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               NWA ANARCHY TV TAPING 5-16-09


                                                TODD SEXTON  VS  BO NEWSOME


                                           YOUNG LIONS CONTENDER MATCH

                                      FRANKIE VALENTINE  VS  SKIRRA CORVUS


                           TECHNICIANS   VS   EL VETERANO IV & ALLAN FUNK




                                                       ROB ADONIS  VS  SLIM J


                                          CHRIS MAYNE   VS   ORION BISHOP


                             SHATTER & TEMPERS    VS   ROCKWELL & FIELDS

                              w/BAILEY & THE REV


NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, Malachi in Action


NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions, The New Wave in Action


Plus:  Talent & Money, Seth Delay & Brody Chase, Iceberg, Jerry Palmer, Don Matthews, Jessco Blue, Jeff Lewis, and more



NWA ANARCHY TV EPS #169 ONLINE NOW at http://nwaanarchy.net/main/


SHOW #498-169








NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 160
March 2, 2009

WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! This week on NWA Anarchy TV, Greg Hunter is clueless to where his lowly-esteemed color commentator John Johnson is. Never fear, Steve Prazak, who reveals that Johnson is competing in the "the Man of a 1,014 Gimmicks" Barry Darsow Invitational Open, is here. Last week, after Truitt Fields successfully defended the NWA Anarchy TV Title, Seth Delay lived up to his "Hands of Steal" moniker with Shaun Tempers making the save. Also, Talent & Money brutalized, humilated and bludgeoned the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions the New Wave after a successful defense against the Technicians. T & M desecrated the tag straps by wiping the New Wave’s blood on them. This week, Tempers challenges Tyler Smith and the Korean Assassin prepares to murder Chris King.

– Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, Talent & Money destroyed the New Wave. After the show, the New Wave launched a huge attack on Talent & Money in front of the NWA Arena. Fast forward to this week and the New Wave attack Talent & Money in the parking lot! They head through the front door where the New Wave brutalize T & M in midring. It takes NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer to settle this fiasco. He’s had enough of T & M’s dastardly tactics and orders a match under NWA Anarchy terms. He then orders T & M to get out of his sights or they’re kicked out like Billy Martin.

1. "Merciless" Don Matthews & "Dew or Die" Chip Day & Bo "Knows Wrestling" Newsome defeated "Straight to Beta" Jeff Lewis & Michael Mosley & "Don Matthews’ Personal pregnant dog" Jay Clinton defeated.
Matthews’ last encounter with Lewis and his comrades ended in a bad way after accidentally delivering the Lariat of Doom to Andrew Alexander and then leaving his laying in the ring after giving chase to Lewis. Lewis remains on the ring apron until his team can gain the advantage; that’s just what you’d expect from the Feature Presentation. After commercial, Mr. "Ain’t I Great" Jay Clinton misses a much less than picturesque moonsault and Newsome buys himself time with a dropkick to the face. Matthews receives the hot tag. Lewis hops of the apron when Matthews nears him, but of course it’s a ploy. Matthews sets up for the Lariat of Doom, but Lewis trips him up in the ropes. Day attack Lewis while in the ring Mosley pounds Matthews. Clinton tags in and ends up alone with Matthews. Clinton transforms into Mike Jackson, the Spoiler, and Jeff Jarrett all rolled into one by strutting on the ropes. Alas, Matthews has other plans and guarantees Clinton will not be making any babies in the near future. One Lariat of Doom later and the fat lady has sung.

– "The Technician" Todd Sexton is a man of his word and he’s going to help Slim recover from his concussion. To prove that he is such a swell guy, Sexton has two of Slim J’s trainees in the ring with him. Sexton takes over Slim’s shift and "politely" introduces himself. Sexton starts up with the first trainee and just unleashes an ultimate combo in the corner. The other trainee? He eats a superkick and a running knee strike. Sexton concludes, "There are no bad students just bad teachers." Ouch! This feud should make for fun TV.

2. Hayden Young pinned Alan Funk.
This match should have been a couple minutes shorter and didn’t do anything to help either man. Funk has something to prove and immediately assaults Young. Funk administers a beating to Young. After commercial, Melissa Coates heads out to pursue her new love interest. Young finally mounts his comeback and hits a high cross bodyblock for a near fall. Funk counters a head scissors with a face first spinning powerbomb. Nice move. Funk starts to turn his attention to the crowd as they laugh at him. After wasting too much time, Young finishes off Funk with the Flying Squirrel. Afterwards, Coates shoves Young aside to check on her man.

– Melissa Coates believes men are such pigs. Somehow, she is impressed with Alan Funk and his Hulk Hogan impersonation.

3. "Sugar" Shaun Tempers defeated Tyler Smith w/Bob E. Moore via DQ.
I don’t think that Bald Head Jerk could ever prepare his merry ole men for the technical abilities of one Tempers. After commercial, Moore literally brings Tempers back down to earth by tripping him up. Smith goes to town by softening up Tempers’ back. Smith hooks the tights on a pin attempt, but Tempers would have none of it. Tempers connects with Rude Awakening and that’s all it takes for Moore to save his partner from further punishment. NWA Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields heads in to make the save.

4. "The Butcher of Pyongyang" Kimo destroyed Chris King.
One clothesline is all it takes for Kimo to counter a barrage of punches by King. At this point, one has to believe that King is questioning how did he ever get himself into Kimo’s personal torture chamber regardless if he’s fighting for his tag partner Billy Buck. King asks for his mommy when Kimo applies the Information Extractor. Chip Day heads in to make the save. He ascends the top turnbuckle. Kimo nimbly hops up to deliver a top rope backdrop that would make the poo-butt known as John Cena defecate on himself. The Korean Assassin happily softens up Day with several blows to the chest and as he prepares to deliver the 7-Fingers of Death, Mikael Judas rids the ring of Kimo.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html


NWA Anarchy TV Report
Episode 161
March 9, 2009

WRESTLING: (n.) ’res-ling A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) an-ar-key (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, "the Bald Head Jerk" Todd Sexton made two of Slim J’s trainees his personal pregnant dogs by delivering a vicious beating. Sexton humiliated both trainees in mere seconds as he relayed his message to Slim J, "There are no bad students just bad teachers."

– Welcome to NWA Anarchy, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! This week on NWA Anarchy TV, Steven Prazak joins us on color commentary since John Johnson is recovering from "the Man of a 1,014 Gimmicks" Barry Darsow Pro-Am Invitational. Last week, the Butcher of Pyongyang obliterated the remaining member of the Wild Bunch, Chris King, and delivered a subsequent smackdown on Chip Day for having the audacity of interfering in Jeff G. Bailey’s personal business. Before Kimo could deliver the Seven Fingers of Death, the lights went out in the NWA Arena which can only mean one thing, Mikael Judas making an appearance. Also, the New Wave gained a measure of revenge by attacking Talent & Money in the parking lot on a snowy night in Cornelia, Georgia. The champions decimated T & M until Jerry Palmer broke the fight up. This week, Azreal defends the Young Lion’s Title against Kyle Matthews and Jeremy Vain & Mr. Rob Adonis vs. Shadow Jackson & a mystery partner.

1. Malachi pinned "the Veteran" Adrian Hawkins.
Hawkins feels like he is the most disrespected wrestler in NWA Anarchy and rightfully so according to storyline. Meanwhile Malachi is out to impress the NWA Anarchy brass. Hawkins takes over by crotching Malachi on the top rope and then dropkicking him to the floor. Hawkins goes on the offensive. He tries to put Malachi away with the Gori bomb, but Malachi rolls into a Sunset flip for the victory. This was okay for what it was, but not what Young’s Lions division is supposed to be about.

– Did you know that Michael Mosley has an affinity for acting? Neither did I. Jeff Lewis and Don Matthews’ personal pregnant dog are quite impressed with Mosley’s acting skills. Lewis acknowledges that he has finally found someone who has knowledge like the Feature Presentation. Lewis has other thoughts for the fake Double J… Lewis is so disappointed and fires him from the Entourage. "Ain’t I great?" "No you’re not, have a nice day." Awesome. Lewis asks Mosley to continue reading from Shakespeare. That’s even more awesome. Meanwhile, right beside Lewis and Mosley, Don Matthews confronts Kyle Matthews. This scene wreaks of disaster after the Merciless One accidentally put Andrew Alexander out of commission and then left him for dead when he blindly chased Lewis away. Well, Don offers his apologies, but Kyle says he has to get to his match.

2. "Son of Satan" Azreal w/"the Reverend" Dan Wilson & the Burlap Sack Man & the Staff of Righteousness pinned "2 Hot for TV" Kyle Matthews to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship.
This match featured the elements that Young Lion’s division matches should have right on down to a few Japanese spots. Alas, the burlap sack monster is back with the Reverend this week and its creeping the announcing team out. If this doesn’t play mind games with Matthews nothing will. Azreal demonstrates his evil streak with a running knee strike in the corner. Azreal humbles Matthews. To the corner, Azreal lays down a Roderick Strong style chop and then channels Kenta Kobashi. Azreal lands a series of Kobashi chops, but Matthews employs Japanese psychology and unleashes a flurry of open hand slaps to the Son of Satan’s face. Azreal returns the favor by smacking the taste out of Matthews’ mouth. Matthews goes an offensive flurry and lands a missile dropkick for a near fall. To the corner, Azreal lands a nasty uppercut that would make Scorpion and Sub-Zero blush after leaping over Matthews in the corner. One Ted Bundy later and Matthews is toast.

– Back in the ring, "the Master of Ceremonial Disasters" Greg Hunter has Slim J as his special guest. Slim decided to take matters into his own hands after that Bald Head Jerk beats his trainees up and challenges him to a fight. Slim acknowledges roasts several members of the studio audience after acknowledging their professional jealousy of him.

3. TK Kross defeated "Obsession" Seth Delay via DQ.
Did you know that Delay has had four different partners in NWA Anarchy? Delay maintains the advantage throughout by outmaneuvering Kross. After commercial, Kross mounts a serious comeback. Sensing defeat, Delay hits the Overnight Sensation. Afterwards, Delay pulls out a pair of brass knux and KO’s Kross. Referee Ken Wallace reverses the decision much to the dismay of Delay.

4. Shadow Jackson & "the 7-Figured Deal" Ace Rockwell defeated "Untouchable" Jeremy Vain & "the One Man Insurance Policy" Mr. Rob Adonis.
Rockwell is decked out for the occasion by donning the camouflage of Shadow. However, something is definitely wrong with this picture, Jeremy Vain is actually starting a match! As usual, Vain can’t handle Rockwell and tags in to Mr. Adonis. Rockwell makes the move to tag in Shadow and the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion goes to town on the rudo contingent. Vain trips up upon entering the ring and leaves himself prone to a massive assault by Shadow. He slithers to the friendly confines of his partner. Mr. Adonis tags in and he has a standstill with Shadow. Mr. Adonis takes advantage with an eye gouge. He delivers a trio of chops that Shadow no sells. Vain enters the ring and so does Rockwell. Rockwell delivers damage to both evil doers. The referee escorts Shadow back to the corner and it is just long enough to allow Mr. Adonis to send him flying to the mat. Vain seizes the advantage. Back from commercial, Mr. Adonis unleashes a barrage of power moves on Rockwell. Rockwell fights out of a bearhug and slips out of back suplex to make the hot tag, but Vain hops into the ring distracting the referee. Mr. Adonis administers more punishment to Rockwell with the referee escorting Shadow to his corner. Shadow finally receives the hot tag and cleans house. Mr. Adonis catches Shadow with his own move the spinebuster and places Vain on the champ. The referee makes the count, but Shadow kicks out. The crowd rallies behind Shadow and he responds by employing rag doll physics on Vain. Shadow rids the ring of Mr. Adonis, which leaves Vain royally screwed. Shadow gives chase to Mr. Adonis and Rockwell pins Vain with the Ace’s High. Again, Vain’s own stinginess costs him another match. Good way to end the show.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.nwaanarchy.net/tv.html




5-9-08 Sheffield, AL


Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell defeated Jesse Emerson


NWA ALABAMA tag team champions The Official Express

defeated NWA ANARCHY’s Adrian Hawkins and Kyle Matthews


Bullet Bob Armstrong defeated Cecil Pleazing


Krimsynn defeated EMT



NWA Charlotte Venue in Question by Larry Goodman


NWA Charlotte has announced that the promotion will resume operations with a show on May 23.

The question is where.

A meeting between the owners of NWA Charlotte and the Charlotte Building Standards Department is scheduled for Thursday to determine the extent of modifications necessary to re-open the NWA Coliseum.

Co-owner J.D. Costello indicated that the May 23 show will take place at another undetermined venue of the Coliseum is not an option.

The promotion’s April 25 event at the Coliseum was shutdown after an anonymous 911 call was placed to the Charlotte Fire Department prompted fire and police to descend on the building. The fire department determined that the building to not meet the fire code for a multiplicity of reasons including lack of fire suppression system (sprinklers), lack of a central fire alarm and inadequate exits.

As the building occupant, it was NWA Charlotte’s responsibility to initiate the change of use process for the Coliseum, according to Rob Kinniburgh of the Charlotte Fire Marshal’s office. Kinniburgh explained that what is now the Coliseum was a warehouse space that NWA Charlotte converted into an assembly space. If not for the 911 call, the fire marshal would probably not have learned about the change of use until their next routine inspection. Co-owner Jay Joyce stated that NWA Charlotte obtained a business license and to the best of their knowledge, did what they were supposed to do. However, Kinniburgh said the business license specifically requires the licensee to meet all city codes and regulations.

Typically, when the fire marshal finds a non-conforming space, the occupant is allowed to bring the building into compliance over X time frame,“ said Kinniburgh.

On April 27, Costello released a statement on the company’s website stating that the code issues would be resolved in time for their next show on May 9.

The next day, however, Costello and Joyce posted letters announcing that NWA Charlotte was ceasing operations citing an estimated cost of $250,000 to bring the building into safety compliance.

Costello and Joyce reversed fields again the next day by announcing that NWA Charlotte would continue to run shows after all. They credited the overwhelming support of the fans as a major factor in their decision. Their post on the NWA Charlotte website stated that they were contacted by city officials requesting a meeting at the Coliseum to determine how the building could be brought into safety compliance.



Here are the results from the NWA Indiana show in Lafayette, Indiana at the Lafayette Theater in front of 145 fans.

Marc Houston defeated Christopher Kent, Hayden Kent & Lash Gibson in a 4-way

Rob Ramer defeated Johnny Motley

Metal Master defeated Devon Fury

Justin Andrews defeated GT Vega

Shawn Cook & Kenny Couragous defeated Flash Flannigan & Guy Lombardo in the main event.

NWA Indiana returns to the Lafayette Theater on Sunday June 14th for the Hoosier Classic Tournament!!

Jerry "The King" Lawler debuts on Sunday August 9th!!

Log onto www.thenwaindiana.com for more info

Stay up to date with all the happenings within the NWA at www.nwawrestling.com or www.midwestwrestling.com



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