Several Eyewitness Reports of the Fan Fight at Backlash

Nick Paglino

Don’t know if it’s still news, but last night’s fight took place above where the cameras are at the arena.  Started with your basic back and forth between two groups of fans, at least one was clearly drunk.  Nothing more than something you would see at a sporting event.  Eventually words got louder.  One guy came running over with the first swing, and most of the commotion was people trying to stop it.  One security guard got bumped and fell down a couple of steps.  Eventually they all realized they were going to get in trouble and started trying to disperse.


I attended the WWE Pay Per View, pretty close to where it was actually. The two men men were arguing, but I couldn’t tell what it was about. The one in the red shirt pushed the other man, and then they jush started swinging at each other. It looked just like at WWE match. Lots of talking, little fighting. The fans quickly moved away from the area, as security guards took the men away. The fight was more interesting than the Hardy Boyz match.


I was in attendance at Backlash last night in section 107.  The fight broke out in section 106, and it lasted for about 1 minute.  Nobody got thrown down any stairs, it was a fight between a guy and 3 guys behind him, who were yelling at him and his kid to stop putting up their signs.  I was only about 25 feet from where they were sitting, and could hear the guys yelling at the guy and his kid, swearing and insulting the writing on the kid’s signs.  All of a sudden, the guy turned around and told them if they had a problem, to so something or shut their mouths.  One of the kids then pushed him (they were all in their early 20’s and he was around 35-40 it looked like).  He then grabbed one of them, pulled their shirt over their head, and got in about 8 clean shots before the other 2 kids climbed the seats and started ganging up on him.  At this point, security rushed the row along with a Providence police officer, and one of the kids pushed a security guy and the guy fell over into the next row.  The 3 guys along with the father and son were escorted out of the section, and we were all yelling that the kids were in the wrong and they were taunting the guy and his kid.  About ten minutes later, the man and his son were escorted back to their seats, which got a huge pop from our section.  The other guys never returned and were likely thrown out or arrested.  This was the same area where Edge and John Cena fought up the steps to the arena lobby, those steps separated my section and the section with the fight.

This is exactly what happened, and I still have my ticket stub if you need me to email a pic of it to you for verification.  It was pretty insane to witness, and the PPV was awesome.  I would love to see my name mentioned on the site, so if you post this info, feel free to throw my name in there, that would be cool.  Myself and a bunch of my friends are big fans of WZ.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Thanks!
the fight that broke out was not stopped right away. these guys were hitting eachother only a foot away in the face continuously one guy got his yankee shirt ripped which started a yankees suck chant.  when security came a guy was tossed down the rows of seats. it was finally broken up by authorities.  also security couldnt contain the crowd when cena and edge ran in the halls……i myself with 200 others ran thru and were right up near the action!
During the Hardy vs Hardy match, some guy coming down the stairs (appeared drunk or high to me when I heard him) was pushed by another person going up, and got PO’d at the guy, and first was yelling and cussing, but then kicked the other guy and hit another in the process.  It looked from where I was sitting (he had my attention at this point) like he kicked the guy in the groin.  More guys got into the fighting (either defending their friends or in an attempt to stop it) and then the big fighting got going.  I stopped watching the fight because I was missing the match.


Yes, there was a fight up there. I did not see a guy get thrown, but I did see some punches connect, and a lot of other people did too. It was in the mid level section, so you could see clearly. A couple guys got knocked silly. Strangely it appeared only 1 guy got taken out of there in handcuffs. And the security did not get there right away, and with multiple people fighting, it lasted several long seconds. I heard that some of the guys had either sox or Yankee stuff on, and with the way the weekend series went, it could have maybe involved that.

On a side note, earlier in the day, in the back where the wrestlers come in, Teddy Long, Matt Striker, Evan Bourne, and Justin Credible were taking pics and signing autographs. Teddy and Striker were really nice guys, they went all the way along the wall so people could get photos and stuff.

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