Second Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino


From The Shame

Should have been named ‘Raw is Vince’s Ego’ or ‘Monday Night Vince.’  As the phrase goes, the only bad press is no press, and this Denver Nuggets thing got WWE about 20 minutes worth of actually TV time. I don’t blame the Denver owner for booting WWE since the playoff’s easily get a higher TV rating and SO much more money than Raw could ever hope. Also, I guarantee you that in the contract, the arena has the right to bump people as they see fit. Vince made this into another ‘The world VS me’ thing, and it was plastered all over this episode. 5 on 5 main event, which normally with the stars involved would be a great main, turned into a joke with everyone wearing stupid jerseys, and Orton ‘wearing a job face’ from the start.
A few other points:

1.) Never allow batista to wear anything besides his standard ring gear. Last night he looked like a kid who got his dad’s credit card and bought a Lakers outfit.
2.) Ban Cena from wearing a headband and ‘air shooting’ a 3 pointer.
3.) Put into Lawler’s contract that he cannot wrestle more than twice a year.

I can hardly remember what else was going on besides the Nuggets vs Lakers thing, and yes, the reasoning is to get mainstream pub, but the Denver owner is smart enough to either not take the bait, thus making WWE and Vince look low brow, or by some miracle if the guy does take the bait, it will make WWE a heel in Denver, which could have some staying power. For the record, Eve is from Denver, so if the Denver guy takes the bait, she could easily be used. On the other hand, Bobby Lashley is also from Denver, so TNA could capitalize.


From David

This is in response to the thinly veiled TNA rant posted earlier.  there’s so much wrong with what he said i don’t even know where to begin…but i’ll try.


How anyone can say WWE is better then TNA is beyond me. First let me bring this to the attention of all the so called smarks who think they know about wrestling, TNA was founded in 2002 from nothing while the WWE has been in existance is so form or another since 1952 therefore of course WWE has a bigger fanbase, money etc. , TNA has done well to survive let alone thrive in the wrestling business (how many companies have tried & failed to to become an alternative to WWE? XWF, WWA, WSX……….). Secondly Kurt Angle, Sting, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett & Team 3D are not WWE rejects they are legends with the majority of whom would be employed to WWE right now if they were not under contract to TNA furthermore Matt Morgan, Trevor Murdoch (although he was in TNA first) etc. are also not WWE rejects as everybody has got to start their careers some where & there is only so much talent on the indies (NEWSFLASH the territories are dead & there is only 3 major wrestling companies in the US – WWE,TNA & ROH therefore talent is bound to jump between companies). Lastly people complain about the old guard of TNA well what about WWE & their over 40s club of Undertaker, HBK, HHH, Batista, Kane, Regal, Finlay, Goldust, Duggan, Flair, Lawler. Which company needs the old stars more? TNA the young company trying to establsh itself by attracting more casual fans or WWE the established company who have all the resources to make practically anybody they want a star.


NEWSFLASH if TNA is a young company trying to establish itself then maybe it should, oh I don’t know, have some fresh talent be the focus of their show?



Why TNA better then WWE in my opinion –

TNA lets its wrestlers use a wide variety of different wrestling styles unlike WWE who tells its Entertainers to learn to wrestle regiment WWE style, TNA anit afraid to use blood, bad language & intense violence unlike WWE who have banned it due to the PG rating.


What? Did this guy see Jericho bloody Flair around WM? What "intense violence" does TNA use other than S’moa

Joe broraping Scott Steiner

? What swearing do they use besides Team 3D cussing about WWE, which is a whole other issue.



TNA does not have an over saturation of Championships unlike WWE who have to many which makes their Championships have no prestige, Since October TNA has had 2 World Heavyweight Title Changes, WWE Title changed 5 times while the WHC has changed 6 times (I think that speaks for itself).TNA actually has a respectable Tag Team division, TNA actually has a Divison showcasing smaller wrestlers, TNA for the majority employees female wrestlers who have trained for years on the indies unlike WWE who signs bikini models & trains them to be wrestlers,


Mick fucking Foley has the TNA belt right now. What the fuck is the Legends belt doing?



TNA does not confiscate signs like WWE.


TNA is probably afraid to alienate people who pay for tickets instead of just waiting for it to be papered.



TNA presents different PPV every month with fresh match ups unlike WWE who recyle the same matches on 2 & some 3 PPVs in a row.


They also have matches that make no sense and gimmick matches with no build.



TNA keeps fans intrigued by brining in new faces on a regular basis – Lashley,Taz,Raven, Shane Douglas, Stevie Richards, Victoria, Amazing Red, Doug Williams, Rob Terry, Jehtro Holiday unlike WWE who simply now really just use developmental talent & when they do sign free agents they take months to debut them & change their name which takes the impact off their debut.


Lashley hasn’t done shit. At LEAST 7/10 of those people mentioned are former WWE talent, so they aren’t exactly fresh.



TNA backstage segments & promos dont seem as scripted as WWE as I believe TNA allows its talent more creative freedom to ad-libb & develop their own unique style (How good is Mick Foley now that he has had the WWE creative handcuffs took off him)


Mick Foley wrestled a

cardboard cutout

of Rocky.



TNA has character development Samoa Joe – undefeated Samoa Submission Machine – alliance with Kevin Nash -TNA World Champion – Nation of Violence


Fat stupid baby.



or AJ Styles – bland babyface – Heel Prince AJ – Serious babyface AJ


Kane – fake diesel –

isaac yankem

– masked monster – monster jobber. Not all character development is good.



or Kurt Angle – badass babyface – cocky heel – Angle Alliance – Serious Kurt Angle – Godfather of MEM.


Kurt. Angle.



WWE has no character development Current dresses like an 11 year old John Cena – babyface 4+ years or Batista – babyface 4+ years or currant Undertaker – babyface 5+ years or Rey Mysterio – babyface 7+ years or HBK babyface 7+ years excluding his 1 month heel turn in 2005 against Hulk Hogan & the DX comeback in 2006).


Jericho. Morrison. MVP.

Matt Hardy




TNA Impact has consistent storyline development such as MEM formed – MEM dominant – MEM friction from within – MEM deafted by Frontline – MEM new Godfather & Beer Money vs. Team 3D fued for Tag Team Championships – feud becomes personal – Teams now respect each other – Team 3D Tag Tournament. WWE RAW has no consistant storyline development such as Legacy is formed………………..or Big Show wrestles Cena – Big Show has rematch against Cena on next PPV………………..or Jeff Hardy wrestles Edge – Jeff Hardy has rematch against Edge on next PPV………………..


No one can follow anything that happens in TNA.



TNA is fresh, exciting & unpredictable & they are not afraid to take risks & are quite innovative all of what WWE used to be. WWE Universe is LAME Cross the Line!


If I wasn’t convinced before, I sure am now! Thank you for making me see the error of my ways.


now, for a real raw review…


opening segment sucked and was a typical WWE ‘celebrity’ segment.  Kelly Kelly/Maryse was better than average for a woman’s match, except for the fuck finish.  Santina is stale as hell and needs to be done.  Golddust/HS segment was awful.  Triple threat was easily the match of the night.  TBK can’t be going anywhere good with what they are doing with him, and there isn’t even a point to having tag titles right now.  10 man tag was predictably terrible.  The only redeeming quality of raw was that some fresh faces are starting to breathe in the main event.

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