a place in the New Japan Cup by pinning young lion Hirasawa today. Since they were fighting for the right to face Iizuka in the NJC, many suspected a Hirasawa upset here over Iizuka’s GBH cohort, but it wasn’t to be.

Akira Maeda looks set to return to forbidden territory – New Japan. New Japan announced that it will run a “NJPW Greatest Wrestlers” ceremony back at Korakuen on 3/6 for the 37th anniversary show. This sounds similar to WWE’s Hall of Fame concept and the four initiates will be Maeda, the late Black Cat, Kuniaki Kobayashi, and Katsuji Kai (a very old school NJ heel who joined Inoki in forming the company).

1. Ryusuke Taguchi beat Nobuo Yoshihashi (8:06) with a crab hold.
2. New Japan Cup Participant Match: Tomoaki Honma beat Mitsuhide Hirasawa (10:29) with a diving headbutt.
3. Jushin Thunder Liger & Koji Kanemoto beat Tiger Mask & Kazuchika Okada (11:17) when Kanemoto used an ankle hold on Okada.
4. Manabu Nakanishi & Taichi Ishikari beat Jado & Gedo (15:48) when Nakanishi used an Argentine backbreaker on Jado.
5. Takashi Iizuka beat AKIRA (12:38) by referee stop.
6. New Japan Cup Special 6 Man Tag Match: Shinsuke Nakamura, Wataru Inoue & Milano Collection AT beat Togi Makabe, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (14:48) when Milano used a jackknife hold on Ishii.
7. NEW DIMENSION Special Tag Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yuji Nagata beat Masahiro Chono & Hirooki Goto (16:27) when Nagata used a backdrop hold on Goto.


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