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Nick Paglino

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From Zach

I was pleased to see that Vince didn’t do an outrageous parody of Stan Kroenke and the "Debacle in Denver". Sure, it was corny, but it also provided a few moments of humor and allowed Vince to voice his opinion and thank the WWE Universe without actually thanking the WWE Universe.

The Divas Championship match may have been the greatest six minutes of television in 2009. Not because Kelly Kelly and Maryse were wrestling, but because Kelly Kelly and Maryse were WRESTLING !!! Sweet Lord are those two women beautiful !!! I demand a rematch every week with one less piece of clothing each time. The only thing lacking was listening to the King call the match – that would have epic.
The Flair / Orton "confrontation" was short but sweet. Loved the back-and-forth bickering while Orton made his way to the ring. Despite his age, Flair remains one of the best promo men in the industry and he’s helping further Orton’s career, albeit he may have alternative motives (like wrestling again).
The Brian Kendrick angle is just stupid. There’s no reason we should be seeing guys like Goldust and Hornswoggle, although Dustin Rhodes has always been one of my favorite competitors. Just wish he would get a legit push instead of being relegated to comedy jobber. Just give Kendrick a partner, a singles push or a future endeavors farewell and move on.
There’s absolutely no reason why Vicki Guerrero should be getting in a wrestling ring to compete. I know it will be a work, but she doesn’t need a heel push. As for Santino, what more needs to be said. Great talent, both comedically and wrestling wise. Maybe we’ll see his better side at some point soon.
Nice to know you Matt Hardy. Thank God your brother provided you with a decent storyline this year because creative seems to have buried you below Charlie Haas. MVP and Kofi Kingston should be a good match next week.
The Lakers / Nuggets five man match kind of ended abruptly. Kennedy seemed to spend a lot of time in the ring getting his butt handed to him, but at least he didn’t get hurt… yet. Surprised to see MVP get the pinfall, but it’s better than Cena.
All in all, it was the best Raw we’ve seen in several weeks in my opinion. Great to hear JR calling matches on the flagship again. I think he and Michael Cole actually work well together.
From Shaun
My thoughts on RAW = RAW SUCKED
Response to David
QUOTE – NEWSFLASH if TNA is a young company trying to establish itself then maybe it should, oh I don’t know, have some fresh talent be the focus of their show?
How about Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, MCMG, LAX, Abyss, Beer Money, & Suicide who are all featured prominantly……Also do do you have any idea? If TNA wants to establish itself with casual fans that dont watch TNA & prehaps have not even heard of TNA they need to use Angle, Sting, Booker T etc. not Joe, AJ & Daniels who they probably have never heard of.
What? Did this guy see Jericho bloody Flair around WM? What "intense violence" does TNA use other than S’moa Joe broraping Scott Steiner? What swearing do they use besides Team 3D cussing about WWE, which is a whole other issue.
Yes i did see the Flair/Jericho angle & if you dont know by now i will tell you, Flair did NOT do a blade job it was an accident by Jericho, prehaps you didnt read or the other webistes that reported it? Also did you not se Matt vs. Jeff at Mania 25 & Matt Hardy getting his blood wiped by a towel?
As for the swearing Jarrett,Angle, Nash, Steiner, Foley have all used profanity in TNA aswell as others but i dont recall (Roxxi for e.g) dont get me wrong there is a time & a place for it but at least TNA uses it to make angles more realistic.
QUOTE – Mick fucking Foley has the TNA belt right now. What the fuck is the Legends belt doing?
I dont know how this is a response to me saying that there is to many titles in WWE? & that WWE has changed the world title far to many times lately unlike TNA. Foley as TNA champion?…..yeah your point? IMO he is a good champion. The Ledgends belt? what is it doing? well from what i can see it is being used as a midcard belt or a prop to help AJ get over more.
QUOTE – TNA is probably afraid to alienate people who pay for tickets instead of just waiting for it to be papered.
so you would prefer your sign to be confiscated by WWE for saying ‘Macho Man Randy Savage‘ or ‘im surrounded by marks’?
QUOTE – They also have matches that make no sense and gimmick matches with no build.
What matches made no sense?
Matches with no build? Nash & Samoa Joe have been involved with each other since December 2007 to current,
Foley/Jarrett have been feuding for a few months while angle & sting have been fueding since febuary on and off, Booker & AJ have been fueding for months, Team 3D & Beer Money have been feuding for months also. Thst just an example of the most recent PPV Sacrifice having build.
QUOTE – Lashley hasn’t done shit. At LEAST 7/10 of those people mentioned are former WWE talent, so they aren’t exactly fresh.
I dont understand your logic that when TNA debuts former WWE talent they are not fresh in their new company…..does that mean when WWE hold the draft to freshen up its rosters they arnt really freshening up their product?
QUOTE – Mick Foley wrestled a cardboard cutout of Rocky.
Yeah & it was more creative then anything WWE has done in years, also it was done to keep Foley on the show & he only wrestles a certain amount of matches a month & it was playing up his heel executive sharholder role as he booked Angle,Sting & Jarrett in hard match ups while he took it easy & the fact that he is a bit crazy. Alsi did you not see wthat jarrett said to him after the Cardboard Rocky segemt?
QUOTE – No one can follow anything that happens in TNA.
Only idiots like you cant probably why you prefer the PG storylines that WWE offers.
Next time you try to respond to someone at least try & make an effort…..
From Thomas
As many people have pointed raw has been on decline ever since this new PG movement. Last night was hard to watch. I live in Denver and to see how Vince portrayed the Nuggets franchise is laughable and very low brow. Most of the matches sucked. Kelly kelly is hot and seems to be improving her match while not technically sound was entertaining, i mean who doesn’t like to see two hot chicks in little clothing wrestling, Santino is hilarious but this santina thing is past it’s prime. On a side note I do find it interesting that Vince is whinning about his contract with kronke, but he broke two contracts with Loveland and CO Springs. I think those people that had to tickets to raw for Denver, lucked out on missing this show and were treated to much entertaining show betweent the future champs and overhyped lakers. I hope that the Ric Flair storyline ends ASAP, and that Raw goes back to the attitude era.

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