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Nick Paglino

Welcome to the first edition of The WZ Inbox here at WrestleZone.com! This is a forum for all our loyal WZ readers to send in questions, comments, thoughts, opinions, pictures of your girlfriends in bathing suits, or whatever you feel like sending to us that we will respond to right here on the site on a weekly basis! If you have something you’d like to send to us, please feel free to email us anytime at WZInbox@yahoo.com. That said, let’s get right into some of YOUR thoughts this week, and remember, ANYTHING you want answered or commented on will be done every week on The WZ Inbox!

The following was sent in by Daniel

Hi Nick

The WWE ratings are dropping because McMahon has given his shows a PG rating. The WWE should bring back a new "Attitude Era". Times and attitude change, but for wrestling to improve I think it needs a drastic turn around. I am a wrestling fan that was brought up with the 1980 era including NWA, AWA, WWF, WCCW, Big Time Wrestling etc. Wrestling will see a big decline in the future. There should be a stronger mix of old school and new ideas in their scripts? Do you agree Nick? What was your favorite wrestling feud? Mine was the Road Warriors and the Russians.

In my opinion, Daniel, there is a major Catch 22 at work here when you talk about WWE bringing back an "Attitude Era" or something like it. The real issue is that children are a cash cow for pro wrestling, and marketing your product towards them helps not only gain sponsorship because your weekly TV shows are not as racy, but it also helps sell merchandise. You have to remember that the youth demographic are the ones buying all of the Rey Mysterio masks, for example, and WWE relies on parents bringing their children to live events so that those masks can sell. If the product is catered to someone of my age, I’m 30 years old, then they miss out on selling an extra ticket to my child, and are less likely to get me to spend money on a replica Mike Knox beard (I think they need to start making those).

Having said all of the above, however, there is a way WWE can produce a PG rated show without having to dumb it down for the rest of their demographic. One emphasis can be on more consistent, high quality in-ring action as that will always appeal to the older generation (not that I’m old mind you).

And as far as my favorite feud goes, there have been so many through the years to choose from, but I don’t think anything got me more excited when I was a kid watching wrestling and seeing Hulk Hogan feud with The Ultimate Warrior leading to their epic battle at Wrestlemania 6.

The following was sent in by UWAMag99

Glad to see your RAW columns are back. But I feel I need to argue a few of your opinions. Again these are just my opinions.

1) Hornswoggle = No One Care’s Jr?
– I’m not sure if you have attended any live events recently, but Hornswoggle is FAR from not over. I recently attended a sold out RAW/ECW live event in New Jersey and Hornswoggle received the 2nd largest pop of the entire evening (second only to Cena). While I admit that the wrestling midget isn’t my personal favorite part of RAW, he is INCREDIBLY over with the younger fans and they deserve to be catered to as well.
I didn’t mean to insinuate that Horny isn’t over with the live crowd, because he is, but my main argument when I was writing my Raw review is that he is an example of someone that will never be involved in a long-term, provocative storyline that anyone really will be able to get into. Guys like him and Goldust will always be used to pop out of a door, or do a quick walk through in a backstage segment, or clown around in the ring. In essence, they will always be used as filler, and while the live crowd might like it, Raw this past week was filled with too much of this kind of nonsense.
2) Santino Overkill
– I’ll agree that Santino & Santina probably shouldn’t both compete on the same show as its basically getting two servings of the same dish. BUT I disagree that the Santina character is even remotely close to being over done. Don’t forget it was SANTINA that turned SANTINO face to begin with and I seriously doubt that the character’s run will end with anything but her wearing the big butterfly belt on her waist.
And I do like the Santina character, I just don’t need two Raw segments being taken up with any combination of Santino or his "Lesbiana" sister.
– This is one of those things that people don’t understand and thus resulted in ENDLESS crying from the internet community when WWE announced the switch. The main problem I have seen is that people have associated "TV-PG" as meaning the same thing as the movie theater’s "PG Rating". In fact there are FOUR more kid friendly rating levels under TV PG (where as the movies only use one). Next time you flip the channels, take a look at some of the other shows sporting the "TV PG" rating.  Shows with the TV PG rating often show murder scenes, excessive violence, and adult language, simply because WWE chooses NOT to do those things, doesn’t mean that its not in their rights as a TV PG show.
Movie Ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
TV Ratings: TV Y, TV Y7, TV Y7 – FV, TV G, TV PG, TV 14, TV MA
Great point. And it furthers what I was saying before, WWE CAN take more risks with their product and still appeal to both an older and younger demographic.

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