Taz Speaks On Brock Lesnar, Infamous Green Day Story, More

Matt Boone

The following is the latest online blog entry from the official Facebook page of Taz:


Hope everyone is doing well! I was hoping to make a couple of quick points …Ive seen some cool comments and questions in regards to me and i want to answer a couple of questions every week here on "The Facebook" (as Mike Adamle would put it!)

1-Adam Reddick wrote "My fave Taz quote from doing colour was when he introduced Brock Lesnar: "Well, here comes the pain!" I gotta know, if he came up with the simple but effective line or was that someone feeding him that line to say everytime Brock came out?"


That was indeed a line I came up with. I actually got it from the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team….the Blackshirts which is a nick name for there defense. Years ago they UN had a tshirt for the Blackshirts which said "here comes the pain"…so like many other cool gimmicks in the business that line was stolen too! lol

2-Ian Stalker Johnson wrote – "Can you tell the story of you and Dreamer almost kicking the crap out of Green Day?"

1st off, that was a loooong time ago and I been hit in the head a lot so I’ll try to remember best I could! We were working in Tampa (prob 1993 or 94) for the Eastern Championship Wrestling…(before it became extreme) ECW. As most of you know, back than Tommy and I were very tight friends and we traveled together and obviously stayed in the same hotels most of the time.

So, it was prob around 3am and I couldn’t sleep so I left my room to use the pay phone in the lobby…like I said looong time ago! So this van pulls up to the front of the hotel and several teenagers jump out that are loud, drunk and annoying. I’m sitting in the lobby watching these goofs stumble in while I’m reading an old newspaper & spitting Skoal juice (before they had long cut!) in a cup! Dreamer ends up showing up…lord knows were he just came from (lol)!
Tommy see’s these "kids" doing what they are doing and gets just as pissed as me…because they were giving the young lady behind the counter a ton of BULLS##T because she could not find there reservation! Calling her names and freaking out acting like jackoffs which pissed both Tommy and I off! There was about 8 guys total (roadies also) so i look at Tommy and say, "you ready?" and The Innovator of Violence just simple says"yup"! We walk over and i tell them to relax and to chill because the girl was afraid….so the loudest guy (which was the smallest guy & he had green hair) walks up to us and say to mind our fu%*cking business! I laughed in his face and told him That him and his friends were going to end up going to the emergency room at Tampa General if he didn’t back up and shut up! He backed up and said that Tommy and I were outnumbered and Dreamer told him that he needed more guys which was hilarious! Meanwhile the girl must have hit a police button or something because all of sudden cops were there and that was that.

The next day Tommy and I are packing our bags (we were rooming together) to head to the arena and we have MTV on in the room and they had a segment on this hot new band and im looking at them and I see the little dude with the green hair and I’m bugging out saying that’s the A-HOLE from last night….it was Greenday.

Moving on now…

-Feels great to eat clean & hit the gym again….motivation and lack of stress can bring out the best in you!

-In closing, over the years people have been some what perplexed on my nationality. I am Italian of Sicilian descent. I have been confused for being Brazilian, PR, Mexican, Hawaiian….and even Samoan!!


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