AT RANDOM: Chris Cash Looks At Last Night’s Impact!

Chris Cash

AT RANDOM: Chris Cash Reviews Last Night’s Impact!

– How many people thought Mick Foley would lose the title at Sacrifice if someone else got the win, regardless of whether they pinned Mick or not?  And if half or more than half of you thought that, isn’t that pretty sad?

– I’m sure fellow WZ’er, Bill Behrens, is happy to see his boy Red getting some good exposure on Impact! this week, even if it was interupted by the Mafia arriving to the building. 

– Fun match between Suicide and Amazing Red.  It reminds me of what the X-Division used to be as it relates to the great in-ring action, but it also reminds me of what the division is now having a guy like Red challenging for the title without any story behind it and without much of a personality for him at this point.  You could hear those in the crowd that seemed to know who Red is, but most people (especially those watching on tv) will not be familiar with him.  Take the Evan Bourne approach and at least let him get a few wins under his belt while at the same time showing off his unique offense.  Then…set up a story for him to challenge Suicide when the timing is right.  I’m not sure why they want to waste him in a makeshift tag team and a lost title match in his first couple of outings on television.

– I know Sting is a very religious man, but wow, did that promo start taking the same as a sermon?  No, that’s not an insult either.  It was one hell of a sermon! 

– I really didn’t like to see Joe back on the mic, but I guess he had to in order to get the "hit list" over.  I just hope he goes back to the silent domination now that we know his direction and I’m sure he will.

– Did anyone think it was funny when West said that Jeff Jarrett would be taking on his "good buddy" Eric Young?  Jarrett doesn’t give Young the time of day anymore – not a "buddy" think to do, in my opinion. 

– I’m so tired of the Dr. Stevie/Abyss stuff.  It’s just gotten cheesier and cheesier.  When was the last time Abyss was apart of a "good" program?

– Good crossbody spot by Doug Williams onto Cody Deaner with the ladder sandwiched in beween the two of them.  Holy shit at that fall to the outside by Deaner!  It looked like he was trying to straddle the ropes for one of those crotch shots, but he obviously missed. That was one of the worst looking crashes I’ve ever seen off of a ladder without the use of tables and other props. 

– And they didn’t even show one highlight of it!

– I see they decided to acknowledge the friendship between Jarrett and Eric Young now.  And we get our weekly dose of the endless stream of opportunities that E.Y. has had in recent weeks.  Think he’ll take advantage this time?  He has about as much chance of that as Jeff Jarrett has of becoming the owner of the company. 

– Well, I’m not excited to see the Stevie/Abyss thing go on further, but adding Raven to the mix was a nice surprise.  It was hard to see for sure, but it looks like Raven may be in better shape too. 

– Good promo by Raven after the break.  I’m glad he went with that version of the promo too.  He had an alternative response for when Borash asked him why he did what he did:

"Why did I do it?  Why does anyone do anything?  Maybe I did it because I was getting lazy on the independents.  Maybe I did it because walking around naked is only gratifying if it’s in public.  Maybe I did it because shoot interviews with New Jack and Sandman weren’t paying my pills..I mean bills (you know that’s split three ways!).  Or maybe I did it because Dr. Stevie gave Abyss a prescription and I am the one to fill it..literally.  Like, I’m hoping I can leave now to go and fill it.  So, are we done?  Can I leave now?"

Borash then feeds him his last line quietly.

"Oh yeah, quote the Raven, never again"

– Angelina Love is killing the mic these days. 

– Victoria is still one of my favorites.  I know she’s like older than all the other divas combined, but I think she’s hotter than damn near all of them.  Great to see her using the same finisher, too.  That thing just looks brutal.

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