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This week on INSIDE THE BEHRENS BUBBLE, Bill Behrens continues telling stories, but this time the stories are not all fun, nor positive.  This week the stories involve drugs and alcohol and while some of the stories may be fun or funny, the greater and real point that is hopefully that drugs & alcohol do not belong in any pro wrestling locker-room.



                         NWA ANARCHY TV TAPING 3-21-09



                                ADRIAN HAWKINS  VS  MALACHI


                         DELAY & CHASE     VS       THE NEW WAVE


                       NWA ANARCHY TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH

                       TALENT & MONEY    VS     THE WILD BUNCH


                                     TYLER SMITH   VS   SLIM J


                                 NWA NATIONAL TITLE MATCH






                                           HARDCORE HELL

                          ACE ROCKWELL    SHADOW JACKSON   

                                  JEREMY VAIN w/MR. ADONIS            

                              ALAN FUNK                 JEFF LEWIS

                                      KIMO w/JEFF G BAILEY  




Plus:  Jerry Palmer, Don Matthews, Todd Sexton & more



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NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFloX
Episode 153
January 26, 2009

WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! As we countdown to Fright Night 2008, things are getting crazier in the NWA Arena. Last week, Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis aided Talent & Money to become the #1 contenders to the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions the New Wave. Also, a second entrant for the title shot at Season’s Beatings against NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg failed to emerge. NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer ordered a rematch for December 6 between Mikael Judas and Phil Shatter with no countout, no disqualification, Shadow Jackson as special guest referee and that there must be a winner. This week, as pumpkin pie and eggnog rumbles through the air, this Mega Rumble is special because the winner gets the choice of what title that he goes after, and NWA Anarchy Truitt Fields has issued a challenge to the Altar of Human Mutilation to a Clash of the Champions.

1. Austin Creed won a 16 man Mega Rumble to earn a title shot of his choosing in the future.
RULES: The fans are drawing the entries for this Mega Rumble. A person must go over the rope with both feet touching the ground to be eliminated.
NOTE: Somewhere in the mix, Konley was eliminated which is why there are only 14 eliminations listed instead of 15.
ENTRIES #1 & #2: Slim J and Bob E. Moore.
ENTRY #3: TK Kross.
ENTRY #4: “Brokeback” Billy Buck.
ENTRY #5: Hayden Young. Nice three way submission spot here: Buck applies a Boston crab on Slim while Slim applies the Roach Clip on Young. Young finally escapes and Buck relinquishes the hold.
ENTRY #6: Tyler Smith.
ELIMINATION #2: Buck by the Technicians.
ENTRY #7: “The Obsession” Kaleb Conley. Jerry Palmer joins us on commentary for the first time ever and rightfully to abuse his power.
ENTRY #8: “Boy Wonder” aka “the Lady’s Man” Seth Delay.
ENTRY #9: Ace Rockwell. Palmer talks about suspending Brody Ray Chase and Kimo, and NWA Anarchy not being a backyard promotion (like CREW or Bruiser Wrestling Federation.)
ENTRY #10: Adrian Hawkins.
ENTRY #11: Alan Funk making his NWA Anarchy debut. Johnson proclaims that Funk is “Funking up” ad Delay attempts to pummel him.
ELIMINATION #3: Delay by Funk.
ELIMINATION #4: Funk by a pair of heels including a member of the Technicians. Good showing by Funk.
<Commercial break>
ENTRY #12: Michael Mosley.
ENTRY #13: Chip Day.
We head to the corner with an 8-man Tower of Doom train wreck.
</Commercial break>
ENTRY #14: “The Only Guy Who Could Screw Up a Free Lunch” Jay Clinton.
ELIMINATION #5: Day by Clinton.
ENTRY #15: “Merciless” Don Matthews. Clinton calls for his mommy and receives the Lariat of DOOM~!
ELIMINATION #6: Clinton by Matthews. Mosley looks eye to eye with Matthews.
ELIMINATION #7: Mosley by Matthews via the BFK.
ELIMINATION #8: Matthews by the Technicians and Hawkins.
ENTRY #16: “Awesome” Austin Creed. The Awesome Attraction reunites to take frustrations out on the Technicians.
ELIMINATION #9: Young by Hawkins.
ELIMINATION #10: Hawkins falling over top rope when sending Hawkins to the flow.
ELIMINATION #11: Rockwell by Moore when he becomes distracted by “Agent/Attorney” Jeff G. Bailey.
ELIMINATIONS #12 & #13: The Technicians by Slim J & Creed.
ELIMINATION #14: Slim J by Creed. Slim J’s feet hit the ground first a split second before Creed’s when they fell to the floor.
Afterwards, Young & Slim celebrate with Creed.

– “The Master of Ceremonial Disaster” Greg Hunter heads out to interview NWA Anarchy Television Champion Truitt Fields. As usual, Hunter instigates another feud. Fields issues an open belt vs. belt challenge to NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Iceberg. Wilson heads out and calls Fields a dumb jock. Iceberg is still finishing his Thanksgiving dinner and offers up Azreal unless Fields is a chicken.

2. “0% Body Fat” Truitt Fields pinned “the Son of Satan” Azreal w/the Dragon” Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title.
Fields immediately assaults Azreal. Azreal quickly swings the momentum in his favor after ducking a corner charge and Fields posting his shoulder. Azreal brutalizes Fields for the next several minutes. Fields loses his balance on the top rope when Azreal shoves the referee into the ropes. Azreal follows up with a superplex. With a little over two minutes remaining, the champ makes his comeback. Wilson mounts the apron and slides the Staff of Righteousness to Azreal. Azreal tries to curse Fields’ lower extremities, but leaps right over it. Fields puts away a befuddled Azreal with the Killing Fields. Thus, Wilson is forced to retreat to the Compound to contemplate another strategy against Fields.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html



NWA Anarchy Excellence Camp:

On the weekend of March 20th – March 22nd, 2009 NWA Anarchy Wrestling will have the honor of hosting it’s first ever NWA Excellence Camp.This event will be a weekend long training session administered and taught by 40 year vet, and former NWA World Tag Team & Junior Heavyweight Champion, as well as major backstage influence, promoter and famed broadcaster (who’s known for his work with NWA Hall of Famers Gordon Solie & Bob Caudle, the legendary Lance Russell & WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross), the esteemed Les Thatcher. Les is a man who was fortunate enough to be right on the cusp of NWA territorial wrestling during it’s hottest period. He worked directly under men like Bill Watts, Eddie Graham and Ole Anderson, who are widely regarded as some of the greatest minds to have ever been associated with our sport. He had a direct influence on the development of Ricky Steamboat’s career and has helped train a great number of todays WWE, TNA and ROH stars as well as appearing as a featured guest on MTV’s “True Life: I want to be a pro wrestler”.

Wrestling experience is preferred, but not absolutely required to attend. If you choose to attend, and have no prior experience, you will absolutely learn something. Please be advised, however, that this is intended to be an advanced class for experienced independent wrestlers, managers, referees, announcers and support staff. This course is a project, designed by Les Thatcher, Ricky Steamboat & Harley Race to help indy wrestlers take their game to the next level. Do you ever wonder why you can’t get better bookings? Do you want to know what the big leagues are looking for? Do you want to understand why the stars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were so successful? This is your opportunity to find out first hand, from a highly respected 40 year veteran of our sport in the arena that helped launch the careers of AJ Styles, Abyss, Consequences Creed, R-Truth Killings, Ray Gordy, Phil Shatter and more, exactly what it is you may be missing.

The rate is now at full price, which is $100 for the whole weekend .That still breaks down to only just over $33.00 per day for a training experience that you can’t put a price-tag on. The camp will take place at the NWA Arena, which is located at 4236 Level Grove Rd in Cornelia, GA 30531. There is a variety of economic lodging and food within just one mile of the arena, and in partnership with our local Days Inn, we are offering exclusive discounted room rates. You can contact the Days Inn of Cornelia at 706-778-7700 for more details on room rates & availability.

– Day one will kick off at 6:30 PM EST on Friday March 20th with an open forum Q & A session with Mr. Thatcher and will last until all questions have been answered. Saturday and Sunday will feature, all day, in ring, training sessions as well as match critiques from Les. Also, NWA Anarchy will be hosting it’s regularly scheduled television taping at 8PM on Saturday Match 21st featuring the long awaited return of Les Thatcher to an NWA announce booth, and all guests of the camp will be offered free admission to the event with VIP seating, as well as limited access to the backstage and production areas of the arena.

– ALSO JUST ADDED!!! – NWA Anarchy officials and talent scouts are currently arranging a competition within the camp, where the top 4 outside prospects will compete for an opportunity to wrestle on NWA Anarchy TV.

There will only be a limited number of available spots to ensure that the training is as beneficial for everyone as possible, so act fast. You may reserve your spot with a small $25 down payment by personal check or money order payable to NWA Anarchy. Please mail to:

Mad Dawg Promotions LLC
PO Box 3
Clarkesville, GA 30523
For more info, contact us at nwaexcellence@gmail.com or by phone at 423-355-3914

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the true mastery of your craft!

Day 1: Friday, March 20th

6:00 PM – Arrival time.

6:30 PM – Open forum Q & A session. Mr. Thatcher will be conducting a unique question and answer session for participants. This is an open floor and while these traditionally go until around 10:00 PM,  Les will stay to answer all questions and no topic is off limits. 

Day 2: Saturday, March 21st

10:00 AM – Arrival time

10:30 AM – All day, in ring training session. Includes fitness, physical, and psychological training. This will consist of drills, practice matches and much more. Participants will train until around 5:30 or 6:00 PM. Those booked for the TV taping will be excused slightly early to prepare for the card.

8:00 PM – International television taping begins. All guests of the NWA excellence camp will be offered free admission to the event, limited backstage access to see how a TV taping works from the inside, as well as VIP seating. Les will be joining our broadcast team for selected bouts, and may even help out some in the backstage area.

Day 3 – Sunday, March 22nd

10:00 AM – Arrival time

10:30 AM – Same training schedule as Saturday. This will also include tape review with Les Thatcher who will pick apart the previous evenings show as he shows us what worked, what didn’t work and what we can do to make it work in the future. This will run until around 5:30 or 6:00 PM on Sunday evening.


The NWA Showcase tapings on 3/7-8 featured Puerto Rico/ex TNA/ex WWE Development star Apollo, NWA National Champion/NWA Anarchy star Phil Shatter, former WWE stars Cade & Murdich & Nunzio, NWA World Champion, Blue Demon, NWA North American Champion, Mike DiBiase, NWA World Tag Champions, The SkullChrushers, ROH & NWA stars Adam Pierce (ROH booker) and Brent Allbright (Former WWE) and more. 

Adam Pierce won a #1 contenders match for the NWA World Champion

Former WWE, Dave Lagana was again at the tapings as he was at the recent ROH tapings

NWA Showcase Results Saturday 3-7
Columbia Square Studios
Hollywood, CA

Human Tornado defeated Malachi Jackson

Sid Sylum & Kyle O’Rielly defeated Tommy Wilson & Chimaera

Apollo defeated Andrew Hellman

Young Bucks defeated Border Patrol

Phil Shatter defeated Tristan Gallo

Skull Krushers defeated Damon Divine & Fidel Fernandez

Dallas Maverick defeated Roger Ruiz

Blue Demon defeated Scott Lost

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock defeated Chris Kadillak & Golden Lion

Apollo defeated Hector Canales

Muscle Gang defeated Jeremy Jaeger

Adam Pearce defeated Willie Mack

The Sheik defeated Cassidy O’Brien

Mike DiBiase defeated Brent Albright

Muscle Gang defeated Anarkia

Terex defeated Tito Aquino

Young Bucks defeated Tristan Gallo & Cassidy O’Brien

Rasche Brown & Trevor Murdock fought to a No Contest

Scott Lost defeated Ryan Taylor by count out

NWA Showcase Results Sunday 3-8
Columbia Square Studios
Hollywood, CA

Cassidy O’Brien and Tristan Gallo b. Tito Aquino and Anarchia

Oliver John b. El Amante

Little Guido Maritato & Joey Ryan b. Kyle O’Reilly and Sid Sylum

Steve Madison b. Peter Goodman

Mike DiBiase b. Ninja Vigilante #4

Terex b. Jeremy Jaeger

Phil Shatter b. Dallas Maverick

Gran Apolo b. Tommy Wilson

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch b. The Skullkrushers in a non-title match

Ryan Taylor b. Espiritu Infernal

Adam Pearce b. Brent Albright in a #1 Contender’s Match for the NWA World title

Johnny Goodtime b. Chimaera

Blue Demon Jr. b. Vaquero Fantasma

Terex b. Roger Ruiz, Chris Kadillak & Fidel Fernandez

Andrew Hellman & Peter Goodman b. Willie Mack/LTP

Brent Albright b. Tommy Wilson

Oliver John b. Johnny Goodtime

The Sheik b. Steve Madison

Joey Ryan & Little Guido Maritato b. The Young Bucks

NWA CHARLOTTE 3-13-09 Report by Larry Goodman

Following three wildly successful shows, NWA Charlotte’s March 14 event, “Know Thy Enemy” came as a crushing disappointment.

Each of the previous shows had its own unique flavor. Their last show incorporated the some of the best elements of mid 90’s ECW. This one was like a bad episode of TNA. They utterly turned their backs on what had worked so well – giving fans a solid no nonsense wrestling show in the tradition of NWA Mid-Atlantic – in favor of a card filled with watered down sports entertainment, average main events, and a dearth of matches with any real substance.

There were times I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like an alien force had taken over the booker’s brain and decided to sabotage the show.

From a company that brands itself with the catch phrase “get ready to believe again,” this show offered little for their fans to believe in.

It was hopelessly overbooked. They used too many guys, misused guys, and otherwise wasted one of the most talented locker rooms in the Southeast (or as Jay Joyce likes to call it, the East Coast). Like TNA at its worst, they threw so much out there, much of it mediocre at best, that nothing stuck and the good stuff was lost in the shuffle.

The show drew NWA Charlotte’s largest crowd to date. I’m guessing 650 – doubly impressive considering that Highspots was running a show 15 miles away in Gastonia advertising appearances by Ric Flair, Midnight Express, Rock ‘n Roll Express and Buff Bagwell. To me, the crowd came across as being mildly entertained. This was a more contentious, smart-mouthed group than NWA Charlotte had drawn before and they were being antagonized. By no means as hot as the previous shows.

The showed opened with talk and talk and more talk. Between the recap video, a horrible opening segment and the mic work prior to the opening match, it went on for 20 minutes How that fits with a promotion honoring the tradition of Crockett’s NWA Mid-Atlantic is beyond me.

JD Costello came out with Chaotic Agony, back after being thrown off the roof of the stage by Ryan O’Reilly and Mikael Judas two weeks ago, and selling it half-assed. Costello said those thugs hurt his friends, and he was going to put a stop to it tonight. Time for THE DRAMATIC OPENING SCENE…Costello and company in the ring, O’Reilly and Judas on the ramp, Team Ego on the roof of the stage, and Jeff Lewis and his entourage on the stage. They had some difficulty getting it lit properly. O’Reilly was the spokesperson for this motley Main Event Mafia. Costello said he was going to play by his own damn rules and take them out. He reminded them he had deep pockets. It came across as pretty heelish especially given the current economic environment. Costello said play by the rules of the rules will destroy you. The entire segment came across as staged and fakey and bereft of true emotion. During all the blah, blah, blah, a fan summed up the crowd response quite nicely by yelling “Somebody hit somebody.”

(1) Zach Salvation beat Malachi and Ostgard in 5:30 to become the number one contender for the NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title

More talking. Salvation called himself a fool for what happened the last time (losing due to Malichi’s interference). Malachi told Salvation to step down and allow him to take his rightful place. The debuting Ostgard said he would KO the both of them. Costello made it a three-way to determine the number one contender for the brand new NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title. Solid three-way action with everyone getting a chance to shine. Salvation is over. Salvation took a crazy bump over the top. They did a picture perfect three way spot where Malachi had Salvation up for a vertical suplex and Ostgard took him down with a flying bodypress. Salvation did a quebradora on Malachi, then ducked Ostgard’s crossbody which turned into a splash on Malachi. Salvation Liger Bombed Ostgard into Malachi. Malachi and Ostgard brought Salvation off the top with a precarious looking tandem back suplex. Finish saw Ostgard nail Malachi with the knockout knee, but Salvation caught Ostgard with a TKO for the pin. This match worked as well as anything on the show. The crowd was pulling for Salvation and he came through.

Joyce announced that the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Blue Demon vs. Adam Pearce would take place on the May 23 show. It got zero reaction, and I mean nada.

Raven was interviewed by Lodi. Raven couldn’t why Lodi would involve him in the US Title tournament when he couldn’t make it on March 28 due to other commitments (obviously more important than the top prize in NWA Charlotte) Raven said he was a privileged character, so he could get by with asking Lodi into taking the tournament match on March 28 after he won tonight. Lodi said he was retired. Raven intimidated by spitting water in his face and the like until Lodi accepted.

(2) American Gangsters (Nicky & Frank with Crystal) beat Ace Rockwell & Chris Chance in 5:55

Gangsters are two big black dudes from CWA who weren’t into selling for two smallish white guys. Nicky is former ECW and WWE development wrestler Chilly Willy, who is clearly the driving force and better athlete of the two. Nicky destroyed Rockwell with power moves. Chance took the tag and got in like two blows before Gangsters cut him off. Finish was a Frank pinning Chance with a spear where he ran the ropes to build up momentum.

(3) Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) beat New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) in 6:25

I was dreading it when Walters started in on the mic. Thank God, he simply said the New Wave could beat Ego in a fair fight. Which they didn’t. Your babyfaces usually look like dorks when they make promises they can’t keep. New Wave got off to fast start with the double teams with Team Ego was bumping big for them and all was well. American Gangsters came out on the ramp to observe. Ego got heat on Walters. Not sure exactly why but it looked off kilter once Driver took the hot tag. New Wave hit the double chestcracker on Snapp and Adams saved. Adams gave Driver a hotshot to set up the pin by Snapp. Flat finish.

Joyce promised a tag team tournament down the road.

An unidentified Asian girl came out on the ramp with the evil Synn. We know he’s evil because he’s dressed in black and glares at the crowd. Behind them was a big dude covered by what appeared to be a potato sack. The Asian girl read a poem. It was mainly unintelligible due to the combination of mic feedback, her horrible delivery and the booing of the crowd. The gimmick sucked the last time and this segment sent this gothic nonsense to its grave.

(4) Josh Magnum beat “The Warhawk” Dylan Kage in 8:45

They were put in a position to send the crowd into the break on a high note. It was a good match but not at the level of the electrifying opener Magnum had with Salvation two weeks ago. Kage beat Joey Silvia in a good match on the first NWA Charlotte show. Kage took over with a combination of high impact moves and strikes. As he dished out punishment, his eyes bulged out and he was emitting a strange war cry. Pretty weird – something like Lou Reed as a bird of prey. Magnum ducked Kage’s finisher, the Kevork Kick, and decked him with a flying roundhouse kick of his own, then did his 450 splash for the pin, but didn’t hit it clean.

Postmatch: Malachi wasted Magnum with a chairshot. It was a replay of the skull spliter four weeks ago. Malachi made Magnum a stationary target for Kage’s Kevork Kick (a spinning superkick). Quite the menagerie in there with Malachi slithering like a serpent and Kage all puffed up.

(5) Krissy Vaine pinned Daffney in 9:05 with the help of outside interference

Impressive pop for Daffney. Match had pretty good heat. Vaine was looking way too good for the guys in the crowd to hate on her. When they traded hold, it was obvious that these women were well trained. Daffney got a single leg crab but Vaine made the ropes. Vaine used a sitout facebuster for a near fall and applied the camel clutch. Several near falls here but she couldn’t put Daffney away. Daffney hit an enzugiri but Vaine was in the ropes again. Daffney had Vaine in big trouble after a running hip to the mush and a middle rope elbow drop. A blonde (identify unknown) grabbed Daffney’s leg to provide distraction and Vaine got the pin. Another newcomer, Jayme Jameson attacked the unidentified girl.

Out of nowhere, Kimo gave Daffney and Jameson a double spear. Attorney Jeff G. Bailey did a promo talking about how no man, woman or snot-nosed child was going to be safe from Kimo’s wrath due to his utter indifference to human life. This was cut off by a female voice from the back.

The voice was that of Susan Green, who was announced as the commissioner of the new NWA Women’s Division. Green suggested the “snip it” treatment for Kimo like they did to the bulls back in Texas. Mind boggling. They invested three shows in getting Kimo over as a mysterious assassin from the Orient, and then they put him out there like an afterthought in the middle of a women’s segment.

They showed this great video on Peggy Banner and Johnny Weaver explaining their significance in wrestling history, particularly Banner’s leadership role in women’s wrestling. Green introduced the daughter of Banner and Weaver, Wendy Weaver. This segment broke through the prevailing cynicism of the crowd because it had the heart and soul sorely lacking from a lot of this show.

Joyce announced that the NWA Charlotte Women’s Title would be called the NWA Women’s Banner Championship. Along with the cruiserweight title announced earlier, that makes four singles titles in NWA Charlotte.

(6) Jeff Lewis beat Brad Anderson in 11:17

Anderson honored the family by hanging a pair of Minnesota wrestling boots over the ringpost. This was real throwback. It would have made a good opener as far as legitimizing fundamental wrestling moves. Lewis stalled. Anderson started methodically working on his shoulder. Anderson missed charging in and smacked his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Lewis zeroed in on Anderson’s shoulder. Ref Josh Cash caught Lewis cheating. Anderson made the comeback filled with family signatures – the gordbuster, the spinebuster and the hammerlock slam. Shatter (who sold the title to Lewis at the last show) came out to provide distraction and Lewis clocked Anderson with the boots for the 1-2-3.

Anderson said Lewis was messing with the family. He promised to have a family member in his corner next time. They repeated the deal from last time where they played Flair’s music and Lewis gets all freaked out, except they never got the music up loud enough to make it work.

Joyce announced Anderson & his special guest vs. Lewis & a partner of his choosing for March 28 with Lewis’ Heritage title also on the line for some unknown reason.

(7) Ryan O’Reilly won a three way no DQ match over Timber and Truitt Fields by pinning Timber (6:05), where O’Reilly and Fields both advanced in the US Title tournament

Timber placed his barbed wire ax handle in the corner. Another big pop for Fields. Timber suggested that Fields join him in doubling up on O’Reilly. He did. They beat on O’Reilly until he bailed out. O’Reilly pulled the ropes down to dump both of them. While O’Reilly was working over Fields, Judas came out to soften Timber up. Fields ignored fans calling for him to go for the ax handle. O’Reilly nearly killed Fields with a high boot. O’Reilly was just fine with using the ax handle on Timber. O’Reilly reared back for a second shot, and Fields snatched it away. Fields teased taking batting practice with O’Reilly’s head. Seeing Fields with the ax handle, Timber thought he had done the deed. Timber spinebustered Fields and followed with a moonsault. O’Reilly stepped in with a full nelson slam to pin Timber. It was OK.

(8) Raven pinned Phil Shatter to advance in the US Title tournament in 7:01

This was about as expected with Raven in a singles match. Shatter vs. Fields had the potential to tear the house down. Raven introed himself at 261 as the lean, shredded, mean, muscle mass. Costello said there would be no interference. He tossed referee Tim Smith due to his suspect work in previous matches and brought out Tim’s dad, the legendary Tommy Young. The action quickly spilled to ringside. Raven loudly tossed Shatter into the ringsteps a few times. Shatter returned the favor. Shatter konked Raven with one of those hard plastic parking cones. Raven tried to keep Shatter out of the ring, and they teased a count out finish. Shatter brought a chair in. I guess this was no DQ as well. Shatter gave Raven two drop toeholds onto the chair. He tried to make it three, but Raven avoided it, fired the chair into Shatter’s face and pinned him with the Evenflo. The execution of the finish made this match a whole lot better.

Postmatch: Raven said it was an honor to have Young as a referee because he was a legend, BUT this wasn’t 1982. Raven called Young an old man. Young shoved Raven down. Raven gave Young a series of shoulder blocks and was kicking the crap out of him until Shatter stepped in. It was another swerve, as Shatter decked Young.

Costello was enraged. He called out the heels – Judas, Shatter, O’Reilly, Lewis, Malachi, Ostgard and Team Ego were all out there. Costello reminded them of his deep pockets and his resolve to to restore law and order. Costello announced that he was bringing in Abdullah the Butcher on March 28. Somebody was going to bleed but he was keeping the identity of Abby’s victim a secret until then. AND he was bringing in Jim Cornette on April 11. Both of those announcements got pretty big pops, especially Cornette. The crowd they had last night will not take kindly to Abby as a major attraction. He was in really rough shape last summer at the NWA show in Atlanta. We’re talking about a 70 some year old man that can no longer get in the ring.

NOTES: So far for 3/28: The semifinals of the US Title tournament with Shatter, O’Reilly, Fields and Lodi as Raven’s stand in, Abdullah vs. ?, Anderson & ? vs. Lewis & ?…Joyce handled all of the announcing duties because Eddie Rich was booked for an AWA show in Royston, Ga…Episodes 1 and 2 of NWA Charlotte Unleashed are online at digitaltuxedo.com.

NWA Mid-Atlantic
March 14, 2009
National Guard Armory
Gastonia, NC

1. “High Flying” Chris Hamrick defeated Donnie Dollar$ to retain his Hardcore Title.

2. Amber O’Neal defeated Persephone.

3. Andru Bane defeated JW Boss.

4. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton defeated Trooper Jeff Justice.

5. Ricky Morton and Reid Flair, with “The Naitch” in their corner, defeated Buff Bagwell and Rikki Nelson.

For more information on NWA Mid-Atlantic, go to:


The NWA Main Event television is now available on our web site www.nwame.com Each web the current TV show will be made available on the site.  This weeks show is part of the Princeton, Kentucky event where over 1300 fans were in attendance. 


Yours in Sports!


Mike Porter
National Wrestling Alliance



NWA Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
March 7, 2009
Russian Community Center
Vancouver, BC

Tony Baroni and Jamie Diaz defeated BJ and Alex Plexis.

After the match, BJ and Scott Steel demanded to not be a dark match anymore, and were run off by Cremator and Moondog Manson.

Chill Town ejected Nicole Matthews from the group with Azeem superkicking her, but there’s more to the story..

“Superfly” Dan Myers defeated Brandon Van Danielson to qualify for the 2009 Pacific Cup tournament

“Southern Comfort” Ray Brooks and Mikey D went to a no contest when Mikey D refused to wrestle Brooks, then attacked him when the match was called off

“Ravenous” Randy Myers defeated Chucky Blaze to qualify for the 2009 Pacific Cup tournament

Scotty Mac defeated Tony Tisoy to retain the NWA Canadian heavyweight title;

NWA Representative Mike Sweetser announced that Scotty Mac, Memphis and the winner of the Extreme Rules Rumble would compete in TLC4 for Memphis’ NWA/ECCW Championship

Veronika Vice defeated Nicole Matthews in the SuperGirls Street Fight to retain the SuperGirls championship, thanks to interference from Pop Culture

Memphis defeated Cole Bishop to retain the NWA/ECCW Championship

Kenny Lush won the Extreme Rules Rumble to qualify for TLC4, last eliminating Dropkick Murphy thanks to errant interference from The Natural. After the match, Lush asked Nicole to be his girlfriend, and Nicole said yes!

For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:



NWA Indiana
March 8, 2009
Lafayette Theater
Lafayette, IN

Here are the results from the NWA Indiana show in downtown Lafayette at the Lafayette Theater in Lafayette, Indiana in front of 159 fans.

Johnny Motley defeated Billy Bart

Rob Ramer defeated The Wildthing

Shawn Cook & Flash Flannigan defeated Louis Lyndon & Brian Skyline

Justin Andrews defeated Jack Verville

Kenny Courageous & Devon Fury defeated Guy Lombardo & Marc Houston in a no DQ belts on a pole match in the main event to regain the NWA Indiana Heritage tag team titles.

Jerry “The King” Lawler makes his debut on Sunday, August 9th

NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette on Friday April 3rd with a bell time of 7:30.

For more information log onto www.thenwaindiana.com

For information on the National Wrestling Alliance log onto www.nwawrestling.com



NWA On Fire
March 13, 2009
Abraham Clark HS
Roselle, NJ

Coralluzzo’s crew returns and takes a bite out of the Franchise

The NWA returned to Roselle last night at Abraham Clark high school.

Over 300 fans turned out to witness the return to the ring of Shane Douglas . The fans were treated to a fantastic night of old school wrestling with a twist.

The first match of the night featured the Playas club taking on Dirty Don Montoya , Shawn Reynolds , and Bandido Jr. Playas Club cheated just enough to get the win.

Brooke Carter took on Roxi Cotton in a woman’s match up. The lovely Brooke Carter came out on top much to the fans delight.

Danny Demanto took on the Letterman in match #3 and this one was a hard hitting in your face match up with the Demanto coming out on top.

The lighting fast El Gato took on the 300 pound Man baby Bay Hugie in the 4th match of the night and El Gato despite being out weighed by over 150 pounds was able to get the win .

Danny Inferno was up next taking on Josh Daniels. This was when the show went to the next level. These two NJ standouts battled tooth and nail for over 25 minutes before Inferno was able to score the pin fall victor.

Devon “crowbar “ Storm VS Dangerous Danny Doring. This match was held under ECW rules and they just simply beat the heck out of each other. The match had a fantastic finish as Devon Suplexed Doring with a chair under him and bridged to gain the pin.

The Franchise Shane Douglas makes his return to the ring taking on Little Guido

This was the first match up in over 5 years for Shane and he wasted no time letting the fans know he had no respect for them nor did he care if they cheered for him. The fans were all behind Little Guido and this match up went back and forth till a belly to belly ended it and Shane had his hand raised. After the match Shane raised Guido’s hand and began to give credit were it was due and apologized to the fans for his actions in the ring over the years. Shane then turns to Ricky O and begins to apologize for throwing the NWA belt in the garbage 15 years ago and how he has regretted it since. Ricky O then looks to the entrance way and points to the doors. Out of the doors comes Danny Inferno, Dave Greco, and Don Montoya. The 3 man walked directly towards Shane who jumped back into the ring and tried to avoid contact. Don Montoya grabbed the Mic and began to address Shane first by saying they weren’t there to fight but rather let him know how he ruined their careers. . Don began by explaining that not only did he throw a belt in the garbage but he threw the entire NWA locker room in there also. How by killing the NWA he killed a lot of careers and hard work to make the NWA/ECW relationship work. Shane again tried to say he was sorry when Danny Inferno Said this one is for Coralluzzo and blasted Shane with a right hand that sent the former world champion to the canvas. Greco and Montoya joined in and the beating was on. Former ECW stable mates Danny Doring and Little Guido hit the ring and made the save as the show ended.

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“Chainsaw Cup 2009” Results
3/14/09 –
Roscommon CRAF Center
Roscommon, MI

Opening Round Match
Christin Able def. Jonny Lawless

Opening Round Match
Vin Gerard def. “Old Timer” Jeff King after Adam Renolds caused a Distraction.

Opening Round Match
“Mr. No Limits” Bryan Skyline def. Frightmare

Opening Round Match
Hydra def. “All Nite” Adam Renolds
*After the match Mild Mannered Matt came out interviewed Adam Renolds, Renolds trash talked “Old Timer” Jeff King and started to attack Mild Mannered Matt, until King made the save and challenged Renolds to a match May 16th at Battle Ground!

Grudge Match
MCPW Commissioner Mikey Zeroe def. Gary the Freak via DQ when James Dillinger ran in and attacked Zeroe.
Both members of “The Freakin’ Family” assulted Mikey Zeroe outside the ring until they took the fight outside and locked Zeroe in the trunk of a car and drove off.

Tag Team Attraction Match
Main Street Youth (Scotty Young & Jake Omen) def. The CHIKARA Tag Team Champions, The Orisian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) in a Special Attraction Tag Team Match.

Main Event – Chainsaw Cup Championship
Christin Able def. Vin Gerard, Hydra, and “Mr. No Limits” Bryan Skyline to become the 1st Ever Chainsaw Cup Champion!

For more information on MCPW, go to:

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NWA Pro/ Empire Wrestling Federation
March 8, 2009
Knights of Columbus
Covina, CA

Black Metal, Roger Ruiz & Jeremy Jaeger wrestled Vizzion, Cyanide & Vintage Dragon to a double countout

Liger Rivera pinned “Mighty” Mike Mountain

“Zero Gravity” Chris Kadillak pinned Freddy Bravo

Cyanide defeated “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger

Vizzion pinned Roger Ruiz

Black Metal defeated Vintage Dragon by referee stoppage

NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr pinned NWA Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor to retain his title

For more information on EWF, go to:

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NWA/Force One has announced a very exciting series of matches for their “Final Conflict” show that will take place on March 21st at Spontaneous Sports in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

The Heavyweight Championship changed hands in Barnegat, NJ in February, when surprise challenger & former WWE star Stevie Richards defeated Danny Doring, in a match called “down the middle” by Doring’s former personal referee Spanky 123. Earlier in the evening, Danny Gimondo defeated Judas Young, and was promised a title shot by co-commissioner Phil Varlese. Evidently Tommy Cairo wasn’t very pleased with Gimondo being in the title mix, and has overridden Varlese’s decision to let Gimondo work one on one against Richards. On March 21st, Stevie Richards will defend his newly won NWA/Force One title against not only Danny Gimondo, but former champions White Lotus & Danny Doring in a 4 way match! This doesn’t make Gimondo very happy, but Lotus & Doring are thrilled with the opportunity to regain the belt.

Johnny Calzone teamed with Nicky Benz at the last show, and surprised both Breaker Morant, and White Lotus with a victory. After the match, words were exchanged, and a shoving match ensued between Morant & Lotus. A match has been ordered between Morant & Calzone on the 21st.

The punk from Soho, Judas Young, will take on the enforcer of the Million Dollar Stable, and former Iron League Champion, Patch, who will surely have Millionaire Ted Jr. in his corner. That usually means outside interference from the stable. Perhaps the Boardwalk Brawlers can keep an eye on Ted that evening, since they are accompanying Judas to ringside.

The Latin Cliq took on the Million Dollar Stable at the last show, and Commissioner Varlese decided to make it interesting by putting Junior Heavyweight Champion Ryu Lee’s title on the line in the tag match. Ryu’s former partner Razor Rivera shocked the crowd by pinning Lee, and was announced as the new champion. Co-commissioner Tommy Cairo, however, ruled that Rivera was not a Junior Heavyweight, but acknowledged that Lee was defeated, so he was stripped of the belt. As a result, there will be a 5 man elimination to determine the next NWA/Force One Junior title holder. The entrants to this match include Ryu Lee, Kevin Cunningham, Chiki Cortes, “The Hybrid” Josh Adams, and former champion RV1. This is going to be fast paced, so don’t blink!

It appears that The Repeat Offenders have again teamed up with the Millionaire Ted Jr., as they are teaming with Big Bear Borselli to take on Latin Cliq members Panther and Razor Rivera, and Ted Jr’s former buddy The Rockin Rebel, who has yet to make Ted pay for the beatings he’s recently taken at Ted’s directive.

Newly crowned Iron League Champion Diego DeMarco will defend his title against #1 contender “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz. Stipulations for this title defense will be announced prior to the match on the evening of the show.

It appears that Ted Jr. is also “testing” his new find, Luscious LaRon, as he will face Million Dollar Stablemate Jason Gotti. From what we hear, Ted has said that the loser will have to leave the stable. While Ted has yet to state his reasons for this match, he’s been known to have a motive every time he stirs the pot in his stable.

Also appearing that evening: Bodyguard Angel, “The Ultimate Stud” Jimmy Clydesadale, The Boardwalk Brawlers of the Jersey Shore Roller League, Commissioners Tommy Cairo & Phil Varlese, referees Spanky 123, Fred Richards, and Mike Walker, Anthony Graves, commentators John Solo and EJ, Andy J, and the staff and students of NWA/Force One Pro Wrestling.

Doors open at 6:30, with a 7:30 pm bell time. Tickets are only $12, and are available at the door, or by calling 732-604-9927.

For more information visit, www.ForceOneProWrestling.com




NWA Texas champion breaks leg;
out for 11th Anniversary Show
   DALLAS –  NWA Southwest commissioner Ken Taylor has been notified by 375-pound Texas Heavyweight champion MIchael “The Largeador” Faith that he broke his leg on  Wednesday and will be out of action 8-10 weeks minimum. He will not be able to defend his title as contracted on the 11th Anniversary Show Spectacular on March 21st..
   This was suppose to have been be an historical Heavyweight title match booked as the NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight champion versus the Texas Heavyweight champion, which has never happen before, but that now will be at another time and place.  

   NWA commissioner Ken Taylor has declared there would still be a Texas title match as advertised, and stripped Faith of the title today (March 14) due to the injury and declared that a new champion would emerge on March 21. He added that Faith would get an opportunity upon his 100% return to the ring to get a shot to win his title back.

   Taylor said the problem was finding an opponent worthy enough to replace Faith in this match.  The first place Taylor started was contacting the most recent former Texas champions to give them a shot at a repeat title. But, since the card already had four former Texas champions booked in other matches it was a challenge. Taylor was able to persuade former  07′ champion 303-pound Seth Korbin to get out of another booking for another shot at the Texas title again.


NWA Southwest/ WOW
March 13, 2009
VPW Post 8905
Cypress, TX

Steve O vs Jasper Davis ( Steve O’s Wrestling Debut )
Winner: Jasper Davis

Fair Kitty vs Claudia Del Solis(c) (Special Referee Darci )
Winner: Claudia Del Solis

B.B. Brown vs Crash (Our Friends From Dallas )
Winner: Crash

Mysterious Q vs Russian Destroyer
Winner: Russian Destroyer

WOW Cruiserweight Title Match
Triple Threat Match
Golden Prince(c) vs Silky Baines vs Jasper Davis
Winner: Jasper Davis

Chris vs Vinny (WOW Officials Take It To The Mat )
Winner: Chris

For the Vacant NWA SW/ WOW Texas Heavyweight Title
Suicide Messiah vs Alucard
Winner: Alucard

Non-Title Match
Galan Ramirez(c) vs Shawn Daivari (TNA Superstar)
Winner: Shawn Daivari
– Galan Ramirez remains the NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Champ

NWA SW/ WOW Heavyweight Title Match
Seth Korbin vs Mr Destiny(c)
With Mr. Destiny out of action. Commissioner Jim Dickson said that it was o. k. that Chaz Taylor defend the Title and Winner Take All!!!
Winner: and new NWA SW/ WOW Heavyweight Champ Seth Korbin

For more information on WOW, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



NWA Southwest/ PWF
March 14, 2009
PWF Wrestleplex
Amarillo, TX

Match one: Survival match included “The Southern Pitbull” Rufus Lee Wilkins, Biohaxxxard, Wolf, Joey “The Mastiff” Armstrong, Recycler
Winner: Southern Pitbull

Match two: “.50 Caliber Sex Pistol” Cody Jones vs. Bonez
Winner: Cody Jones

Match three: “Dirty” Dice Murdock vs. Chad Thomas
Winner: Chad Thomas

Match four: Hair Match & NWA SW/ PWF Texas Panhandle Title Match
“Sexy” Shawn Sanders [c] vs. “The Natural” Shawn Mills
Winner: Shawn Sanders

Match five: “Showcase” Shance Williams vs. “The Hooligan” Austin Riley
Round one in three-part series for NWA-SW/PWF Brass Knuckles Championship
Winner: Austin Riley

Match six: NWA SW/ PWF Heavyweight Title Match
“The Legacy” Mike DiBiase [c] vs. Mark Wilson
Winner: Mark Wilson
– Mark Wilson is also the NWA SW/ PWF Heritage Heavyweight Champion.

For more information on PWF, go to:

For more information on NWA Southwest, go to:



NWA-SW Rankings

March 16, 2009



(MIchael Faith broke his leg and was stripped of his title)


1. Michael Faith

2. Kevin Northcutt

3.Spoiler 2000

4.Brent Albright

5.Lance Cade

6.Chaz Taylor

6.Ben Galvan

7.Seth Korbin

8. Tejas

9. Shawn Mills

10. Prince Al Farat




1.Cody Jones

2. Cyclone

3. Ky-ote

4.Gabe The Babe

5.Austin Riley

6.Andy Dalton

7.Goldenboi Zamora

8. Jasper Davis

9. Mysterious Q

10. Mark Wilson



1.Team Texas

2.Canadian Sex Pistols

3. Double Trouble

4. Texas Treats

5.Team XL




NWA Oklahoma Results
March 13, 2009
Chickasaw Nation Community Center
Ada, OK

(Attendance 329)

1- “Hellacious” Javi Hernandez def. Scott Mo’ Body

2- Montego Seeka def. MRK “Masked Renegade Kowboy”

3- “Nephew of Jay, Mark and Chris Youngblood” Ricky Youngblood def. Son of “Mr. Ebony” Tom Jones, “.50 Sex Pistol” Cody Jones

4- Thug Nasty vs. Wage Rieghton went to a Double Countout

5- “Revolution” (“Sensational” Seth Allen & “The Great” Dane Griffin) def. Blake Albright & Grandson of Leroy McGuirk, Max McGuirk

6- NWA-OK Tag Team Champions, “High Society” (Prince Al Farat & Thomas Trump) def. “Native Pride” (Ky-ote Joe & Kunna Keyoh) by reverse decision

For more information on NWA Oklahoma, go to:




NWA Impact Zone Wrestling and World Pro Wrestling
March 7, 2009
Sky City Casino
Acoma, NM

Saber Cat pinned Hawaiian Lion John Williams

Ladies Triple Threat Match
Morgan defeated Lady Dragon and Erica D’Erico

Nathan Sin pinned Awesome Andy

The Navajo Warrior defeated The Clown by DQ

The Honky Tonk Man Vs Jerry Grey ended in a no contest

For more information on NWA IZW, go to:


NWA Impact Zone Wrestling results
March 10, 2009
The Sets
Tempe, AZ

“Feature Presentation” Jay Garland pinned Nick The Fury
DeMichael with the Special Feature.

In the semi-finals of the IZW Invitational tournament,
Sergio Vega defeated Miracle Mike James to advance to the finals.

The Midnight Bullrider beat Tyson Tyler.

Self-proclaimed IZW Women’s champion Erica D’Erico apparently beat Morgan by forfeit to retain.

In the second round of the IZW Invitational tournament,
Marty Murphy pinned Jacob The Riot Herzberg with the TKO.

After the match, IZW Impulse champion Ryan Lynch
started the semi-final round match, which Murphy won by
DQ after Nick DeMichael interfered.

In the main event, G. Q. Gallo beat Derick Neikirk in a TLC
to reclaim the NWA Arizona and IZW Heavyweight championship belts.

For more information on NWA IZW, go to:



NJPW, 3/14/09
Kuki City Gymnasium
1,400 Fans
– No Vacancy

1. Taichi Ishikari beat Nobuo Yoshihashi (10:08) with a crab hold.
2. Black Tiger & Jado beat Tiger Mask & Prince Devitt (11:17) when Black Tiger used a tombstone piledriver on Devitt.
3. Toru Yano & Takashi Iizuka beat Yuji Nagata & Ryusuke Taguchi (12:21) when Iizuka used a Jigoku Tsuki on Taguchi.
4. Masahiro Chono & Jushin Thunder Liger beat Manabu Nakanishi & Kazuchika Okada (10:14) when Chono used a Shining Yakuza kick on Okada.
5. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Milano Collection AT beat Giant Bernard, Val Venis & Karl Anderson (16:05) when Nakamura used a flying cross armbreaker on Anderson.
6. New Japan Cup Special 6 Man Tag Match ~ Soul of KUKI: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Wataru Inoue & Koji Kanemoto beat Togi Makabe, Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma (16:28) when Tanahashi used the High Fly Flow on Honma.


NJPW, 3/15/09 (SXW)
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,800 Fans

1. Ryusuke Taguchi & Prince Devitt beat Jushin Thunder Liger & Kazuchika Okada (9:49) when Devitt pinned Okada after a Dodon & Prince’s Throne combination.
2. Toru Yano, Black Tiger, Jado & Tomoaki Honma beat Super Strong Machine, Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto & Taichi Ishikari (11:39) when Black Tiger used a tombstone piledriver on Ishikari.
3. New Japan Cup – Round 2: Giant Bernard beat Milano Collection AT (9:13) with the Bernard Driver.
4. New Japan Cup – Round 2: Yutaka Yoshie beat Tomohiro Ishii (13:38) with a diving body press.
5. New Japan Cup – Round 2: Yuji Nagata beat Takashi Iizuka (14:49) by DQ.
6. New Japan Cup Special 6 Man Tag Match ~ Soul of KORAKUEN: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Manabu Nakanishi & Wataru Inoue beat Togi Makabe, Val Venis & Karl Anderson (13:53) when Nakanishi used an Argentine backbreaker on Anderson.
7. New Japan Cup – Round 2: Hirooki Goto beat Shinsuke Nakamura (19:00) with a lariat.

NJPW, 3/22/09 (Samurai! TV)
Amagasaki Memorial Park Gymnasium

1. New Japan Cup – Semi Final: Giant Bernard vs. Yutaka Yoshie
2. New Japan Cup – Semi Final: Yuji Nagata vs. Hirooki Goto
3. New Japan Cup – Final:







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