WWE RAW Results – March 16, 2009

Matt Boone

WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009WWE RAW Results - March 16, 2009Very detailed, exclusive results of the March 16th edition of WWE RAW!

WWE RAW Results
March 16, 2009
Written by: Matt Boone

A video replay is shown of the triple-threat World title match being signed for WrestleMania 25.

John Cena vs. Edge is announced for tonight with Vicky Guerrero as special guest referee.

Also tonight will be an update of Triple H’s situation after attacking Randy Orton at his house last week.

Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair is announced for tonight.

HBK’s music sounds and he’s making his way to the ring. Undertaker’s music hits and he’s coming out. Out next is JBL and Vladimir Kozlov.

Shawn Michaels & Undertaker vs. JBL & Vladimir Kozlov

HBK and Kozlov will start the action. The two hook-up and Kozlov throws HBK to the mat. HBK goes at Kozlov hard, but Kozlov picks HBK up. He slides down the back and tags in The Undertaker. Undertaker comes in and gives Kozlov the big boot. Undertaker clotheslines Kozlov over the top rope and to the outside. We go to commercial break. We return and Undertaker tags HBK in and it’s now HBK with a beaten up JBL. HBK with an atomic drop and a bodyslam. HBK goes to the top rope and drops the big elbow. HBK is warming up the Sweet Chin Music. Kozlov distracts HBK and JBL nails HBK with a big boot. JBL tags in Kozlov. Kozlov headbutts HBK to the chest and nails a belly-to-belly suplex. Kozlov takes HBK into the corner and tags in JBL. JBL with a short-arm clothesline and a pin attempt – but only gets two. JBL tags in Kozlov. JBL holds HBK and Kozlov gets a few free punches in. Kozlov applies a bearhug to HBK. HBK eventually punches his way out and lands a few chops. Kozlov tries for a chokeslam but HBK nails a big counter. Both guys are looking for the tag. Both Undertaker and JBL get the tag and Undertaker is leveling both JBL and Kozlov. Undertaker is landing Old School on JBL. He goes over and punches Kozlov off the apron. Undertaker whips JBL into the corner and hits a bodyslam. Undertaker with a big leg-drop. Undertaker holds his hand out to set up the chokeslam, but HBK tags Undertaker’s out-stretched hand and lands Sweet Chin Music and gets the pinfall and victory. Undertaker is pissed and following HBK up the ramp. HBK sees ‘Taker coming and runs off. Undertaker’s music hits. HBK comes back out from nowhere and lands Sweet Chin Music. He leaves.

Winners: Undertaker & Shawn Michaels

Backstage – Edge and Vicky Guerrero

We go backstage to Vicky Guerrero crying to Edge. Edge says for her to stop and that he’s had a week to think about something he wants to tell her. He says he forgives her. She argues with him. Edge says she needs to realize that The Big Show is using her and that she is falling for it. He calls Big Show a home-wreaker and says he’ll make him pay. Edge says what he and Vicky have is real. Edge says Big Show isn’t the big problem, John Cena is. He says he tried to humiliate her. She says that’s why tonight she wants him to take Cena apart. If Cena lays one finger on Vicky tonight, he’s out of his match at WrestleMaina. Edge tells Vicky no one can take away what they have. Vicky says she hopes Edge wins at WrestleMania. They kiss and hug as the segment ends with Edge showing a devious smile.

A video package is shown of Randy Orton from last week. 

Michael Cole says Triple H will have a match one-on-one with Cody Rhodes from the "Legacy" faction tonight.

Randy Orton Interview

Orton and Legacy is backstage with Todd Grisham. Orton says HHH is a homicial maniac. He says he terrorized the neighborhood and traumatized his wife. He says HHH was charged with trespassing, breaking and entering and assault with a deadly weapon. He says he could have him locked up for a long time. Orton says he won’t get his revenge that way. He says the law won’t take their toll on him, Orton will get his payback on Triple H at WrestleMania. He says he’ll pass sentence on HHH at ‘Mania when he becomes WWE champion.

Layla, Jillian Hall & Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly, Mickie James & Melina

All six Divas are in the ring. Santino Marella is on announcing with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are starting off the match. Beth stomping on Mickie’s face Beth retaliates with a kick to the face and a knock down. Beth puts Mickie in a headlock; Mickie rolls out. Bounce right into the shoulder block by Beth. Mickie tagged in Melina with moments to spare. Landing with a drop kick and a pin… kick out. Beth throws Melina into the ropes. Pin fall with Mickie James interruption. Mickie battles  Layla, Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix on the outside. Melina gets the roll out for the victory.

Winners: Kelly Kelly, Mickie James & Melina

A video trailer is shown for John Cena’s new movie. A reminder for tonight’s Cena vs. Edge bout is shown.

Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes 

Triple H’s music hits as Triple H walks to the ring. Next Cody Rhodes music hits as Rhodes walks to the ring meeting face to face with WWE Champion HHH. Bell sounds. Match begins. Randy Orton comes out with Legacy member Ted DiBiase standing there. HHH throws Rhodes out the ring and into the stairs. HHH throws Rhodes on the announcer’s table as Orton and DiBiase slowly come to the ring. HHH goes into the ring with a sledge hammer waiting. HHH gets the pedigree on Rhodes and picks the hammer back up. HHH waves down a steel cage coming out of the ceiling. Orton and Dibiase are rushed back up the ramp as HHH chases with the sledge hammer. Rhodes is stuck in the cage with HHH sliding in just in time with Orton stuck on the outside. Padlocking the steel chain HHH drops the sledge hammer and the match is re-started by the ref. Orton tries to climb the cage but HHH throws Rhodes into him and once again to DiBiase knocking them both to the ground outside of the cage continuously keeping both out of the cage. HHH taunting Orton who is still on the outside of the ring as DiBiase tries to sneak in the cage; HHH knocks DiBiase down once again to the ground. Points to Orton says ‘this is going to be you’ and hits Rhodes with the sledge hammer. Three count, HHH wins. Orton looks discouraged. HHH picks up the sledge hammer and taunts Orton once again. HHH sits at the top of the cage pointing to Orton.

Winner: Triple H

Limo pulls up and the one and only Nature Boy steps out. Will Ric Flair come out of retirement one night only to fight Chris Jericho.

Ray Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Mysterio comes to the ring with Ziggler already waiting on him. Bell rings. Ziggler reaches out for a hand shake as Mysterio walks to his corner. Ziggler body slams Mysterio with several stomps to the chest and a very close two count with a kick out and once again with another kick out. Ziggler kicked in the face as Mysterio gets back to his feet. Ziggler slammed into the far right post as he tries to stagger to his feet…  Mysterio hits a 619. Mysterio pins 1, 2, 3 and the victory.

Winner: Ray Mysterio

Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

Jericho’s music chimes as he walks to the ring waiting in anticipation to see if Flair will be coming to the ring. A short pause with Jericho picking up a mic. Jericho taunting Flair "lets be honest Flair, you’ve been waiting to come out of retirement for a year and tonight I am giving you that chance" continuing "you are a coward, you are a joke, a pathetic hasbeen" as the crowd yells in unison "you suck!". Jericho asking Flair to come to the ring. "This is your chance Flair, take it. Take your chance, NOW". After a brief pause Flair comes out to the top of the ramp in a suit to his music, holding a mic. "Chris, even though I know I can beat you… I am officially retired as an active competitor. But make no mistake, I will ALWAYS be the man. However, I will not tarnish that great send off by the whole world gave me. l will not let my peers and fans down, who made that the best night of my career. I cannot fight you Chris, but I have found someone else who can". Jimmy Snuka’s music sounds. Ricky Steamboat’s music sounds next. Both standing at Flair’s side. Roddy Piper’s music blasts next and they all walk side by side to the ring. Jericho looks nervous as each takes a position at all sides of the ring. They all begin to climb into the ring with Jericho. All beginning to close in on Jericho; Steamboat grabs Jericho’s leg, Jericho climbs out of the ring, Flair hits Jericho in the face. Chris Jericho walks up the ramp, retreating to the backstage area as the others stand in the ring in victory with their hands raised.

Backstage with Jericho, Grisham Interview:

"This is supposed to be my Wrestlemania tonight" Jericho says. "Maybe it’s time I teach these legends something about embarassment. I think I will challenge Steamboat, Piper, and Snuka to a match at Wrestlemania. Flair, I demand you be there at their corner. I almost forgot about Micky Rourke, I want you to see up close and personal what happens to your friends, I’ll get you a front row seat!"

CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & MVP vs. Mark Henry, Kane & Shelton Benjamin

Christian, Finlay and Hornswoggle are on commentary. Mark Henry is pounding away. MVP tags in and is going at Henry. Kane tags in and nails MVP. MVP with a drop-toe hold into the corner and a big boot to Kane’s face. All men come into the ring. Kane has Kingston in a back-breaker. Kane with a pinfall attempt, but only gets two. Kane tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has Kingston in a choke. The two exchange punches and Benjamin gets Kingston in an abdominal stretch. Kingston with a hip toss. Kingston tags in CM Punk and Punk gets to work quick with multiple dropkicks on Benjamin. Interference from Kane but Kingston knocks him over the top. Henry over the top as well. MVP distracts Benjamin and CM Punk nails Benjamin with a big knee and gets the pinfall and victory.

Winners: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & MVP

A different video trailer airs for John Cena’s new movie.

Backstage – Vicky Guerrero and Big Show

Guerrero asks Show what he’s doing here. Big Show says he hopes she didn’t believe Edge. Vicky says he’s just using him. Big Show says it isn’t true. He says she pursued him, he didn’t pursue her. He says they both know that he is anatomically superior to Edge. She says that’s not the point. Edge is her husband and Edge is telling her one thing and Big Show is telling her another. Big Show says to calm down. Big Show says he’s doing the same thing to her that he claims Show is doing to her, only he took it one step further – he married her. He says Edge doesn’t love her, but he does. They kiss and Big Show says she looks very sexy in her referee shirt.

Replay video of HBK and Undertaker from earlier tonight. Announcing the card for Wrestlemania 25. Then a replay of HHH match from earlier tonight.

HHH is backstage with Todd who asked how he got Vicky Guerrero to lower the cage earlier in the night. HHH gets into a car kisses Stephanie McMahon revealing she lowered the cage.

John Cena vs. Edge
Special Ref: Vicky Guerrero

Vicky Guerrero already waiting in the ring as the guest ref for the match. Edge’s music sounds as he walks to the top of the ramp with his championship belt aroud his waist stopping to look at the crowd and to Vicky who is clapping and smiling, then proceeding to the ring, pacing the ring awaiting Cena’s arrival. John Cena’s music sounds and Cena appears walking in a coy manner to the ring with a slight grin. Vicky looking at Cena in disgust. Bell sounds. Edge putting Cena in a headlock wasting no time as the crowd is chanting "Cena!" Edge knocks Cena to the ground. Cena backed into the corner, throwing Cena, Cena reverses throwing Edge into the corner. Cena pins Edge and Vicky refuses to count the pin. Cena questioning Vicky, Edge knocks him down from behind. Edge throws Cena over the top rope, Cena falls hard to the floor outside of the ring. Edge and Cena outside of the ring, Edge smashing Cena’s head into the announce table, then again into the stairs to the ring. Vicky with a smirk smile on her face, clapping for Edge. Cena layed out on the outside of the ring, Edge throws Cena back in the ring. Cena knocking Edge continuously to the ground. Cena smiling at Vicky with the 5 knuckle shuffle awaiting Edge, she threw her body on Edge because Cena can’t touch her. Cena has Edge in a headlock, Vicky puts Cena in a headlock. Big Show’s music cues. Cena prepared as Big Show enters the ring. Cena attacking Big Show as Edge gets Cena from behind. Edge and Big Show working together over Cena then tying Cena to the ropes as Edge spears him. Vicky slaps Cena in the face twice. Big Show hits Cena in the gut, again, and again. Edge spears Big Show throwing his hands up in a sort of victory. Show Ends.

Winner: No Contest

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