First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

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The opening segment was stupid. Kind of just a whatever type thing. Lawler on the run-in? It’s funny to see a 60 year old man come out and try to help Cena.

Kelly Kelly is sooooooooooooooo hot. Maryse is really hot too, but she looks like a dog next to Kelly Kelly. These Divas matches all suck though. Getting DQ’ed for pushing her over the table? Come on. I have got to say, I am getting really @#$%ing tired of seeing these dirty finishes. Does anyone go over clean anymore?

I’m not even going to comment on Goldust, Hornswoggle, the Bella twins, and "Jack Nicholson." They couldn’t get a better impersonator than that? There’s got to be a lot of Jack impersonator’s running around out there.

I think it’s pretty interesting that they’re going to do a face/face match with MVP and Kofi. I thought Regal would go over. I am looking forward to next week’s title match. I think that both of them (Kofi and MVP) are great workers, and it should be a really good match. It’s good to see them actually do something with Kofi too. I think he is very talented.

Orton was pretty good in this segment. It was kind of funny/confusing to hear them arguing back and forth on the mics. What’s with the slap? What, is Flair afraid he’ll get DQ’ed for using a closed fist in his call out fight? I wouldn’t be surprised in the dirty finish loving WWE. Batista looked like he was holding his grampa back by the waistband of his pants, lol. I wish Orton punted him in the head so we could be guarenteed to not see Flair on tv for a few weeks. Kind of a weird re-introduction of Mr. Kennedy too. Hopefully he can stay healthy for a while, I like him in the ring and on the stick.

The Mickie/Santino vs Chavo/Beth match was whatever. Santino rolling all the way away from Beth was funny. That guy is gold. A hog pen match? Eh. I don’t want to see Vickie in the ring, and I really want to see them end the Santina thing. It was funny for about two weeks. Just put it to bed.

The Goldust/Hornswaggle vs Kendrick/Festus was nothing worth commenting on. It’s funny because, when you think about it, the whole "Kendrick searching for a partner" angle is a microcosm for the issues with tag-team wrestling in WWE, said issues being that they have no tag teams. It sucks too, because I think that Primo and Carlito are really talented and charismatic as Champions. WWE needs to do something quick, because they can’t put on a tag match to save their lives, and TNA’s tag team matches are some of the most compelling matches on their broadcasts.

The last match was decent, nothing more, nothing less. Cena was really animated on the outside of the ring for some reason, which I thought was kind of funny/strange. God, I really hate those off the ropes moves (Ballin, 5 knuckle shuffle or whatever). Why did no one on the Nuggets team run in and try to stop the count? I thought that was kind of weird. I may have spoke too soon, because the way Mr. Kennedy was holding his arm at the end, it looked like he may have sustained some kind of injury.

I would rate this Raw as below average. The in-ring action was lacking. It was interesting to see how much WWE wanted to bury the Nuggets for the whole double-booking thing. It’s pretty smart though, because WWE is getting a lot of publicity for it and their ratings aren’t doing good at all right now. Kofi/MVP should be an entertaining match. Will they put the belt on Kofi? MVP has gotten over quick, and I don’t see them killing it with a loss of the belt. Either way, it should be fun to watch.


From Aaron

RAW continues to be a big disappointment. And it’s not due to a lack of cursing and naked women. Over the past couple of years, the WWE has taken an obvious turn towards young children, and in the process, insulting "real" wrestling fans. The WWE continues to push men like Randy Orton who have no talent and a limited move set, and make men like Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase look like top-notch competitors, when in fact they only receive attention because they are sons of famous wrestlers. I started watching WWE in late 2002, right after the end of the Attitude Era. And each Monday night, I wish it was 1998. Yes, the WWE does have to move on, but that doesn’t mean they have to make their product look like crap. If the WWE, particularly RAW, doesn’t improve, then the WWE is going to lose its audience. People are fed up with this crap!


From Arvin

Honestly, I thought the whole basketball theme was lame. The player introductions for the main event was lame, the Jack Nicholson/Goldust segment was lame, having the King be apart of the 5 on 5 main event was lame (I mean did he even do anything aside from throwing a right hand at somebody, I forget whom. Which if anyone caught that, Michael Cole referred to Lawler throwing a right hand as "vintage Lawler". lol Seriously, and when Bret Hart or John Cena does, it’s what exactly?), etc… the entire Raw was just 2 stars at best. If this Raw was supposed to at any point TRUMP game 4 of the Nuggets/Lakers series, they seriously fucked up and underperformed. Honestly, Denver fans didn’t miss out, they caught the better event. The series is tied now at 2-2 and most importantly, they didn’t miss anything unique about Raw that could’ve happened in Denver. I mean talk about spiteful, jesus, the segment with Vince and Stan Kroenke was just lame. Overall, the Raw had a very spiteful vibe which isn’t even the entertaining type of spiteful. The only good thing about last night’s was the shocking return of Mr. Kennedy. Aside from that, the only decent  match last night was the 3 way dance between Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston and William Regal. I really thought Matt Hardy was going to win but the guy lost. Overall, Raw was so-so.

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