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This week on INSIDE THE BEHRENS BUBBLE, Bill Behrens discusses missing Jerry Jarrett’s reports, responsibility in wrestling, how to pick your wrestling name, ROH, and the recent NWA Anarchy TV taping with Les Thatcher on commentary & AJ Styles and sons & Consequences Creed visiting.



3/21 NWA Anarchy Report by Larry Goodman


It was another thumbs up television taping from NWA Anarchy last night in Cornelia. With Hardcore Hell now just four weeks away, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting into place. There are burning issues to be addressed.


As opposed to the last taping, this one was geared more toward telling stories in the ring. The intensity level among the crew was up. Generally speaking, the quality of the wrestling was above the norm. There were a few glitchy moments, but nothing that detracted from the overall flow and tone of the evening.


A total of 200 graced the NWA Arena with their presence. They were a bit slow to warm to task but once they did, the place was cooking.


Greg Hunter introduced Les Thatcher as the third man in the announce booth for the evening along with John Johnson.


(1) Orion Bishop annihilated Chris Mayne in 1:05. Fans were clueless about Bishop, but this match gave them a fair idea about his bad ass attitude. Fallaway slam, Vader Bomb and spear for the pin.


(2) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) beat Seth Delay & Brodie Chase when Walters pinned Delay after the Unskinny Bop (8:04). Pre-match: Talent & Money gave Chase and Delay their payola. You knew that because the envelope Pendleton handed Chase had a big $ sign on it. Chase’s upper body is looking quite muscular these days. Rough start for Walters and Chase. Delay took Driver down and the heels went to work on his back. Walters had to break up the pin after a top rope elbow drop by Delay. Driver escaped from a slingshot suplex. There was a problem with ring positioning here, as all Driver had to do was turn around to make the tag. Instead, he first waited get in an enzuigiri. Walter entered with a sweet top rope forearm. They redid a wheelbarrow-dropkick combo spot that fell apart midstream. Double chestcracker on Chase and the finisher on Delay. Nothing particularly good to say about this match. The chestcracker looks more devastating than their signature finisher. Does this mean the champions get their money back?


(3) Malachi beat Adrian Hawkins in 5:45 to become number one contender for the Young Lion’s Championship. Hawkins was laying in wait. He greeted Malachi with a vicious shot into the announcer’s booth and a suplex on the ramp. A relentless beating ensued. Hawkins was strong with the facial expressions. But unable to seal the deal, Hawkins mounting frustations got the better of him. Malachi kicked out of Hawkins’ spinning Liger Bomb, so he went up top. Malachi met him with a back body drop and hit a diving headbutt with an extra edge of danger for the pin. Worked for me so far as building Malachi as a legit challenger.


(4) Ace Rockwell won the Lucky Seven Rumble to earn the NWA National Heavyweight Title shot at Hardcore Hell (13:10). Alan Funk owned Jeff Lewis for the first two minutes. Jeremy Vain was next. Vain and Lewis doubled up on Funk, who fought off being tossed over the top. Shadow Jackson entered with Vain in his sights. From this point forward, the heat moved to a new level and never looked back, truly the stuff main events are made of. It goes without saying that Vain is awesome bumper, and he was flying halfway across the ring for Jackson’s hiptosses. Rob Adonis entered with a T-bone suplex on Jackson, The crowd erupted with a “Shadowmania” chant. Jackson no sold head shots into the turnbuckle and gave Adonis and Vain a meeting of the minds. The heels got on Jackson’s bad ankle. I was surprised Jackson didn’t sell this a whole lot more after what happened last time. Adonis used the claw to bring Jackson to his knees on the apron. Vain gave them both the heave ho. Ace Rockwell was next. He cleaned up on Vain to where Adonis had to save him from taking a Nestea plunge off the apron. Vain rules. Rockwell hit Aces High on Vain, who rolled to the floor just as Kimo entered. Rockwell was hanging in sheerly on heart. Kimo crushed him with a single martial arts chop. Kimo was set for the Seven Finger Touch of Death or kill when the lights went out. The lights came on just long enough to reveal Judas with his hand lock around Bailey’s jugular. When the lights came up for good, Judas was gone, Bailey was down, and Kimo was distracted just long enough for Rockwell to dump him out. Vain chose this moment to sneak back into the ring. He clotheslined Rockwell over the top and celebrated while Rockwell skinned the cat. Rockwell clotheslined Vain over the top for the win. Crowd ate the finish up. When it comes to telling a compelling mult-level story with the rumble format, Bill Behrens has it down to a science. As many times as it has been used in this building, you would think the lights out spot would be played out, but the angle with Judas has given it meaning.


(5)The Entourage (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander & Mike Mosley & Jay Clinton) beat TK Cross & Caleb Konley & Bo Newsome & Dustin Knight in 7:58. The highlight was the opening between Cross and Alexander – it was the most fundamentally sound chain wrestling I’ve seen from either one of them. Entourage isolated Newsome. Clinton did this ridiculous ropes walk Memphis Strut. What the hell, it’s a ridiculous character. Bo made Matthews miss and hot-tagged Knight (APW). He got a lot of offense for a tiny guy that was there to do the job, which he did for Mosley’s inverted Ace crusher. Lewis came out to congratulate his minions.


Don Matthews appeared on the WrestleVision screen to introduce Jessco Blue. Seems his search of the Smoky Mountain had been a success. They celebrated by guzzling beer together. Matthews smashed the can into his forehead like a redneck Sandman. Matthews said their necks were as red as fire. He suggested they go find some big ladies to love on. “That would be outstander than hell,” said Blue. But were they live or was it Memorex? The question was soon answered as they slipped into the ring behind the unsuspecting Entourage. Matthews and Blue used the element of surprise to get the advantage despite the odds. They were soon joined by Wild Bunch to rid the ring of Entourage. The vignette was funny. The in ring stuff came off clumsy.


(6) Slim J beat Tyler Smith (with Bobby Moore) via DQ in 7:15. A freaking awesome performance by J, and Smith more than held up his end. J was super aggressive and with good reason after last time. Intense back and forth on the arm early. J started kicking Smith’s ass, so Moore grabbed J’s leg to set up the blindside shot and ringside beatdown. Smith worked J’s gut. J’s comeback had the fire and stiffness that is a key to what makes him so over. Few little guys can deliver the kind of lariat he gave Smith. J hit the diving reverse DDT for a great near fall. He locked in the armbar and Moore jumped in to start the beatdown.


That’s when Sexton showed up.


Oh Slimmy, Slimmy, Slimmy, This is really starting to bore me.


Sexton ordered Technicians to finish the job. That wasn’t happening, as J did this great one-on-two deal where he KOed Smith and flipped Moore in a Kimura.


My way, submissions or knock out, Hardcore Hell, me and you, Buhhster.


(7) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) beat Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King) in 8:11 to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship when Talent pinned Buck. Another match with sound basic psychology. Talent lectured Buck about the champions being on a much higher plane than Wild Bunch. Talent caught hell for those remarks. The heels went to town on King’s back. King leapfrogged Talent for the hot tag. Buck on fire. Pendleton was Talent’s savior here. He rescued Talent from Buck’s Samoan drop and the cowboys’ superkick/legsweep finisher. After trashing King, he jumped in the ring to hit the Bail Out on Buck.


Austin Creed came out to a huge ovation. NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer said Creed had earned the title match of his choosing by winning a rumble match several months ago. However, his NWA National Championship match against Shatter was off because of the concussion he suffered at Destination X. Creed said he wanted to give his shot to someone else. Palmer said he could keep his title shot for later, but Creed’s man would also get a shot. Out came Bishop.


(8) Phil Shatter (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) beat Orion Bishop to retain the NWA National Title in 3:39. The two beasts went to war with neither giving an inch. Bishop popped up after taking a back suplex and powerslammed Shatter. Shatter hit a spinebuster and started to give Bishop a beating. He planted a high knee in Bishop’s sternum. After softening Bishop up for the spear, Shatter ate the turnbuckle charging in. Bishop hit the fallaway slam and the Vader Bomb to set up a spear of his own, but gored the turnbuckle when Shatter stepped aside. Shatter then speared Bishop for the pin. Solid match. Bishop got respect applause on his way out, and that’s not easy for a first-timer to get in this building.


(9) Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg & Azrael with The Reverend & Skirra Corvus) vs. Truitt Fields & Shaun Tempers ended as a five minute no contest. Fields looks has added mass. The dude looks swole. Iceberg knocked Fields into Tempers before the bell. A little foreshadowing there. Match was mostly Iceberg’s wickedly rejuvenated offense and Fields selling his ass off. wickedly inspired offense. He busted out the 400 pound cannonball corner splash. Out of nowhere, Fields hit the Killing Fields. He made the tag. Tempers stepped into the ring, wheeled around and punched Fields in the face. Fans were in stunned silence. No way they saw this one coming.


Tempers maced Fields. Corvus followed with the curbstomp. Iceberg hit a Ground Zero splash. At this point, all hell broke loose. Rockwell was the first babyface out of the dressing room. Berg and and Izzy wasted them one by one. Malachi took a sick body block on the ramp from Iceberg. In the ring, Tempers did further damage to Fields with the hangman’s neckbreaker. The people were hot now. Trash was hitting the ring. The Reject retreated to ringside to admire their work. The Reverend hugged Tempers. Great segment.


They made a huge deal out of the mace. Fields was down forever. They splashed water in his eyes and brought out a towel. It definitely had some people believing.


NOTES: A. J. Styles was visiting backstage with his two boys…The reviews of the first two days of Les Thatcher’s NWA Excellence Camp were uniformly stellar. One of the attendees commented on how Thatcher was a master of metaphors. He came at the key point from multiple angles so if one metaphor didn’t speak to you, he had another one that would. I attended a portion of the camp today. It was phenomenal. If you’re involved in pro wrestling at the indie level, you need to hear what this man has to say. I know for a fact that NWA Anarchy is all the better for the experience…The top 2-4 trainees in camp will get to wrestle on Anarchy television…Hunter made the point that Thatcher is the only announcer to have worked alongside Jim Ross, Gordon Solie, Lance Russell and Bob Caudle…A contingent from GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com and GWH radio was in the house including owner Rich Tate and Bobby Simmons from Peach State Pandemonium (Wed at 9pm) and Nose Bleed Section co-hosts John Cannon and Joe Cowart (Thurs at 9pm)…Among the trainees was Drew Haskins from Showtime All-star Wrestling…The entire Anarchy crew extended sang Happy Birthday for queen of the concession area, Sandy Burton.




NWA ANARCHY TV EPS #162 ONLINE NOW at http://nwaanarchy.net/main/


SHOW #491-162







Craig Cole just launched PRO WRESTLING WORLDWIDE TV at



The site features TV shows from NWA Anarchy, NWA Main Event, NWA Charlotte & More!



Results from NWA Upstate’s March Meltdown at

The German House in Rochester, New York 3/21:



Troy "The Boy" Buchanan def Prime Time Pete with a neck breaker


Dustytaker def The Krusher via disqualification after Jimmy Olsen and Colin Delaney interfered


Main Show:

Cloudy def Mean Marcos (w/Nikki Jett) with a sitout spinebuster


Dew Van Dam def "The Handsome Hebrew" Ben Golden with the 3 Star Frog Splash


NWA Upstate Tag Team Championship 3 Team Elimination Match: McCloud Brothers vs The Caribbean Connection vs (C) Triple X and Star Cat (w/Johnny Kayfabe)


The Caribbean Connection are the first team eliminated


Star Cat and Triple X eliminated via disqualification with use of the NWA Upstate Tag Team Championship; However, the titles do not change hands on disqualification

Winners: The McCloud Brothers


NWA Upstate No Limits Championship: Mo Mantha wins the Upstate No Limits Championship with the Piledriver with an assist from Jimmy Olsen over former champion Gabe Saint.


Intermission is followed by NWA Upstate owner Chip Stetson calling out Jimmy Olsen leading to a fight which was thrown out after Colin Delaney and NWA Upstate Champion Danny Doring interfered, followed by Pepper Parks and Cheech coming to save a bloodied Chip Stetson.

Spazz defeats Soundcheck Sully and Dicky Harter in a Three Way Dance with the Facehump on Soundcheck Sully


The Young and the Wrestlers of "Superbad" Richard Venice, Mark Ando, and York Barnes def The Sweet Wonder Express of Rob "Just 2" Sweet, Mark Kreiger, and Zach Atticus


Main Event: Pepper Parks and Cheech def Colin Delaney and NWA Upstate Champion Danny Doring after an assisted top rope neckbreaker on Delaney.


After the match, NWA Upstate owner Chip Stetson announced three huge matches for NWA Upstate’s 5th Anniversary show May 23rd as Colin Delaney will square off with the Sicilian Shooter Little Guido, Jimmy Olsen will do battle with Slyk Wagner Brown and for the NWA Upstate Heavyweight Championship inside the steel cage Danny Doring will defend against Pepper Parks!




March 14, 2009
When Worlds Collide
Jacob Woll Pavilion
McKeesport, PA


SHIRLEY DOE def. BRANDON K via countout
Doe came to the ring dressed in a suit, following up on a promise that he would dress "how a real wrestler dresses". However, Brandon K did not show up, and was counted out as a result. There’s no word as to K’s condition or why he was not in the building, but Doe gloated like he achieved a big victory. As a result of this, Doe will be entered last in Burgh Brawl 12 on April 11th, and Brandon will be entered first.

Doe called out anybody in the locker room who could give him a challenge. Out came NWA East Heavyweight Champion "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash! Gash and Doe brawled around the Jacob Woll Pavilion, even going in the bathroom and outside the building! These former teammates have a grudge against each other, that’s for sure!

THE FRANCHISE PLAYERS (Jon Kronica & Robert Beverly) def. THE STRAIGHT JACKET MAFIA (Syko Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) in the semi-final round of the NWA East Tag Team Title Tournament
While the "old" Franchise Players had a hard time picking up a victory over the Straight Jacket Mafia, this new team were able to capitalize on an opportunity that seemed to be a "happy accident" of sorts. The Franchise Players jumped SJM during a pre-show interview backstage, injuring Dahmer’s knee. That left Apollyon by himself to take the brunt of the action. But when Dahmer came out, he was in no condition to wrestle. While he was incapacitated on the floor, Kronica planted Apollyon with a sick underhook piledriver variation to get the win. Kronica & Beverly move on to the finals of the tournament, one step away from the gold!

GREGORY IRON def. NWA East Three Rivers Champion "DIVISION 1" JAMES ROSS to win the title
Iron cashed in his golden ticket shot for the Three Rivers Title, and it paid off for him in full. While Ross was going to the top rope to capitalize on a downed Iron, Scottie Gash made an appearance in the aisle. The distraction allowed Iron time to recover and hit an Ace Crusher on a diving Ross to pick up the win and the gold! 2009 continues to be a HUGE year for Gregory Iron!

The fans chose and BC Steele (accompanied by Camp Crusher) took on Circle of Respect member Quinn Magnum! Steele attempted to "psych out" the former NWA North American Champion and NWA East Heavyweight Champion. But, all Quinn had to do was clothesline Steele, and subsequently take out Camp Crusher. Quinn called in longtime ringside fan known to everybody as "Champ" to pin Steele. This gave Quinn an idea: every fan in the building would have a chance to pin Steele, and let it be seen here at NWAeast.org! CLICK HERE to see those photos! Even former NWA East wrestler and manager Kid Cupid, who was in the house just to say hi to some old friends, stopped in to get some revenge on Steele for firing him back in September!

After intermission, Chris Taylor came to the ring, a little more toned down and somber than usual. He informed the crowd that the rumors of him stepping away from NWA East are true. He did say it will not be "farewell forever" but instead, "goodbye for now". Taylor promised he will return, but needs to take some time away for a while.

DOUBLE DRAGON (Blue Dragon & Blue Dragon) def. PATRICK HAYES & JAMES ROSS in the semi-final round of the NWA East Tag Team Title Tournament
With Ashton Amherst apparently refusing to compete, James Ross took his place as he did in the first round of the tournament. But it didn’t do Hayes any favors, as Blue Dragon and Blue Dragon were able to pick up the win following a Belly-To-Blue Suplex! After the match, they were confronted by their opponents in the finals, the Franchise Players. The two teams came to blows, but it was quickly extinguished as Double Dragon got the upper hand! April 11th, 2009 will not only hold Burgh Brawl 13, but it will crown new NWA East Tag Team Champions! The Franchise Players vs. Double Dragon in the finals!

Hansen was out with Camp Crusher, but not Steele as he had been incapacitated by Quinn earlier in the evening. But, that absence allowed for the gold-hungry harlot Krystal Frost to make her way to ringside. Mitchell was ready to capitalize on Hansen, but caught a low blow from Frost. Crusher went for the Crusher Slam, but Mitchell reversed it out of nowhere for a small package to get the win! This was a huge victory for the young Mitchell, as he gained a pinfall victory over not only a former NWA National Champion and NWA East veteran, but one-half of the current NWA North American Tag Team Champions! But where does Frost stand with Hansen, and vice versa? What will BC Steele have to say about things… if he ever wakes up?

Stacy Hunter tried her best to interfere in this match-up. She even grabbed a sign from underneath the ring to hit Gash with. As the referee was down, she slid into the ring, but caught a sign shot from Gash, who was waiting for her with the very sign she put into the ring! Then, Gash powered up the much larger Dash for the GTS (Gash2Sleep) and picked up the win! After the match, James Ross & Shirley Doe hit the ring to attack Gash. Ryan Mitchell and Jon Burton made the save and ran them off. But the night wasn’t over yet…

NWA East Director of Authority Joe Dombrowski came to ringside and asked everybody else to leave… except the Pittsburgh sports anchor Jon Burton! Burton had been attacked by Ashton Amherst’s tag partner Patrick Hayes before the show during a backstage interview. Dombrowski called Amherst and asked him to defend the Brass Knuckles Title on March 27th, but Amherst said he had a "prior commitment" and couldn’t wrestle Burton. So instead, Dombrowski said since Hayes & Amherst once claimed they were so close as a team that they were "interchangeable", he ruled that Hayes would defend Amherst‘s Brass Knuckles Title against Burton! Hayes was carried to the ring by Gash, Mitchell, and more, kicking and screaming…

JON BURTON def. PATRICK HAYES to win the NWA East Brass Knuckles Title
Hayes brought the fight to "JB", a man who has spent less time inside the squared circle than anybody else on the current NWA East roster. But finally, Burton was able to hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle and the FU to pick up the win, and his first taste of NWA East gold!

For more information on NWA East/ PWX, go to:




March 17, 2009

PORT COQUITLAM, BC – With corporate donations down and the shelves at the food banks becoming bare, ECCW Pro-Wrestling and Dave.ca Communications Inc. are hosting a world record and fund raising event – WRESTLING WITH HUNGER – for SHARE’s food banks.

Twenty wrestlers will grapple around the clock for three days (April 2nd to 5th) at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC to raise money and food to restock the shelves at the food bank and to set the world record for the longest wrestling show.

In 2007, the three food bank depots operated by SHARE in the Tri-Cities provided food to 1,142 households totaling 5,598 people.  45.1% of the recipients are children and youth under the age of 19 – an increase of 8.1% over the previous year.  The need for donations at this time of year is great.

Schools, businesses, churches, organizations and individuals are encouraged to setup their own food drives and then bring the donations to the Wrestling With Hunger event location at the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre in Port Coquitlam.  Volunteers will collect the donations and folks can watch the pro-wrestling world record attempt.

From noon to 2pm on Sunday, April 5th everyone is invited to bring a can of food for SHARE and watch the last two hours of this world record event.

For more information visit www.WrestlingWithHunger.com or contact Dave Teixeira at dave@dave.ca or (604) 418-9177.

WHAT:  Wrestling With Hunger – a fund raiser for SHARE Family and Community Services and world record wrestling event
WHEN:  Thursday, April 2nd to Sunday, April 5th 2pm
WHERE:  Hyde Creek Recreation Centre – 1379 Laurier Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC

– 30 –

For Wrestling With Hunger – Dave Teixeira – (604) 418-9177 – dave@dave.ca
For SHARE Family Services – Heather Scott – (604) 529-5119 – heather.scott@sharesociety.ca

NOTE: The wrestlers grew up and/or live throughout the Lower Mainland.  If you would like to speak to a wrestler based out of your community, please contact dave@dave.ca.


March 20, 2009

Port Coquitlam, BC – On Monday, March 23, 2009, The City of Port Coquitlam will proclaim April 2nd to 5th “Wrestling With Hunger Weekend”.  This is in recognition of the “Wrestling With Hunger” event where 20 wrestlers will grapple for 72 consecutive hours to set the world record for the longest wrestling match while raising food for the local food banks.

Representatives from SHARE Family and Community Services (who operate the food banks), Dave.ca Communications Inc. (who is organizing the event ) and wrestlers from ECCW Pro-Wrestling will he on hand at the ceremony at City Hall.

Immediately proceeding the proclamation, the above representatives will be available in the foyer on the third floor outside the Council Chambers for interviews and photos ops.

Date: Monday, March 23, 2009
Time: 7pm – Power Point Presentation to Port Coquitlam City Council by the Wrestling With Hunger contingent
7:05pm – Proclamation to Wrestling with Hunger, photo op with Mayor and Council in Chambers
7:10pm – Interview and photos op with SHARE, Dave.ca Communications Inc. and ECCW wrestlers outside Council Chambers

Location: Port Coquitlam City Hall Council Chambers
2580 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, BC
Third Floor

For more information on Wrestling With Hunger please visit www.WrestlingWithHunger.com.

– 30 –

For media inquiries please contact:
Dave Teixeira
Wrestling With Hunger
(604) 418-9177

Email: dave@dave.ca





Hi Everyone,

The NWA Midwest website, www.midwestwrestling.com, has been updated. It now looks very similar to the main NWA Website.

NWA Midwest represents the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

The upcoming shows, event results and other news from NWA Midwest will posted on the new NWA Midwest website.

There is also a brand new Message Board.

Go to www.midwestwrestling.com and then click on the NWA Midwest logo and it takes right to the new site.

Eric Roelfsema
NWA Online FanZine
NWA Roll Call of Champions





*NWA Midwest X Champ Troy Walters pinned Mickey McCoy
*Mace Morgan & Chris Black pinned Thomas Walton III & Mark Priebe
*Blazin Benjamin & Trevor Gibson pinned Dave Demone & Jason Riley
*Blazin Benjamin & Trevor Gibson pinned Mace Morgan & Chris Black to win the ICW Tag Titles
*Dysfunction beat Bobby Valentino by DQ
*Bobby Valentino pinned Dsyfunction in a hardcore match
*ICW Heavyweight Champ Justin Dredd pinned Kody Rice & Chase McCoy
*NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champ Silas Young & NWA WI Champ Mason Quinn pinned Dr. X & Dinn T. Moore
*The Ninja pinned Brian Skyline, Brett Michaels, Louis Lyndon, & Agadora Armoni (5-way)
*Kevin Thorn pinned Ryan Rogue that went all over the bar area and up in the balcony








6.NWA Indiana State Champion SEXY SHAWN COOK d.






NWA Southwest’s 11th Anniversary Show Results
March 21, 2009
Multi-Purpose Centger, Livingston, Texas
Attendance – 800

1. Ky-ote pinned Gabe The Babe
2. Claudia Del Solis pinned Starr to win Texas Women’s title
3. Cody Jones pinned Galan Ramirez to win the Texas Junior title for 3x. Legend Baboose served as Jones’ manager, and legend Tugboat Taylor got involved, too.

4. Spoiler 2000 pinned Seth Korbin to capture the vacant Texas Heavyweight title due to broken leg by Michael Faith. Spoiler 200 became the first ever dual Texas-Oklahoma NWA champion and first masked since 1986.

5. Team Texas (Chaz Taylor & Austin Rhodes) pinned High Society (Thomas Trump & Prince Al Farat) to win the Texas Tag Team title.

6. Lance Cade vs. Tejas was the matchup, but evolved due to run-ins into a tag match between Cade and partner Cowboy Alex Porteau (formerly "The Pug" with WWE) versus Tejas & Kyote, with Tejas pinning Pourteau.

7. Mike Dibiase won the first and third falls to retain his North American Heavyweight title over challenger Kevin Northcutt.



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