Third Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

Nick Paglino

From Sabin27

Vince vs Kroenke
Interesting segment, you knew it had to happen, although the ending was disappointing. I mean come on, a shove, really.  At least kick his ass.  It’s not like it was actually Kroenke himself, just some idiot in a wig.  Miz sucks and should leave for about 4 years until he is any good (see Orton, Rock, Trish, Austin, etc)  And take Kennedy and MVP with him.  Good to see Lawler on a run in though. 

Golddust, Hornswoggle, Jack, and the Bellas. 
Good to see Golddust playing the stuttering game again.  I just wish he’d try for revenge against Orton and Batista.  I’d love to see that. 

Maryse vs Kelly Kelly
What happened to Maryse vs Mickie?  Kelly is hot, but Mickie is a better wrestler and is also hot.  Terrible finish.  At least Maryse didn’t swing a chair, or not get out of the corner, or use a closed fist, or crotch someone on the ropes. 

Flair, Orton, Kennedy
I agree calling Orton out to slap him was stupid.  But it is always good to see the Nature Boy.  Orton staring at Kennedy was priceless.  As if those two will ever meet for the title. 

Kofi vs Hardy vs Regal
This should have been a one on one match between Kofi and Regal.  Matt and his broken hand are a worse combination than……. well, he just sucks.  Is it just me, or is MVP’s wrestling outfit a girdle.  Am I alone?  Kofi gets the win and unfortunately, a one on one with MVP for the "coveted" US title next week. 

Santino and Mickie vs Beth and Chavo
I’ve haven’t missed a RAW in almost 12 years, and yet I don’t know what happened between Beth and Santino.  Although I do switch over to Family Guy and My Name is Earl during Santino’s segments.  Great setup for Extreme Rules.  HHH was in a hogpen match and look where he is now.  If Shane ever gets divorced, Santina could be That Damn Good. 

Main Event  Lakers vs Nuggets
Am I alone in thinking that the Laker’s PA anouncer was brilliant?  And Dave wearing a Laker’s uniform?  Although, most NBA games are 5 on 5, and I counted about 2 1/2 on 1 3/4.  Maybe Edge could have come over from Smackdown and teamed with Orton against Dave and Cena in a pick up game.  I will agree that the double suplex on Show was good.  And hopefully Kennedy’s injury keeps him out another 6 months. 

All in all, a middle of the road Raw.  They refuse to have Maryse and Mickie publicly make out for five solid minutes in the ring,  no Rock or Austin, and no punt from Randy on MVP, Miz, Cody, Ted, Cole, The Colons, Vince, Kroenke, Jack Nicholson impersonator, Golddust, Kennedy, HHH, Santino/Santina, Viki, Chavo, Matt Hardy……….


From Chris

After watching WWE’s RAW, I came to the following conclusion.  WWE has
a lot of people who you want to look at…but not watch.  The Divas
are a perfect example of this.  Easy on the eyes but it’s not pretty
to watch.  Then there are the main-eventers.  I just don’t think the
current roster can put on good matches on a consistent basis.  John
and Batista can have the occasional good match but for the most
part they are squash guys there to entertain the kiddies.  The
impersonator of the Nuggets owner was stupid and tactless.  WWE sure
does know how to beat a dead horse.  Also, I’m surprised that nobody
has pointed out that it wasn’t actually Jack Nicholson but a Jack
Nicholson impersonator
last night.  I don’t know how much longer they
can drag out the who is the The Brian Kendrick’s partner angle.  It’s
been a few weeks now and with each loss, Kendrick looks weaker and
weaker.  Glamorella breaking up was stupid.  It was a good dynamic
that WWE always knows how to spoil.  Santino was getting positive
reactions because he’s supposed to be a heel but is just so goofy.
Don’t turn him babyface and water it down.  Thats going to be the end
of him because his comedy routine is going to get old as a babyface.
If they kept him fake heel it would have been a better idea as people
would be more inclined to cheer him.  Now he’s just going to be a
comedy face like Charlie Haas without the ring skills and he’ll be
killed off and released within a few years.

Overall, I’d say RAW is really unjustifiably the most watched show on
cable.  The writing is really bad.  The acting is bad and most of the
people are easy to look at but hard to watch.  The art of the
wrestling match has died off for the most part on this 2 hour long ppv
commercial.  For some reason ever since 2002 RAW has been like a yoyo
of being occassionally good but usually pretty boring.  Smackdown has
the better roster of workers while RAW has the marquee players.  Only
problem is the marquee players are a far cry from the marquee players
10 years ago.  Plus you would have thought that WWE would have tried
harder to fill out the arena with all the publicity they were getting.
I know it’s tough to promote a TV event with less than a week’s
notice but they could have done better.  The entire balcony was tarped
off.  3/10.  As boring and mindless as it was…it still beats TNA’s
sorry excuse for a TV show.


From Toby

Ok…Raw Sucked…plain and simple Sucked!! First of all I was pumped all week long hearing about the publicity that WWE got for the Denver Debacle…Thinking Wow Vince has a gold mine on this one…Raw is going to be great if they are smart about it. But….No. First of all, everyone knew it would be an impersonator doing Kroenkes part, that wasnt even really that bad. Now the impersonators at ringside was ridiculous. Who Cares Vince! Nobody does. The only thing that sticks out on Raw was the triple threat between Kofi, Regal and Matt Hardy. Finally they are taking a midcard title and making it important again. Goldust and Hornswoggle is Gay, please just stop. And I cannot understand why for the life of me why The Brian Kendrick isnt doing more. Ok…Santino usually is hilarious to me, but recently the whole Santino and Vickie Guerrero thing is dumb, once again Vince, Nobody Cares. And a hog pen match??? On PPV???????? Cmon! Who would buy that. Why is Mr. Kennedy the mystery partner? I like Mr Kennedy, but I would have preferred HHH. It makes more sense, and what is so suprising about revealing Kennedy so early, it would have been so much better if they saved it for last. Also, Kelly Kelly vs Maryse when Beth Phoenix and Mickie James are forced to be in the Santino match. Wow your two best female wrestlers arent even in the title picture. Genius. And finally the Nuggets vs Lakers main event wasnt too bad at all. I just thought it was kinda silly seeing Big Dave in basketball shorts revealing his skinny legs and ankles..Also, why put Orton in the jersey? He is the anti establishment right now, have him come out normal as if he has his own agenda, just thought it looked silly. Yeah could have done more with Raw for sure….something needs to change quick.

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