First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

Here is the first batch of WZ reader feedback from last night’s WWE Raw broadcast. Be sure to email to submit your feedback which will be posted right here on the website!

All I can say regarding Raw is predictable. I have been watching Raw for years now and I am actually finding myself falling asleep or turning it off prior to the main event. Run ins, or like last night the 2 on 3 involving Legacy vs. Batista and John Cena are very predictable. I remember the days where the Earthquake would run in and leave Hogan lying in the middle of the ring, or where the Warrior is doing a interview and suddenly black liquid starts running from the hairline from Papa Shango. The Corporate Ministry, DX even the NWO. At least these Raws through a little surprise at you now and again. Every Raw it opens with Randy Orton strutting to the ring saying his peace and someone else interupting him which 9/10 leads to a match being made from Vicky Guerrero later that evening. I mean a week or two ago it was MVP and Randy Orton. Borrrrrring. Even last night I sat there and my guess was a run in from Ric Flair. Then I began to doubt myself as the match came to a close and then low and behold there he was. In all honesty I find myself turning to TNA more now then I do WWE. In the past it was more gimmicky but at least it was original and kept the kids and the adults tuned in.



Randy Orton/ Ric Flair Segment: The dirtiest player in the game whining about how Randy Orton cheated and it wasn’t fair to Batista is just ludicrous. I guess fans forgot how many times Flair in his heyday distracted and attacked the referee to be disqualified in his matches. At least in his matches, people paid to see them and they actually had a great storyline. Batista vs. Orton is a steel cage!! What is this 1985? Isn’t this suppose to be a extreme rules pay per view? By this day and age we should have frickin razor blade  barb wire cages with sharks and lazer beams attached to their heads or at least a hell in a cell. Plus, who wants to see a main event they have just seen on a previous pay per view and a thousand raws and house shows before then?
Divas Battle Royal/ Maryse Commentary:  I don’t know whats worst Michael Cole’s cornball stale robotic commentary or Maryse who sounds like she’s chewing her face every time she talks. Nothing against the french canadians but her speaking is worst then nails on a chalkboard. Not because she’s loud but because you cant hear her or understand two words. I don’t even speak french and understand more of her french words then english. This is another talentless "diva" that just needs to be eye candy and thats it. Watching this match and seeing her involvement giving a extreme makevoer makes me long for the days of a Christy Hemme promo in TNA.
Santino/ Chavo Match: Santino is the next best thing to wrestling that doesn’t include wrestling. If Cena or Orton or Batista had the mic skills or the humor Santino had they would be selling a ton more tickets and the ratings would skyrocket. Unfortuantly anything that  involves Vicky Guerrero or Chavo makes the fans cringe, not because they’re heels but because they are shoved down fans throats more then Cena almost. Having one of the main events on raw be Santina vs. Vicky for Mrs. Wrestlemania makes me want swear off wrestling all together.
Carlito & Primo/ Goldust & The Brian Kendrick Match: Why doesn’t WWE take a page out of TNA’s book and make tag team wrestling credible again? Every title in WWE is a joke, even more so then WCW in their last days with David Arquette. I have nothing against The Colons but they are literally the only tag team in WWE. Why would you put Goldust and Brian Kendrick together as a team just for a gimmick for Hornswoggle to come out? If they want Goldust and Hornswoggle as a team fine just don’t have them as a credible tag team.
Miz Segment: Even though I love that someone is making fun of Cena’s horrible tween gimmick, The Miz needs a gimmick of his own. Being the Chick Magnet isnt doing it. Also, for the love of god unless she is topless or in the shower don’t put Maryse in another segment again. One segment is enough but to hear her again is unbearable. Her facial expressions looked like she was having a seizure, even after the segment was over she was blinking like she was in epiletic shock. She doesn’t only need speech classes but acting classes as well. Miz making fun of Cena fine, Jerry Lawler making fun of Miz… bad television. If you’re pushing a heel why would you have an out of shape commentator make fun of him and leave without getting the upper hand. The Big Show challenging Cena to a submission match is about as believable as Santino’s unibrow.
MVP/ Matt Hardy Match: Another match we are going to see for the next few months just like we have in the past. MVP is pushed to the moon and Matt Hardy is pushed to lose cleanly again.
Vicky Guerrero/ Santina Match: Awful. Poor William Regal.
John Cena & Batista /Legacy Match:  Same old Same old. Another match we will see as the raw’s main event for the next few months. Flair will call out Orton just to get annilated again. At least we have TNA for entertainment.
I attended last night’s RAW live and I have to say it was a pretty decent show. The opening segment was excellent, I’m especially excited about seeing what Orton and Batista will do once inside the Steel Cage. Goldust/Kendrick vs Carlito/Primo seemed pretty bland. Divas Battle Royal was okay, didn’t see why Kelly Kelly went over, but I guess it furthers the Mickie James/Maryse storyline. Santino’s match was pretty funny, well done by both superstars. The Vickie/Santina match seemed kinda pointless, seeing as how the Miss Wrestlemania thing was the only reason Santina was even around and the Regal interference made no sense. The Miz segment was very well done, I was impressed by Miz’s ability to call Cena a virgin the way he did without overstepping WWE’s new PG boundry. King was great on the mic for his part of it. Show/Cena in a Submission Match doesn’t sound very interesting though. The MVP/Matt Hardy match was pretty good considering the circumstances, Matt is still able to put on a good show broken hand and all. Main Event was very good. Crowd was pretty into it from what I can tell, although unlike past weeks the balance was more in the Face corner than the Heel instead of being even. Cody Rhodes’ impressed me with that moonsault. I’m hoping they build up Legacy to be a little more dangerous than they have been though. Like I said, overall a decent show, very excited for next week’s show and the next time WWE returns to Louisville (Especially for Televised events)
i thought Raw was better this week than last week
having Ric Flair appear at both the PPV and the show after def. helps the ratings

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